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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2018

th3rio: fam
Ash777: o’rourke’s last roll of the dice
pcaman2003: Go captain Titch. Score big fella!
The0gre: 15 minutes to see if I captain Gawn or loophole Titch.
circle52: Yea pacman I resisted changing Titch to Gawn
Raspel31: Stuck with Titch too so here we go!
th3rio: i didnt circle 🙁
original: circle i kept titch capt too. had to 🙁
pcaman2003: Good luck with Titch guys.
Apachecats: stuck to Gawn
OllieC: whats wrong with gawn?
th3rio: i went gawn, wish me luck
Gotigres: I went Gawn. Hope he doesn’t get heatstroke.
original: yeh had to go titch, oppo has gawn c and i need a miracle to win so see how it goes
th3rio: nothing ollie, just titch is a gun too
ReggieOz: Max is going to have a day out!
Raspel31: Opposite original- I got a good lead and opp has Titch C so safer to hedge.
th3rio: im playing bottom guy so happy to punt on maximus
th3rio: so far happy with the decision lol
original: mitchell needs to fight back here
original: haha raspel i’d happily swap position with you lol
Ash777: wish I could watch the game 🙁
Apachecats: Titch people have gone quiet.
Apachecats: Richards in my side next year from round one.
Ash777: I think titch will get the dunks treatment
th3rio: too many people chasing last weeks score apach
Breezey: I will assuring everyone that Titch will be top of the pile by games end
original: how awful has dahlhaus been this year.
FordyHawks: Lmao @ the holding the ball call that gave the dogs a goal
Ash777: dahl has only 1 good game which was last week
th3rio: blokes a gun, but cant expect 160 from him every week
Apachecats: Dahl 115 SC last week original
original: that free wasnt gagainst mitchell!!!
original: apache liar he score 91. ive had him since round 1 i know how he is scoring lol
Chelskiman: His 115 was for fantasy.
pcaman2003: Sicily you donkey
Apachecats: Jees original that was viscious ,bit salty tonight can’t blame you after this afternoons effort .Meant 115 DT.
Ash777: tonight is brain fade Sicily
FordyHawks: Breust mark… is that a 50 too o.O
th3rio: lmao
pcaman2003: Broooost having a good year
Breezey: Are you allowed to say asswipe on here. If you are then Sicily is one
Jukes82: that was a bs 50 against sicily
FordyHawks: Uh oh, a bit jelly….
pcaman2003: @Breezey. The Kyrgios of afl
FordyHawks: Lol Pca, that is a massive insult to Sicily !
FordyHawks: Sicily doesn’t fake an injury when he loses….
pcaman2003: Both have attitude big time.
Apachecats: yeah fordy no one comes close to Krygios.
Breezey: Agree Pcaman. All the talent. Not easy to like.
TheMessiah: Sicily is the man! That was a BS 50m
TheMessiah: Attitude isnt always a bad thing pca
Apachecats: although maybe Lamb.
pcaman2003: @Messiah. True! I’m more impressed with qtr from Breust
original: WOW breust
FordyHawks: Maybe be biased but… I think Duckwood is a lot worse
good: GOOD has breust as captain
Breezey: I think all those statements are correct. Need attitude. Amazingly got an injury concern when he is down. Ya
pcaman2003: 82 point zmost impressive Breusty.
Breezey: I agree with all that. Need attitude. Kyrgios finds an injury concern when he is down.
FordyHawks: Breeeeeusssst on track for 300? 🙂
m0nty: looks like I picked the right featured player!
Breezey: 324 in fact Fordyhawks
Apachecats: GOOD are you any relation to GOD
FordyHawks: 😉 unfortunately I don’t think many even have him Breezy
m0nty: I have Breust in SC 🙂
FordyHawks: Wow, lol I stand corrected
TheMessiah: I have Breust in Draft! Hes a jet, having a great season
Breezey: My opponent in Draft has him but he also had Hanners C. Not sure what’s doing there
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out C Titch
Apachecats: Very soft (non existant) free to Mitchell
ReggieOz: That free kick was a disgrace
ReggieOz: Blame Clarko and his coffee with Gil
Breezey: Mighty game from JJ here. BOG to this point I reckon
Breezey: Flower me. How is that a free to Breust
TheMessiah: Breust easily BOG so far. JJ playing great too though
TheMessiah: Maybe JJ is haha i take that back
pcaman2003: Mitch not paid that good tackle on Bont.Really?
FordyHawks: Seriously… Hawks can’t let this one get away
_YoungGun_: What’s the big differences between SC and DT? and what’s better in you guys opinions?
Ash777: did the umps from the port game took a express flight to umpire this game? lol
lukefield9: @younggun mainly disposal efficiency and contested possessions for SC – i prefer SC
FordyHawks: DT is for beginners, SC is for more experienced ‘coaches’
_YoungGun_: Thanks @lukefield.
thommoae: Sc gives you more to complain about 😉
Breezey: Spot On Thommoae
Ash777: looks like dogs going to have to upgrade 3 rookies to the main list
circle52: Big 2nd half Titchell need to keep pace with Gawn
StuL: Always wary of padlock Titchell
DrSeuss: Let’s go Sicily
pcaman2003: Hard to believe O’Rourke was a 2nd rnd draft pick in 2012. Fail!
Breezey: You mean he was No 2 picked in 2012 behind Whitfield
FordyHawks: There we go, Hawks playing normally now
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Srry! Meant 2nd picked ,not 2nd round.
Breezey: I knew that. Didn’t think you were saying a second round pick was a fail.
casey22: What role is Titch playing? Not attending centre bounces!!!
FordyHawks: Sorry jj, 6 goals straight is bog so far
DrSeuss: Sicily and Titch looking average while others stand up
original: wow thats bad umpiring
pcaman2003: @casey22. Good question. Too quiet for my liking
original: that is “NOT” the rule
circle52: agree original hate that rule
FordyHawks: Unfortunately barely that’s the rule (goodsey rule)
pcaman2003: Hawks pumping the Doggies this qtr.
Breezey: That will be the worse taking out the legs free kick yet
original: if you actually look up the rule it is called sliding rule. dahl was stationary and had ball semi in possession
FordyHawks: It’s not the sliding rule, it’s the goodsey rule.. that rat brought this rule in
pcaman2003: My opponent has Gawn as C. Damn!
original: yeh pcaman me too. but had to take a chance lol
circle52: as did I original and pacman to be different from opponent.
FordyHawks: Same as the ducking rule.. everyone knows who brought that on..
pcaman2003: Luckily I’m well ahead of my opponent in total pts.
pcaman2003: Massive qtr please Titch. Minimum 60pts man
MattyZ: Paul Puopolo Fordy?
pcaman2003: Puopolo too short. at 12 cm he doesn’t need to duck.
FordyHawks: Close matty.. the king of ducking.. J.Duckwood
original: circle and pcaman worst is i was legitimately considering oliver as capt an he is dominating lol
Ladbrokes_: what more does sicily need to do, his kicks off hb have been incredibly damaging. he’s barely getting rewarded for it
pcaman2003: @original. Ouch!Still,you’ll get a good score at least.
Raspel31: Oh well pcaman, we’ve only dropped around 140 by cap choice but that’s the ga
MrGmax: Bloody hell, more injuries.
Breezey: Lynch doesn’t mind having a crack. Like it
pcaman2003: Yep! Can’t do much about it Raspel
Raspel31: Luck of the draw.
Jukes82: keep getting those bin stats silcily! thanks
Jukes82: sicily has had a superman cape 1/4
Breezey: Cannot stand Sicily but I will be getting him next week
original: thats about standard for dahl tbh
pcaman2003: What? Mitchell gets 3 pts for a free kick,kick and tackle.BS

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