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Chat log from R17 of 2018: St Kilda vs Carlton

Chat log for St Kilda vs Carlton, R17 of 2018

J.Worrall: Go Cripps, you good thang!
pharace: How’s that calf feeling Kade, a little bit tight? No risks 😉
jocka: Let me just assure everyone, that my disinterest in this game has not diminished, and will likely increase thru the game
hinsch: Cripps or Titch for C this week
th3rio: wtf kade in a jacket, please tell me hes not a late out?
NoneyaB: wtf is with that clash jmuper?
th3rio: id stay away from cripps, i feel like steele will tag hinsch
NoneyaB: nah hes safe mate its just cold atm
pcaman2003: Keeping warm on a chilly night’
original: boy blues kits suck. would improe by 30% if shorts were blue OR white
th3rio: simmo out of the jacket, that wasn’t cool kade
th3rio: thanks boys, heart attack lol
hinsch: berry to tag titch
th3rio: true hinsch but berry isnt a known tagger, steele has seemed to catch up pretty well
pcaman2003: Cripps for a huge night. He’ll be on for sure.
hinsch: to late now looks like I got Titch
original: not high there..
Raspel31: Ummed and aahhed about Titch or Cripps VC- went Titch. Steele tough tagger.
th3rio: traded savage up to lloyd whats the bet he goes 140
Breezey: Tipping the Saints to win well
Umpirespet: Can’t Carlton afford the same shorts for everyone?
th3rio: hows the crowd looking with the $13 tickets?
Ash777: I vc’d cripps over titch in the end because loopholing titch to gawn will be hard for me to do.
Umpirespet: still up ships Creek th3rio not full
Ash777: which blues kit is worse? this 1 or the baby blue
th3rio: don’t you have the app ash?
pharace: The big question – will Carlton even score a goal?
th3rio: i apologise for my crappy advice re vcing cripps. He is carving up
circle52: Kreuzer in the rooms being assessed for illness
pcaman2003: Like I was saying. Cripps to go huge
Raspel31: Hmm- Cripps looking the goods.
th3rio: hes looking good but usually goes missing for a qtr, we will see
original: charlie saying “hit me”
Umpirespet: Yeah worried Cripps will go high and Titch will flop now
Breezey: Fastest cape ever on the way for Cripps
mattpanag: I do’t blame Kreuzer, I blame myself
mattpanag: Still, VC on Cripps is looking good
casey22: m0nty, the site ok? getting some weird stuff come over the top of FF!!!
pharace: Thanks for the answer Mr Cripps 🙂
pcaman2003: I hope Bolts resume is up to date.Looking for another job soon
Ash777: it sounds so quiet at the game…
poolboybob: Can probably just go ahead and give Cripps the Atlas icon now
m0nty: there are some new ad units tonight, some video ads… do not be alarmed 🙂
pharace: Steele tag on Cripps working a treat Richo!
th3rio: why are they interviewing coaches and players during a game now? so dumb
original: geez richardson thinking steele is doing well on cripps hahahaha
Breezey: Tag doesn’t really matter at this point
th3rio: wow mr rice you might have to be michael hurley this week
ajconodie: Has Kreuzer missed more games than he’s played?
pharace: Both teams might as well interviw for coaches ASAP Trio – why not during the game then
Ash777: my god daisy looks like he should be a regular at centrelink lol
ajconodie: Ash777 – I imagine he will be in about 7 rounds.
Apachecats: With that haircut Daisy needs to engage a lawyer.
Umpirespet: He did come from Collingwood Ash
Chelskiman: Raise the bat, Cripper!
original: it must be tough being polson 96% gametime and nuthin
Breezey: Daisy still getting plenty of it
frenzy: Cripps 4 Charlie?
Ash777: colonel sainters
casey22: saints v carlton! Might go talk to the wife; more interesting!
th3rio: lol daisy sounding like centrelink too
GOOD: GOOD has the c on Cripps
Pokerface: Is Harry McKay a chance for the coleman?
Pokerface: i just heard some carlton mates talking about him and i assumed he must be
_YoungGun_: Polson is a b grader at best
NoneyaB: tsk tsk those with kruezer huh sounds like he may have to go to hosp
Breezey: I brought in Webster. Reversed the trade when Seb Ross was out. Got Beams instead. Let’s hope I don’t regret it
Ash777: maybe he’s the club’s leading goal kicker lol
th3rio: why couldnt armo play like this when i started him this year
Pokerface: @Ash no, i think Kouta Curnow is just ahead of him.
frenzy: Billings being Billings
Pokerface: NoneyaB whats wrong with him?
luke394: Carlton should trade Kreuzer while he has some value he’s way too injury prone
NoneyaB: no 1 knows pokerface
Pokerface: i see. thanks
Breezey: Seb Ross withdrew with illness. Perhaps Kreuzer should of done the same if that’s his problem
NoneyaB: i reckon he was feeling faint tbh i mean he wasnt limping he wqasnt holding an arm waasnt concussed?
Pokerface: Richo’s breaking update was he will have an update at half time…
NoneyaB: they were calling the emerg dr in to assess him which isnt a good sign
frenzy: tobin bros say they think its ribs
Pokerface: yikes
Jukes82: wheres the muppets that brought Billings in lol
th3rio: oppt had billings on field but now seems to be looping him. Wish he left him on field lol
NoneyaB: rofl @ billings what a trap he was
NoneyaB: I did have billings at the start and ever since i traded him out I havent lost a game in sc
original: luke394 i was thinking your mob might want kreuz hehe
Breezey: Polson all over Hunter Clark at the moment
Pokerface: muppet daisy
anthsill03: I heard kreuz has an issue with his ribs
NoneyaB: its amazing that no 1 still knows whats going with kruezer
Breezey: Looks a decent athlete does McKay. Where has he been
sammyo7: happy i put the vc on cripps
MattyZ: 8 saints players in the 50 to carlton’s 5 after a full ground play – how do you let that happen
lukat: Cripps VC looking promising
Apachecats: I think Kelly Underwood’s voice has finally broken.
NoneyaB: rofl!
Ash777: the saints bench coverage is such cringe.
Umpirespet: Amazes me Silvagni gets a game at all
Umpirespet: Turn on Ch7 Apache?
Breezey: Billings!
th3rio: fisher going to be a star
Sixty656: SOS Jnr wont be playing next year…
Apachecats: yeah umpires got 7 on for vision but switched to 3AW for call now.
th3rio: how is rowe an afl player?
Sixty656: He’s a carlton player, its borderine th3rio
hinsch: steele tagging Cripps that working a treat at the moment
Pokerface: so 10 goals by brisbane last week. on track for 10 goals by saints this week
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
Pokerface: is there a point carlton fans stop saying half the team will be stars and think ‘hey we are actually awful’
th3rio: cripps slowed down heaps, expected that
Apachecats: Its working a treat for both of them hinsch
hinsch: Carlton 1906 premiership winners they are still living on that memory
pcaman2003: Damn you Cripps. Don’t kick to Curnow. Opponent has him.
StuL: Gee Carltons top 6 and Daisy carry it. The rest are all pretty rubbish. Their “young future stars” look nowhere near it.
Umpirespet: Like Geelong Stul?
original: StuL agree
thommoae: It must be demoralising for the Carlton supporters to be barracking for the … grey team.
original: escept you
original: except youre harsh on some of the young future stars
StuL: We have good young players but Scott gifting games to a few who shouldnt be there
StuL: Sorry original. Just saying they look a looong way away some if them.
Ash777: never seen a more worse half-time segment
StuL: Carltion is at least closer to a Premiership than England is to a World Cup.
Umpirespet: Lol true just don’t tell the poms
original: zaha stitch up
Pokerface: shortness of breath.. a sure sympton of tankitis.
th3rio: simmo where u at
th3rio: damn 7 pts for that billings handball
Apachecats: Simpson doing well on 44 with 3 muppets from 5 touches.
Sixty656: Carltank edition 2 in full effect
The39Steps: Commentators excited about Blues future with its young talent – guys, you can’t polish a turd.
Breezey: Meanwhile the Billings baggers have disappeared
th3rio: rowe is so bad
Pokerface: m0nty you can update the description on Kruezer’s cross to ‘puffed out’
Ash777: he’d playing a vfl team
Sixty656: Simmo losing points for not kicking it to himself from kick ins
frenzy: skid rowe
TheOnyas: onya steeley
wadaramus: Simmo and Savage not helping the cause tonight 🙁
Umpirespet: Night Night Carlton
th3rio: simmo has dissapeared 🙁
th3rio: been on the pine a while, hope theres no calf issue
pcaman2003: Carlton are really abysmal
m0nty: vintage Shaw kick in his farewell game
wadaramus: Get the splinters out your rump and LIFT Simmo!
original: LOL monty
Umpirespet: 1st time ever M0nty won’t have to give the star out
th3rio: simmo 0 touches that qtr jeez
wadaramus: Thanks for being so totally inadequate before lifting after I traded you Billings.
wadaramus: Simmo zero sightings?
pcaman2003: Curnow gets points every time he sneezes or farts
Ash777: billings is a flat track bully it seems
Sixty656: Saints play Richmond next friday, see what he scores then… FA!
wadaramus: Curnow 9 farts and 10 sneezes at only 68% stinknability.
Stuart88: Your a flog @pacman2003
Apachecats: 4 for a sneeze and 6 for a fart provided you don’t follow through.
snake_p: -3 for a shart
wadaramus: Haha Apache!
wadaramus: How many for a crop duster that gets in the snout of the chasing player?!
pcaman2003: keep it nice Stuart,you dropkick
Umpirespet: How much for a fart that turns into a crap?
th3rio: come on simmo 50pt quater please champ
mookie: SOS has be great for Carlton since coming back as list manager
pcaman2003: @Umpirespet. Bonus points,double i believe
poolboybob: Daisy has had some shockers tonight
wadaramus: Webster finished says Richo Man.
Apachecats: Yeah Daisy has lost the plot poolboy
Umpirespet: Pcaman now I know why Titch scores so highly 🙂
frenzy: yin yang billings
duckky: What a crud year Im having. Webster and Krueser now
pcaman2003: HAhahah!
duckky: In a Brown uniform, nobodycould tell Umpires
twinpeaks: Let’s play a game, who on the Carlton list would you keep
Umpirespet: Only Cripps, Doc and both Curnow
Apachecats: Check out Cripps CP count ,more brownlow votes coming.
original: cripps, fisher, curnow, marchbank, mckay, dow, obrien..
feralmong: Twin , the curnows
wadaramus: Should have had the goulies to drop the VC onCrippa.
twinpeaks: I have Cripps, Fisher, both Curnows, McKay, Murph, Kennedy, Simmo, Dow, P-Seton, Marchbank, Pickett
pcaman2003: Keep going Cripps. Get to over 150.
snake_p: cripps fisher gow c curnow
JockMcPie: Cripps both Curnows Weitering McKay Dow SPS Fisher Marchbank Simmo Docherty
twinpeaks: Forgot Doc
Breezey: Raise the bat Jackie Boy
Umpirespet: Kennedy is rubbish
twinpeaks: I think if you are serious about it, you would have flip Murph and Kreuzer and cull the list. Try 4-6 in draft top 30
twinpeaks: And then bank on Doc, Simmo and Cripps leadership. 1-2 more years of pain but given what Blues fans have suffered, is FA
Pokerface: yeah getting rid of players, going for early draft picks is just 1-2 years of pain for them. oh wait
Ash777: take the cripps score or risk gawn going 150+ again
Umpirespet: Cripps score Ash Gawn could injure himself u never know
The39Steps: Blues already a laughing stock – why add fuel with the worst clash kit ever?
Apachecats: Ash cripps will end up on 150+ and I’m going to bank that.
wadaramus: Still a half a quarter to go, I have flicked over to Le Tour.
StuL: Saints screwed up on selection. They have a few that don’t start with J.
Breezey: Maxy would take Cripps score right now
The39Steps: Polson – how can someone spend 74% TOG and get one kick and one handball?
original: the39Steps youre his good luck charm
th3rio: simmo junk it up lad
th3rio: or just sit on the bench
wadaramus: Go Simmo!
wadaramus: Screw you Billings.
th3rio: oppt has billings i have simmo, standard
twinpeaks: Shop Kreuz, get another late 1st round, go to draft with 1, 18, 23 and take Lukosios
j959: ha, ha! wada on Billings – you ain’t Robinson Crusoe there mate! 😉
wadaramus: Held Billings through all the hard times, he gets a week off at the byes which forces the trade..
wadaramus: Comes backa week later and delivers what we were all expecting, FFS!
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
j959: Wada – at least you didn’t pick up Billings at top price and then get all the crud he delivered after that! 🙁
original: monty i love ya but i disagree with that cherry lol

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