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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R17 of 2018

Pokerface: such a shame Hodgey doesn’t get one last game against his old boys
Umpirespet: Hawks have their Turkish delight kit on today
Umpirespet: Titch u better outscore Cripps
frenzy: luv turkish delight
th3rio: Pretty sure hes playing on next year poker
Pusti: Umpirespet: You didn’t take Cripps 156!
Umpirespet: Didn’t Vc him Pusti sadly
th3rio: Go vc tommy
Pokerface: another year! wow. what a champ he is
Pusti: Aaah! OK, I was thinking you might be insane.
Jukes82: Got T.Mitchell as my VC hope he goes big, if not got C on Gawn
Breezey: Titch tacking for about 180-200
Breezey: Tracking
PowerBug: ABC Radio suggesting that Berry is tagging JOM today
pharace: Absolutely no sign of any sort of tag, soft or hard, on Mitchell yet
pcaman2003: m
pcaman2003: @Umpirespet. Maybe a blessing having C on Titch
TheLegend6: Titch going big today
luke394: everyone VC Mitchell into Gawn?
TheLegend6: I’ve VC’d Gawn into Gaff not expecting so many players to go big this week hahaha
pcaman2003: VC Cripps to C Mitchell
jayshi: Took dangers vc score
ademase: Gawn into Grundy, thought about Danger for VC but missed the bout on that one!!!
th3rio: I thought I was cooked when oppt wsnt vc danger I love you tom
Umpirespet: Best of both worlds there Pcaman
DrSeuss: Come on Big Stef
Jukes82: yep looping Mitchell now, good stuff!
Breezey: Titch 200 plus today
pharace: Well that;s half of Danger’s total score covered in a Qtr by Titch
ademase: Thought Robinson would tag Mitchell out of it
NoneyaB: Geez titch! if you keep this up I’m gonna have to field a non scoring ruck
seeker11: Titch could score 300 at this rate
AFL Blues: It’s scary to know that Mitchell’s on traget to get over 300…
pcaman2003: @ademase. My thoughts too. Very surprised!
jayshi: took danger’s 158, then cripps 156, titch going crazy, imagine if Dusty out scores all of them LOL
upweydons: not sure which captain to pick these days
Umpirespet: Jays hi my opp has Martin C so please don’t hope that
NoneyaB: Geez imagine have cripps dangers and Titches scores A team in my league has done exactly that and he has titch as C
Jukes82: lol true, remeber the days when you just locked in GAJ or Swany no dramas
23rookie23: Would be happy if Titch just matches Danger/Cripps as not being greedy
Umpirespet: Jayshi*
jayshi: @umpirespet, he won’t, don’t worry haha
jayshi: faaark 20 possessions 1.5 quarters
StuL: Go vc mitchell, now that its too late he finally delivers when i pick him
DrSeuss: Need Martin, Sicily and Gardiner to step it up a little
TheLegend6: Cmon Gunston!!
pcaman2003: Why isn’t he being tagged? Very odd!
Gotigres: Martin down in the rooms.
Breezey: Stef down in the rooms
Umpirespet: Lions playing well
Jukes82: whats wrong with him?
jayshi: @pcaman2003 because if you look at the score line, titch’s possessions not game changing
th3rio: Please come back stef
Pokerface: this ‘something’ injury is taking down ruckman like flies
colin wood: Think Stef was just taking a leak.
Breezey: He Is back on the bench
Umpirespet: Think Stef was a toilet break
Gotigres: You idiot Zorko
pcaman2003: @jayshi. Only for innacurate goal shooting.
SilverLion: Stefs fine relax guys 😛
m0nty: Martin might have had his something restrapped
original: Monty my something is always getting Me into trouble
Umpirespet: His big slong M0nty?
Umpirespet: Titch has stopped
original: Gunna be some crazy high score that wins this week
pcaman2003: Zorko impotent against the Hawks again.
DrSeuss: Gamble on Gardiner for 1 week isn’t paying off 🙁
SilverLion: Cox you spud
GOOD: GOOD has titch vc
original: Just turned on the tv god my eyes my eyes
NoneyaB: geez titch 117 you spud!!!!! lol
pcaman2003: @GOOD. 4 Captains in your team,so clever.
GOOD: @pacman, no just titch
NoneyaB: at least its not grey…
Rush: Wish i could have 4 captains this week. Got the VC on Titch but i also have Danger and Cripps in my side
Pinkman: Is that GOD, masquerading as GOOD
pcaman2003: @GOOD. What happened to the C you had last night on Cripps then?
AFL Blues: Right, Umpirespet, “Titch” has stopped. He’s only god a lazy 31 points in a quarter of football!
Gotigres: Nice O’Meara, nice.
th3rio: i was gonna go stef martin to grundy next week but now I feel kinda bad
circle52: No surprise but I have had Stef since Rd 1
original: Berry ooft
GOOD: yes you’re correct, cripps was C. titch vc…
th3rio: hes done us well circle no doubt, however grundy is on another level this year :
original: Matho for once actually hit high hehe
LuvIt74: Is Stef Martins injury a concern for next week?
th3rio: doubt it luvit, back playing i doubt theyd risk a long lasting injury
Rush: why would you VC the bloke playing after your captain GOOD?
LuvIt74: cheers th3rio
LuvIt74: Id be urineated if Titch didn’t score 150+
original: Liiiiiift Sicily ffs oppo doesn’t have him
th3rio: Dang it , is mitch rob tagging titch niw?
luke394: fuck off Stef Martin
luke394: cmon Titchell keep going son
The0Grrr: C’mon Titch you haven’t quite made VC loophole yet!
Umpirespet: Think so th3rio
SilverLion: Ffs Cox do something right for once
circle52: Keep going VC Stef Sorry luke.
wadaramus: Titch putting his feet up after doing plenty in the first half 😠
GOOD: @rush, dead team league…
original: Yes stef keep going son
SilverLion: Titch has stopped
Pokerface: just give o’meara the star now m0nty.
StuL: Titch always does this. You cant keep that pace up. 150 plus will do
luke394: minimum 150 Titch cmon son
original: Berry not concussed..shocked
th3rio: Not gonna lie I want 170 from titch after oppt VC danger
th3rio: Also I like seeing lions do well. Good on them
original: Titch not a chance of 170 after this quarter. Has slowed
pcaman2003: Hawks playing rubbish footy. Defence is crud.
th3rio: He did go 70 first qtr. Never know
circle52: Missed the whole first half but loving the pressure of this game.
MONEY TALK: got the vc on martin, oppo has it on titch go stef
Gotigres: Don’t think Mitchell will score 150.
th3rio: Dont ya tigres? 🙂
Gotigres: Oh, his score just went up heaps so yes, he will score 150.
th3rio: Ya he got someone htb
luke394: 160 would be lovely
Breezey: McCluggage starting ton
th3rio: If he goes 140 now surely every chance for it
LuvIt74: who th3rio – Titch?
Breezey: McCluggage starting to look the real deal
th3rio: Yeah luvit
Umpirespet: Hawks getting some umpires love atm
LuvIt74: with a quarter to go Titch has to score 150+ especially in a game they can lose.
th3rio: Hope so!
pcaman2003: @Umpire. They need everything they can get. Very poor today.
AFL Blues: How does one murder excessively? Does anyone know?
batt: Josh Walker turning into a better version of Liam Jones?
Umpirespet: We play lions in brissy next week they are looking good atm
original: Game still on the line. Points to be at a premium this qtr
pcaman2003: Lions going much better with the new coach.
TigersMan1: Man this would be the first time in about a decade that the lions win 3 in a row
mattpanag: Slow down Titch, I took Cripps’ score!
th3rio: Go stef go titch
breadly: Brisbane won three in a row in 2013. Rounds 15, 16 and 17
pcaman2003: @mattpanag. A few of us probably caught out the same..
AFL Blues: No one answered my question!!
Umpirespet: How does miles get a game in front of Mirra Pcaman?
pcaman2003: I’m disappointed Mirra not in. Much better player
pcaman2003: @AFL Blues. Try a gatling gun. 🙂
LMartos: Mirra not AFL standard, also does not fit Miles’ role
StuL: Go Liobs! Kick the winning score
original: Weekly winner to score 2800 this week
StuL: Cmon Titch but. 160!
batt: Lions deserve to win. Putting it all on the line.
Jukes82: lol wtf hawks, didnt see this coming
mattpanag: @pcaman thankfully!
luke394: Stop Stef
MONEY TALK: keep going stef
pcaman2003: Opponent has Stef,me Zorko. Ouch!
Jukes82: go huge stef!
Pokerface: loss of mcevoy has been underestimated
batt: Lions looked gassed now
pcaman2003: O’Brien totally useless,but still gets games.
original: Keep going Sicily. Btw knew I wasn’t stretching it having blues AND Brisbane in my multi lol
th3rio: Junk it up totch
mattpanag: Beams, Titch, good boys. FFS Sicily, ton up you flog
Breezey: Gassed. They look home
StuL: Time to give Mirra a game Clarkson
pcaman2003: Fat lady is singing loudly
luke394: cmon Titch 160+
batt: They are home. They’ve given it everything. Inb4 all teams start putting their jumpers on together.
ajconodie: I wonder if GOOD has put the VC back on Cripps?
StuL: Upset of the season. Flogging them!
hinsch: LIONS three in a row here we come
pcaman2003: WTF Hawks! Bloody disgraceful effort.
ajconodie: @StuL – Probably not the biggest upset in terms of W/L but how they have done it, for sure.
Gotigres: At least you matched Danger and Cripps, Titch
StuL: Dribble kick, Chriso!
DrSeuss: Where is Sicily ffs??
StuL: 3 lions on a shirt!
Pokerface: the real Three Lions
th3rio: Titch on the pine in junk tine:(
Umpirespet: Just put Redman C and took Titch score
rtz23: @DRSeuss haven’t seen him on the ground
rtz23: @DrSeuss looks like he’s b een thrown forward
batt: rich and walker both deserve the rock imo
ajconodie: Fagan must have walked out with Clarko’s playbook.
Thedude24: Love these random +1’s for Titch. I think that was 7 of them.
LMartos: congratulations to Stef Martin for battling through the tough injury of needing to piss
th3rio: Those who vced titch dint forget to loop now gawn starts in 20
DrSeuss: yeah just saw that – can’t get the ball out of their back half so put Sicily forward. Good thinking
th3rio: Blame Clarko for titch nit goijg 160 he wouldve junked up for sure
original: sicily ffs
batt: shoutouts to Huddo for solo’ing the play-by-play
MONEY TALK: gawn as c or take the vc on stef

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