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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R16 of 2018

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
lukat: Captain on Oliver. Need the risk to pay off to win!
ReggieOz: Good luck.. I have trak 1st goal $5@$15
Ash777: hogan is going to go bananas with no mcdonald
Gotigres: The one week i rely on you Fritsch and you do this.
StuL: I didn’t know this was a fake Melb home game.
poolboybob: Jetta muppet
NewFreoFan: Cheers Jetta
Raspel31: With Heeney out got Fritz and Spargo on- simply racking them up.
DrSeuss: If only Hoges could kick straight!!
StuL: A Brayshaw is the real deal. Late season break out
Gotigres: That’s 0 between them Raspel.
Apachecats: Max ticking over nicely.
vamos77: Ryan highly inflated 1 kick and 2 handballs
DrSeuss: Neale spends way too much time on the bench
poolboybob: Jeez Freo should be getting belted, instead they’re within a goal
The0gre: I think I’m getting angry!
kangawalla: Me too @ TheOgre
DrSeuss: Hogan huge 1st then…..nothing
Ash777: oh I did not see tom was playing. I thought he was out injured last week
ReggieOz: This is gonna get messy!
The0gre: Part of the prob @Dr. Too many players fading in & out of games.
poolboybob: Gawn muppet, that was pathetic
ReggieOz: Turn it up …He’s been the best player in the comp this year .. he’s allowed a clanger or two
DrSeuss: Hogan fades so badly though. Just lazy when it isn’t all going his way
ReggieOz: Nice goal from Cox .. That guy can play
Gotigres: Much better quarter Fritsch.
DrSeuss: Neale not doing much either
Breezey: Maxy is a unique for me in this game. Hasn’t happened all year
Haydo: Mcdonald petracca Oliver walters and gawn captain noice
DrSeuss: Hogan going backwards now. FFS
Apachecats: 5 aces Haydo.
luke394: Cmon Neale need a good score from you
DrSeuss: Hogan was on 48 after the first qtr – do something
Breezey: WTF is Hibberd doing
poolboybob: Where was this earlier in the year Pootracca?
ReggieOz: what a joke….
StuL: So if you get beaten you get a free kick? The rules are a joke now.
ReggieOz: Walters or should we say Neymar!
ReggieOz: It’s a disgrace Stu…it’s a shepard that simple
poolboybob: Gee that was dumb Darcy
DrSeuss: Need to hope for some junk from Hogan and Neale
ReggieOz: I would to keep them under 60 points
Smurfman: God damnit Spargo.
kangawalla: Intreting stat I heard on SEN. Peracc has never had more than 25 possies in a match.
runt: Cyril Rioli never got more than 29 possies in a game.
snake_p: look at all the demons who’ve hit the scoreboard
ReggieOz: Billy Stretch will take Dom Tyson’s spot
DrSeuss: Jesus – Hogan and Neale do something
snake_p: only 4 haven’t scored
ReggieOz: Wow only 4 players missing’
thommoae: Hogan’s name is ‘Jesse’, Dr S.
billnats: The Neale for Fyfe swap hasn’t gone well
kangawalla: Nice comeback there, runt. 👍
DrSeuss: Haha thanks Thommo – he finally did something
poolboybob: Matera is a spud
luke394: Fuck sake Neale lift
DrSeuss: Have had Neale all season Billnats, occasionally has these games where he just seems out of it 🙁
runt: Demons % won’t be a problem this year
Nuffman: 3 games of 140+ for Gawn
DrSeuss: Lyon generally rests him way too much as well.
original: cant believe teams are tagging hibberd this year lol
TheLegend6: Good having Gawn (C) and Oliver this game
Breezey: Enormous from Oliver tonight
lukat: Took a punt with Oliver captain. Didnt pay off too much
runt: good to see the Christians playing their hearts out for the Demons.
Breezey: Go and get Flowered Hibberd.
luke394: Neale has killed me as my POD what a rat
pcaman2003: lol! Gawn gets 4 pts for the HB out of bounds.

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