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Chat log from R16 of 2018: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R16 of 2018

th3rio: lads
frenzy: evening all
original: hey fam
OllieC: should be a great game this
original: im scared. no one near danger at that contest and oppo has him vc lol
th3rio: anyone go jpk as a fyfe replacement? I couldnt decide out of him or neale
mattmac24: same here Original, reckon he’ll go big tonight
luke394: Well see how LLoyd goes tonight @original 😉
circle52: I did th3rio and made hims VC as well.
duckky: Narkle looks promising. Geez the Cats manage to find gooduns
mattmac24: @th3rio I did. Neale will cop a lot of attention and no Sandi will hurt
Breezey: Let’s go BIG Danger
th3rio: good luck circle, i’ll prob regret not doing the same
original: hahaha lukeyboy i brought him in. will score 50
original: wouldnt be a game of footy without selwood(s) leaning into tackles to get hit high
luke394: You traitor!!! Good luck hope the train continues for u mate
Breezey: Umps fall for that every week@Original
th3rio: good points mattmac, forgot sandi was out for 3
original: breezey i cant stands it lol
frenzy: Rnd 4 pick 60 @ Duckky
original: haha luke394 i had to mate, desperate times call for desperate measures
luke394: They are 2 of the worst FA there wow
SilverLion: Danger being ripped off by the umps here
original: haha luke the incorrect disp one was defs there haha other was stiff
th3rio: going sier over narkle, will also regret that prob lol
luke394: He tackled him around the neck @original
Raspel31: Macrae to Treloar and now Heeney and Fyfe- an Agatha Christie murder mystery-am I alone?
Breezey: Budweiser goes bang
luke394: They are red hot early with the HTB as long as they’re consistant
cusch1: GOal 896 for Buddy
original: really like fogarty
Breezey: Looks like HTB is the rule for this week.
SilverLion: Wish Ablett would stop sooking and play forward for once
original: th3rio dont mind your selection of sier
th3rio: cheers orig couldnt stay no to a bloke starting in mids
SilverLion: If the camera goes to Franklin just for the sake of it one more time I swear to god
mattmac24: brought Sier in as well. need the mid cover but wouldn’t be surprised by a good game from him
Chelskiman: Brought in Menegola this week. Sorry, lads.
DrSeuss: Where is Narkle? Haven’t seen him for 10 minutes
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
th3rio: lloyd seagull already
Breezey: Seriously BT cannot say Lloyd without saying Llloooyyydd
Raspel31: I googled your picks chelskiman and put a block on your trades-thanks.
yeah_nah: just a bit of consistency from the umps would be great
SilverLion: Was about to say that @th3rio
original: now i have lloyd i hve to say “5 contested possies for lloyd…” but nuh he is a seagull hehe
Manowar: Happy with Bews so far!
Raspel31: Cats gotta put Danger back in the mid.
th3rio: ill get lloyd next week so he better not stop that when i do.. good minds silver 😉
original: lol the coverage people have no idea, was so obv which tackle hurt kjack he was limping immediately after but show dif 1
TheOnyas: onya timmy
Raspel31: No- th3rio- those of us with Lloyd from day one ban you.
cusch1: Original, are you just coming to terms that we have the worst sports coverage in the world?
th3rio: Rasp im not cursed, the week i traded in kelly he got the 149 😉
th3rio: but hats off to you, starting him never crossed my mind
Breezey: Get thy cape ready for Lloyd
luke394: Why don’t teams man Lloyd up he does this every week
SilverLion: Omg that Lloyd kick at the end tho haha completely pointless
Raspel31: Okay th3rio-permission granted.
frenzy: ease up Lloyd
luke394: Lloyd just had 2 of the cheapest possies you can get and racks the points up ridiculous
J_Herer: LLoyd for VC, lets go 160 tonight champ!
original: haha@cusch mate should have seen me when fox footy coverage went down for 2 seconds. wish espn covered afl lol
DrSeuss: Good man Lloyd, Ronke if you could pick it up a little 😉
Juzzo: lloyd enters my sc team tonight, sweet!
Raspel31: And I will bet not one person put the v on Lloyd- I at least thought about it.
jfitty: Seagull up Lloyd
original: haha raspel i am with you buddy
th3rio: thanks lad
TheOnyas: onya smithy
cusch1: Why are they playing Sweet Caroline at the ground…
Breezey: Put a one through Jack of the Kieren variety
original: lol why is jones on kick ins! hahaha if his sonly job was to run he would be awesome
Breezey: Line
frenzy: Jack cooked medial knee
_YoungGun_: Whos a bigger pig? Titchell,, LLoyyd or laird
original: menegola currently tagging jpk?
SilverLion: Cmon Lloyd man someone up, surprise me
Ash777: put the vc on kennedy. Should of put it on lloyd
frenzy: Dean Showers
Haydo: Titch young gun
circle52: same Ash77
original: hawkins for dive fine
wadaramus: Traded Lloyd in this week, thought about the VC, but didn’t do it!
SilverLion: 2 360 tackles, no htb
th3rio: who did you all trade out to lloyd? mine will b a luxury savage to lloyd
_YoungGun_: Traded titch in this week. Ignored him all year but if ya can’t beat beat em join em ay. Is 195 the highest ever score?
j959: VC pick can be a cr*pshoot for Thurs night games …
wadaramus: I traded Fyfe and Ryan, traded in Cripps and Lloyd with Sicily going FWD.
Ash777: I’ve had lloyd since the start of the season
Jukes82: wanted to bring in mclean but had to trade treloar and fyfe out
th3rio: yea nice wada
_YoungGun_: I traded fyfe and Dow for titch and sier
wadaramus: I put some cashin the bank by flicking Treloar to J.Smith last week.
Ash777: why trade out ryan for 1 poor game
wadaramus: 3 trades left still not a “complete” team!
wadaramus: Ryan got omittedafter a few stinkers, good enough for me to flick him!
original: buddy smh cmon
Ash777: I traded fyfe to oliver
wadaramus: It was hi or Guelfi, had Austin but he returned, got to keep one eye on bench cover!
th3rio: think he means liam ryan not luke ryan ash
Raspel31: Ah wada=-perfect team but for 1 forward- but MacRae- treloar- Fyfe- can’t upgrade.
Ash777: oh I thought you meant luke ryan
Chelskiman: @YoungGun, I know Buddy got over 200 when he kicked 13, but not sure if anyone has higher than him.
wadaramus: Roger that th3rio!
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
Ash777: ride that scooter JPK
Breezey: I think Tom Lynch from Adelaide might of got 200 when he kicked 12 years ago
_YoungGun_: Cheers chelskiman be nice for buddy to kick another sack full
th3rio: im considering holding fyfe till macrae is back, is that dumb?
wadaramus: Raspel, you got those three on the pine?!
SilverLion: Franklin is such a flog
sammyo7: lance
lukefield9: pointless comment @SilverLion
original: freak*
mattmac24: @th3rio I think They’ll be back around the same time.. Fyfe a week later most likely
original: just waiting for dangers third FA to show up hehe
DrSeuss: Let’s go Ronke; nice score for your last week in my team
Raspel31: Yep wada and my prob with that th3rio is both MaCrae and Fyfe will need a couple of games.
Apachecats: let McRae play one game then buy him th3rio
th3rio: they’ve said macrae could be as early as next week mattmac, if not 17 then 18
wadaramus: Nothing wrong with that th3rio, if you have sufficient cover on field all good.
Seb78: Luckily I out the sneaky VC on J Lloyd
SilverLion: What was he doing dancing with Selwood though @luke
Apachecats: Couldn’t justify holding Fyfe ,could be 4 weeks.
th3rio: Yeah was thinking that apache, but not much i can do with the extra cash when i have no trads left haha
lukefield9: @silver trying to have a shot?
_YoungGun_: Why do they call him scooter
Apachecats: I’ll have the cash ,I could do with it th3rio
Ash777: the problem with dogs injuries is that you never know when/if they’ll be back as expected
mattmac24: Ah right, I kept Macrae so I haven’t been keeping an eye on when he’s back
Rush: Had to sell Fyfe. Was already holding onto Macrae, couldn’t afford to wait for both of them
SilverLion: @luke he was looking to pass, didnt see the paddock of space until he slipped over. But regardless
th3rio: 6 trades left and only 1 more upgrade to go apache, my last 4-5 will be luxury trades like savage to lloyd, stef 2 grund
SilverLion: Jones wtf haha
th3rio: so true ash, macrae wont be a pig straight away
Jukes82: give k.jackthe red cross, harley said he is done for the game
_YoungGun_: Why do they call him scooter? Anyone?
original: danger owners im sorry im going to keep campaigning for that third FA to show up hehe
Apachecats: you are well placed with that th3rio.
Raspel31: My point exactly th3rio- I went Gaff from Fyfe as have the rest.
th3rio: my only mistake was going buddy over westhoff lol
Breezey: Because his names Scott
th3rio: nice rasp, i think gaff will finish strong
Rush: Scooter is a pretty common nickname for anyone named Scott
Apachecats: Scooter is the long version of Scott young gun.Still trying to work out why Longmire is called horse though.
original: hearing from josh gibson..great. fml
_YoungGun_: Thanks lads pretty self explanatory my bad
SilverLion: Gaff a good choice Rasp, suspect many will have picked him
_YoungGun_: Longmire probably hung
Raspel31: Well Silver- you lose MacRae-then Treloar and then Fyfe- it’s gotta be about the numbers. And hello.
original: so happy lol
Sixty656: GAJ to retire at end of season
SilverLion: Fair Rasp. Ive gone Ed Curnow as amazingly the 4k price difference was critical haha
Raspel31: Yep Silver- considered that. But, as half time, let me say Come On England in The World Cup!
Apachecats: Thanks Young Gun ,thats pretty self explanitory as well
original: le tour just starting too boys. late night sport killing work lol
_YoungGun_: I’m new to this banter lads excuse my rookie calls pull me up if need be
Raspel31: Yep original- we are stretched.
Apachecats: All just good fun Young Gun.
Chelskiman: I have a really bad habit of turning the channel over to the cricket just to see us lose a wicket.
Raspel31: Not to mention Wimbledon though frankly I don’t give a toss.
wadaramus: Me too Chelskiman! Darcy Short not making the most of his chance!
wadaramus: Too much sport is never enough!
Apachecats: Yeah me too raspel ,if Krygios was playing Jack the Ripper I’d be barracking for Jack.
_YoungGun_: Alex Carey should be opening 100%
original: said it before, gotta be impressed with blicavs as a player. was a runner, then a ruck, then a mid, now a def
cusch1: Falling short of his potential is he Wada?
cusch1: Original, he has been moved around so often because he just wasnt good enough at whatever position he plated
Chelskiman: Big quarter, Menegola, let’s go!
original: danger +4 for that. u gotta be kidding me
Raspel31: No- am not impressed with Blicavs- if he becomes good in any position?
original: haha cusch one way to look at it!!
wadaramus: He was so clean in the BBL, beautiful striking, just not on at the moment.
Ash777: want cats to win to push cats out of the 8
Ash777: oops I mean swans
Jukes82: lol menegola really
_YoungGun_: Wada he just hit 4+6 he is a solid opener should be captain Paine is a hack
wadaramus: YoungGun he just got his poles knocked over?
_YoungGun_: Ahhh.. Should not be batting at 7 put it down to that. He can set the tone and put away the new ball. In all forms
Ash777: looks like buddy is on every other night
Chelskiman: Yeah, Menegola. The forward who is averaging 96.
Sixty656: Classic Parker…
wadaramus: YoungGun, I was talking about Darcy Short not Alex Carey.
m0nty: back on the game please
original: wtf that 50 is a terrible call
jfitty: Taylor is cooked, give him the chicken icon!
SilverLion: Thats just a flat out wrong call
Chelskiman: This is the worst rule in AFL history.
DrSeuss: Where TF is Lloyd? Haven’t seen him this half
wadaramus: Jake Lloyd gone cold this quarter?!
Raspel31: Golly- Parker and Hannas- 2 years ago must haves- now, who would touch them?
original: raspel hannes fall from grace is unreal. he was one of first picked and was so consistent
Ash777: taylor still seeing a pack of dogs every time he gets the ball :p
Bloods22: True dat Chelskiman. And Im Swannies fan! Ruining the game
Apachecats: Rarely get 4 good quarters from Lloyd.Gives himself a spell.
luke394: Danger finally gonna go large
SilverLion: Dw guys, Lloyd’s score still ticking over whilst he’s cold
Fizzy343: yeh parkers 102 avg is terrible
_YoungGun_: Great call ash777.
Tonche: Is that a fossil on Hanners?
Raspel31: Well Fizzy, if you’re serious, about 20 better mids.
Fizzy343: yeh m8 102 is awful
Carnster: Is narkle dead
cusch1: “Hawkins nails it” ball almost hits the behind post. We truly do have the worst commentary team in the world
circle52: Where was this last week Lloyd when I had you as vc.
casey22: Got Lloyd looped in Dt & danger in SC, decisions, decisions??
SilverLion: Florent seems to try and do too much a lot
original: did lloyd not get 136 last week? not a bad slog lol
Raspel31: Got a whole quarter to think about that casey.
Apachecats: Danger good for 130+ SC ,and I’d take it casey 22.
casey22: raspel, you are so right
Ash777: I have 0 cats players
Breezey: Parker reading the commentary on here about how bad he has become.
gdshifty: GAJ for the cold icon
casey22: Ya reckon 130 for each to loop? Got Titch as vc
frenzy: Jnr stinky
Apachecats: 130 is my benchmark.
MONEY TALK: i missed out on the VC on danger because of training
Breezey: GAJ injured.
luke394: Gee Hannebery has gone down hill last 2 years he’s useless
Raspel31: Def wouldn’t settle for less than 130 casey- I’m going Titch to Gawn.
jfitty: Cmon, Taylor definitely cooked after those last few contests!
cusch1: Didnt realise Hanners averaged 62 and worth 300k…
Ash777: I reckon hanners needs to change clubs
original: classic jones
LMartos: how can you pay 50 when it’s so obvious they didn’t hear the whistle
Ash777: He’ll be a decent player for a struggling club
cusch1: How old is Hannebury?
_YoungGun_: Sam meningitis
luke394: Franklin just went from 74 to 61 wtf
luke394: -13 for a FA now is it
Searly34: Reckon it’s about time for that red cross on Jack m0nty
original: @LMartos agree
original: @luke agree lol
luke394: Selwood a 50 point quarter there too lol
gdshifty: GAJ for down arrow or cold icon. Your choice Monty!
Raspel31: No- goal disallowed against Buddy.
frenzy: missed all 5 whistles, Lmartos
th3rio: rasp how are you going titch to gawn when they play at the same time 😛
Ash777: hanners is 27
Breezey: Allir x 2 having a real good game.
original: yeh but the goal hadnt loaded into his 74 points lol
Raspel31: A very good point th3rio which will obviously be factored in. A long week.
original: just rewound, can confirm only 2 whistles lol
luke394: Has now lost 15 points Buddy
oc16: astonishing
oc16: astonishing just how bad hanners has become, should be at the peak of his powers at his age
Ash777: what a bad free
th3rio: titch into yeo if you have him rasp 😉
original: some free. gets the preferential treatment!!
Breezey: Raise your bat Danger
luke394: That was an extremely soft free to the king there
circle52: Can not believe they paid that then seen it was Danger so that explains it.
Ash777: sydney getting a bad run with umps in the 2nd half
Raspel31: Yeah, got Yeo but thinking Titch to Gaff th3rio.
Ash777: lloyd is a great 1 touch player
original: @circle52 exactly
Bart12: Ablett 30:) he’s gone
th3rio: nice rasp, surely he’ll run a muck at optus
Chelskiman: That was a rough call.
th3rio: lloyd will surely get points for getting caught holding the ball hehe
Ash777: wtf…
luke394: -13 for that FA Lloyd? Don’t think so
original: th3rio if he was danger he woulda got the free and 50m.. lol
Breezey: Hawkins kick Did not come back 1cm Bt.
original: from memory 50m is -8 but nfi tbh
gdshifty: Did Monty trade GAJ into his team? Any other premo on that score would get the cold icon…
Raspel31: Ronke is simply everywhere- great energy but never gets the pill.
th3rio: hahha surely original
luke394: Haha @th3rio he actually lost 6 wow wee
th3rio: 1 kick +9 will make up for it luke
original: luke394 you know what time it is though mate..he’s about to kick 2 and tonne eup
Hadouken: this protective zone penalty is a load of bs. such a stoopid rule
circle52: Gee I hate this protected zone rule.
Hadouken: @circle52 jinx
luke394: It’s ruining the game hey @circle52
Ash777: can we sack these umps
circle52: But they need to be consistent. Just seen the same thing from geelong no free
luke394: He’s back on the never again list @original for 5 mins lol 😉
Chelskiman: What was Hanners meant to do?
original: was very different, dont buy into BT floggery
original: hannes wasn’t near anyone, and tried to sneak round the back
cusch1: they were similar in the sense that both were not worth giving away a 50
Breezey: It’s like the sliding rule. Umps don’t apply it correctly for what they were designed for
original: not 50 tho?
original: Breezey is on the money
original: hawkins keeps diving wow if he was rance
Raspel31: My eyesight is failing but is Danger still there?
Ash777: stfu bt
jocka: Umpires crucifying cats in last 5 minutes
Carnster: good effort from narkle
luke394: Get Danger on ball Scott you fuckwit
cusch1: Aliir x factor if Swans get up. Been incredible
original: hawkins havin some game besides the dive lol
Pokerface: 40 point sc quarter from gaz
original: besides his goal kicking lol
casey22: Where is Danger
Jukes82: lol geelong, these muppets deserve to lose
Ash777: swans keep getting caught out on the rebound
th3rio: wow buddy has been horrible SC wise
luke394: What is the go with Buddy now down to 55 fuck me
original: nuh th3rio he was going great until that unjust 50m lol
original: was that a rushed behind from further out than the square
th3rio: urgh still wish i went the hoff over him
luke394: Danger has sat inside 50 the whole quarter has killed his SC this year
Ash777: is this a club record for most behinds in a match
original: tbh i dont care who wins but kicking 23 behinds is yuck
Manowar: Go Storm!!
Ash777: lol that face taylor makes is bloody creepy
luke394: I’m trading Buddy out he’s ruining my season
Breezey: Selwood BOG
Raspel31: Whilst I love Danger- he has not touched the pill ONCE this quarter hmm Scott.
TheLegend6: Just google is @Ash777
Rush: Got both Buddy and Danger. Has been rough seeing them both go backwards this quarter
original: luke394 mate if you have luxury trades left go for it lol
luke394: Scott has killed his @raspel playing him forward for a while like quarter
Manowar: Another boring game! Thursday night fizzer!
luke394: I was Happy having Buddy and Danger going into the last quarter and lost about -30 points fuck off
pharace: Wow, look at Parfitt’s contested work showing through his SC score
Breezey: Agree Manowar. Blues and Lions be better
original: 22 contested 12 clearances jpk a freak
fonzie: crap game but will take the win
original: when do blues play saints on a friday night? cant wait
Bails31: @manowar at least it’s not a Carlton crapfest

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