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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R15 of 2018

Apachecats: Help! Gawn or Fyfe for captain?
snake_p: toss a coin. I’ve gone Fyfe, so go Gawn
Raspel31: Be some massive scores-even lowly I with Heeney gonna break 2500-some will go huge!
original: yeh i had to go opposite of my opponent as need a miracle so gone gawn
original: gawn good start free kick and effective kick forward
Breezey: Surely Fyfe the best option to go big
Raspel31: Yeah, I’d say so Breezey- obviously stuck with Titch.
original: could see robinson knocking him out in the first qtr lol. have to go diferent tho, cant beat opponent by going the same
th3rio: ive gone gawn into fyfe so best of both worlds
Haydo: same th3rio, but redman is my loop so gonna have to decide a bit early
th3rio: lavender mine so same bro, have a choice by 3 qtr time
original: hibberd dont hurt us like this, we all gave you plenty of chances but you gave us no othr option than to cut you wks ago
boofjb57: Fyfe will have Robinson and he has tagged well this year
original: anyone trading billings back in??
th3rio: yea, hoping gawn goes big for that reason
original: lol mccartin doesnt even look, coulda waltzd in
Apachecats: yeah original ended up going Gawn too.Not sorry about it so far.
boofjb57: Yes original. Their reserves team
Fatbar5tad: Yep. Fuck off Hibberd ya cunt.
original: question: gawn kick to petracca, petracca gives away a free..what does that mean for gawn sc? ineffective/effect?
PowerBug: Steele tagging Oliver
original: need more from oliver hey
PowerBug: That specific kick original went down as effective. I’ve seen them go both ways, the distance on the kick plays a part
Raspel31: Oliver always starts slow-he’ll come good.
original: thats not a free? such bs
original: on a round where there has already been media commentary about how umpires have seemd to WANT to impact the game…
Umpirespet: Was hoping Hogan would come good but he looks lost out there
MONEY TALK: is billings a option lmao i traded him out when he got dropped rip
StuL: Gresham at most centre bounces. Could be a late break out contender.
original: not a chance i will ever consider gresham StuL
Jukes82: all the billings tards are up and about lol
lukefield9: @original your loss ๐Ÿ˜‰
original: haha i dont have billings, never did..but would be the best lol
Raspel31: Pretty barave to take on any sainter- which team will turn up?
original: @lukefield haha look that centre clearance he got was mint dont get me wrong, just not in my sc calculations ever
StuL: Fritsch seems to be perma fwd again. Damn.
Jukes82: battle dollarsigns
SilverLion: Might have to bring Billings back in as 7th forward. Hmm.
original: honestly SilverLion is my soul mate
Raspel31: 2 touches 2 goals Fritz.
Breezey: Let me know when Seb Ross decides to get somewhere near the ball.
TheLegend6: did everyone loophole gawn?
TheLegend6: Mitchell*
Raspel31: Was going to say TheLegend- of course Titch if you had him.
Haydo: yeah and add a mark and you get 30 sc points apparently raspel
original: gawn..three intercept marks already
original: make it 4! points heaven
Raspel31: Makes you wonder when his efficiency is 74% with 2 touches and 2 goals Haydo.
luke394: Gawn off to a massive start here
Haydo: Tom Mac and Petracca unique
Fatbar5tad: Redhot on Petty there. Maggots keen on the Sainters today.
shrtlg: four
th3rio: looped gawn ๐Ÿ™‚
lukefield9: anyone who looped ahern, he’s playing
original: oh wow ahern in wow
Haydo: ahaha lukefield
th3rio: yay for ahern cash gen, thank god for luke lavender
luke394: Seriously @lukefield9?
Hawks_13: Josh battle is going well for his 3rd game. Where are his $ signs
original: gunna be awesome if people have titch vc and ahern stuck on lol
lukefield9: yep @luke394 see for yourself :/
NoneyaB: wow i was going to loop ahearfn to but my gut was saying not to so i went with T smith instead glad i listened 2 the gut
luke394: Ah well still have Fyfe C, sort of annoying looks like 150+ for Gawn
TheLegend6: Ahern saving me from a donut this week!
Torz: Same!
luke394: So frustrating why canโ€™t they just say heโ€™s playing and not fuck everyone around I would have VCโ€™d Mitchell otherwise
casey22: Why would you kick the ball anywhere near Maxey?
original: oh petracca is playing. wasnt he just in the media about wanting to be better.. lol
Apachecats: Gawn heading for110 at 1/2 time.Switched C to him with a minute to go.
original: apache was 20seconds for me hehe had to trick opponent
Raspel31: Think the interview exhausted him original.
Jukes82: glad I dumped Fritsch this week
Carnster: Think that brasyhaw has switched roles with viney, now tagging steven
MONEY TALK: how tf is that a goal
original: @Jukes he has had a great first half by his standards lol. he is a 2nd half specialist. but also traded him
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you North. Ahern late in has sunk me. I miss out on Maxxy loop and Higgins 109.
DrSeuss: Battle and Sier on the bench, J Smith on field – facepalm
Torz: Fritsch will junk to 80+ now Jukes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Fatbar5tad: Another charity saints goal. Two in a minute.
th3rio: Not vcing twitch had be depresso , feeling better now thanks big max
MONEY TALK: did u not see the last melbourne goal mate?
dipstick: @fatbasterd ouch.. the ol’d acorn up the the date. nasty. goodluck captain acorn for you
Fatbar5tad: Hit the side of the boot I thought.
PowerBug: Melbourne are asleep
th3rio: Seems the old savage is back with Webster out ?
original: gawn slowed down gee he sucks
Fatbar5tad: Captain Fyfe so not all completely lost but Gawn on fire for oppo!
Breezey: I am not worried about Fritsch. He is known to get busy in the second half.
Fatbar5tad: Two fifties, one ten metre mark, one red hot holding the ball four saints goals.
circle52: Ben Jacobs out for Kangas replaced by Ahern for thopse using Ahern as donut.
original: gawn has gone down about 5, that not counting as an effective HO is a joke
dipstick: anyone think the dees are going downhill….
luke394: Oliver lost -7 for that fuck me
pharace: Well they do have the reputation once the ski season starts
dipstick: …skiing so they dont care about the finals?
SilverLion: Loving your work Savage
DrSeuss: Time for Hogan to leave my time I think.
SilverLion: No Jacobs is good for Merrett
original: SilverLion very true
pharace: Dunno Dipstick, it’s just a reputation by association I suspect
pharace: like the thinking SilverLion )
pharace: Tyson? He’s kicked a goal, had 2Tackles, 2kicks/2marks and HB and yet SC can only find 10 for him???
original: pharace tbf all other touches weren’t effective, to the point they’re counted as clangers, and a free against
Fatbar5tad: Melbourne guarding space on Carlisle there. 3 Demons elected not to tackle.
lukefield9: as well as saints are playing atm, melbourne’s pressure has been non-existent
NoneyaB: Battle isnt a bad replacement for gunstan …
teachrtony: Cmon Clarry & McDonald, time to lift.
Fatbar5tad: In the back LMFAO this game is fixed!
Fatbar5tad: 5 umpire goals
lukefield9: @Fatbar5tad to be fair it’s about time we got a nice rub of the green
Fatbar5tad: Steven drops it…play on
snake_p: how did Steven dispose of that?
MONEY TALK: the umpires r bad both ways its not fixed
Fatbar5tad: It shouldn’t happen for you or against you. It’s shit like this that kills the A League.
snake_p: stop paying stupid 50m penalties and start paying incorrect disposal
MONEY TALK: harry taylor almost fixed the game for cats to (:
Fatbar5tad: 5 goals Money LOL
lukefield9: @MONEY TALK hahah we’re definitely getting the better of the umps today
th3rio: dang, glad i didnt pull the trigger on oliver thi week
PowerBug: it’s just Pannell, Pannell is just a bad umpire ๐Ÿ˜›
Fatbar5tad: Harry Taylor did enough when he took that mark in the dying stages of the 2009 Grand Final. All is forgiven.
Fatbar5tad: Margetts sux balls too
SilverLion: Lift Oliver
Umpirespet: Leave ur trigger alone th3rio
th3rio: he’ll be coming in soon though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lets go gawn boost it home
shaker: AFL has to do something about this free kick frenzy happening
original: wow oliver. gawn stopped. cmon maxy
original: actually yeh meant to say shocking umpiring. terrible
th3rio: I have 20 mins to decide whether to keep the VC on gawn or go fyfe, please make this an easy one maxy
Haydo: same th3rio
Fatbar5tad: Mark to Oliver….nope
luke394: The week I have Oliver as a POD
Haydo: looped him earlier but not sure now after a slow qtr still going for a 130
th3rio: haydo, if hes not on 115 im going fyfe I think :
Umpirespet: Maxxy has been shite since 1/2 time
original: luke394. my uniques: shaw buddy caddy oliver fml
Gotigres: Just noticed Old McDonalds score. Well below average.
Umpirespet: Monty I donโ€™t mind $hite being censored but what is showere?
Jukes82: put $50 on the saints to get up here, looking good.
original: jordan lewis has had a STINKER
original: niiiice jukes. what odds
Fatbar5tad: Juke$
th3rio: leaving the VC on gawn
Fatbar5tad: Saints the better side. Despite the rub.
Jukes82: lol fatbar
PowerBug: shower is what you see when the swear filter in play ๐Ÿ˜‰
SilverLion: “Its a bouncing ball”… It was straight to his chest Russel
frenzy: keep guessing little ump, OMG
thommoae: Sainters doing GWS a big favour.
Jukes82: i’ll get $375 if they hang on here
Breezey: Doing well today Hibbo.
StuL: Saints looking far better. My melb players are killing me.
PowerBug: If I had Gawn VC and had to choose in the next 5 minutes I’d be taking his score
pharace: @ Siler – Dwayne just makes it up while having a sniff
th3rio: yeah powerbug, def going gawn. Especially with a potential mitch robo tag on fyfe
TheOnyas: onya harmesy
MONEY TALK: lock him in jack billings
original: lol that bounce not being recalled
SilverLion: How do Weidemann and hannan get games
pharace: Does the free kick count points wise even though advantage was taken by a teamate?
faisca7: If dangerfield or petracca had of done what harmes just did, the commentators would have gone nuts
Jukes82: lol faisca7, they would’ve jizzed themselves
faisca7: Bruce would have put on his deep, rhetorical question voice and said “god he can play cant he?”
luke394: Really Oliver
original: melbourne must have hired some carlton coaches..entry into 50 is exact same (no idea)
SilverLion: Oppo has Gawn C and no Oliver :/
original: “brody fitz” fml how much are they paid to be bad at their job
DMS774: Is Tom McDonald sleeping on the bench? Done nothing since 1st half!
hinsch: put Mc Donald in mt side after the bye done nothing since then
Breezey: This game aint done yet
LMartos: unsurprising to see Hibberd choke another ton
Umpirespet: Thatโ€™s not htb sheesh
m0nty: nominations for star please
Hawks_13: I’d Hom armitage because he’s done nothing all year
MONEY TALK: Gawn for star been dragging them
SilverLion: Steele you grub
faisca7: Carlisle for mine
kano: Gawn clear star for mine
DMS774: Hannan
Umpirespet: Gawn
lukefield9: gresham maybe?
Seiya: zombie for armo
Carnster: surely petty in his first game what a gun
Torz: Melbourne forwards have spoiled each other all day.
Breezey: Dunno but Gresham X
MONEY TALK: is the game still fixed ffs
SilverLion: Gawn will get 150 without doing another thing
original: lol umpires
faisca7: Hold that star Monty
Jukes82: ffs hang oon saints!
StuL: Mare for McDonald.
Umpirespet: Lever Melb missing link haha
Haydo: ffs oliver and t mac now im gonna lose to the phantom
thommoae: Sainters doing GWS a big favour … just!
Jukes82: finals gone for dees

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