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Chat log from R17 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R17 of 2018

Gelly: Ban Jacobs lol
Chelskiman: Why did Jacobs get banned? ๐Ÿ™
pharace: Lingering concussion effects
rtz23: dam should have taken jjk over heeney
DrSeuss: Seems like Jones, Smith and Newman are taking possies from Lloyd today?
cusch1: Why is Brayshaw allowed to commentate on North games
DragonLass: why is Brayshaw able to commentate on any games, he’s terrible
lukefield9: @DragonLass mate he’s a STAR
SilverLion: Stay down Loiiiiidddd
TheOnyas: onya browny
casey22: Cape for Ziebel
cusch1: Majak looking very dangerous up forward
Chelskiman: Oppoenet has Ziebell. He also had Miochek on field. I’m screwed.
anthsill03: Brayshaw is 10x better than most other commentators
cusch1: hayward, davies uniacke, same same
rtz23: L plate for O’Riordan?
TigersMan1: People hate on Brayshaw, I love him as a commentator, feels like IM listening to triple m with BT and Brayshaw lol
cusch1: 10 times 0 equals 0 antshill
TigersMan1: PLease don’t tell me Kennedy is injured, it will ruin me
luke394: Another coach letting LLoyd run around on his own again they obviously donโ€™t rate him
Stu7: Kennedy is injured
Jukes82: JPK is done, he can hardly move
cusch1: Lower back injury tigers, apparently cant even bend over
rtz23: @TigersMan1 CH7 say he’s really struggling
poolboybob: Kick some goals Spuddy
circle52: I have JPK as well Tigersman so am really cooked this week.
cusch1: was just shown to be carried down into the rooms. Cant walk down the stairs
TigersMan1: omfg kill me, barely gonna crack 2400 at this rate
Jukes82: dont be dramatic
Stu7: TigersMan1 you for real? 2300 + is a good score
cusch1: Circle you cant take a trick can you?
circle52: I will struggle now to get to 2300 now if Kennedy out.
circle52: Nah always have one really crook week each year when everyone score high. Thought I may hve dodged it this year haha
lukat: Lift Parker ๐Ÿ™
Jukes82: I’m more worried if JPK need sot be trade if he missed a few weeks, low on trades
circle52: Who has trades Jukes haha
SilverLion: Really shoulda picked up seagull earlier in the year when he was 440k
DrSeuss: Ahhh Ronke. Where was this before I traded you out?
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
luke394: Fuck off Ahern
SilverLion: Ahern the 2018 Greenwood?
luke394: Me too @Silverlion haha hate the seagull so much
AFL Blues: “Lift Parker” and “Lift, Parker” possess entirely different meanings.
PowerBug: Goldy, Brown, Buddy and Heeney in this one. Decent half…
luke394: Higgins, Bud & Heeney going well for me ๐Ÿ™‚
colin wood: Predicted 2650 with Hibberd before this game and now lost JPK.. fark!!
original: JPK nooooooo
rtz23: hodgey reckons it’s a back spasm for JPK
Torpedo10: 2240 with Goldy, Heeney, Gray & Walters to come…is 2700 too optimistic?
cusch1: Hodge said “hopefully its just back spasms” but fears it could be worse
original: 2100 with heeney lloyd buddy gray & unfortunately JPK damn
Hadouken: o’riordan looking ok
hinsch: Parker stay down, needs 75 max for a win to me
TigersMan1: 1800 with Heeney, JPK, Lloyd, Gray, Westhoff, Neale and Walters
Jukes82: JPK is out, spasms confirmed
LuvIt74: 2287 with heeney, Gray, Weshoff & Walters. Hopefully get around 2700
luke394: 2027 with Higgins, Heeney, Buddy, Gray, Neale & Walters hopefully something similar @LuvIt74
fonzie: cmon swans
Wends: JPK back on the bench and kitted up apparently
casey22: Ziebel comes alive!!!!!!!!!
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Ziebell! Single handedly destroying me at the moment.
Wends: Hang on, ABC changing their minds…
Chelskiman: Love him or hate him, Buddy is a star.
original: Wends you made me so happy..but then broke my heart
Wends: 900 goals for Buddy, what a feat.
poolboybob: Kick another 900 Buddy… in this game.
Wends: Sorry original, but ABC cuts from 8c to 7c per day are telling…. ๐Ÿ™
Wends: JPK in the tracky dacks now according to them, sorry original xoxo
DrSeuss: How is Oโ€™Riordan going? Not watching the game but his score is impressive!!
luke394: Shit quarter Higgo 12 points :/
rtz23: looked clean when i watched @DrSeuss
SilverLion: Clear htb against goldstein missed there
pharace: I;m going to trade him in Seuss – I’ll moz him for sure
DrSeuss: Cheers rtz – looks like a downgrade option
Haydo: Should i straight trade petracca to dusty or add a downgrade to go to macrae when he drops
luke394: Higgins had 2 effective handballs for no points?
poolboybob: Do something Buddy
luke394: On cue @Poolboybob
poolboybob: Yeah like that
oc16: he certainly listened poolboybob lol
poolboybob: Gee I should have asked earlier
original: LUKE394 how much are we gettin buddy next year
Chelskiman: Harsh htb call.
DrSeuss: Lloyd – time to wake up champ
carlton_99: Wheres the prior?
TigersMan1: Reckon buddy will hit 1000? If so reckon he’ll be the last player to do it?
TheOnyas: onya dawsy
luke394: Cmon Higgo 120 please
cusch1: Who is going to start flopping around to waste time like Mbappe?
cusch1: Ronke is freakishly good
LMartos: how’s the ump called not 15 on Aliir there, jeez
Chelskiman: What a game!
MattyZ: Muppet Marley there surely
poolboybob: What a game… and meanwhile the other game had 3 goals in the first half, lol
TheOnyas: onya ronky
cusch1: Majak Daw kicking goals at both ends
cusch1: Was that too distasteful?
mattpanag: yep
Seiya: haha, good one man /s
Wends: Outfit change quicker than an off broadway one diva show, if that’s the case cusch ๐Ÿ˜
DragonLass: pretty good SC score from parker
Roksta: Lol norf
wadaramus: Parker SC overinflated, or Heeney under?
mattpanag: Give the star to FOOTY
Wends: I have to take the dog for a walk during games like that @poolboy…
original: Joke to scale to 40.. hehe

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