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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R17 of 2018

duckky: Howdy all. Crisp and Yeo (Mihocek on bench)
frenzy: yo yo, Gaff
PowerBug: Hurn, Yeo and Tay Tay in SC for me
duckky: Yeo, 8 points for 1%ers so far
Chelskiman: Crisp always seems to get caught holding the ball.
luke394: Got Grundy and Yeo in this one
luke394: Projected over 2700 this week everyone else going large?
duckky: What the heck? Howe’s mark surely
duckky: No Luke, Kreuzer put paid to that
original: Weekly Winner will be 2900+
luke394: Yeah I reckon @original
original: Also Howe ainโ€™t really a defender, great when he is the free man though
Apachecats: I’m up for 2513 luke and struggling in a few leagues ,too many premiums gone 150+.
luke394: @Apachecats got a few in my cash leagues in the same boat just a big week
duckky: ove it yo yo you scuzz bucket
Apachecats: I’ve seen Yeo start like this and end up on 120.
cusch1: Grundy vs Crisp and NicNat in this one. Need Grundy to at least come somewhat close to have a chance
PowerBug: Yeo 10th most owned in SC and 3rd most owned in AF. Does not matter how he plays we all own him
cusch1: Only losing by 42 points at quarter time too #solid
TheOnyas: onya crispy
Wends: Arvo all. Holman to Powell (for DPP) over Sier this rd not working out so well ๐Ÿ˜
Chelskiman: Of course my opp has Mihocek on field.
Jukes82: Yeo does this all the time, a ton is still on the cards
Apachecats: Yeo just melted his icicle.
cusch1: Should rename it to Yeo Yang, considering he only plays half the game
Chelskiman: Cracking quarter, Crisp.
cusch1: Moore has hurt his finger and is off the field. All over Twitter
Apachecats: Its his pinkie cusch
pcaman2003: Have Nic Nat and Grundy. Grundy hurting me a bit here. C’mon big fella. Deliver!
cusch1: That was not in the back…
Apachecats: Nat gone off ,that’ll kill a few people.
duckky: NickNat apparently in rooms
Chelskiman: And another htb against Crisp.
Apachecats: Grundy should go well from here.
cusch1: And it will help many more (including me) apache
pcaman2003: Nic Nat TOG is always very low,unfortunately
pcaman2003: Haven’t got TV access. Is Nic Nat gone?
GraysFan: Dont worry Chelskiman, Crisp somehow got 4 points for it haha
cusch1: NicNat does not look good. Doesnt look to br able to put any weight on his leg
Roksta: Nic nat done for the day…
luke394: Cmon Grundy get going son
pcaman2003: @Luke. Maybe with Nic Nat off,Grundy will fire up.
pcaman2003: Nic Nat was the final nail in my coffin this round.
luke394: Yeah it would help feel sorry for Nic Nat owners if hes injured though another trade down
Sloaneyyyy: why bother with NicNat, Had Gawn and Stef Martin since the beginning of the season. Set and forget
TigersMan1: What the actual fuck Gaff and Sidebottom
cusch1: Gawn and Grundy is the best ruck combo IMO, with Martin a third viable option
pcaman2003: Yeah. Might have to upgrade to Gawn if Nic Nat long term injury
wadaramus: Bont to Pendles not quite paying off as i’d hoped.
sammyo7: Damn you nicnat i was on track for 2600
hinsch: lates swap took Seir out and put in Narkle ๐Ÿ™
Wends: Shizen sunday striking again…
pcaman2003: @Sammy. I share your pain. Just a part of SC frustration
pants42: Nic nat out
hinsch: 2800 SC points for some this week
poolboybob: Probably a tombstone for Nic Nat
cusch1: Some might push 3000 Hinsch
circle52: I may get to 2600 with luck seeing I missed putting e on gawn when I took VC score. Down 131 points,
circle52: Did same trade Wada based on Pies draw and Treloar injured.
Wends: Ouch circle. Always a hard luck story, even in the high scoring rds
frenzy: nic nat cooked
Rush: Really need Gaff to lift. Also for Howe and Yeo to go missing.
cusch1: Need a genuine hundred point half from Grundy here
JRedden: why does grundy suck today
circle52: 2Wends own faultvreally for not double checking. Lessons learned the hard way.
circle52: @Rush hope you do not mind me wanting Howe to keep going as a unique to help cover my losses
SilverLion: Grundy is an arrogant flog
poolboybob: Crocker is incredibly useless
SilverLion: I swear Grundy thinks he’s a small forward, tries to dance around players. Flog
Wends: Learning the hard way in SC really sucks tho, circle. No frustration like SC frustration!
TigersMan1: Sidebottom has ruined my week this week, was looking at 2600,
cusch1: Yeo was just competing in that centre ruck contest…
Rush: I do mind Circle. I’m 2nd, playing the bloke who’s first and Howe is one of the few unique players between us haha.
Rush: He’s already had Billings go off for 125 this week. That’s enough luck
Sloaneyyyy: is Sidebottom broken today ?
TigersMan1: I’ve got 3 trades left, IDk if I want to waste on a rage trade for sidebottom lol
cusch1: Sidey being tagged…
Woosha 73: Wheres Sideys gun?
SilverLion: Crisp CD’s new favourite?
DrSeuss: Whatโ€™s up with Yeo today??
hinsch: thoughs on Thursday night games T/U or T/D
PowerBug: I like Thursday games
TigersMan1: Yeo averages the highest last qtr points so we good
circle52: TV ratings for the last 3 weeks for Thursday games through the roof. So that may decide.
Wends: I had the same question @DrS, what’s with him?
Jukes82: who cares
cusch1: Gundy building
original: lecras maintains rep as most selfish player..ridiculous to shoot there
LMartos: Grundy gaining points without even touching the ball
SilverLion: Grundy cant play a bad game, has to get min 95.
original: sier game time quite low, injured?
th3rio: just tuned in how come grundy is low compared his recent form ?
poolboybob: Crocker potato
LMartos: Grundy has hardly done a thing and will still probably get 90, wish I had him, although Stef is decent
luke394: Lots of salty non Grundy owners out there ๐Ÿ™‚
circle52: Some junk time Pendles for Wada and me please.
SilverLion: Nothing to be salty about when I have Stef luke. But the bloke is a flog. Watch the way he plays.
cusch1: Someone has to let Crocker know he is a late inclusion, and not a substitute
Woosha 73: Is that 16 handballs by Gunbottom?
Gelly: redden been tearing out monster scores lately, nice sneaky pod
LMartos: definitely salty but it needs to be acknowledged that he’s lucky to be on his score, it’s like how GAJ used to score
LMartos: would ton up even if he wasn’t good
poolboybob: Surely the Pies have better players in the twos than Crocker
Wends: @Original sier quad injury apparently
luke394: I suppose anyone is lucky to be on the score their on then
original: @Wends cheers..ffs tho lol
TigersMan1: Come on grundy, gaff and yeo, crack the tonne!!
original: grundy to score 112
Gelly: sidebum had a mare of a game
duckky: Go go Yo yo
lukefield9: redden, my fine fat-headed friend! cheeky brownlow chance ๐Ÿ˜‰
SilverLion: Thought sharked hitouts were negative points? *cough*
Gelly: bucks will have to buy a glue on beard
original: lol SL

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