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Chat log from R18 of 2018: Geelong vs Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R18 of 2018

Umpirespet: Put the C on Titch stay down Maxy
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Gee Pet I haven’t seen you since lever put the crows out of the finals
Jukes82: accidently got the c on gawn, wanted it on mitchell damn. hope he goes well now
Ash777: gawn should go well seeing as cats have the 2nd worst ruck in the league
Umpirespet: Lol Lever that guy u paid 800 k for that played 2 good games Reggie?
StuL: Stanley isnt even a ruckman.
Ash777: he’s not he should be a defender. Like his saints days
ReggieOz: The same guy you guys cannot win a game without..You’ve done well since he left
Umpirespet: So Melb play well 1 year in 18 and ur all mouthy true flog
Ash777: I wonder if cats will go after a proper ruck in the off season
duckky: Ease up Maxxy … I’m probably the only person in the State that hasn’t got the C on you
ReggieOz: Lmao/…So your not going to cry about Lever again for the rest of the year?
ReggieOz: And it’s 17 we were good in 2001 lol
th3rio: i dont either duck, went titch :
TheOnyas: onya bewsy
hinsch: got Danger in for Sicilly this week might have been better off taking the doughnut
pcaman2003: pull ya finger out Duncan ya spud.
Breezey: Danger on the move now
th3rio: brayshaw from sicily so far so good
pcaman2003: Opponent has Oliver,me Duncan. Oh well!
berch: harmes tagging Selwood that quarter
MONEY TALK: didnt vc oliver expected him to get the tag
The39Steps: Surely Oliver is going to make Max’s Brownlow quest hard. Both have had great seasons.
Stu7: Damn c Gawn instead of danger
twinpeaks: Damn, Fritta to Danger next week it will be
lukat: Go danger you beautiful thing.
J.Worrall: Wyf
Haydo: not being able to vc danger cos of rucks has worked out pretty well so far with oliver touchwood
DrSeuss: Hogan, Gawn and Brayshaw – do something!!
Sixty656: So glad I spent all off Sic’s money to bring in Brayshaw…
daniel87: waiting fior mengola to score his best score in a bout 8 weeks since y opponent has him
BigChief: WTF Gawn less HO than Stanley?
DrSeuss: Same Sixty – this will be the week he goes back to being average
th3rio: grand angus not so grand since i brought hm in
th3rio: sick maybe he read that
DrSeuss: Well that’s a start Mr Brayshaw. Gawn and Hogan – you guys next please?
pcaman2003: Go Captain Danger!
ReggieOz: what a joke…. how can we let these muppets make new rule changes
JockMcPie: Bit silly by Brayshaw, gotta be paying attention
duckky: Easy Reggie, don’t turn up to games. See how long the AFL keeps them in.
ReggieOz: Nom ruck,slide rule,10m zone They cannot even get these rules right
DrSeuss: Is Hogan still sore? Or Melb not seeing him again this week?
th3rio: thats me dead oppt has vc danger
duckky: AFL isn’t being honest tho – rule changes are to ensure Channel 7 gets ad breaks. They have complained
kano: Jock for the burger
original: Form a queue boys, swapped vc from danger to gawn a minute before game began
ReggieOz: Have you noticed the soft free kicks paid in the forward line this year..I’m sure it’s to increase scoring
pcaman2003: Duncan you useless spud.
pcaman2003: Someone pleas give Oliver some valium
Ben_Gogos: Duncan has been abysmal with decision making and ball use this half.
th3rio: whats with brayshaws TOG? he ok?
daniel87: how the fuck am i going to turn that vc into a c
ReggieOz: It’s been a great gmae so far
SilverLion: Oppo has VC Danger, oh boy.
pcaman2003: @Ben. He’s carrying on from last weeks form. Did the same
pcaman2003: Go C Danger you good thing.
Gazza95: is it too early to take Dangers score lol
Breezey: Beautiful Danger my best mate
DrSeuss: Is Brayshaw playing a different role this week?
wadaramus: I only have Keeffe to take Danger VC with!
wadaramus: Plus I tried to loop Ahern so I have to take his 65 and bench McLean to get Paddy VC!
Haydo: oppo has spargo and greenwood dammit
hinsch: damm it I got VC on Danger hopefully this continues
GOOD: GOOD has the c on danger
StuL: Op has VC on danger. I’m wrong yet again.
StuL: Why was that last kick taken back? This is where the game is totally stupid? Adv applies but not always.
ReggieOz: sigh..nned I say more
wadaramus: Good GOD, not another one..
th3rio: wow brayshaw does good, when hes actually on field.
original: StuL didn’t see it but 100% agree advantage rule allowing double dipping again
GOD: GOD has the C on P.Dangerfield tonight!
DrSeuss: Any time now Hogan – a touch, a goal or 5
Ash777: hogan is getting no help from the umps
Stu7: Danger has stopped
Stu7: Harmes has shut him down!!
lukat: Keep going danger 160+ please
Stu7: Harmes has shut him down
th3rio: good harmes good
original: Yin yang for danger hehe
lukat: im confident danger can pull off 160+ considering this is a close game
lukat: tends to get 50 points for like 3 touches in the 4th
pcaman2003: Why hasn’t Scott have Oliver tagged. He’s killing them.
Sixty656: No more sparkle from…
original: HAHA good one pcaman, we all know Scott can’t actually coach
pcaman2003: Stewart you numpty
Stu7: Big goal from Maxy
th3rio: is angus not wearing his helmet or can i just not see him
Stu7: Danger only 11 points this quarter
th3rio: dont mind me, hes on the pine again fml
Jukes82: lol gwny gets hammered and now the flogs boo him lmao
Stu7: Not see him
pcaman2003: Geez Danger,pick it up mate
th3rio: hhehhe danger
ReggieOz: good is Oliver
BigChief: Keep going C Max 🙂
StuL: Oliver is the next Judd.
pcaman2003: Gawn a 50 pt qtr without doing too much.
JockMcPie: Oliver bursting through the middle is a great sight, will enjoy watching for 10+ more years
The39Steps: I reckon the Lorne Ladies Bowling Club would be quicker than this Geelong side.
th3rio: i need a huge one from brayshaw in last q
Gotigres: Glad i got you in Oliver for Rockliff
HawkTalker: fucking hell, dagnger
pcaman2003: Danger an 8 pt qtr. That’s bad!
SilverLion: To the Geelong ferals booing Gawn, he was blindsided lol not his fault
pcaman2003: Duncan only gets 3 pts for that mark and kick to team mate end of qtr.
Stu7: 8 points for danger
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Hogan with big finishes please
BigChief: Why is Gawn being booed?
StuL: Geelong fans are decent SL. Geelong itself is full of ferals.
StuL: Gawn gotva goal for being “taken out” by Stewart. Not sure he was touched though.
pcaman2003: The Demons are possessed.:)
BigChief: So he gets booed because of the umpires? Seems about right.
The39Steps: Cats just went $10 to $5 and now….
Ash777: demons choking on some dangerwood
th3rio: get angus on goody u knob
ReggieOz: piss poor coaching
DrSeuss: Brayshaw 3rd lowest TOG???
ReggieOz: There is only 2 player who could win the game for them
jocka: why no free for menzel?
pcaman2003: C’mon Duncan and show some heart.
th3rio: its been a problem all night Drsuess, when hes on hes been great
BigChief: @jocka what for? He was blocking Jetta. Should have been against Menzel.
poolboybob: F off Jelwood you bum
jocka: @bigcheif He turned around to mark the ball, and was cannoned into from the front. He would have marked that
th3rio: wtf who was helping brayshaw
DrSeuss: Hogan and Brayshaw do something ffs
Sixty656: Thanks Brayshaw, I could have grabbed Orierdon and saved 500K
BigChief: Now that should have been a free to Menzel.
Jukes82: thats your fault no one elses
th3rio: bit hard when his tog is shit sixty656
original: Hawkins deserves 140sc
Haydo: if geelong win star hawkins
duckky: Thanks Gary,Clayton and Maxx
th3rio: builds momentum then gets thrown on the pine.
original: HOW was that not a free against danger wow
pcaman2003: Pass me my heart tablets
th3rio: so true original, kicking in danger hard
Ash777: come on dees win this
Lewysport: Going to be a bit of point scaling down l think.
original: TH3rio woulda been a yellow card in soccer lol looked like a 2footed studs up
Ash777: cats will drop out of the 8 if they lose and pies out of the 4
BigChief: Wow. Blood rule for Gawn. That is huge.
JockMcPie: Flog supporters booing Gawn, pull ya head in…
Pokerface: has to be lewy.. already over 3300
pcaman2003: What a sh*t half Danger.
pcaman2003: Wow!
Jukes82: lmaoo, epic choke job.
Umpirespet: Sucked in Melb
original: What a quarter. What rule change should do we need? Great game for the neutral fans
th3rio: hahah GOD and GOOD good capt choices lads
The39Steps: Too many Dees smiling after a loss for me.
kano: “Sucked in”. What are you, 12 ?
original: Scaling brutal
Jukes82: he’s a muppet thats who he is
Stu7: 25 for 2quarters danger not good
jocka: pcaman2003 Need another prescription for the heart medicine?

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