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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R15 of 2018

cusch1: How many people need a big game from Captain Ahern?
Jukes82: Merrett owners would be pretty happy Jacobs is out lol
NoneyaB: lol Loophole karma right there lol
circle52: Not a Captains game but a decent score cusch
circle52: He was my loophole to get Kellys 95. .
cusch1: High hoe Orazio!
Nuffman: How many times do they have to blatantly drop the ball before it’s called as such?
cusch1: jesus christ its going to be a long day for us bomber fans
bones351: What have they done to the game. 3 incorrect disposals called play on. Rubbish.
Nuffman: Absolutely pathetic umpiring. 2 goals directly attributed to the umpires there
cusch1: Do the umps want to start kicking them too?
cusch1: Was that not a throw ?
circle52: @cusch umps all season have been m,issing throiws in all games.
circle52: Some so obvous as well but seems to get missed all the time.
NoneyaB: go capt ahern you can do it! rofl!
Pusti: Superman for Oraaaazio!
cusch1: Misses 2two holding essendon players, calls the one north hold lol
Nuffman: Spose we should remember, North have received the most free kicks in the last 5 years or so
Hadouken: anyone use ahern for loophole ? lol
th3rio: guelfi and smith not doing me any favours
Lewysport: Wow 4 capes in a Q!
SilverLion: Smith was 11, goes back to 8 with an effective handball. Sc broken with all the massive quarters haha
th3rio: clangers not helping him SL
Jukes82: will be going to guelfi to mclean during the week
cusch1: McLean will still have a high BE, around 120 i think?
Jukes82: oh if that’s so, I might hold off a week
cusch1: Dont quote me on that, its just that I believe that McLean had a BE of 160 or so
kano: Essendon getting fucked by the umps lol
Crowls: oh shit. where did ahern come from. first kelly C now this
cusch1: Fuck off umpire this is just fucked now.
Fatbar5tad: Yeah spud up Ahern you fuck
faisca7: This is a shoot out!
mattmac24: 137 BE for McLean, will be closer to 100 next week so it’ll achievable for him
cusch1: Dean maggots is the worst umpire to walk on a football field
cusch1: Im going to get banned for abuse if this keeps going
faisca7: Get amongst it Devon, dont be a sausage
circle52: McLean had a B/e of 137 this week so will still be high
Fizzy343: clearly didnt mark it
cusch1: im talking about the 20 other decisions against us too fizzy
SilverLion: Have a holiday goldy
SilverLion: Pull ya finger out Smith
Nuffman: So no free to Merrett for high contact? I see
cusch1: Surprised no free against walla for a throw, and then 50 against zerrett for kicking it away lol
LeFtBehinD: Saad runs 20m tackled and drops the ball and play on?
th3rio: sliced devon!
Nuffman: They haven’t called the previous 7 LeFt
carlton_99: Dont normally like to say this but Come On Bombers hope you beat north by 100
cusch1: ok so they missed one free for north, only 16 more to go
Jukes82: mclean’s BE should be under 110 though
SilverLion: Amazing how good a game can be when Jacobs isnt playing
m0nty: spare a thought for poor Darius, working harder than a one-legged man in the Demons changerooms
mattmac24: Geez We’ve had some huge games this week! loving it!
Haydo: already higher scoring than the collingwood gc game
Pusti: Nice one, m0nty!
Nuffman: Any stats whizzes here know the last time 150 was kicked before HT?
Pusti: Loving this 80s style shootout.
AFL Blues: What the heck is wrong with you, Carlton_99? Absolutely HATE Essendon. Bunch of scumbag cheats.
carlton_99: @Afl Blues 100% agree but I despise North
SilverLion: 2 cheap flog shots by goldy
th3rio: poor from goldy, hes done that twice now.
Apachecats: Zerritt 17 @100%.Don’t see that too often
Nuffman: Rich coming from a Carlton supporter AFL Blues
Pusti: AFL Blues: You mean when Carlton were rorting the salary cap by $1 million a year?
StuL: Highest half time score since 2009 they said
carlton_99: Only time i ever go for ess or coll is against NM.
th3rio: Get over it AFL Blues, players were victims too champ
Nuffman: Thanks StuL
AFL Blues: Best teams: Carlton; Geelong; Adelaide; Melbourne; West Coast; Brisbane; Gold Coast; Port Adelaide; Fremantle…..
circle52: Sandilands out in warm up to Lions game.
Apachecats: 6 years ago now AFL blues ,then again seem to remember massive salary cap breaches at the Blues from which you are still
AFL Blues: North Melbourne; Western Bulldogs; Hawthorn; Greater Western Sydney; St. Kilda; Sydney; Collingwood; Richmond; Essendon.
Breezey: Best teams for what
Apachecats: * trying to recover from with little success.
Breezey: Oh your preferred teams and in order.
Nuffman: How many #1 and priority picks have you guys received since 2005? And 13 years later you’re still rebuilding?
th3rio: good response blues :
anthsill03: Get back onto the game. Are u some of u guys in primary school
AFL Blues: And how many Premierships do we have, Nuffman?
Jukes82: did JB just refer to this terminal disease as “amazing” umm ok
AFL Blues: Going back to my preferred teams, switch North Melbourne and Port Adelaide…
Pusti: AFL Blues: Hahaha! Your favourite team is the crappiest team of the last decade.
AFL Blues: Anthsill, are you in Kindergarden? It’s “you”*, not “u”. Write properly.
Nuffman: Same as us… When was your last again?
Nuffman: @anthsill03: nah man, just want to see him make a fool of himself 😋
AFL Blues: I said PREMIERSHIPS, Nuffman – not how many times have you finished on top of the ladder.
Pusti: AFL Blues: Oooops! I mean more than a decade and a half.
AFL Blues: Pusti, are you forgetting we have a higher win-percentage? Carlton are on top of the Premiership ladder.
AFL Blues: Deal with it.
Nuffman: According to official records. 16. Like you 🤷
AFL Blues: According to official records, Carlton are on top, you cheats.
Pusti: AFL Blues: Essendon and Carlton have 16 each, dopey.
Nuffman: Not even on Wikipedia are you on top of the “premiership ladder”
Seiya: there’s a game on how about you guys talk about that
AFL Blues: I’m not even counting on V.F.A.. XD
Lewysport: He doing it alphabetically.
Breezey: Ban all Carlton and Essendon supporters Hahahaha. Lucky for me everyone loves us
Nuffman: @Afl Blues: since 1987 when we joined the VFL, we have won 16. 20 if you want to count VFA
AFL Blues: Explains why I have Essendon bottom, Lewy. 🙂
pietime!: amen breezey!
cusch1: nuffman why stoop to his level?
Lewysport: Would be Western Bulldogs then afl bloos
anthsill03: Wats everyone having for dinner
anthsill03: Aflblues just stop bro ur digging a hole for urself
AFL Blues: 23, if you count V.F.A. for Carlton.
AFL Blues: Learn how to write, Anthsill.
Nuffman: @cusch1: I love in that level and pounce when someone wants to try and play there 😋😋
Breezey: Meanwhile back at the Ranch
Lewysport: I’m sure you were an integral part of it all too, are you old enough to have seen 1 afl blues?
J.Worrall: green curry fish & noodels
Jukes82: Ahern playing a really good game
Nuffman: @Anths: depending on how this game ends, steak
AFL Blues: Irrelevant point, Lewy.
Breezey: Beautiful @JWorrall. Sounds nice. How many of those have you had. Counting the VFA ones
hinsch: My emergencys are out scoring my premos this week
Apachecats: Ahern a budding midfielder.11 CP ,just needs to tidy up a bit ,but going to be a gun.
The39Steps: King crab legs. With ice cold Buds. Balcony overlooking Waikiki.
Apachecats: Agree jukes82
Hannibal: @Breezey – outstanding! LOL
Apachecats: Noice 39 steps
DrSeuss: Same Hinsch – Sier, Battle and now Ahern.
DrSeuss: Come on Devon – don’t stop tackling
MattyZ: was concerned that ahern would ruin my narkle emerg score but he’s doing well
Seiya: Umpire countdown kind of unnecessary
Gotigres: Wow Ahearn, nice scoring. Keep going.
Fatbar5tad: Finger out Smith fuck sake
Lewysport: 40% more tackles adds up to 40% less frees, go figure?
cusch1: quack quack Thompson
circle52: Fyfe now done for the dau for those with c on him,
cusch1: Ahern is going to get death threats because of his late in now!
DrSeuss: Smith and Zerrett doing nothing of late
cusch1: He will never do that again in his life
Nuffman: What an absolute ripper of a game this turned out to be.. hopefully doesn’t end like the Melbourne v Saints game though
cusch1: How did that game end nuff?
Nuffman: Saints held on to win at the death by 2 points after being up by 3 or 4 goals in the last
Carnster: Come on merret
DrSeuss: Where is Zerrett? Hasn’t done anything for half an hour ffs
DrSeuss: Devon taking this weekend off?
StuL: Capt Ahern better than Fyfe.
Nuffman: Ducks are out in force
cusch1: The wave from stringer was golden
Nuffman: Busch: I agree.. .although I didn’t like that the ump hurried him with 15 left on the shot clock
jocka: That is the umps job
Nuffman: Saad – 10 running bounces. North team – 5 running bounces.. oof
Nuffman: @jocka: indeed. But Stringer could have held his run up till 2 secs. You could see he was pushing stringer to take it so

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