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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Chat log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R15 of 2018

Carnster: huge with sandy out
circle52: Sandilands a late out.
circle52: Hurt in warm up Calf.
Carnster: If giro gets a 70 ill be extatic
Lewysport: Need Fyfe under 105.
StuL: Capt Fyfe is going to be a disaster i can tell already.
luke394: atleast 2 of Neale’s possies were effective WTF
Carnster: muppet for the trainer
SilverLion: Must Pav commentate every freo game
SilverLion: Ballantyne just threw that
StuL: Fyfe sore
Torz: Fyfe is fine.
StuL: He better be!
circle52: Given up on throws SL – missed all thge time these days for all teams.
StuL: Fyfe on for a big 76 regardless.
luke394: Typical @StuL ahern screwed my Gawn VC now Fyfe will stink it up guaranteed
luke394: Typical bullshit supercoach luck
carlton_99: Same Luke plus i had mitchell on bench and cant get his score for ahern on ground 🙁
DrSeuss: Lets go Beamer – get involved
StuL: Fyfe turned into a spud like the last time i capt him.
SilverLion: As soon as freo does anything right pav has to give us life lessons
hinsch: Don’t know why I change C been on Gawn all year swapped to Fyfe this week not happy
SilverLion: Throw prior to the in the back. I agree circle, they dont pay then
ReggieOz: Lets hope the Stu curse will kick in 🙂
StuL: Im trying reggie
ReggieOz: lol i’ll give you a list for next week 🙂
luke394: thats even worse @carlton_99
hinsch: Keep going LIONS will love to hear Ross Lyons post game interview if we win this one
circle52: banfield back to Zorko m0nty
StuL: Come on Fyfe you donkey!
Strskes: Can’t watch live, what is Mitch Robinson doing? 3 posessions in 40 minutes?
Fatbar5tad: I hear you Luke. Fyfe NEVER scores well when I put the C on him.
DrSeuss: Anytime now you can get involved Beams
Fatbar5tad: That’s great pressure from the Lions there
Gotigres: Fyfe done for the day.
Umpirespet: Fyfe Hammy
Fatbar5tad: Fyfe Hammy ffs
SilverLion: Fyfe C when I had Titch and Gawn. FML.
StuL: I told ya. Getting rubbed down after 10 mins isnt right.
StuL: Game and season. Thanks Fyfe.
lukefield9: @Stul sorry didn’t realise your supercoach season was more important than fyfe’s…
th3rio: Good call StuL, torz owes you an apology
Jukes82: Lol, I still have treloar i havent had a trade to trade yet, now its fyfe as well hahah ffs
StuL: Its at least as important..
Jukes82: chance*
StuL: With no SC theres no fun in watching football.
th3rio: how many weeks are we looking lads?
Haydo: lucky Gawn got enough so i didnt cap Fyfe
Jukes82: doesnt look terrible but i’d say 3 weeks
Jukes82: then again hopefully its just a strain and it might be only 1 or 2
th3rio: ffs hope so, not like i’ve got trades with play with
Hadouken: sad when you have titch C and opp has fyfe C and youre still going to lose 🙁
th3rio: wow hadouken, you mustve had some very poor scores this week..thats like 300 points on the table
SilverLion: That was cruel
Ash777: come on ryan!
Haydo: keep going stef ur my only hope in league, vs witherden
Ash777: did I just see Tendai working as a runner for freo
StuL: Pepe!! I mean, go Freo..
Hawks_13: Just tuned in, what happened to Fyfe and how long?
Ash777: suspected hammy upto a month out
StuL: Hamstring. 2-3 i suppose
Hawks_13: Ok thanks
SilverLion: I remember when Macrae went down he got like +15 from scaling. Im waiting CD.
lukefield9: @SilverLion he won’t get much cos he didn’t do bits when the game was in the balance
bongidongi: neale, walters and martin – keep going!
Ash777: what the hell freo…
SilverLion: No Fyfe no Freo
DrSeuss: Neale – you can get the ball again now
Haydo: sad thing is fyfe still scored more than tom mac
StuL: Why is Berry such a gun? Just to add insue
Haydo: need martin to beat witherden by 87, not gonna happen
StuL: Insult to fyfe and the whole weekend
hinsch: Can the LIONS hold on from here
StuL: I thought Geelong sucked after the bye. This is a top effort.
Jukes82: in AF have Apeness and Battle on the bench fml
SilverLion: Witherden is a gun, but ffs never let him kick out
Strskes: Apeness looks great, how long Sandi out for?
Ash777: zorko having a mare
Umpirespet: Fyfe is up to 40 keep going son
Jukes82: people throw the term gun around loosely these days
SilverLion: I agree Jukes, but not in this case. 19 yo, looks like hes already played 100 games
circle52: @ash Zorko being heavily tagged by Banfield. He is not tagging Rich.
hinsch: need Fyfe to go up to about 120 SC point for me to win
colin wood: need martin to beat walters by 53 ginna be close
Gotigres: I require Walters to score 101sc for a come from behind victory.
Gotigres: Anyone with Gawn and especially Titch as c will skyrocket up the rankings.
Strskes: 272 from lloyd wasnt that bad.
Gotigres: true Strskes
Haydo: if stef gets to 160 i might be a chance
TheBoy89: I went with gaffs 136 as vc
circle52: West Australia umps still shoing bias How was that not high to Hipwood.
TheBoy89: But I did have gawn as c but who cares
hinsch: Carlton starting to get worried another trophy coming their way
NoneyaB: ok tyhis is what im not getting with sc why is fyfes score increasing when he hasnt been on the field for ages?
NoneyaB: fyfes score has gone up since he was injured he was sitting on 36 now hes on 341sc
SilverLion: Love the free kick count. Rubbish umpiring
hinsch: keep going Fyfe
Apachecats: Yeah noney he’s laid one tackle in the first aid room.
circle52: Yep SL as i said earlier typical umpiring in WA,
PowerBug: Seriously Lions fans, you watch your team win like twice a year and here you are up by 10 goals complaining about umps
colin wood: Come on Fyfe keep going mate. CD keep giving him more!
J.Worrall: What’s her name, Apache?
circle52: Just showing we are consistent with wnating consistent umpiring PB.
anthsill03: Spot on power bug. U cant have ur cake and eat it
Ash777: zorkos missing a free kick against for holding the ball?
hinsch: powerbug your spoiling the moment this win does not happen very often for us
SilverLion: @PB The umpiring at this ground is consistently one-sided. Today just tipifies it. But the boys have played well though
Apachecats: After BHall effort not saying anything JWorrall.
anthsill03: Mate just the win. Seriously.
PowerBug: I’m spoiling nothing, you guys should be enjoying your team winning by so much!
anthsill03: Just enjoy the win**
anthsill03: Junk it up walters plz
Ash777: Mzungu is back with freo!
J.Worrall: Good call!
Apachecats: Come on LRyan ,its been down your end all night ,do something.
J.Worrall: Did I go to swoon?
Strskes: m.robinson trying to ruin my day. touch the ball mate.
Gotigres: 14 more points please Walters. Don’t think you can do it though.
anthsill03: I didnt watch first three qts but who is bog?
Ash777: looks like anyone with a freo player except neale and langdon will be disappointed
Manowar: I have Apenis
TigersMan1: On 2281 with fyfe and walters, hopefully cracked the 2400, havent checked tho
TigersMan1: Is it worth holding fyfe for 3 weeks? or trade?
Jukes82: got walters in SC happy with that
Manowar: no calculator?
Pokerface: @tigersman depends if u got 2 trades left or 12!
TigersMan1: I’ve got 6 I think lol
Jukes82: keep him tigerman i am, unless you have a heap of trades left
TigersMan1: 4 actually
circle52: I am holding Tigersman as I have Kelly to put on field for the three weeks. And can loophole Kelly and Ballard.
Pokerface: yeah cant trade with 4

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