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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R17 of 2018

TigersMan1: Gone the POD VC tonight, put it on Laird!
th3rio: fam, how are we
original: love the balls tigersman
Breezey: Likely looking match this. Should be a good one to start the weekend
original: yess thr3rio good fam
Raspel31: But VC needs at least 130- love Laird but brave call Tiger.
cusch1: I have Cripps v St Kilda into Gawn v no one
rtz23: chucked the vc on selwood… anyone know how knight’s tagging is?
original: hoping for the premium CD love for danger tonight. just brought him in
frenzy: scooter tagging crouch
Ash777: can we have some commentators from SA for port/crow games
cusch1: Welcome back Eddie, we’ve missed you
DrSeuss: Choice between trading in Crouch or Selwood this week. Went with Crouch – let’s see if it was the right choice
cusch1: How many trades do we all have left?
Raspel31: After MaCrae, Treloar and Fyfe-only 4 Cusch so holding off till tomorrow
Apachecats: got 5 cusch ,one is to bring Macrae back in when he drops $
TigersMan1: 4, full premo, scored 2520 last week!
Apachecats: saving 4 for finals
Ash777: I have 3 left after trading back in macrae
cusch1: I have 6 left, 1 away from full premo and with 250k in the bank. proj 2450.
cusch1: I was worried I was pushing it fine with low trades but I feel a little better now!
original: footsteps
Breezey: PINK in the crowd
Ash777: thanks gibbs
MONEY TALK: id rather not talk about sc my luck has been shit
circle52: I only have 1 Cusch after who I decide who to trade Bont to.
circle52: have had 12 injury trades this year
Raspel31: Yep- Gibbs on fire Ash.
original: lol selly sore i the ribs or took a dive..didnt look like a high hit
TigersMan1: I feel I’ve only had 1 injury trade this year (if I can remember)
TigersMan1: And that was Fyfe, but I did have crouch but kept him for those 4 weeks
Ash777: I was saying thanks for the gibbs ribber on selwood
Crowls: Tex is on holiday for sure
Breezey: Trouble for Tex
pcaman2003: Tex for a holiday.Bye Tex
original: walker GAWN
Raspel31: So you’re very lucky Tiger- enough about how fantastic you are.
duckky: I’ve had more injury trades – but upset that I traded out newbies including Doedee, Fritsch and Kelly
jocka: 3 down to 2
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
casey22: 3 weeks for sure: deliberate & high
Ash777: now for touhy to be out and tex to kick 4
cusch1: I had Walters, Fyfe, Kelly. Traded Fyfe tonight, and swapped Zerrett due to form at start of the year
MONEY TALK: ive had a good 12 injuries all premo
DrSeuss: Crouch has had at least 5 touches – what is with his stats??
duckky: Agree Dr Suess – thought they missed 2 HB for Crouch
pcaman2003: Gibbs waiting around for easy touches. Soft!
original: nah
Ash777: trading kelly out for a premo will still be a gain over keeping him.
Sixty656: Gibbs to sloane next week
cusch1: lol Gaj having a sook for a clear in the back..
original: cusch you better be trolling lol gibbs dive
duckky: Not when premo goes out for prob season
pcaman2003: C’mon Dodo,pick up your act
th3rio: Gibbs 2 touches for 18 wowee
Ash777: well if the premo goes out injured then yes.
original: hip and shoulder deserves points
frenzy: MRO will score it Original
cusch1: Dangerfield receiving some CD love tonight. More than half his touches turnovers
StuL: Stop being so p weak and reacting to the crowd umps. Where was Henry’s prior op?
Ladbrokes_: It was Simpson but yeah, no prior there imo
cusch1: THe prior opp was that he chose to bump and try to break the tackle
Ladbrokes_: He didnt even try to break the tackle? He picked up the ball and stepped into space where he was tackled
cusch1: It’s a tough decision, but it’s there
Ash777: dangerfield looks to be playing on ball tonight
Breezey: @Ash777. All the better for scoring points.
The39Steps: I know many are saying Stephenson is a lock for Rising Star, but for mine Doedee has been a clear standout.
Raspel31: Gibbs- you are truly a god amonst mere mortals.
pcaman2003: Gibbs you sloth,work hard for a change
duckky: Betts for Socceroos
MONEY TALK: i just had to change my tip last second
cusch1: Actually thought he didnt touch that
SilverLion: Didnt look like he touched that to me
SilverLion: Ok on that angles, yes. Where was it before tho
Breezey: It was a behind because the goal ump said it was. Could not over turn it.
travo: goal up said it was toiched just wasnt sure if was before or after the line
cusch1: They showed another angle after review showing clearly touched Breezy
Breezey: Oh yeah. Just saying they won’t overturn the umps decision
cusch1: BT just called him Sparkle. He is a f*cking idiot
Ash777: ouch that looks painful
Breezey: I deadset hate Roaming Brian at the end. Just being a clown in the sheds
cusch1: He didnt get a chance to go back a metre
Apachecats: Laird VC might be good call ,whoever that was earlier.
Sixty656: Could probably turn it off ey
duckky: Bit of feeling in this game
SilverLion: weak as piss Ablett, good guts greenwood
twinpeaks: I have him as VC for AF, over under this week 125 you reckon?
cusch1: lol Greenwood unlucky to not get a free…..That was the perfect contest
Apachecats: me too Breezy
th3rio: Good call on whoever vced laird
Breezey: That’s what I thought Cusch. Where was the free. Blicavs spoiled cleanly
Sixty656: switched from danger to laird 10 mins before the game :/
cusch1: Reckon we can apply for a commentator gig Breezey? We have at least half a clue at what is going on in this game
th3rio: Doing good either way sixty
carlton_99: did danger get 25 for that goal wat a joke
Jukes82: j.selwood been off the ground 3 times this quarter, maybe not right
Breezey: VC on Danger in SC. Stuck with Titch in DT
luke394: Crouch should not be double Selwood with those stats
pcaman2003: Geez! Duncan died that qtr.
bones351: Danger and Laird great for Bones Bombers. Crouch ok. Jacobs and Jelwood need a big second half.
Raspel31: What a difference a year makes. How long since anyone put the VC on Danger. Not me. But go Danger!
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
frenzy: him and Dusty were perma VC/C, raspel
Raspel31: Yep Frenzy-last year a toss up.
StuL: GOing to be one of those nights. We might as well give up already. Fing Bruce, the crowd, the umps. Crows are sooo great
cusch1: Now its all about Gawn/Grundy Captain/VC combo
frenzy: should never of started Danger, no advantage whatso ever.
Raspel31: Sneaky feeling Grundy won’t go big tomorrow.
th3rio: grundy v nic nat is a 50/50
Ash777: went gawn cap. Playing against a out of form ruck in roughead
Raspel31: Or in fact on Sunday.
Umpirespet: Same Ash went Titch VC and Gawn C
Breezey: Grundy is playing Sunday Raspel
mattpanag: I dare say Boydy will still take most of the rucking against Gawn…
Breezey: Both of them
cusch1: fwiw ive gone Cripps into Gawn, But Grundy has probably been my MVP in supercoach this season
Raspel31: Think 90% will go Titch to Gawn- know I will.
Breezey: Boyd is out@mattpanag
th3rio: definitely rasp, unfortunately my oppt has gone danger vc. Kill me
Apachecats: Cripps to Gawn here.
TigersMan1: That laird VC might turn out ok
th3rio: omg keath killing me
luke394: Danger finally gonna go large?
Sixty656: ffs danger
Breezey: Anyone looking forward to tomorrow nights blockbuster.
Fletch91: Was flirting with Titch VC, but ended up going with Danger. Good choice so far
mattpanag: Ah yeah Breezey, duh. Don’t mind me :/ it all makes sense now
mattpanag: I’m going Cripps into Titch VC/C, Titch normally backs up huge after a low one…
Raspel31: Great choice Fletch- the Danger of old.
Rush: Flicked the VC from Danger to Titch just before lockout. Feels bad man.
circle52: I am going left field in Stef Martin into gawn
pcaman2003: That free was against Selwood,not Duncan CD.
th3rio: surely stef goes large against ceglar circle
th3rio: did gibbs go up 10 sc from 1 kick?
circle52: That was my thinking.
Raspel31: Yeah but th3rio- went awfully against a Freo without Sandilands-risky.
The39Steps: Tex ‘pea-heart’ Walker being beaten by a grade cricketer.
DrSeuss: Come on Crouch and Seedy – get near it
mattpanag: Didn’t Stef score like 140+ against Freo?
th3rio: 142 is awful, Rasp?
Ash777: entry is free tomorrow night isn’t it? 😛
luke394: does everyone remember when Tex used to be good? he just doesn’t have the impact anymore
Ash777: tex won the game for crows 2 weeks back didn’t he?
th3rio: he was alright 2 weeks ago againt wce lukey
circle52: Yep Stef 142 against freo 2 weeks ago.
cusch1: Is Buzza just a poor man’s Ben Brown?
original: i remember having tex in my sc in 2009 and 2010 lol
Raspel31: Irony lost- yes, Steff could go huge.
th3rio: tim kelly is a beast.
SilverLion: Ablett is so soft nowadays, just waits on the outside for others to feed him
Breezey: How good has this Kelly been
original: do love tim kelly
Ash777: wtf is with the sloane non-frees
pcaman2003: First thing Murphy has done since 1st qtr
th3rio: well he is like 100 years old now SL
Hadouken: well, needed sloane to get 30 disp. all over
cusch1: SL, I think it was Blitz in a GFC podcast last week who mentioned GAJ carrying a shoulder injury
original: is geelong fogarty injured? he adds more than jones imo
cusch1: And that injury is why GAJ is reluctant to head into the packs
thommoae: A little respect please, Silver. Obvious change in role this year for the Little Master.
duckky: Crouch… wakey wakey
Breezey: It does look like GAJ doesn’t want to get into too much physical stuff inside
DrSeuss: Great week to trade in Crouch – looks more scared to hurt his hand this week ffs
SilverLion: @cusch and th3rio All the more reason(s) for him to play forward instead of taking mid time away from danger/menegola
Breezey: Score review for a behind or OOF. Seriously make a call ump
pcaman2003: Where are you Duncan,Gibbs?
The39Steps: Geelong could be 10th Sunday night?
original: @breezey agree. almost time to get rid of goal umpires..
Ash777: completely no awareness or signs of delayed concussion
original: ablett always been protected. far out thats soft
travo: wtf … the free for GAJ?
pharace: If that was a free kick to Ablett we would never start a game!
hinsch: Crouch bump it along young fellow, bought in Breust as a POD this week ??
luke394: Mitch Duncan is a massive soft cock
Ash777: finally sloane gets a free for high contact.
TheLegend6: Toss of the coin between Doedee and Stephenson on whos gonna win the rising star
cusch1: And the rightful captain of the Adelaide Football Club lifts his side to victory
StuL: I despise the Crows
th3rio: danger getting points for nooootin
StuL: Kelly was an all year keeper. How many wrong trades did i make this year? All of them.
Apachecats: Same stul ,almost feel like buying him back.
StuL: Scott playing unready kids to plan for a future that never comes.
th3rio: Hard one Stul, i wanted to keep him too but id rather the 300k than Kelly as M9
Raspel31: Yep Stul- and regret trading Kelly- what a gun.
TigersMan1: Laird as VC looking good now, what score do I take?
TheLegend6: Injuries meant I’ve had to keep hold of Kelly, not complaining
twinpeaks: Tigersman I’m thinking 130, with Berry to go to Titch and that being about par for Maxy
Breezey: Me too @Tigersman with Danger
pharace: I wonder too Tigerman – what’s safe for a VC is oppo has Titch?
cusch1: Buzza almost losing the game for Geelong tonight. Has had 4 or 5 chances to take a big mark or goal, only to fumble
Apachecats: Take no less than 130 tige ,who have you got captain?Reckon Gawn will go large again.
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Ash777: depends which lions show up
colin wood: Lol at Menegolas score. Gets a plus 8 for a goal and 2 clearances in the last couple of
pharace: Gawn and interesting one – only has Roughy to play against and he is in horror patch
TigersMan1: Anything more than 130 Im taking, if gawn/titch goes 150 bad luck
th3rio: 130+, in saying that berry isnt the greatest tagger so expect titch to go large into gawn
TheLegend6: I’ve VC’d Gawn into Gaff
Breezey: A nice finish from Sauce would be good
th3rio: and boyd pharace
cusch1: Gaff? Big risk that one
Breezey: Beautiful Dangermouse
Raspel31: What a kick!
th3rio: didnt want that from danger fml
mattpanag: Welcome back Paddy
TheLegend6: Gaff scored 100+ last 3 vs pies and in great form
Breezey: Boyd out @ th3rio
pharace: Boyd out inj Trio
th3rio: oh sweet!
amigaman: Vc on Dangerfield
th3rio: surely gawn a lock for C then
Hadouken: 8 more disposals sloane and im 2.5k richer lol
pharace: Narkle is going to anything – amazing to watch him turn the right right way
Hadouken: go sports!
Hadouken: sloane a lock next week? will still be sub 600k. bargain!
th3rio: no way the tag will be back to sloane soon enough
Ash777: touhy def looks NQR
pharace: agree with that Trio – tag Sloane beat Adelaide
DrSeuss: So glad I traded Doedee to Seedsman weeks ago…
SilverLion: Power off doedee. Sub 80 please
TigersMan1: Come on crouch tonne up
Raspel31: Yep-don’t touch Sloane- 60 with a tag.
casey22: What score in dt/sc to loop danger?
Breezey: CD and GOD have Lynch locked in as C
Chelskiman: Push to 90, Menegola!
Raspel31: I’d take Danger now casey.
pharace: 130 Danger would still worry me – 140 yep live with the differntial
DrSeuss: Come on Seedsman
colin wood: Chelski he’s getting robbed tonight mate. Should be 70 odd atleast
pharace: Titch could easily go 160 I reckon at Tas
cusch1: Tom Lynch definitely on the right SC score. Has been yuuuuuuge tonight
casey22: Bwuce has a new favourite now cyril has gone – Narkle
Breezey: Gotta take Danger. Runs on the board
TigersMan1: We all say that but he’ll get 60,
Ash777: danger’s first high scoring game for the year.
th3rio: if titch goes bad go to gawn, simple
original: dnger av 113 and this his first high sccore lol
duckky: Where in Adelaide is Seedsman?
pharace: Danger often goes well against Adel
Ash777: yes. have you seen his scores this year?
Raspel31: Titch could get 170 or 65- gotta go Danger
Breezey: Good calling from BT. That’s a goal. Hasn’t touched it. He has
pcaman2003: Duncan,at last !
Ash777: he hasn’t been above 130 this year and rarely above 120
Fletch91: Taking Dangers VC score now
DrSeuss: Seedy useless since he has been moved up the ground
Raspel31: Wow-game on.
Breezey: I nearly posted that the Cats are down. Nek Minit
SilverLion: Doedee 6 points for a spoil to a guy who was caught htb hmm
casey22: Im taking Dangers score now
original: drop menzel
Raspel31: You think casey?
cusch1: Menzel is cooked
SilverLion: Why did Danger just lose 6 points?
original: dangers 5th 130+ score
tommy10: CD doesn’t like Crouch
cusch1: Funny Original, my opponent has only had Danger in their side 5 times this season
tommy10: Everyone going backwards?!?!?
Hadouken: come on sloaney, 4 more touches haha
original: X factor for menzel
th3rio: wtf danger just got +3 for coughing up that ball lol
Umpirespet: Love beating the “ pea hearted Cats”
luke394: Crouch has had so many cheap handballs
tommy10: That’s wasn’t a free against Crouch CD it was the other player who caught him high front on u flogs CD
original: no it was crouch
Searly34: Cats bottom end talent is trash
original: go on hawkins, do it, you know you wanna slap the umpire
cusch1: Menzel, Simpson, Henry, Buzza all spuds.
Jukes82: anyone VC danger?
Umpirespet: Danger should come back
Raspel31: Overjoyed- have Laird and Danger. Perhaps the only one in the comp. Snort.
frenzy: atlas Danger
original: hahah raspel love it
Ash777: cats in danger of missing finals
Fletch91: Danger VC, Laird, Kelly & Doedee for me. Happy!
pharace: Menzel not match fit, Henry will be OK, the others you can have for free
Hadouken: danger dpp after this round ?
Breezey: Raise the bat anyway Danger
pharace: Scotty wished the umpires Merry Xmas early?
circle52: I have Laird and Danger in SC pity I did not VC either of them
luke394: people really calling Menzel a spud? first game back after injury and pretty sure he was dominating earlier in the year
circle52: Danger, Laird and Kelly for me so not a bad start.
TigersMan1: Taking 133

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