Chat log from R15 of 2018: Adelaide vs West Coast

shaker: Lets see if WC get all the frees today
Raspel31: Let’s see if Gibbs is back to his best now Sloaney is back.
NoneyaB: Geeez glad I dont have CEY was it a very very late withdrawal?
lukefield9: @Noneya nah he was out at team selection time
PowerBug: nah CEY was an out yesterday
Raspel31: Nah- was in this morning’s papers and news last night.
NoneyaB: ahh k wish i knew i would havE PUT THE E on polke
TigersMan1: ffs yeo playing full back so won’t get midfield time
SilverLion: Good start Laird and Yeo
original: yeo really on walker?? ooft
circle52: Most have Yeo and Laird so we will go down together like Heeney.
Raspel31: Oh well, at least Yeo on 100% accuracy.
original: solidarity brothers!
TheBoy89: Anyone trade treloar to gaff??
feralmong: SS Supercoach Titania
feralmong: went to gaff from dusty about 6 weeks ago.
feralmong: and just like that yeolaird are in the points.
Raspel31: I went MaCrae to Treloar to Kelly-watch out Kelly owners.
DrSeuss: Redden, Yeo, Laird and Seedsman, not the best start
Apachecats: Sorry everyone ,bought Yeo in this week.
feralmong: i went treloar to sidey. hoping he’ll go bigger.
original: hows the sc score on crouch given his efficiency. wow
Raspel31: You’re up to your old tricks Apache.
DrSeuss: Why would you play one of your best mids down back on Walker? That can’t be right?
StuL: Whats wrong with potatyeo?
DrSeuss: FFS Redden going into the negatives
Jackwatt$: @raspel I went Kelly to Macrae to Treloar to Kennedy, watch out JPK owners (but so far so good)
Raspel31: Read DrSeuss below StuL
Apachecats: yeah raspel ,trying to work out who I can kill off next week
Wends: Afternoon all… and sisters @original 🙂 Yeo has poor record v Crows @apache – don’t be so hard on yrself
lukefield9: @original just a casual 8 contested possies…
SilverLion: The Yo-Yo is down today
PowerBug: When you have McInnes, Lycett and Waterman I really find it odd that McGovern is also starting fwd with Yeo in defence
BigChief: Add 4 clearances and 2 tackles as well lukefield9
original: @lukefield yeh but sc efficiency is meant to be king. hence all us AT owners last year hating life lol
SilverLion: Why didn’t Yeo get a FF for the push on him by Walker earlier?
DrSeuss: I swear coaches try to outsmart themselves sometimes. Put Yeo in the middle….
lukefield9: @original no, efficiency AND contested possessions are king. have a look at the scoring guide if u don’t believe me
Breezey: Laird and Sauce in this one.
DrSeuss: Who are the 5% of people that own Hutchings in AF? They will be ecstatic
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
pcaman2003: Went great last game. This one I have Gibbs. Crap!
AFL Blues: Originial, can you not make a disgrace of Carlton-supporters? Write properly, please.
feralmong: hehe hutchings past his average in one qtr. moon pls monty.
original: @AFL Blues ok dad
Moona: is Taylor Walker the most overrated player in the league??
Wends: Have to trade out Webster to avoid a doughnut… Webster/Austin to Crisp/J Smith. Yay or nay?
shaker: Maybe overpaid Moona
JButcher: Why not just go back Tex? You’re not eddie
poolboybob: This is a lousy match
BigChief: @Wends Luke Ryan?
pcaman2003: @Wends. Crisp performing well
Apachecats: like J ,Smith wends
BigChief: Or Sicily or Howe or Hurley.
hinsch: crappy game compared to last night, WCE forwards not getting much time cannot get the ball pass half way
Wends: Have considered Ryan BigChief… will check BEs. Got Sic already.
Wends: Wld only trade out Webster for Crisp or Lloyd @PCA. And J Smith named on ground surely a good sign @Apache?
hinsch: hopefully GCS Vs Collingwood is a bit more exciting
Apachecats: named in key position wends
DrSeuss: Why is Seedy at Half Forward and Yeo at Half Back….damnit
BigChief: Did I hear Benny Hill music in the background?
poolboybob: Raise your game Nic Nat
original: again, unlucky all those who brought liam ryan in a few weeks ago
circle52: Nic Nat only 61% TOG Hope it is more in 2nd half.
Nuffman: Yeo’s ability to burst score is insane
circle52: Slow down Crouch do not want you to get your B/e
TheBoy89: Wow I bring in gaff for treloar put the vc on him best trade yet for me
Wends: True but those 30 points could be very handy come finals Apache 🙂
PowerBug: Sto pcomplaining about Yeo, he’s fiiiiiiine 🙂
Apachecats: all is forgiven Elliot
faisca7: Nice one TB, he’s a gun. Had 9 straight SC 100’s
Wends: Jacobs blue moon if he keeps this up Monty. He’s reached his usual F/T score.
SilverLion: Oh how I’ve missed you Laird
Ladbrokes_: 3 rd avg of 103 before this wends, he’s lifted a bit from his woes earlier in the year
Wends: True Ladbrokes but the 126 v Hawks somewhat skews that average. Not complaining about that and today though…
pcaman2003: Keep it up Gibbsy. Slow start but coming good.
BigChief: Game still not improved.
DrSeuss: Don’t stop Seedsman
Wends: PSA: Gunston out for Hawks.
luke394: McGovern’s jumper number looks a bit like his head
DrSeuss: Seedsman done nothing this quarter
Breezey: A big gap between Crows Top 3 and the rest of the team tonight
Jukes82: 5 goals in 3 quarters is ordinary
DrSeuss: Redden, Yeo & Seedsman – touch the ball, or tackle or both..
BigChief: Even worse when it is your own dunghill @Jukes.
Jukes82: yup, they missing a few forwrds but so are the eagles
Breezey: This is enormous from Sauce tonight. How big will he go
kano: Tex Walker is incredibly overrated
The39Steps: Collective Mind has killed the Crows.
pcaman2003: Gee! Nic Nat heeds more TOG . He always gets low TOG. Still being managed?
The39Steps: Saw a report this week that 5 of the Crows are still getting help after the pre season camp.
Breezey: Certainly did a number on them @39 Steps
BigChief: Eagles looking after Naitanui with 22 games plus finals. Watch him get 75%+ TOG come finals.
TheOnyas: onya crouchy
shaker: NN TOG has increased from there bye
BigChief: Mackay done for day.
luke394: Pcaman whinges about Nic Nat TOG every single game trade him!
Jukes82: lol
BigChief: Is that reportable? Running into goal umpire?
Breezey: Not watching but are the Crows looking like they’re in this game
ajconodie: Anone else having trouble with the AFL app playing this game?
BigChief: Well and truly in it Breezey.
Jukes82: boy oh boy, crows are back in this
shaker: Eagles looking like they have rolled over
BigChief: 5 goals in 3 quarters and 4 goals in 10 mins. Who would have thought.
Breezey: Keep going Saucer
BigChief: Did Jocobs just lose 20 sc points?
Breezey: @Bigchief. He lost about 50 then got them back
BigChief: Yeah they came back just as I hit enter LOL
pcaman2003: @Luke394. Stop whinging about others whinging you plonker.
Breezey: I was 1/2 way through my post when they returned
Jukes82: bigger choke job than last nights game!
twinpeaks: Yeo been moved onto the ball
luke394: You just say the same stuff every game @pcaman I reckon I could name your team from all your whinging
PowerBug: Yeooooo
twinpeaks: Gaff absolutely everywhere – and Yeo just goaled!
LMartos: Yeo only 9 points for that goal. wat
pcaman2003: @Luke. You need to chill and stop stressing about other people. Seriously!
pcaman2003: Maybe lastg nights dramatic loss was too much for!
TheBoy89: Shut up salty hawthorn supporter
Jukes82: lol so petty
Fatbar5tad: Got Yeo in for Doodee. Not a great result this round
PowerBug: play nice people
Fatbar5tad: 100 seconds. Two goals.
Apachecats: after being on 2 at 1/4 time ,happy with 89 from Yeo
Haydo: damn oppo has dodee and gaff
twinpeaks: Tex star
kano: Sauce star for mine
Jukes82: tex did fuck all first half but he won them the game in the second half
twinpeaks: M Crouch for Gray next week, just Nicnat and Doedee out to finish
Breezey: Def Sauce Star

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