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Chat log from R14 of 2018: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R14 of 2018

frenzy: casbolt maybe out in the warm up – finger
Costanza: hopefuily a good game after an average round
Apachecats: Poor bugger can’t take a trick frenzy.
pcaman2003: Afternoon gang! Hope this isn’t a one sided slaughter
PureSwag: Afternoon pcaman
Haydo: Good start Howe, now don’t do what u did last week and not score for the rest of the game
circle52: Afternoon all
pcaman2003: Hi Circle! Interesting start
Apachecats: hi circle
original: ANy danger of a free kick
original: That’s how bad oshea is wow
Haydo: Collingwoods list looks 1 longer than Carltons, whos missing
Haydo: nm fixed now
circle52: Looks like Pendles is following Cripps.
StuL: Go Crippig!
PowerBug: Not very well, it seems 😛
_YoungGun_: Hi lads finally been accepted! Loving it! Carn the blues + Grundy lift
Raspel31: Carlton supporters vetted very heavily YoungGun.
pcaman2003: Damn you Treloar. Stay down.
anthsill03: That stephenson kid goes alright for a first year player
luke394: Lift Grundy I have you C
poolboybob: F off Treloar
cusch1: Who would have thought having three Carlton players would be paying off for me.
_YoungGun_: I got Grundy C, treloar, mihocek.
Haydo: lowest score of 39 from 3 players at qtr time isn’t bad
spudaroos: Stephenson has to be rising star right? Most valuable rookie for sure
Raspel31: Cripps and Simpson sure- who’s you’re 3rd cusch- one of the Curnows?
cusch1: Gundy, Cripps, Simpson and Curnow are my 4 playing today
pcaman2003: Have Treloar,Cripps and Simmo. Opponent has same plus C on Treloar and DeGooey.Could be tight
Raspel31: Hmm- regretting I “upgraded” Stephenson-yeah, right.. Same players as me pcaman.
poolboybob: Treloar’s 42 seems generous
frenzy: Cripps is an animal
pcaman2003: Putting the C on Titch may yet cost me.
Costanza: Cox hates being near the bottom
cusch1: Daisy Thmoas had to jump just to give Cox a jumper punch hahaha
_YoungGun_: What do you mean raspel? Why are Carlton supporters vetted very heavily? Lol
Sloan4Pres: Cox is such a spud
cusch1: How was that no advantage? Sprinting through the middle on your own is a big advantage
carlton_99: Pies play on advantage lose the ball and then its brought back. Makes sense what a joke
NoneyaB: geez commentaters dont say that they said simpson at first but it was plowman poopr kid though
cusch1: A bunch of role changes coming up in Carlton’s back half. Could be bad for Simpson scoring wise
Smurfman: Simpsons roll will never change. Everyone will just change around him
anthsill03: I hope simo never retires
MattyZ: what a mark!
cusch1: Great grab by noodlehead Curnow
original: can guarantee he wouldnt have got a free if he didnt mark
carlton_99: no way original
spudaroos: I feel like Simpson’s role was lessened by Doch last year though.
cusch1: Why would he have got a free if he hadnt have marked it though??
Costanza: Curnow the new, and maybe even better, Kouta
original: lol cusch are you not watching?
carlton_99: @cusch has been held all game and no frees so weve assumed he wouldn’t have got that
original: he got a great head massage while taking the mark cusch
_YoungGun_: Treloar needs to lift. No touches this q
poolboybob: hahahaha Rowe tried to miss from the goal square
cusch1: Tried to embrace his inner Scott Lycett Poolboy
luke394: is Treloar alive?
carlton_99: how was that not a mark to curnow?
poolboybob: Too soon, cusch
pcaman2003: If Treloar stays down, I could stay on top of my league with some luck.
Raspel31: Not a touch this quarter Treloar?
luke394: 120 pcaman
cusch1: Treloar at FF
_YoungGun_: Raspel what did you mean about Carlton supporters being vetted heavily
cusch1: What a mark Charlie.
MONEY TALK: Hehehe i brought in simmo over andrews lucky me, should of chucked the c on cripps tho
pcaman2003: @Luke. If he stays below 130 and DeGooey no more than 100,I should squeek in
Raspel31: Twas merely a jest young fellow.
cusch1: There’s a lot of feeling in this game. Players look like they genuinely hate each other
MattyZ: How has Polson not got any tackles? I think I’ve seen him crush Mayne about 3 times now
carlton_99: These umpires are a joke! 18-7 half time
MattyZ: whoops
poolboybob: Collingwood players looking as feral as their supporters
Costanza: this why games with 2 Vic teams are still the best
PowerBug: Spoken like someone that’s never watched a SA Showdown or Western Derby Costanza hahaha
Pusti: Caching, Caching
BigChief: Treloar will score 100+. Always scores in last when game is over.
cusch1: Treloar 100% DE with 2 clangers?
BigChief: clangers are more than disp @cusch. You know that.
MONEY TALK: really thought that was holding the ball b4 the siren
Jukes82: lol its hilarious that ppl still have ano clue that clangers don’t always involve disposals lol
carlton_99: @moneytalk we havent got any HTB today. There was also that mark to Curnow that wasnt paid as the “umpire wasnt sure”
carlton_99: how is that a valid decison
MONEY TALK: channel 7 stuffed up not being able to play this match
BigChief: @Carlton how about the mark to Curnow that was paid but shouldn’t have been?
cusch1: Yeah I realised as soon as I pressed enter. Bit of a blonde moment on my behalf
Costanza: I’m from SA and have – 90% one sided crowds are lame
cusch1: Also, the Essendon Box Hill VFL game was quite an entertaining game to be fair
The39Steps: Harris Andrews was admitted to hospital last night as his condition worsened. May be out later today. Source:
carlton_99: @BigChief are u watching the game 8-7 says it all
HappyDEZ: Agreed Costanza. Miss the atmosphere of SANFL at it’s best.
MONEY TALK: it was a good game but would get a bigger audience with a afl game
MONEY TALK: 18-8 @carlton
BigChief: I can’t believe people still think the free kick count needs to be even.
PowerBug: I thought your post was about the players hating each other, not about the crowd though
carlton_99: It does if you are watching the game and blatant fress arent paid
BigChief: But at least Carlton are having a go, unlike last week.
cusch1: Carlton has been a blatant umpire basher for the past 18 months. It really isn’t nothing new in all fairness
Costanza: good times @HappyDEZ, Bays would’ve won more flags if not for Port
BigChief: Grundy will get 150 with no Kreuzer.
cusch1: Cripps just dont argued his own teammate. The bloke is a bull
lukat: Treloar, pathetic. hasnt touched it in 40 minutes
carlton_99: Come on thats not HTB
MONEY TALK: really happy with brining in simmo in
cusch1: Charlie is having some sort of game
cusch1: Curnow to Cripps, my SC dream come true
carlton_99: Pau Cripps 10M a year idc we have to keep him
MONEY TALK: charlie showing why he is worth his 800k. future star
original: what a bull
cusch1: Oh Charles
carlton_99: Well Done Charlie. HAHA they pay a free when he marks it
MONEY TALK: what a satr
a1trader: Damn, my Collingwood by 46 points at even money is looking in danger
Raspel31: Treloar has not touched the pill for 40 mins groan- thanks MaCrae’s replacement
cusch1: Curnow reminding me of Daniher in ANZAC game last year. nothing can stop him today
BigChief: Right on queue hey Raspel LOL
TheBoy89: Of course I went with treloar then kelly
Raspel31: Well,that worked.
TheBoy89: You know whats sad I had j Kelly at the start of the year
poolboybob: Vintage Liam Jones
MONEY TALK: i held kelly hehe
Jukes82: Kruze always getting injured, it’s a shame.
BigChief: Blues look fucked. 2 down and they are out of gas already. This will be a blow out now.
cusch1: It’s hard to be a good team when your two key defenders, OShea and Jones, are just really bad footballers
original: oshea is shockin
MONEY TALK: surely they have someone better than o shea
TigersMan1: one of my best mates is in the carlton VFL team in defense, hope he gets a run!
MattyZ: @moneytalk williamson out, silvagni out, doc out, now plow out
MONEY TALK: whats his name tigerman
MattyZ: O’Shea’s the 6th or 7th small defender at carlton
StuL: Where is Carltons fwd line? On the bus?
Raspel31: Great- O’Shea should be cheap next week. Be doing great if my opp didn’t have Cripps and Simpson too.
TigersMan1: Angus Schumacher
pcaman2003: Cripps looking very good for the STAR today.
carlton_99: So that Jones one wasnt a mark! ok ump!
BigChief: That’s not a mark to WHE.
StuL: Carlton get ball in the middle, kick straight to pies, repeat, repeat, repeat.
MONEY TALK: really annoyed i did’t captain cripps, i mean im winning by 1000 points anyway
carlton_99: Exactly and the jones one was
cusch1: Carlton not going to sook about that little push in the back by Curnow though
MONEY TALK: how good is charlie
carlton_99: that was great body work not a push what are u watching it was in the side
Lewysport: Pendles first ton since round 6!
colin wood: Yeah great when ou push your opponent in the back and take a sitter
carlton_99: it was in the side
Haydo: Cripps is going massive!!
carlton_99: and collin wood u really want more FF
colin wood: Lol@ Carlton .. in the side bahaha
Costanza: Carlton with no Simpson is a scary thought
cusch1: Open the other eye bud
MONEY TALK: howe wasnt in a good position, charlie played it well and got away with it
carlton_99: #constanza, simmo a gun but docherty coming back will help, as well as marchabnk coming back
BigChief: Sorry @Carlton but you are the only 1 here who thinks it wasn’t a push.
carlton_99: nah collin wood its fine u deserve more frees.
Raspel31: Treloar- why not earlier? 11 touches this qtr- none 2nd. Go lad.
Searly34: Thank you Cripps, Simmo and Grundy
carlton_99: @BigChief sorry mate you guys are right collingwood hard done by all game…
Arch: Carlton sooks everywhere here . Don’t worry that you’ve been shit for over 20 yrs. Bahaha
anthsill03: afl in general is over umpired AND not a contact support anymore
Costanza: admire ur confidence @carlton
carlton_99: @arch and what collingwood have won 10 GF in the last 20 years
Pokerface: bit hard to take u seriously carlton when its the same biased sooking from you every carlton game
Spiv: 21 touches, 145 pts. CD loves Cripps
anthsill03: shut up arch !! u were prob calling for bucks head last year
carlton_99: @constanza dont u think docherty and marchbank would help?
carlton_99: 8 tackles 7 marks and 2 goals as well spiv
cusch1: Confidence or ignorance? Often the two are confused Costanza
anthsill03: i am sure trealor is upset he chose the pies and not the tigers (and won a flag)
Spiv: Yeah im watching the game. Still seems high
AFL Blues: On the behalf of all Carlton supporters, I apologise for poor grammar mistakes & spelling errors. We’re better than that
cusch1: Bolton needs to throw a spanner in the works and change it up. Throw Wetering forward and keep Curnow at CHF.
PowerBug: ~50 SC more given out than normal for this stage of the game. Will be some seriously fluctuations f the game stays close
frenzy: Mihocek my man, rocky who
breadly: @Spiv 15 of his 21 disposals are contested
poolboybob: Potato for O’Shea
AFL Blues: Do I seriously have to grammar-police everyone here? Seriously, idiots, write correctly – especially Carlton supporters.
mattmac24: Cripps’ score is reasonable. Tackles and marks go a long way as well as contested possessions
mattmac24: Also need Ed Curnow to get as close to 100 as possible
anthsill03: Grandma or grammar? How good is Charlie :p
Tonche: Grundy massive overs for Brownlow
MONEY TALK: wouldnt mind swapping mccartin for charlie
poolboybob: Impressive free kick disparity
Apachecats: t price is he tonche
Smurfman: How are the pies not winning by 10 goals?
cusch1: Coming from a West Coast supporter lol
The39Steps: Free kick ratio nudging 3 to 1 is very unusual.
Apachecats: *what
Tonche: @apache $51
Smurfman: Collingwood get a free kick from any contract
BigChief: red cross for Treloar. Heartstring pinged 😛
PowerBug: bye bye Treloar :'( Hammy goes ping
boo!: treloar hammy
Breezey: Vintage Pendles
StuL: Sucks if you went Mcrae to Treloar.
poolboybob: Hey mate the chat log Thursday night was pretty much all discussion about umpires, just trying to keep things even
Smurfman: *contact
Raspel31: Oh no Treloar- in one week and gawn. Poor fellow.
NoneyaB: triple m r saying cramp
luke394: lol Treloar another trade gone lol
anthsill03: Hey bob this might be an odd question but r u really a pool boy
Jukes82: is it cramp or not?
circle52: me too luke. Bring on 2019
BigChief: Not a cramp.
StuL: God has the C on Cripps, just sayin. Straight down to the rooms Treloar.
BigChief: Star for Cripps easily.
Jukes82: ok damn, thanks
poolboybob: Retired pool boy
MONEY TALK: thats no cramo
carlton_99: Did the commentators seriously just say that wasnt a free
lukat: Brought treloar in this week!
luke394: traded him in this week @circle52 lol over Kelly that hurts
StuL: God seems to be WC supporter this year too.
poolboybob: Yeah Cripps BOG
original: didnt trade cripps in as BE was 160..damn
Raspel31: How many of us wish we’d gone Macrae to Kelly instead of Treloar. But Kelly had the injury cloud, groan.
NoneyaB: treloar hamstring spasms
Apachecats: Carlton supporters should be proud of them this week.
poolboybob: Super glad the Eagles picked Sheed 2 spots ahead of Cripps 🙁
luke394: hang on Circle52 we might be alright
anthsill03: As if U didn’t start Cripps orginal
Seb78: Cripps is scary good
BigChief: Richmond are happy the took Tambling before Franklin.
anthsill03: 2 players down but the effort is there
pcaman2003: Relief! I won my game and go back to the top of the ladder. Phew!!
carlton_99: umpires trying to even the free kick count what a joke
TheLegend6: Cripps would have to be a smokey for the Brownlow, no one taking votes off him from Carlton. Big losses the issue.
cusch1: Complains that Carlton doesnt get frees, now he complains when they do. You cant make this up
BigChief: They have had a crack today @anth
Jukes82: just loves having a sook either way
NoneyaB: so treloar is fine is having spasms in his hamstrings that still bloody hurts Ive had a few in my time
MONEY TALK: Charlie is a freak
pcaman2003: Good effort by both teams. Pies just too good!
cusch1: And they say that there is issues with the state of the game
Jukes82: @NoneyaB think he plays next week?
Raspel31: Yep, mighty fine effort Blues.
Apachecats: got 100/1 Cripps in April ,only had $5 on it though.
carlton_99: Really happy with the blues today with 2 down and Casboult out b4 game. But honestly you cannot doubt umpires have been
m0nty: nominations for star please
carlton_99: Cripps for star surely
pcaman2003: Has to be Cripps M0nty
carlton_99: bad
The39Steps: Bin for Sidebottom.
BigChief: Cripps, Cripps and Cripps @m0nty
sammyo7: cripps
MONEY TALK: cripps for star easy
Raspel31: Can only be Cripps M0nty
cusch1: Fisher, Cripps, Curnow x 2, SPS. Theres a future at Carlton, just need to get through the dark days
PowerBug: Pendlebury
ReggieOz: Cripps by a mile
Apachecats: Cripps gets the 3 ,2 and 1 m0nty
poolboybob: Cripps
scrappers: cripps
PureSwag: Cripps, lol, is that even a question.
The39Steps: Cripps albeit in a losing side.
mattmac24: cripps
StuL: Wall for pies at half back. Carl lose it at half fwd almost every time.
Breezey: Someone thinks the umps cost them the game
NoneyaB: should do Jukes just needs to increase his salt intyake but those spasms mate they hurt
carlton_99: Breezey I dont remember syaing that but they have been giving frees one way all game. Cant argue with that
Apachecats: disappointing second half from Grundy.
StuL: Booo
duckky: If they put Kruezer behind a screen and shoot him, would that make up for me trading from Nank to him?
boo!: sup stul?
Breezey: Get ya Pies. Get ya Hot Pies. 4th spot thank you
boo!: carlton are worse than the smell under burt newtons scrotum
BigChief: @Apache. He sat on his laurels for sure.
StuL: Pies 4th. Boo
Jukes82: whos the muppet that said grundy would get 150?

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