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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Richmond vs Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Adelaide, R16 of 2018

frenzy: no Vlast, no matter
cusch1: I hope the sound person at the G accidentally plays the Tiges song halfway through the game
cusch1: I just want to see if any Crows players start writhing in pain
original: haha cusch
th3rio: fam
th3rio: any1 chuck the VC on laird?
cusch1: Imagine this game goes to a kick after the siren to Adelaide.
cusch1: Have all the tiges players stand in a huddle and just belt out the song. Mitch McGovern might request the trade tonight
original: shocking play by rance, adelaide gotta kick them to win tho
th3rio: crows bringing it early
original: th3rio was considering laird. sticking with cripps..for now
frenzy: seedy customer
th3rio: hmmm why did i never consider cripps lol
original: would be a big fan of caddy and martin both scoring 120 lol
Breezey: Tipping Dusty to turn it on tonight
original: dive game is strong lol
cusch1: Richmond’s forward pressure is scary good
wadaramus: Nice hanger attempt for no free kick..
th3rio: dusty is getting amongst it a bit more so far, could be good signs
cusch1: Anyone else finding this to be a lacklustre game so far?
original: yes cusch. hate watching adelaide play (apologies adelaide fans)
Preston007: Dusty has no desire to go anywhere near the ball these days… he literally cannot BF
Apachecats: Can’t lose form like Dusty has without something being wrong.
Ash777: teams I hate to see playing is giants, dons, norf, pies
luke394: Watching Dusty closely he’s not having a crack at all in the contest he was a beast last year
original: luke394 was about to say the same
StuL: Moving Dusty on would be a luxury trade now unfortunately. Just have to consider that most people still have him I guess
frenzy: Lol Ash
Ash777: bet dusty is saving himself for finals
luke394: He’s skirting packs and doesn’t have any intensity when the balls close @original
cusch1: lol what does that have to do with anything Ash?
original: StuL agree. SMH caddy. gee hes had a bad month
Chelskiman: Rioli is a dead set star. Scary how good he could actually become.
StuL: Dutton is what is wrong with Dusty. Was on a roll and pushed thru last year, not now.
original: doedee handball direct turnover not recorded hmm
Sixty656: Dusty is saving himself for retirement with swanny for a long euro summer
DrSeuss: Seedsman – started so fast, slowing quickly now
StuL: He wishes he was dating that model in the HS. Complete rubbish journalism. Still out of his league.
Fatbar5tad: Higgins squibbed that
th3rio: fyfe ruined my dusty luxury trade unfortunately
TheOnyas: onya broady
hinsch: how many people have jumped on the Brisbane wagon, thousands
Preston007: Dusty – 1 mark and 0 tackles. Been the story of his year, doesn’t run hard to space and doesn’t tackle
Ash777: it’s a very rickety wagon
th3rio: those that moved on fyfe, gaff, crouch, neale or jpk did you go?
Ash777: I went oliver
cusch1: how good is Rance?
TheLegend6: One of the best defenders in the AFL @cusch1
original: lol how good is nank. all taps going to ade
Chelskiman: How was that a free against Dusty? Clearly got rid of it legally and before he was tackled. =/
frenzy: Logie award winner
Ash777: that’s not going to get you any sc points martin
Sixty656: Rance is the best apparently, gets toweled every second week
Fatbar5tad: As long as Nank beats Sauce I’m happy
wadaramus: I thought the same thing Chelskiman.
TheLegend6: Pressure acts gets you SC points @Ash777
Gotigres: Dusty fumbling
Breezey: I don’t recall Rancegetting towelled any week.
original: edwards so under rated
Umpirespet: Alex France will be Playing for France at next World Cup
TheLegend6: Rance doesn’t get towelled every week, he loses a one-on-one and everyone arks up
Gotigres: Wow, Dusty did something constructive.
pcaman2003: Caddy vying for most useless player in the AFL.
original: pcaman agree wats happened to him? coasting with dusty?
TheLegend6: Couldn’t be further from the truth @pcaman2003
th3rio: really pcaman? haha
Breezey: Great call Pcaman
teddyt: is the 2003 in your name your DOB? Clearly have no idea kid
th3rio: I still think dusty is going to go bonkers any day now
frenzy: neat trick there pcaman
pharace: Pcaman comment slightly more useless
teddyt: Considering you follow Hawthorn you should know you have a player called Langford on your list
original: lol richmond fans leaping to caddy’s defence. boys pcaman and i just saying he has had a shocking month
Fatbar5tad: Fair go teddy o’brien is even worse…
pcaman2003: @Tedddy. He’s equally as bad. Shouldn’t be playing. And Caddy’s last few games pathetic.
StuL: Go Reee Volt!
TheLegend6: Short has been great this season
cusch1: Are we forgetting about Lord Parsons?
Breezey: Crows staring at a Tigers wave coming at them now. This could get ugly very quickly
teddyt: a shocking month? Because he isnt getting SuPaCoaCh pointZ? I could play AFL, get 0 touches and bring more than Langford
th3rio: bruce is up and about given cyril retired 2 days ago
Preston007: Dusty getting PAID… and is off to Vegas with Swanny shortly. Who can blame him!
original: how bout the depth on short’s kicking, anything but short (i’ll show myself out)
Fatbar5tad: Great camerawork. Solid work by the goal umpire there. Where’s the ball ya cunts?
TheLegend6: Thought that was a mark personally
Ash777: doedee, stepherson, or richards for RS
DrSeuss: Anytime now Seedy
th3rio: most are saying stephenson but i think doedee
cusch1: Stephenson, Daylight, the rest for RS
original: stephenson a lock unfortunately. don’t forget about witherden, had a good 2 years
Breezey: Stephenson miles in front.
th3rio: wtf crows, riewoldt had all the time in the world
cusch1: Wtherdon hhas missed a few games through injury though right?
Fatbar5tad: That’s a fair goal by Jack. Their most important player is on fire.
pharace: Tex finally tackling
carlton_99: @Breezy Stephenson has been good but idt hes miles in front.For me doedee better just
cusch1: Engrave the cup now, theyre too good
Breezey: Picking them apart
Ash777: bruce is drooling on the mic
Chelskiman: That was beautiful out of defence.
Manowar: Adelaide getting smashed!
original: cusch not this year. last year from memory he played the last 7 or so, but he can’t compete with stephenson, no one can
Sloaneyyyy: Goodnight crows
Fatbar5tad: Shut up BT
th3rio: not sure about that yet cusch, have dropped games to the top 4 so far
StuL: BT and Bruce. What a winning night. That is why I’m not watching.
cusch1: I thought he hurt his knee against Essendon before the bye Havent paid lions much attention since tbh
Ash777: the only thing that’s against anyone is that the RS is voted on the night of the presentation and by media ppl
Fatbar5tad: Tigers so good they are beating two teams at once. A big shock to West Coast I’m sure.
circle52: @cusch Withererden has played all 14 games this year.
Manowar: Adelaide – let’s do the ROBOT again!
circle52: and for the record played the final 9 games last year
duckky: Bit rough – Dusty given 2 clangers for the same passaage of play
Gotigres: Dusty will be priced below $400k soon
original: dusty AKA fumbles
TheLegend6: Dusty fumbling a lot, interesting
Ash777: Also anyone that seems to win end up a qtr of the player they are forthe rest of the year
Ash777: rest of their career
Preston007: Getting Dusty out is not a luxury trade.. just do it if you have him
Gotigres: Worst free kick ever by Short
cusch1: Interesting decision by channel 7 to show a replay of the grand final instead of the replay tonight
circle52: How many still have Doedee?
TheLegend6: We should be out of sight, given them a couple of soft ones this qtr
original: umpires are so gutless in calling a bad bounce back. hate it. that was a shocker and clearly out
circle52: @preston Most have us do not have the trades to get rid of Dusty.
original: @circle52 unfortunately my opponent fml
cusch1: well, that was not a good sentence
th3rio: GOD does circle, as captain
Cotchin8or: Hang your head in shame umpires!
twinpeaks: I still have him in AF. Went NicNat to Grundy this week
twinpeaks: And doing ok as well, 500ish. Had to put off Gray-> Gaff one more week. Doedee-> Hoff/Whit and Fritta-> Gola left to do
original: havent thought the umpires have been too bad
Gotigres: Unfortunately not @circle52. I traded him out when i needed an extra player during the byes.
intergaze: just another week of shameless umpiring
Preston007: @twinpeaks hold Doedee and trade Dusty to a midfielder who can go big. You will be better off.
twinpeaks: Got Gibbs, Doedee, Laird in this one, not bad
wadaramus: Dusty is a hack, from Brownlow to Downlow in one year.
wadaramus: Scary thing is RIchmond are doing the same without his influence!!
Pinkman: Martin to crouch looking good I think
cusch1: Brownlow Hangover
TheOnyas: onya crouchy
frenzy: Hampton eats donuts at half time
original: wow 82% gametime too
wadaramus: Good call frenzy, double donuts for Hampton!!
intergaze: when Dusty gets his mojo back
cusch1: How does Sarah Jones retain her job on the Foxtel coverage?
feralmong: wada to me it seems like Short and Higgins are making up for it.
cusch1: shes about as useful as a waterproof towel
pharace: Modern world Cusch – get used to it sunshine
wadaramus: Well they’re not missing his input feral, that’s for sure!
lock98: She’s a host, what more do you want from her?
DrSeuss: Adelaide need to use Seedsman in the back half again, use him as their link up
MONEY TALK: hehe glad i got crouch
feralmong: cusch1 i’d rather see a few more AFLW girls like daisy reporting.
MONEY TALK: ive left the c on crouch by accident
pharace: Daisy smarter than half the blokes
luke394: Apparently Crouch has a fractured hand
Pokerface: she’s smarter than 90% of them pharace
pharace: Too true Pokerface
cusch1: Yeah I agree with Daisy, she is great and knows what is going on.
cusch1: But who is sarah jones? Seems to have been the intern who got a promotion lol
cusch1: There is a blonde AFLW player as well who does a great job although she works more for radio
th3rio: spewing i didnt go fyfe to crouch now
Breezey: I have seen a couple of instances after a mark where last night it was 50metres.
Roksta: Martin is a spud. 1 good year. Test him for performance enhancers
Pokerface: havent heard them but have to be either harris or phillips cusch?
TigersMan1: There goes my POD captain choice of Curtly :'(
Pokerface: test him for performance impeders
feralmong: well he is difference TigersMan1. just the wrong way.
Pokerface: aah TigersMan. my captain is crap jokes. those were the days
cusch1: Abbey Holmes I think her name is? Works with SEN. Phil Davis was great last night too
poolboybob: Seedsman get involved you knob
feralmong: tayla harris cusch. ex Lions. now Blues. quite like that one.
th3rio: thats it dusty get those CP
TigersMan1: But got Callum Moore as VC! Sucks I can’t change it to C :'( :'(
Fatbar5tad: Seedsman outscoring Laird. Just saying.
feralmong: might not need Lynch if Moore comes good.
cusch1: We need more current players commentating. They actually udnerstand the game.
Ash777: nice grab
Pokerface: i like bartel
MONEY TALK: wym ling is the best
th3rio: crows are not hungry at all
th3rio: barry hall was decent
feralmong: cusch1 abbey is a body builder too.
poolboybob: Traded out Doodee and kept Seedsman… fail
Fatbar5tad: From the Texan.
feralmong: my only advice to dodee is to avoid french tunnels.
Pinkman: How good is doedee.
cusch1: Not sure what being abody builder has to do with anything but ok.lmaoo
original: fml doedee
frenzy: doedee al fayed
billnats: Kept Doedee only because of Treloar’a injuries. Thank fark for those dodgy hammies
Pinkman: My two tigers players..caddy, Martin. Hmmmmm
feralmong: got higgins covering heeney. not bad but keep going.
poolboybob: Hampton is definitely playing SANFL next week
th3rio: finally dusty
Breezey: Oh yeah Dusty. Go son.
MONEY TALK: there is martins 3 votes
Chelskiman: About time Dusty got on the score board!
Ash777: Dusty special!
Gotigres: Finally Dusty
StuL: Come on Usty.
original: caddy or giro on field this week..hmm
hinsch: crouch bump it along son
th3rio: jack is rances apprentice
Gotigres: Wow, Laird only 50sc
frenzy: graham tombstone
th3rio: crouch only 13 sc this qtr
th3rio: game on
TheLegend6: How are adelaide even close ffs
Chelskiman: This is way closer than it should be.
Chelskiman: We should be at least 5 goals up.
Breezey: Jeez Bruce excited over the siren going.
pcaman2003: A nothing qtr from Gibbs. Hard to win when players not winning the ball.
pcaman2003: Higgins constantly improving.
TheOnyas: onya griggy
Breezey: And the foot goes down on the pedal from the Tiges
MONEY TALK: so apps martin is smart for running fwd “took some players with him”
Ash777: if only he got points for that
Pokerface: haven’t seen much tonight. is cotchin getting votes?
MrGmax: lol
Gotigres: Laurel and Hardy in the goalsquare
th3rio: dusty lifting
MrGmax: This is a pretty good Richmond team.
th3rio: kind of
Ash777: a 90 from dusty will be a good result
DrSeuss: Switching Seedy to that half forward role has been a terrible decision by the coach
TheLegend6: Dusty done nothing, still gonna have 25+ and kick 2
Pinkman: Well that’s better dustbin
Gotigres: Yes Dusty. Hopefully you will get some confidence this week
Chelskiman: Few more cheap goals and Dusty will have a nice score.
Breezey: Ton coming for No 4 from Richmond
SilverLion: Wow Doedee
SilverLion: Evening lads
SilverLion: Cheap one like that? @Chelski
Gotigres: OMG. Charity to Dusty.
Ash777: thanks umps for the dusty ton
SilverLion: Nvm haha
MONEY TALK: lmao cheapie for dusty, he was tryna play on
Ash777: or not. wtf was that lol
Chelskiman: If he had kicked it, Silver. 🙁
Pinkman: Then he stuffed it
Gotigres: Doedee has actually slowed down Silverlion.
TheLegend6: Duck is right, 80%+ of the comp would love to be having the season Dusty has been
th3rio: all the dusty haters going to say hes a god now
SilverLion: Thats scary @gotigres, kinda regretting not keeping him for D7.
original: dusty to get to 100?
Gebs: It makes me so happy to see dustbin martin back
original: that doedee handball to be +6
original: same with that one lol
TheLegend6: Higgins best game this season imo
original: moore hungry hungry hungry
Ash777: has higgins got a nomination yet?
Gotigres: Everyone who traded Doedee out regretting it SilverLion. Myself included.
TheLegend6: Not sure, he won’t win the RS but he’s been very good this season
Breezey: Crows get to hear Tigerland one more time
Chelskiman: Bruce has lost his shit, lmao.
pcaman2003: Gibbs a much better player at Carlton.He’s right off the boil these days.
StuL: Dusty maybe yet lives.
TheLegend6: Dusty ton
Ash777: thanks for rewarding the faithful dusty
happytimes: Hampton should never play another AFL game
original: doedee ffs
Tonche: Heart for Crouch
MONEY TALK: a 98 from dusty is rewarding
jocka: Who has doedee in pick 9?
SilverLion: 38 possies for 102, typical Crouch
SilverLion: Short a seagull, but last night Lloyd a magnet. Hmmm.

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