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Chat log from R16 of 2018: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R16 of 2018

luke394: My match will prob come down to Shaw if he goes 90+ I’ll prob win very nervous!
Apachecats: Taranto ,Kelly ,Conig and Yeo -4 aces so far
luke394: Shaw gonna fuck me again it looks like
luke394: Please Shaw I’m
luke394: Please Shaw I’m begging you
Jukes82: hahaha love it
pcaman2003: You’re not alone Luke. Nic Nat doing me in. TOG is minimal to go with his scoring.
luke394: Haha it always seems to come down to the risky players @pcaman
pcaman2003: Like I said earlier in other game. Nic Nat to Gawn or Grundy.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Gaff
Stu7: Shaw you d1ck
kangawalla: If Shaw is not injured it’s time to rage trade him.
Jukes82: 10 other players at least I’d bring in before Shaw anyways
luke394: Probably should have bought Gaff in instaed of Higgo
luke394: Shaw to Webster I reckon hes gonna drop a lot of coin and just needs a couple of weeks back
pcaman2003: If only Nic had more TOG. Could be huge.
pcaman2003: Webster a great buy at his current price.I had him before and he rewarded before his uinjury
DrSeuss: Kelly do something FFS
TheOnyas: onya gaffy
poolboybob: Eagles to choke it away again
luke394: What a quarter from Heater doubled his shit score lol
hinsch: lucky I got Kelly in a few weeks ago done nothing since
Gotigres: Need 44 from Yeo and Conigs combined for a score of 2500
Apachecats: I dream of 2500 gotiges ,well done.
StuL: Going to get nearly 2400 with a donut cos of Simo. Which is great cos my hth season ended last week.
circle52: as do I apache well done Go Tigres,
Gotigres: Thanks guys. Amazingly Titch was my lowest score with 79.
m0nty: come on Heater, get me to 2500
lukefield9: redden, my fine fat-headed friend!
Gotigres: Wow giants in front
poolboybob: Muppet Rioli
th3rio: Guessing you dont have heeney or simmo m0nty?
TigersMan1: Need 230 from yeo and gaff to crack 2500, reckon I can make it?
J.Worrall: Gaff!
StuL: Come on giants! I say with little love.
TigersMan1: Need 80 more points from them in 12 minutes, could be possible to get 2600
poolboybob: Hilariously bad decision
Gotigres: Kelly set to ton up for those with him.
Smurfman: Gahhh lost my league and I had an extra player.
lukefield9: need 297 from nic nat and redden to get 2100 in draft surely not
luke394: Nic Nat and Kelly please slow down
Apachecats: Where are the Nic Nat knockers
hinsch: sorry luke nic nat and kelly hurry up
luke394: That’s okay @hinsch cmon Heater keep going
pcaman2003: Yep! Keep going Nic Nat. Do I trade him now or not @ Luke
Carnster: arm chop free was stiff
luke394: You need Gawn pcaman who’s your other ruck?
pcaman2003: Nank. He’s okay but doesn’t go big.Scored well last 2 though
luke394: I flicked Nank for Grundy 8 weeks ago bud best move I’ve made
Raspel31: Been wanting Grundy for yonks but you lose MaCrae, then Treloar-then Fyfe.
pcaman2003: Rucks and 1 fwd only upgrades needed now. Just abiding my time.
original: That free should have been reversed
poolboybob: Redden star, Nic Nat x-factor, Gaff magnet, Hurn rock
TigersMan1: If scores stand will end this week on 2525
J.Worrall: Happy with new recruit Yeo

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