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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R16 of 2018

dipstick: cmon blues. we can drop a whole lot more than simmo to ensure a loss here
pcaman2003: @Dipstick. What happened to Simmo?
snake_p: tight calf
circle52: Up the lions
Gotigres: Just got Cripps in and made him vc, so i expect a quiet game from him.
valkorum: So is this the battle for the number 1 pick?
Nuffman: reminds me of the Gibbs cup in 05… seems like nothing really changes hey
Nuffman: except for Calrton’s opposition
original: lol umpires in firt 5 seconds. useless
Raspel31: What happened to Simpson?
original: raspel i know so sad. ripsc2018 lol
Raspel31: Yep, Cripps tagged and no Simmo-groan original.
Vich: Polson is a dud. How does he keep getting gamezzz
wadaramus: Cripps VC, not a great start.
Apachecats: Tag wont hold Cripps for long.
Vich: cog for marchbank??
circle52: Beams tackled witout ball no free
luke394: Greetings everyone, I’ve gone Gray VC against the saints. Also who do I field out of Austin and Mihocek with Simmo out?
Chelskiman: Zorko should be destroying Carlton.
original: circle is beams in your team? he did have the ball and it spilled out
circle52: These umpires relly suck
MONEY TALK: field austin he will get alot of the ball when we go backwards, and he will take carlises roll
th3rio: Austin lukey
Raspel31: Thank god I’ve still got Austin to cover Simmo Money-but poor exchange.
original: beams wearing New Balance boots? gotta be one of few
Apachecats: Go for Miohcek Luke
wadaramus: Was looping Austin with Richards, now they’re both playing.
MONEY TALK: i had to useaustin for rice
SilverLion: Top umpiring as usual
original: GREAT call umpire
Apachecats: Cripps just got 17sc for something.
Raspel31: Atta boy Crippo-if you can’t touch the pill, tackle your heart out.
jaypeee: Austin or Miocheck?
daniel87: get zorko a heater he must be freezing
Apachecats: lke I said Berry was never going to hold Cripps for long.
jaypeee: sorry if this has been asked before
TheLegend6: @Jaypee read below.
Chelskiman: Why do teams not tag Beams? He’s way more dangerous than Zorko if left to run free.
SilverLion: Stop dropping marks charlie
luke394: Thanks Lads Austin it is
Tonche: Zorko getting mauled. Curnow doesn’t even face the ball at stoppages
Gotigres: ‘The Great Zorko’ has performed his greastest disappearing act yet.
mattmac24: Because they’ve completely taken Zorko out of the game. Beams wouldn’t get completely shut down like that
Jukes82: lol no he’s not zorko is a goal kicker, has more pace and penetrating kick. Beams doesnt hurt you mostly
circle52: Ed Curnow is bashing zorks out of the game anc umps do nothing
Costanza: is that what they call an Ed job?
Raspel31: Blowed if I know Costanza
jaypeee: ok gone with Austin @thelegend
Jukes82: austin will probs play on dixon
original: class by daisy
SilverLion: Convinced umps just hate us at this point
_YoungGun_: My Mrs is jealous of hipwoods hair. She thinks he looks like a female model
Chelskiman: Oh great, he’s here.
SilverLion: Matho you are a flog
shaker: Both those comments suck and are hard to swallow
lukefield9: @Silver tish more please
jaypeee: jukes82 is he a full back player?
original: matho jeez
Raspel31: Pais shaker.
Raspel31: Paid.
Jukes82: hes a key size, came in for carlisle. only tall backs in the team are gilbert and austin.
Jukes82: could hurt his offensive game
Gotigres: Just realised i can’t loophole Cripps vc score, so i predict he will go huge.
Costanza: nice gag
Chelskiman: That Berry symbol almost looks like the groggy symbol at a quick glance. Got worried for a minute.
Tonche: These umps are a disgrace. Protect the ball player ffs
Raspel31: Come again Costanza?
_YoungGun_: Zorko should have mcstayed at home and unpacked his mcluggage.
m0nty: that gag is almost as horrible as this game
original: wow lol
_YoungGun_: if he didn’t buy hipwood a cutler beams he wouldn’t have to walker home in the rayn
circle52: Pelican for cutler. That was
NoneyaB: comedy isnt your thing Younggun…
MONEY TALK: please stop, younggun, not even a stop while ur ahead moment
Umpirespet: Rushed behind has more talent than Silvagni
SilverLion: Brought in the curnows this week, so far so good
Chelskiman: How was that holding the ball and Robbo’s wasn’t? lmao
_YoungGun_: Rich of you to say that
Raspel31: Two for the price of one Silver?
SilverLion: @Chelski Like I said, umpiring in our games is always garbage
faisca7: Id still back Ed in to ton up
NoneyaB: young gun did you steal your dads joke book?
Jukes82: what was simpsons reason for being a late out?
snake_p: calf issue Jukes
NoneyaB: calf tightness jukes
Pokerface: firstroundpick syndrome jukes
original: calf issue or something
Chelskiman: All Wright, YoungGun, that’s enough!
Tonche: Nice work being so negative Blues. Working a treat
shaker: Are you saying Blues are in Kreuzer mode to get the No1 Pickett
Jukes82: ok cheers fellas
Pokerface: no no, its a recognised syndrome. no known cure
Raspel31: Like an autumnal tree the Blues are really Weitering.
Gotigres: Love those cheap possies Zorks.
original: flower off zorko
_YoungGun_: Quality pun @shaker and cleskiman.
original: zorko throws head back. gets a free. wheres that brisbane fan complaining now? lol arm clearly on his arm/shoulder
Pokerface: i want to hear if carlton99 thinks it was a free.
mattmac24: Umpiring has been horrendous both ways this game
carlton_99: Complaining when frees 16-10 a bit rich
_YoungGun_: Went out to tea, had fisher for entree, lamb for main, Berry juice to drink. Went over my budget had to march 2 the bank
StuL: Carlton have spud syndrome. Almost any player that puts on navy blue turns into a potato.
carlton_99: The bad one for me was the high against Charlie when he had the ball. I swear ump pointed the wrong way for the free
jocka: ” arm clearly on his arm/shoulder” Yeah, that is a free kick…
carlton_99: no its not jocka had to be above the shoulder
Pokerface: yeah nice Shaker. Missed it completely. thought it was a comment on the Kruezer cup and Pickett 😮
carlton_99: to be a free
dipstick: would be nice to see someone shepard lamb
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
penguins00: Curnow had his forearm pushing into Gardiners face for that one.
_YoungGun_: I’m a Berry good Gardiner
SilverLion: The umpiring has been terrible, if you don’t think that you haven’t been watching.
circle52: Umpiring in my opinion has been shocking both ways.
jocka: LOL no, for example, you can’t put your hands on someone’s shoulders to give you a lift up in a marking contest.
carlton_99: Yes it has but its been terrible our way as well. Esepcially that 2nd qtr. 17-10 now
carlton_99: it was paid a high tackle not a push in the back @jocka. For it to be high has to be above shoulder
SilverLion: @carlton Yeah, I said its been terrible, not bias.
Pokerface: arm over the shoulder is a free any day of the week. ask jake carlisle.
jocka: @carlton_99 With all your whinging, you would be giving Carlton fans a bad name – if they weren’t already big sooks
circle52: So many push in the back and incorrect disposals missed for both sides
SilverLion: Though as i watch my club pretty closely, in general it seems they miss a lot of obvious ones for us. But…
SilverLion: …both sides are copping it today.
carlton_99: @Pokerface that is waht i said jocka siad its a free if it hits arm/shoulder
bones351: Where does everyone think Beams will end up next season?
Pokerface: if you chop arms its a free too
SilverLion: At Brisbane @bones
circle52: Bones staying at brisbae.
Pokerface: agree SL
bones351: Doesnt he want a move back to Melbourne?
carlton_99: The free was paid for a HIGH TACKLE but he made contact with the player’s arm/shoulder. Thus it is incorrect.
bones351: I might be behind the news on that one
Pokerface: its more Melbourne clubs want him to move isn’t it?
SilverLion: Thats just the media pumping up a rumour since his father died…
circle52: He has said on numerous times he wants to stay here.
Pokerface: do you shout at the tv while you watch carlton games 99?
SilverLion: …they reckon the reason for him going there is gone, that he’ll want to go back. Its just media bs
jocka: @carlton_99 Does the 99 stand for the number of sooks you have had today?
bones351: I thought i remembered something to do with his partner
carlton_99: Say what you want but you are clearly changing the topic because you were wrong
mattpanag: my general mantra is: if you’re analysing the worth of free kicks, you’re simply not good enough.
Pokerface: yes good point 99. we should discuss the one umpiring decision all game.
mattmac24: It was also one poorly paid free out of many going to both teams so who cares? Doesn’t change anything now
Pokerface: game changer if you ask me.
casey22: anyone else grt a FF shutdown by telstra message?
Umpirespet: Just hope Carlton don’t get Jack L in the draft they will kill his potential
Pokerface: i got logged out by FF momentarily casey
carlton_99: Nopush on curnow?
DrSeuss: Come on Stef
Raspel31: I have a sneaky feeling Blues might lose this one.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. May be right .Close game.hehehehe!
StuL: Lang would have gone to the next level at Geelong. Instead he goes to Carlton and is finished.
mattmac24: Charlie to get some 50/50 frees his way and kick 10 goals.. Carlton will win!
Hannibal: Raspel31 – i always find your insights, well, insightful.
Raspel31: Thanks Hannibal- pride myself on a deep understanding of the game.
Pokerface: its probably because the arm over shoulder free was called a high tackle free. changed momentum.
StuL: VC Cripps not really working out. Only other option was LLoyd really. Plus Gawn could do anything.
Hannibal: excellent raspel! lol
mattmac24: You’re looking good Raspel!
th3rio: Titch or gawn lads? Dony think the dogs tag
StuL: Gawn all day. Sandi out, I just remembered
carlton_99: Mathhieson gets frees for that every week bu Wright doesn’t right there. The lions go kick goal 12 point turn around
Raspel31: Same question th3rio-I’m going Titch.
Raspel31: Ah, true StuL- Gawn will be up against Apeness.
StuL: Ok go Titch, any time I don’t capt him he goes 150+, when I do, 75.
mattmac24: Carlton_99 your boys are playing a terrible game, the frees you keep complaining about aren’t gonna change anything
luke394: Gawn will score 180 fellas
carlton_99: @mattmac24 it changes the margin by 12 points never said we would be winning
Pokerface: dunkley been known to tag
StuL: Lay off Carlton 99. He’s been suffering since 99.
duckky: Pick #1 to Carlton AND scuttles any priority pick to Bears. Well played Blues
Pokerface: mattmac if he focuses on the non-issues he doesn’t have to deal with the big issues of the result
mattmac24: Yeah but you don’t know that. Could have gone either way after the free, could’ve scored, could have been turned over
frenzy: Hope Lukosius like the Blues
StuL: Gawn is about the only set and forget C now. No chance of taggers wrecking your day either.
carlton_99: Still shouldve been payed but im used to it now
Pokerface: frenzy he’s a forward, so he won’t stay there long
faisca7: Did anybody trade Fyfe to Beams? Or was it just my opponent?
Raspel31: Still picking Brisbane to bring this home.
wadaramus: Fyfe to Cripps 🙁
Lewysport: 50% more possession is huge, Simmo sorely missed!
luke394: I’m really considering Fyfe to Higgins Roos have a soft draw and hes only in 2% of teams?
duckky: What has happened to Mitch? For heavens sake – it was just a broken toe
original: 61 points from turnovers. trust i dont need to tell you which side lol
faisca7: PODs are good to have and all but if they score less than the popular players then you’re worse off
Jukes82: 61 points from tanking.
SilverLion: Ed and Charlie both on track for their lowest games of the year the week I bring them in.
Pokerface: 3 years ago people wouldn’t touch higgins as a forward.
mattmac24: 50 point quarter from Ed Curnow please…
faisca7: Higgins’ best games only score around 120 though :/
TheOnyas: Onya Hipwoody
StuL: Higgins in career best form. I’d be loading up on DPPs at this time of year tho.
Pokerface: i would be embarrassed if my team’s best scorer was daisy thomas
duckky: Guess who has a new icon?
th3rio: Gawn is rocking against darcy
th3rio: Gawn is rucking against darcy hes nit too bad
StuL: you were right the first 3o. He will be rocking.
Pusti: I reckon Carlton needs to try an even more newerer, even more improvederer rebuilding plan.
duckky: No,Carlton needs to get rid of those who used to play for them in the 90’s and are trying to keep it all in the family
original: hodge is that smart. would be a free against if it was anyone else
StuL: Jack Stephensson might have been OK, in a good team. Has just sunk to the level of this one. Like so many others.
frenzy: who?
StuL: Players like SPS and Weiters were better in their first year than now. Something is happening to them.
mattmac24: traffic cones for most of Carlton?
luke394: Great comeback from Zorko after that 1st quarter
StuL: Think about it Frenzy
Jukes82: hipwood blue moon
pcaman2003: Very happy with Zorko comeback.
OllieC: zorko hulk
StuL: It doesn’t matter when you put Carlton on TV. It’s still a flop.
Nuffman: Wonder how long it’ll take for the AFL to investigate Carlton for tanking the last 15 years?
pcaman2003: Blues worst performance I’ve seen in many years.
StuL: Carlton has already signed it’s sponsor for the next 5 years. Noritake cutlery
Chelskiman: That wasn’t worthy of a report, haha.
original: pcaman unfirtunately you dont watch enough blues games lol. did you see freo one?
faisca7: Only one Carlton player has hit 20 touches so far
hinsch: D Thomas Carltons best player sad days ahead for Carlton
DrSeuss: Come on Stef big finish
carlton_99: I’m sticking by the blues. Our season has been plagued by injuries since day 1 when we lost docherty. We will get better
StuL: Admittedly Simo and Doch are half of Carlton’s team.
faisca7: Couple of the big names resigning should help too
TheOnyas: onya cutlery
frenzy: to think the bombers lost to the Blues
mattmac24: To be air Carlton have Doch, Simmo, Cripps, Curnow bros and occasionally Murph. All brilliant players but need more than
mattmac24: but you need more than 5-6 players in a team and they have zero structure, time to move Bolton on I reckon
Pusti: ….. and Roos lost to the Bombers …….
teddyt: Clearly blues are tanking.. Rowe as a forward all day while Hipwood outscores them himself. Silvagni HB, Marchbank wing
Pokerface: what about the previous 17 years?
teddyt: or Bolton is retarded. Probs the 2nd 1
Raspel31: Spoken like a gentleman Pusti.
carlton_99: Rowe is playing forwards due to Phillips injury. Silvagni has been playing back last month.
carlton_99: @Pokerface this is our first real rebuild,we have had lots of list turnover in the last 3 yrs we will get better
TheOnyas: onya lamby
Pokerface: just call it an honourable loss again. then its all ok
carlton_99: @Poker Dont put words in my mouth, when did I say that! Read before you msg next time
Pokerface: i didn’t say you said it 99. its the usual carlton messaging
SilverLion: Had Witherden covering for Simpson 🙂
Nuffman: How can you call this the first “real rebuild” how many #1’s and priority picks did you guys receive in the mid 00’s?
Pokerface: but you are deluded if you think this is the first rebuild. youve been chasing early picks for too many years to count
StuL: Was just thinking how to save Carlton, wtf, why would I want that?
frenzy: how many number one draft picks
carlton_99: Please dont speak from the Carlton supporters.Not one person has said that today!
Jukes82: good recovery cripper
Nuffman: Not to mention AFL gift wrapped Judd for you
StuL: But OK, you need to do what the dogs did. Get a strong 2s team first. That way the kids get used to winning.
feralmong: its hard when you miss key players. Tigers really missed prestia and rioli. now we’ll come good
carlton_99: @Nuffman how did they gift wrap judd we tradeded kennedy plus picks
TheOnyas: Onya Hodgey
Pokerface: again i never said it was the supporters 99. although that have claimed it several times this year.

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