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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R15 of 2018

Jukes82: got the VC on Mitchell, if no good got Captain Fyfe should be good against Brissy
pcaman2003: Good choices Jukes82.. I have Con Titch. VC on Danger not good enough.
Jukes82: hopefully he drops a big one tonight, almost went Cripps lucky he slowed up
Haydo: Made a last minute vc change from kelly to Gawn with captain fyfe
pcaman2003: Gawn will go big I feel against Saints.
pcaman2003: Is it just me,or no stats appearing
BigChief: No one to stop him for Saint @pcaman.
Jukes82: yeah the dt stats are rooted
Ben_Gogos: Not just you @pcaman2003, Champion Data having issues.
pcaman2003: Thanks Ben. Keep going Titch and go bananas
BigChief: Other game is ok now stats wise.
pcaman2003: Who is your C Chief
pcaman2003: Crikey! Lobb doing the Flinstone shuffle.
BigChief: I vc’d Danger into Gawn
pcaman2003: You’ll be fine with that choice.
twinpeaks: Lobb on fire
BigChief: I need Gawn to get 200 to help me win this week.
pcaman2003: Hawks r Horrible!
th3rio: God I need Kelly to break this tag
DrSeuss: Ok Kelly and Taranto – any time now would be great
hinsch: sorry guys I got J. Kelly in this week my fault
abbarulz94: Didn’t Ward kick the first goal? Whitfield hasn’t even kicked a goal yet
abbarulz94: Test
th3rio: Dont worry hinsch hes coming up milhouse
Raspel31: Just home- MaCrae to Teloar to Kelly- must the torture go on?
abbarulz94: Kelly not doing too badly
DrSeuss: Nice work Kelly, your turn now Taranto
pcaman2003: Kelly can boost points very quickly Raspel. I wouldn’t worry too much
Raspel31: No- suddenly picked up abbarul
Raspel31: And good last game pcaman except for R Gray- even Rocky edged him.
shaker: That free to Smith was absurd
pcaman2003: Yep! Gray my only disappointment. Strong start,weak finish
cusch1: Does no one had Heeney?
Raspel31: Was home 5 mins too late to switch cap from Titch to Fyfe- thanks late tram.
Raspel31: Neither of my opp had Heeney cusch which truly put me in the poo-but, since then, all good.
cusch1: me fail english? Umpossible
abbarulz94: Game just goes to show that Tom Mitchell isn’t an impact player
pcaman2003: @ Shaker. Agreed! The kick from it was justice.
casey22: Titch on world record pace?
Raspel31: Yore Engleesh impeckabubble cusch
pcaman2003: Titch is a beast
jocka: Why does Lobb have cape?
cusch1: How Ward has a lower sc than Titch astounds me. Ward has been incredible
ajconodie: Jocka – 3 goals in a quarter.
poolboybob: Taranto you suck
Ben_Gogos: @jocka kicked 3 in the first term
DrSeuss: Is it time to move on from Taranto? Hmmm
Raspel31: Is Cameron not playing?
Smurfman: Why does Whitfield have the first goal star, but it doesn’t say he’s scored any goals?
cusch1: Ward kicked the first goal SMurf
pcaman2003: That’s better Hawks. More please!
casey22: m0nty: change the clock to a count down version a la TV
pcaman2003: Ward and Titch having a SC race.
cusch1: jeez that was a soft free kick
BigChief: Might be playing AFL on PS4 @Raspel
Ash777: what a soft free
faisca7: Shiel has so much talent. Don’t think he’s reached anywhere
pcaman2003: Totally dumb Howe you flog.
faisca7: Near his potential yet*
StuL: A “Rancey”! Its becoming free kick ball again
cusch1: Thats a second soft free kick to GWS in a row
DrSeuss: These frees are getting ridiculous
FordyHawks: Can see why Howe is annoyed. Those last 3 gws frees were soft as
casey22: Free kicks will kill our game!!!!!!
Ash777: Is simpson back to his best yet?
casey22: I reckon 4 free kicks against 10 minutes off! That’ll fix it
pcaman2003: Our disposal and decision making is costing us,not so much the frees.
Ash777: Morrison looks like he’ll be good in a couple of years
FordyHawks: Being kept alive by gws inaccuracy too, Lift Hawks!
j959: Giants could kick themselves out of this one …
Raspel31: Who you got in this pcaman-me Titch, Sicily and Kelly.
wadaramus: Sicily & Kelly are POD’s for me in my FF match up, need them to fire!
j959: anyone know why my team (Swans) doesn’t show for my chat
pcaman2003: Just Sicily and Titch as C Raspel.
Burnsy03: i have the same raspel
FordyHawks: Those 3 + cog for me
JockMcPie: It does for me j959, maybe refresh or just wait a bit
FordyHawks: Went Kelly to Macrae back to Kelly this year, lol
Raspel31: Heeney was my pod wada.
pcaman2003: Anyone without Titch is a nong.
j959: yeh, now there Jock … weird, not there before as can be seen below…
shaker: 29 frees to half times umpires are ruining the game
wadaramus: I’m a nong for taking the C off Titch 🙁
FordyHawks: Biggest disappointment this year has been Dusty
wadaramus: THe week you have him as a POD Raspel he flunks out, not his fault with a concussion though.
pcaman2003: @Wada. That could be a big ‘ouch” for you.
Ash777: can he break his record?
wadaramus: I moved the C just so I could use the VC, pretty silly huh?!
Ash777: Gaff is a good POD
pcaman2003: @Ash777. I won’t say yes in case I moz him.
Raspel31: Not happy with Titch so far- shift cap to Gawn or Fyfe?
wadaramus: Haha Raspel, stop rubbing it in mate!
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
Ash777: I accidentally left the C on dusty when I used him to loophole gawn last week 🙁
Stu7: Ash777 nooooooooo
Raspel31: Looping and booze a tricky balance Ash.
Ash777: a soft free hawks way
pcaman2003: Soft free for that goal,but we’ll take it.
pcaman2003: Now for the econd ton Titch.
pcaman2003: Hawks defence is horrid. Not tight enough.
FordyHawks: Old fashioned shoot out in the 3rd
pcaman2003: Now we have a game.
Sixty656: Touch the ball Kelly you dog.
Raspel31: I uuess Stratton has a purpose. Is it just to guide rookie Hawks into disgusting mullets?
shaker: The umpires have missed at least 12 frees in the last minute
Ash777: missing frees are better than soft frees imo
FordyHawks: Lol ‘tackled from the front’…. yeah, he was facing him…
StuL: Gawn or Fyfe? Seeing as Mitchell is fast killing my season with opp having him C.
DrSeuss: Get back into it Sicily
cusch1: Is Patton a worse number 1 pick than Watts?
supervery: no but Boyd probably is @cusch
poolboybob: Just give Mitchell the atlas now
supervery: at least Boyd had his moment in 2016
Ash777: Boyd has done more than Patton
pcaman2003: Langford is so useless. Shouldn’t get another game.
Apachecats: coig sc?
Haydo: why did kelly just drop 15 points didnt see him give any frees or 50s away
supervery: Langford has got to be one of the worst players in the comp. Is that too far? Dylan Buckley also springs to mind
Ash777: Watts was a victim of dees horrible coaching years
cusch1: After that blunder, I rephrase my question, Patton is the worst number 1 pick in how many years?
supervery: Absolutely Ash. Never stood a chance
Raspel31: Pardon my fading eyesight-going for hot water bottle now. Is Kelly still out there/
JRedden: titch has won the brownlow for sure
pcaman2003: @superevy. His SC ave of 41 says it all.
BigChief: @cusch no Watts was a terrible #1 pick. Nautanui beter option.
StuL: McCartin is pretty spudly. What has he ever done?
Ash777: McCartin hasn’t had the ability to string together games from being concussed all the time
Breezey: 36 touches and still getting beat Titch. No effect
supervery: @pcaman Buckley’s career average is 50!
supervery: Patton has had a lot of injuries too Ash
Ash777: Patton has no excuse for his bad performances
BigChief: Richard Lounder would have to be the worst ever though.
Breezey: Andrew Bogut was a pretty ordinary No 1 pick
Ash777: he has had injuries but nothing more than other players get
BigChief: NBA champion though @Breezey.
Breezey: Yeah well.
BigChief: Who would be best Reiwoldt or Hodge? I vote Roo
supervery: Hodge is a 4 time premier and 2 time Norm Smith. Pull your head in BigChief
Raspel31: Roo Big Chief.
BigChief: Pi55 off supervery you knob. I said I vote Roo and that is my opinion.
jesseboy: Easily Roo, held his team up for years. Hodge had the fortune of being around a team of good players
runt: Reiwoldt was a very good player that looked after himself. Hodge is a leader of men.
supervery: haha settle down mate. it’s all in good fun
cusch1: Chief you are copping a lot of stick today…not sure why either
Ash777: the way hodge managed to bring almost over the line last week. I’m going Hodge
supervery: @jesseboy Saints had a good era too with Dal Santo, Ball, Goddard, Hayes etc. And Raph Clarke of course
m0nty: Stay premium you lot.
runt: Though the bset thing about Hodge was he punched in Hirds head in the line in the sand game
cusch1: Dont forget Xavier.
pcaman2003: Thank goodness Langford finished tonight.
Stu7: Xavier was a hack
runt: Hird was never the same
Raspel31: Lobb been disappointing- great players don’t let a broken back limit them.
supervery: haha who could ever forget Xavier??
supervery: jeez that was slick by Breust
Ash777: I have not remember Roo ever single handily try to pull the win out for saints
casey22: Who said earlier Titch disposals ineffective!!!????
supervery: Ash Roo was an absolute champion no doubt. I just think Hodge’s record speaks for itself. All time great
Ash777: why kick to a 2 on 1…
cusch1: My vote is for Roo because he was a good bloke as well. Hodge was a grub
runt: Xavier Clarke saved his best work for the Lions. 1 game, 4 disposals. Excuse me if I forget him now
runt: Hawks pulling hard on the oars.
Raspel31: Beautifully put cusch-and so true.
GOD: GOD has the C on T. Mitchell tonight!
m0nty: not sure why you guys aren’t talking about Titchell, back on the game please
pcaman2003: Can the Hawks buy a free please ump?
FordyHawks: 2 clear frees missed there
cusch1: Not talking about titch because Roo and Hodge actually impacted games with their disposals
pcaman2003: @god. So has everyone else champ,so run along now.
supervery: what an odd passage of play
cusch1: I have Grundy captain
runt: Hey you guys, what about that Mitchell bloke! Heard of him? That guy that runs around having zero impact
Ash777: not sure if umpiring is still horrible or commentators are horrible at calling them
GOD: #freekickhawthorn nothing to complain about
runt: If Mitchell had the impact per disposal that Cyril has he would be the greatest player since Gary Wilson
cusch1: Dangerous tackle is another ridiculour bullsht rule
Raspel31: Mitchell going to need another couple of 50 plus games before I rate him. What a gun!
faisca7: Roughead you flog.
casey22: Without Titch: halve Hawks score no matter who you replace him with!!!!
faisca7: You wouldn’t think that Cusch if you had your head slammed into the ground with your arms pinned
Raspel31: Surely Mitchell has earned the right to a mullet?
runt: With all his handballs, Mitchell is bringing the game into disrepute. Just kick it!!!!
pcaman2003: Hawks dropped a ton of marks tonight.
pcaman2003: @runt. Bit unkind. He has 2nd most kicks on ground.
casey22: Sure like seeing 350 plus next to my captain
Raspel31: Fascinated- who’s your cap casey?
jocka: how does Mitchel get 4 SC points for handballing straight to the opposition?
pcaman2003: And the fat lady singing. Howev you didot
runt: Barassi used to say, “You get possessions and Ill shut up!” He would have been rendered mute by Mitchell
pcaman2003: @jocka. Contested possie
Ash777: Howe needs to be dropped I think. Too undisciplined
faisca7: 50! You beauty
casey22: 50 to Titch
Raspel31: Allez les francais contre les Argies!
pcaman2003: @Ash. I agree.
BallHog: Snortalicious!
Breezey: Get 50 and lose. Geez he’d be happy with that

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