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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R17 of 2018

MONEY TALK: take gawn as c or vc on stef
pcaman2003: Finally brought in Gawn 5 minutes ago for Nank.
PowerBug: take the 130+ imo, that’s a good captain score
TigersMan1: Told me the same thing about Laird and missed out on cripps and titch :'(
MONEY TALK: he took titch
ajconodie: Oliver should go massive.
th3rio: Lock in the points money. Gawn will go big but u never know
MONEY TALK: i took gawn (:
MONEY TALK: taking the risk, need a risk
original: finally traded dahlhaus out. watch him score 200
Raspel31: Phew, home with a minute to spare to work the Titch loop-phew.
Umpirespet: Lol Original don’t think so
original: raspel thats cutting it way too fine
pcaman2003: @Original. Think you’ll be pretty safe somehow.
th3rio: Go away dunkley
Raspel31: Played extra time in soccer- I drove like a lunatic original.
ajconodie: @Raspel – I have pulled over on freeways before to change tips/Sc Captains. I feel your relief lol
original: umpirespet & pcaman he’s scored 10 points in 4 minutes..on track for 300sc
pcaman2003: Brought in Grundy,not Gawn. My bad! Was about to get Gawn ,changed mind
Raspel31: lol ajconodie.
th3rio: Why does nobody have the sc app on their phones lol
Hadouken: will macrae hit his BE of 202 lol
Raspel31: I will do that now th3rio after today’s scare.hAIR WENT GREY.
original: raspel and ajcondie..have had the missus chcking fanfooty on mobile and making sc changes for me on road trips lol
Umpirespet: Depends I’d CD still own him Had
feralmong: bugger was out and forgot to loop titch. gawn is capt.
ajconodie: Original – that’s better than bringing you a beer imo
th3rio: Hahah fo much easier. Macrae 230 be in sc
Raspel31: Don’t think my ex wife would oblige SC updates original.
original: to be fair on them th3rio the app is fair glitchy and takes ages to load sometimes
th3rio: Oliver forward fml
th3rio: Ah really? Never had an issue with mine
Raspel31: Sure Gawn will come good but sooo glad I just made Titch cap.
pcaman2003: C’mon McLean! Expect a great score from you
original: would be happy for tmac to have a quiet game so i can sideways shaw to him maybe..or should i go hurn?
StuL: There are only so many 150s to go round in any week. Looks like others might have taken Gawns.
pcaman2003: Macrae looking good.
feralmong: get back on gawny need points.
th3rio: Ruck curse for gawn too?
MONEY TALK: glad i chucked the c last min on gawn, had it on stef ):
DrSeuss: Another week wondering why I keep holding Hogan. I swear his teammates ignore him
ajconodie: C’mon Fritsch, happy medium.
Umpirespet: Agree DrSeuss 3 times they have butchered passes to Hogan
Raspel31: You didn’t take 142 Money???
MONEY TALK: he took titch i needed a risk, its not going to pay off
Stu7: Sooooooo glad I traded Danger in this week and didn’t rely on Gawn 😊
Raspel31: Ah, tricky one Money.
th3rio: I need oliver in the middle what is this
th3rio: Gawn will come good. Not 160 good but good
SilverLion: Flower off Fritsch
original: gotta respect your choice tho money. made the right call
heppelitis: hi all
DrSeuss: Agree Silver – I traded Hogan in weeks ago – not to watch Fritsch ignore him and our score him
original: agree SL
pcaman2003: Thata boy Gawn. Stay quiet.
TheOnyas: onya schachey
ajconodie: Imagine their scores if Oliver and McLean kicked the bloody thing.
Chelskiman: Carn, Maxy! Big 40+ quarter here would be nice.
Raspel31: When even Spargo is outscoring Hogan-that’s a worry Hogan owners.
Perry95: how much does b.lynch need to score to loop him on for yeo/lloyd? 110?
ajconodie: Schache had a stacky.
Chelskiman: Good to have Macrae bak. Held him all this time in RDT.
Apachecats: Macrae resuming the Brownlow chase nicely.
Raspel31: MaCrae back with a bang- too late for me to bring him back.
DrSeuss: Hogan tends to score heaps better in the 2nd half – but i am starting to think it’s tine to move on from him in AF
Hadouken: lol, whats the point in goal umpires when they cant make their own call.
mattmac24: Keeping Josh Kelly and Macrae through their injuries were the best things I’ve done this season
PowerBug: Brayshaw okay? Really low TOG!
LuvIt74: Mattmac same i held Macrae
original: MAcrae can slow down plz
Apachecats: Just had another nibble at Macrae Brownlow at $21.
pcaman2003: Try kicking the ball Toby. It’s called football for a reason
mattmac24: he dropped down to 6% ownership in sc as well which is a bonus. Shame I couldn’t hold Fyfe though
original: I’m on Macrae @ $101 but will cash out I reckon
MONEY TALK: i havent had the best of lucky with injuries and premos
PowerBug: it’s called football because it’s played on foot not on horseback, actually 😛
Wends: Evening all, Macrae holders with the nostradamus powers…
heppelitis: Hi Wends..think Brayshaws bum just said hello to
pcaman2003: Are you still there Toby? Hello!!
SilverLion: Might have to get JackMac in next week
DrSeuss: Nice comeback quarter from Hogan and Gawn
pcaman2003: @Silver. Must have a good piggy bank have we?
circle52: Lift Fritsch i need you to beat Bundys 52 as I did not loophole.
Wends: Evening Hepp, I missed Brayshaw’s hello 🙁
SilverLion: @pca Unfortunately not, got trades though. Am hoping he drops enough to upgrade E Curnow/Merrett/Martin to him.
original: WOW don’t DOnt merrett now surely, hes come good
SilverLion: Would be hard to trade him @original
mattmac24: @silver Dusty should be the only one to consider and even he’s still a luxury trade
Woosha 73: McLeans a must have they said 😩
The0Grrr: Gawn for Brownlow!
The0Grrr: I wish!
The0Grrr: Sorry folks changed ID from CBD
rtz23: would joel smith come right back in next week if he passes the fitness test/
pcaman2003: @Woosha. It’d be better if he kicked the ball more often
TheOnyas: onya gawny
pcaman2003: Weekend in tatters now. Opponent is just smashing it.
ajconodie: Trying to decide who Macrae comes in for next week – Ablett or Dusty.
DrSeuss: Come on Hoges – a couple more big fella
The0Grrr: How the Hogan owners feeling now?
hinsch: Macrae will drop in price for the next two weeks I will get him then
MONEY TALK: really wish i took stefs score, gawn will come close
pcaman2003: Flower off Gawn and Oliver
TigersMan1: So does that mean Brayshaw will get fined for high fiving razor ray?
The0Grrr: Maybe the fines go to the Umps end of season trip?
Wends: Gawn capt over Titch in RDT, so pick it up Maxy.
MONEY TALK: 130 at least gawn plz i beg
Stu7: hunter 29 possessions and only 71 wtf!!!
MONEY TALK: 6 clangers might be keeping him down
Stu7: Cheers money talk
ajconodie: Need Fritsch to bag a couple here
circle52: same ajconodie – Nearly up to Bundys score who I was loopholing him with.
DrSeuss: Hogan gone quiet again
Wends: have a few trades up my sleeve, what’s everyone’s thoughts on sier vs powell, JS wise?
JockMcPie: Sier will play until Treloar comes back I think
original: Wasn’t everyone’s getting stuck into hogan? What a come back
MONEY TALK: go oliver u good thing
Wends: Thanks Jock, hard to know if Powell better chance of playing out the season
MONEY TALK: if i lose its because i got greedy and didn’t take the stef vc
original: Petracca really should be better
original: Can see Carlton offering Wallis 750k a year given he kicks 3 goals a game..please no
ajconodie: Could do worse @original
pcaman2003: Bullies playing as bad as Hawks today
circle52: @original Rumours Lions have looked at him for a Hodge like role with forawrds.
PowerBug: Gawn, Oliver, McLean and new recruit Brayshaw in this match. Pretty decent :O
TheOnyas: onya jonesy]
MONEY TALK: not exactly stefs score but ill take a 131 c score
kano: gawn clear bog

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