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Chat log from R14 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, R14 of 2018

th3rio: gents
th3rio: no jacobs means bont should go nuts
obione05: why does everyone start with a SC pt?
MONEY TALK: no more brownlow for jacobs ):
th3rio: just for rocking up obione
Burnsy03: brought in adams this week has gone huge when hes been fit
Ash777: problem is he’s too injury prone
Burnsy03: yea rash decision to get rid on doedee
th3rio: you’ve got yourself a POD there, thats for sure Burnsy
pcaman2003: Hope McLean goes big this week.
Ash777: daw as a defender now…
Breezey: Remember when Dahlhaus scored well.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Been a while now.
igotworms: McLean will go big with Macrae out pcaman!! I have him in classic and draft….. he has too!
Jukes82: boy oh boy, McLean BE of 186 SC, he’ll be a delicious pick up in a few weeks
Ash777: dogs playing sort of 2016 style
Ash777: wow cordy playing forward
circle52: @oboine it has something to do with the arrangement at CD and FF SC scores are always +1.
Haydo: 182 + Howe vs Bont and Mclean both have 19 so not sure about exact points
Breezey: I am hanging in there wth him @ pcaman 2003
Stu7: Dahlhaus is a shadow of his former self
poolboybob: Crozier randomly scoring well these days in a new role
DrSeuss: Only Ahern in this match, which means I probably shouldn’t watch
Ash777: this game is bloody weird
Pokerface: its because there is no arrangement circle 🙂 means scores don’t copy and breach copyright
Breezey: Capeworthy for Crozier or what
pcaman2003: Good to see MClean bounce back after an injured 52 last week
luke394: slow down McLean i wanna get you discounted next week
StuL: A ton and no more will do McLean.
pcaman2003: @Luke. he’ll be on fire this,hot,hot!
Jukes82: mcleans BE next week still should be pretty high, unless he drops a 130 plus or so
luke394: on track at the moment @Jukes82
pcaman2003: Just need Ahern to fire up now.
Ash777: marley williams needs a muppet
pcaman2003: Is Brown inspector Gadget? Stretches like him
poolboybob: Crozier on track for 250 SC and 55 disposals
luke394: Glad i don’t have Spudhouse anymore god he was a bad pick
Costanza: keep it up Doggies, look fwd to an overdue Brad Scott meltdown
th3rio: ahern will be dropped next week at this point. Turned over twice now
luke394: Ben Brown’s had 5 disposals 7 contested!
Stu7: Us love to see Brad Scott break another phone 😊
original: dahl last three games v kangas averaging 120..we can dream right
Breezey: Schache getting plenty of ball tonight. Unusual
PowerBug: hmmmm that Benny Brown lad is makign a case to come into my team next week
pcaman2003: Go Toby and keep going Ahern.
pcaman2003: McLeran great tackle on Goldy taking long time to load up.
wadaramus: Go Goldy!!
luke394: if Crozier was Bont he’d be on 120 by now
bongidongi: of course Higgins is screwing me over
StuL: Go Goldy. Kind of need you to be back in town.
StuL: Why is Crozier such a gun!? What the? Is he +1?
wadaramus: Lift Richards, last week of the byes, just one more week mate!
PowerBug: Hartung hamstring. Game over.
pcaman2003: Ahern creeping up nicely now.
poolboybob: Wakey wakey McLean
duckky: Ahern $ already
MONEY TALK: ive had brown for a while
PowerBug: good player isn’t he? very SC friendly too. Might go him for a POD F6 as North have a nice run home
dipstick: who’s eyeing brown? thats called the brown eye POD
circle52: Just home from the gabba and seen the scores. WOW>
circle52: I have had my eye on Brown for a while but not enough trades thius week so stay down.
Breezey: Raise the bat Crozier before HT
twinpeaks: Ahern lowest TOG on ground
pcaman2003: Hoping CD gives McLean his tackle on Goldie during 1/2 time. Perfect tackle.
dipstick: keep your eye on hogan too. he will be top 5 fwd next year
aces-high: Goldy is back
pcaman2003: Amazed by Crozier tonight.
frenzy: Dermis should be the MRO, nobody would ever get a week
BigChief: How far OOB was that ball?
Stu7: Dahluseless
poolboybob: Feel free to continue scoring McLean
pcaman2003: C’mon Toby! You need to get moving buddy.
pcaman2003: Brown worrying the defenders.
BigChief: Norf need to look for other fwds. Brown has 3-4 on him all the time.
luke394: perfect McLean stay low son
Ash777: dont know if I like naughton more in defence or forward
pcaman2003: @Luke. Perfect? He’s tracking for a ton. Is that low for you? 🙂
luke394: yep then hell drop enough $$ for me to get him @pcaman
luke394: he was also on 58 2 mins ago
pcaman2003: @Luke. Aha! I thought you opponent might have had him. Makes sense now
PowerBug: I walk out the room for a minute and Goldy goes +17. Lovely 🙂
luke394: if he hits 92 he drops 42k so anything between that and 100 would be ideal
th3rio: I already have mclean but will have a serious look at harris andrews in a few weeks 😉
Ash777: higgins constantly giving taps to the head when tackled. Might get a week if he keeps it up.
coldog: Very dirt tonight Higgins
coldog: *dirty
th3rio: gonna be a ripper last qtr
PowerBug: Higgins is elite
kano: Ziebell is a maggot
BigChief: WTF are you on about coldog? Higgins is BOG
Costanza: a total of 7 x RDT tons for the year between Dal and Parker. Ugly
kano: Wouldnt have thought dirty and BOG were mutually exclusive bigchief
TheOnyas: onya browny
th3rio: yes! need 8 more higgins touches and 1 more ziebell goal
coldog: did I say he has played a bad game? He has given a dirty elbow and fist to the opponents face that’s all I said
Cotts: god this hurts to watch
th3rio: majak improved so much this year
th3rio: higgins just an easy 4 touches there
pcaman2003: Brown incredibly traveeld more than any other player tonight
Roksta: Umpires are screwing a good game here
th3rio: wtf, how was a bump to the side a free?
Ash777: had no intention of going for the ball
Cotts: hows that not holding the ball against bont
pcaman2003: Bont gets favour of ump and scores as well.Pfft
Gotigres: No free against Daw then.
tommy10: Onya Goldy
pcaman2003: McLean gone very quiet. Lift! Toby!
th3rio: wowee
Jukes82: stay down toby! Good boy
Cotts: some rubbbbbish decisions in the past few minutes!
kano: Thst free to north there was fucking garbage
Costanza: that’s a bit ruff
Burnsy03: gowers has become elite since i traded him
pcaman2003: Wowee! What a finish we’re going to get.
th3rio: surely crozier star
Jukes82: gowers BOG
poolboybob: Blue moon for Gowers
Breezey: Blue Moon Wallis as well
Gotigres: wow, great game
th3rio: that goal just won me my bet 🙂
Jukes82: boy oh boy wow wee!!
kano: Muppet wallis
Jukes82: is mclean dead?
pcaman2003: Trengove shouldn’t have left Brown then. Cost them the game.
poolboybob: Adams was on 60 like 10 minutes ago
twinpeaks: Higgins star
th3rio: he took like 4 intercept marks poolboy
Burnsy03: thats my POD Adams
luke394: thanks Toby you legend
th3rio: fair play burns, came good after a slow start lol

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