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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R15 of 2018

Breezey: Come on Pies.
BigChief: I think you will be fine tonight Breezey. 10 goals +
circle52: Game under way with Suns with first goal
BigChief: Stats not updating for anyone else?
snake_p: same bigchief
circle52: Was just goping to say that Chief both games not updating
Apachecats: same BC
Breezey: Go on kick 10 goals tonight JDG
circle52: Miller on Sidebottom, Pendles and Swallow together.
BigChief: Ahhh there we go.
circle52: May matching up on DeGoey
ajconodie: GC playing angry tonight. I wonder if it’s related to Lynch’s intentions? 🙂
DrSeuss: Obviously should have put aside on field
DrSeuss: Aside = Sier – damn autocorrect 😂
hinsch: Dear Mr T Phillips can you please get some ball time
Breezey: Good stuff Barry
Breezey: @Hinsch TOG 101. Interesting
cusch1: Finger licking good Breezey?
Breezey: Pardon??
circle52: Tackling a little ferocious great to see 47 so far for match
boges11: @Breezey Barry Hall’s comments were about licking fingers
Breezey: Got ya
Breezey: Stepho. Gotta be the front runner for the Rising Star
cusch1: Stephenson’s only contestant in the rising star is the second placed daylight.
boges11: Fritsch not a chance?
cusch1: Fritsch has been good, but nowhere near Stephenson level. Same can be said about Doedee
Breezey: Frisch and Ed Richards the other chances
Breezey: I love a bit of Mason.
ajconodie: Fritsch doesn’t qualify
BigChief: C’mon Treloar get out there and do something 😛
BigChief: Why doesn’t he qualify @ajconodie?
ajconodie: BigChief – He is 1 month too old.
Breezey: Frisch does qualify. Pick 31 in the last draft
ajconodie: Technically 25 days too old. That would suck.
abbarulz94: How good is Brayden Sier ? Gun.
hinsch: I got Phillips in as a POD reckon that is working at the moment
BigChief: I thought it was 21 and under
ajconodie: They must be under 21 years of age in the year of the award. He was born December 6 1996 so just misses.
BigChief: Ah ok.
ajconodie: “To be eligible to be nominated for the award, a player must be younger than 21 years of age on 1 January of the award”
Breezey: Come on put em to the sword
ajconodie: Would love a % booster but that 1st quarter was really enjoyable.
BigChief: Phillips, Sidebottom and Langdon very quiet.
hinsch: tagging from GCS seems to be working at the moment
DrSeuss: Sier getting extended bench time
Breezey: With Treloar out, Adams will get plenty of it
cusch1: Sier a first gamer?
twinpeaks: Lol I picked up Howe 5 week ago, look how well that has gone
Yelse: pies could be second after this round! commnnnn
Yelse: wonder who goes out for elliot reid more
cusch1: mIhocek, Applebey, Crocker?
Yelse: i aint really missing anyone am i besides treloar and wells who prob not coming back
Yelse: true that crusch1
cusch1: Sier and Daicos probably the two to go our for them
Breezey: We are second right now on the LIVE ladder
Gotigres: Phillips averaging 97 lol.
Breezey: @Yelse Varcoe also to come back in
Gotigres: Can’t believe Pies are currently second.
ajconodie: @Gotigres – It makes me uncomfortable.
hinsch: Phillips has not touched the ball for 1/2 a game WTF
Gotigres: lol @ajconodie. I know that strange feeling when all of a sudden your team is successful. Imagine a Tigers and Pies gran
JockMcPie: Tigers-Pies GF would be an incredible spectacle
Gotigres: …grand final. It would be huge.
ajconodie: @Gotigres – The corporates would be mugged in the carpark lol
Breezey: MCG not big enough if that happens @Gotigres
ajconodie: If Stephenson wasn’t favourite for the Rising Star, he is now.
Gotigres: True Breezey. Not even 200,000 capacity would be big enough.
supervery: haha look at these collingwood and richmond fans jerking each other off. Control yourselves
Yelse: lets get their first. we got a tough finish to the season
Breezey: Just talk champ. Worry about yourself buddy
ajconodie: we’re allowed to hypothesise @supervery. Just you worry about playing in a final let alone a GF.
supervery: i don’t remember mentioning the dees? i’d love a final, as i’d have thought you pies fans would too given recent years
supervery: ps go grundy
pcaman2003: Holman gone back 5 pts since 1/2 time. Get the ball Holman
ajconodie: It’s ironic GCS have so many gingers when the sun is their worst enemy.
BigChief: Dunn done?
JockMcPie: Cmon Collingwood get a big % booster
poolboybob: Just get rid of the suns, bloody useless club
cusch1: That answers your question Breezey, Dunn goes out for Reid/Moore!
BigChief: Mihocek is keeping Reid out of the team.
runt: If Suns goals were meat pies, Dew would be slim in no time
runt: Yes, I am making a fat joke. overweight coaches are a bloody disgrace
runt: No-one is going to run harder for a lard arse
faisca7: Cmon Chips!
circle52: Gee just realised hard decision coming up take deGoeys score or will Bundy beat it.
cusch1: You need some real problems if that is a hard decision circle! lol
cusch1: No goals for Hosky tonight?
circle52: @cusch would have liked DeGoey to go 70+ to make it easy, Bundy averaging 71.
Hadouken: sorry i broke sidey

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