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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R20 of 2018

Gotigres: Heart for Alex Johnson.
jocka: @Gotigres You misspelled Ambulance
Gotigres: Hope not Jocka for Johnson’s sake.
DrSeuss: Brodie to score 150 while Stef Martin gets stuck at full forward…ffs
SilverLion: I got the seagull in this week, expect a shower score
SilverLion: And ikr Seuss
DrSeuss: Damn it SL – You broke Lloyd this week?
DrSeuss: Now Dawson will score 100 on my bench while Ahern is on field
pcaman2003: Buddy to get 150+
SilverLion: Yeah sorry Seuss, was averaging 10 more than the next best as a savage replacement.
Breezey: I have Dawson on. Love the start
circle52: Hows that 2 rushed behinds free today after very ferw all season.
Breezey: Rule of the week Circle
Breezey: Cape for Varcoe
Sixty656: Varcoe with the cape
Sixty656: Capes all over
duckky: Though capes were for 50 points in a quarter
Sixty656: or 3 goals
BigChief: or 3 goals in a 1/4 @duckky
Breezey: Or 3 goals in a qtr
duckky: oh … fair enough then
pcaman2003: Mihocek playing a blinder. He is there,isn’t he?
BigChief: Play well Alex Johnson.
original: Exactly what i needed jpk after westhoff..ffs
Crowls: ffs have mihocek, heeney and pendles already carrying westhoff
BigChief: Benny Hills music starts in Sydney.
pcaman2003: Why didn’t the free against Buddy show up on his stats?
BigChief: I think you answered your own question there pcaman
GOD: Has Pendlebury retired mid match?
pcaman2003: Keep going Grundy.
Yelse: more down in rooms… can the pies catch a break
Breezey: Gawn can’t do that shower
shaker: Maybe Moore should change his name to less
pcaman2003: Mihocek runs around a lot,but doesn’t touch the ball.
Breezey: Grundy beast
Gotigres: Have you changed from Collingwood to Carlton GOD?
BigChief: I think GOD has always been Carl. GOOD I think is Coll
original: jpk to score 60 this qtr
Yelse: why don’t they just put mihocek back
Breezey: James Brayshaw is a flog
original: jpk to score anything this quarter..??
original: atta boy
TigersMan1: My JPK to selwood trade looking good now!’
original: jpk and westhoff costing me a week off in finals
pcaman2003: Franklin’s proj score this week is 65. What a joke!
Breezey: Obviously they don’t take the lack of Collingwood defenders
Breezey: Into account
pcaman2003: Thanks Mihocek you spud. Give my opponents even more points.You muppett
twinpeaks: Heeny/McLean/Rocky-> Dunkley, Hurn-> Brayshaw or Neale/Gibbs-> Macrae next week?
original: jpk i am disappoint
PowerBug: So I have the VC on Ben Brown and put the E on Buddy (Will loop in). Got that the wrong way around
Sixty656: Commentators hyping up Buddy, pity he’s playing on first year defenders
runners47: Thanks Buddy. Playing injured, they say. Can’t train. So I trade you out instead of Goddard…
TigersMan1: Why tf would you have goddard in your team
Ash777: pies defence exposed?
pcaman2003: In said at the start,Buddy to get 150+. Coming to fruition for my opponent. Grrr!
Sixty656: Exposed? They’re all injured.
Ash777: will dunn or howe come back in finals?
BigChief: Howe will be back either next week or week after
Raspel31: As a man with no biases- I’m almost a priest- I can still take enormous happiness from seeing Collingwood caned.
DrSeuss: Lloyd hasnt done much in a while…keep going Jake
runt: So is Franklin’s injury just a twisted knob or something?
original: cmon jpk..get another goal
wadaramus: Opp has Grundy VC, I took the C off Titch and banked Danger 🙁
original: ouch wadweamus
DrSeuss: Damn Lloyd hasn’t even touched it this quarter
runt: Yet another toenail biter
Breezey: We are not done yet
runt: Maynes features getting more clownish as the years go on. Starring role in the next IT I think.
Ash777: so who rage traded buddy this week
pcaman2003: You talking about Sideshow Bob Runt?
runt: All these come from behind games….The AFL would be very proud.
wadaramus: Krusty.
original: mccartin to tonne up lol
wadaramus: Another cracking game.
runt: Leave Ronke 1 out in the square
twinpeaks: Something is wrong with the game, have to change it!
pcaman2003: Mihocek clueless. Doesn’t know where to move.
runt: kick it to Ronke
Ash777: give heeney 40+ for saving the game
runt: Another madcap adventure
runners47: Yep, Ash777 – I did the rage trade – came back to bite big time

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