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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs St Kilda, R16 of 2018

mattmac24: Gray, Hoff, Webster and Austin. Let’s go fellas!
th3rio: go savage and gray lol
th3rio: billings is backkkkk
pcaman2003: How will Webster go after his break?
th3rio: hopefully doesnt affect savage too much
LeFtBehinD: Assuming McCartin started with the bandaid, no need to take that off
The39Steps: Monty’s gameblog should be censured – l
The39Steps: Monty’s game blog should be censured – “long Boner”
th3rio: good start logan simpson 🙂
DrSeuss: Slow start for the Hoff
TheOnyas: onya wattsy
pcaman2003: R Gray overdue for a decent score.
wadaramus: Gray off with a finger injury?
StuL: Think Gray just needed his pinky finger re located.
luke394: Gray back on
th3rio: whats with the patch on mccartins arm every week?
luke394: Diabetic th3rio they use it to monitor his levels
Hadouken: is billings worth another punt on?
DrSeuss: Get Rockliff back on ffs.
Pokerface: he’s diabetic th3rio
th3rio: oh wow, cheers luke
th3rio: its a trap hadouken dont do it
Pokerface: either that or its cos he cant light a durry inside the ground
Fatbar5tad: Ollie Wines useless cunt
SilverLion: Coulda gone Jroo or Billings for F7, went C Curnow instead :/
TheOnyas: onya rossy
Fatbar5tad: Watts a delicate 🌺
Raspel31: Righty ho- let’s rest Rocky for another 20 minutes.
LMartos: Gray is off today
luke394: Cmon Robby need a big VC score
DrSeuss: Let Rocky Play – no use on the bench – give him som TOG
th3rio: gawn or titch if gray goes bad lads?
Apachecats: thats a hsrd one th3rio -I’ve got same choice -stuck with Gawn.
luke394: Gawn for me th3rio
faisca7: I’ve gawn with Gone but I’m still undecided too. Will dunkley go to titch?
th3rio: surely going to destroy sean darcy, surely
th3rio: going to back you guys and change to gawn 😉
SilverLion: Gotta love how Gray gets points for nothing.
Apachecats: I can’t stand being resposible for that th3rio.
Raspel31: Might follow you there th3rio- money seems to be on Gawn.
TheOnyas: onya army
th3rio: titch is either 150+ or around the 90 mark, gawn probably safest bet
th3rio: so makes sense
luke394: Nothing Being that centre clearance @Silverlion?
DrSeuss: Wingard having a quiet second Qtr
pcaman2003: Ill have to be loyal and go Titch.
SilverLion: Couple of cheap frees there to Port
th3rio: he’ll be right pca, too many people are basing this weeks C on titches last week 181 though
StuL: Rocky getting back to his Rockpig ways
SilverLion: He went from 47-49 without seeing him, before the clearance
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- I’m indecisive- might go back to titch pcaman.
SilverLion: Yes progressive scaling I know. Just notice it affects some players more than others
th3rio: lol savage 10 pts from that intercept ill take it
luke394: Most of the port players are scaling up
pcaman2003: @th3rio and Raspel. I think Titch will be a safe bet in this game.
Gotigres: Well, this is a pleasant surprise Rockliff. Keep it up. Westhoff, your usual quiet 2nd half please.
Breezey: Lift your game Seb Ross
Raspel31: Hmm- Austin surprisingly covering Simpson admirably.
Breezey: Big inclusion is Aidyn Johnson this week. Well fantasy footy wise anyway
Apachecats: Picked up Wines 3 weeks ago after his 155.Pftt!!
Gotigres: Austin down
wadaramus: Looked like a high bump Gotigres?
Apachecats: Since I picked him 87 ,85 and prob 50 today.
Gotigres: He appears to be up again now.
Breezey: Good work Chad.
wadaramus: Jonas gone for the day, jacket on.
Raspel31: How little time is Rocky given on the friggin pitch.
Hadouken: @raspel what is this “pitch” you speak of? you mean field?
Raspel31: Sorry Hadouken- the Englishman in me snuck out.
Hadouken: someone has been watching the world cup hey raspel 😉
luke394: If Gray has kicked straight would have been a master stroke VC
Nuffman: Nice to see Gray put together a decent score without kicking goals though
Raspel31: Will most certainly be tonight Hadouken.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Hoff and Chad – Rocky back to his old ways – when he isn’t being benched.
pcaman2003: Gray looking dangerous. Come on Hoff .
Breezey: There is a reason Rocky is on the bench so much. When your getting plenty of it it takes its toll.
wadaramus: Hoff starting to get his DE back up.
valkorum: 8 port players currently in the 60’s (score wise)
Breezey: Who will score the most. Johnson or Joyce
luke394: Keep going Austin 90 would be awesome
DrSeuss: Billings is so tempting in AF for a trade back in…
wadaramus: Polec massive muppet!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jarec Polec with zomne Gonzo football there to set up a Gresham goal.
th3rio: stone cold logan austin did a great job covering simmo
Breezey: Flower me Seb. What’s doing
Raspel31: Yep-sure did th3rio.
wadaramus: What? What?
Breezey: Wingard most possies on the ground with no goals.
Chelskiman: The Hoff is a machine!
th3rio: lol wada 😀
original: shocking deliberate call. home ground advantage there
wadaramus: Haha, loved the Texas Rattlesnake!
Breezey: Loved the Stunner from Stone Cold
th3rio: thats a firemans carry not a suplex
Haydo: Damn just realised simo was a late out and cus i was gonna loop redman i had howe as e not austin why was
pcaman2003: C’mon Gray and Hoff. 2 tons would be nice.
wadaramus: Pre-emptive response Haydo – tight calf.
th3rio: that sucks haydo
faisca7: can wingard and gray hit 100 already plz
Fatbar5tad: Buyers remorse with Wines 🙁
poolboybob: Wakey wakey Gray
Apachecats: everyone was just given 1 point ,Gray tons up!!
Jukes82: give billings the ying yang
Fatbar5tad: At least beat Gibbs Ollie ya schlong
Gotigres: Joyce will have an average of 15.5 after this game.
Breezey: Gotta
StuL: Is Joyce -2 a record?
Apachecats: you could drop the tag on Ollie now -thanks.
frenzy: nice Logan
Breezey: Love having Motlop SC
th3rio: Bundy got -3 a few weeks back when Simpkin concussed him

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