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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, R16 of 2018

Gotigres: Went NicNat to Grundy. Hopefully the right decision.
luke394: Ive had Grundy for about 8 rounds @Gotigers hes a beast love having him
pcaman2003: I’ll go Gawn or Grundy if Nic Nat fails again today.
th3rio: Pca, you don’t have gawn?
luke394: Pcaman2003 why don’t you have Gawn?
pcaman2003: Not yet. Have Nic Nat and Nank. 5 trades left.
m0nty: yeah come pcaman get Gawn
th3rio: i just assumed every one started with gawn lol
TigersMan1: I’ve loved having Grundy and Gawn since round 1
pcaman2003: @Luke. Holding off while upgrading other positions.
luke394: Who did you pick at the start of the year? Didn’t you think Gawn would be a top 2 ruck?
StuL: Anyone know who “Abby” is? Another token female with a mic. Nice though.
SilverLion: Ive had Gawn and Stef since rd. 1. Had Grundy all year last year till he got suspended. 1 year early…
gdshifty: devon cape
StuL: Gawnstein working well now.
Apachecats: Abbey Holmes -noice!
Raspel31: Abbey an old pal of mine from doing voice overs.
original: SilverLion exact same as you. wow you are my soul brother
Apachecats: Started with Gawn ,English and M.Cox.Picked up Grundy round 4.
circle52: Same as SL and original started with Gawn and Stef and not changed.
StuL: Has Goddard done something or he is just getting booed for being a flog?
portsie: ambrose has done his hammy
luke394: Good start from Hurley, Smith & Grundy for me all POD’s this week
original: @circle..but did you have grundy last year? lol
Gotigres: Get into it Crisp.
Umpirespet: God has the C on the umpires
Fatbar5tad: Bit of pressure on the Pies
circle52: Assuming the wind favouring Bombers this quarter
Apachecats: Nah just the umpires circle
circle52: Not watching apache but from commentary appears Pies getting the rub if the green here.
banta: What’s with Pendles’ game time? Weird from
banta: What’s with Pendles’ game time?
Apachecats: sure are circle
SilverLion: Why are pies fans booing Goddard? Didnt see him do anything
Manowar: Because Goddard is a FLOG!
OllieC: come one howe ffs
casey22: Site needs to be checked. I’ve been crashed by McAfee & Telstra bogus meesages
snake_p: me too casey
Apachecats: Text book perfect tackle by Smith gets paid against him.
luke394: Smith a bit stiff there 3 frees and all effective disposals for 10 points
MONEY TALK: glad i kept faith in zerret keep going boi
luke394: Crisp 3 FA’s aswell hasn’t gone down much either lol
luke394: Fuck off Mihocek
TigersMan1: kys sidebottom get a touch
SilverLion: Flower off forever Grundy
thommoae: Agreed, Casey. I got a bogus check too. Secure Monty?
luke394: Cmon Hurley 100+ today please
SilverLion: Absolute charity
Apachecats: Gift
SilverLion: Sidebottom just put the bombers in front according to BT hah, 10/10 commentator
th3rio: What the absolute crap
SilverLion: He never controlled that mark. Wtf is this umpiring
luke394: Cmon Hurley
Apachecats: Shame to have a season shut down by umpiring.Come on Bombers fight back.
SilverLion: One decision goes against collingwood, fans still go feral
Fatbar5tad: That makes up for the Cox mark I reckon.
luke394: Grundy going massive here
Breezey: Vintage Pendles. Winding back the clock.
TigersMan1: Sidebottom 50 point qtr lol, maybe don’t KYS
TheBoy89: Wtf pendles playing like he’s in his prime

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