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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R17 of 2018

Gotigres: Went Holman to Sier. Happy so far.
Apachecats: No Coleman medalists among this lot.
Jukes82: lol traded Guelfi last week, typical..
Moona: Did the same Dukes – it wont last
TheOnyas: onya smithy
pcaman2003: Got Guelfi on the bench and no E. Doh!
pcaman2003: Worse,I have Caddy on the field. Double Doh!
Wends: Brought in Powell for Holman in SC… pls don’t come back to bite!
original: Lift zerrett
DrSeuss: Miller gone to Zerrett??
Moona: Have Zerrett and Heppell – cmon boys – lift
pcaman2003: C’mon Smithy! Get going again
pcaman2003: Wakey wakey Devon.
Wends: Good on Holman but that really hurts… had to let him go for cash gen…
Gotigres: You’re on fire tonight Crossley. You might get 60sc.
DrSeuss: Do Richmond ever get called for HTB or incorrect disposal??
DrSeuss: Sorry wrong game
Ash777: hope suns win this
Raspel31: Strangely enough Ash I hope the Dons do.
JockMcPie: Imagine if Essendon lost to the Suns and the Blues…talk about inconsistent!
DrSeuss: Pick it up Zerrett
Raspel31: Loves you Hurley- you went missing for a while but welcome back.
colin wood: Hurley should be over 100 he�s had 3 intercept marks this quarter already and only getting small increases.
pcaman2003: Smith! Stop going backwards. Start playing again.
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
MONEY TALK: cmon zach
Pusti: We’re missing a golden opportunity to increse our % here.
Raspel31: My toughts exactly Pusti
PowerBug: you won’t make finals so irrelevant anyway
Moona: Essendon rarely go for a percentage win, when they win. Last time I remember a real good smashing was against this mob
Pusti: Powerbug: It’s unlikely, but you never give up while there’s still a mathematical chance.
Moona: was when we kicked 15-4 in the 1st quarter and reimers kicked 8
Pusti: Moona: That was in their first season, they were getting smashed every week.
Moona: And that’s how long ago it was that we had a real percentage boosting win
Moona: Bombers have really turned around their wins interstate this year. Beat GWS, Eagles, Suns, Bris all away from Melbourne.
jocka: wow, dons up to 12th…..

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