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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Richmond vs Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Sydney, R15 of 2018

frenzy: big game
PowerBug: Is it possible to get bigger than 1st vs 2nd?
Apachecats: Rance v Buddy will be interesting.
Stu7: Swans by 7
Apachecats: Tiges 27
duckky: Suprised its at etihad
Lewysport: Nearly all my s/c opps have left their swans and tigers players on bench from the bye.
luke394: lol @Lewysport
Raspel31: Atta boy Ronke. Who like me lost 2 trades-losing MaCrae and going to Treloar-sigh.
original: play for a free like that deserve to hav a goal kicked on you
Stu7: Lucky you
DrSeuss: Go Ronke
StuL: Go Ronke! Who needs Buddy?
dipstick: @lewy thats because over 50% of SC teams dont log in after the first few months
TheLegend6: Buddy taking a dive on rancey haha
dipstick: not many people play fantasy sports anymore
Jukes82: nice dive
SilverLion: Franklin you flopper
Apachecats: gift for Buddy there.
Raspel31: Yep dipstick- no pride in playing a non-player.
original: lloyd should get negative points for that defensive effort lol
Roksta: Rance getting flogged as I expected
original: ooft that ankle is broken boys
Costanza: fierce pressure from both sides.
Jukes82: snapped it, tombstone
frenzy: ouch
poolboybob: Tombstone 🙁
Lewysport: 2 out the 4 are 2nd on the ladder dipstick.
Breezey: I’d nearly say Conca is done
Umpirespet: Lol let’s all do the Conca…..sheesh
StuL: Poor guy. Probably misses 2 flags.
Raspel31: Conc cronked.
dipstick: @lewy just shows how crappy the leagues you are in. thats embarassing. public leagues are shite
pcaman2003: Hope Caddy starts to fire up.His last 2 games crapola.
Jukes82: cheap shot by buddy there
original: as always lloyd sc makes me sick given his impact on game
hinsch: I am happy I traded Ronke out this week
luke394: good to see the bye’s helped Dusty’s scoring
Raspel31: But why Caddy pcaman- barely gets the ball- only does well when Tiggers in control.
StuL: Any chance dusty ever comrs back?
luke394: @original was just thinking that myself
Jukes82: lol vlaustin sc score
pcaman2003: Wow! Is Ronke SC score right?
original: dusty close to being traded lol
th3rio: hey fam
original: love seeing same names here erry game
Umpirespet: We need a French flag icon for Rance
SilverLion: Hewett such a grub
dipstick: what do you expect from dusty?? 100 points?? cmon now be serious
SilverLion: Some seriously inflated SC scores here
Ash777: crap crap crap, accidentally left the C on dust after using him to loophole vc gawn last week :(((
poolboybob: Get off the bench Lloyd
th3rio: o wow, franklin great start for once 😛
DrSeuss: What’s with Lloyd and Heeney’s TOG.
original: jpk is back boys yessss
Breezey: Bloody Vlastuin. Huge start
Ash777: jpk has been back for weeks
Sixty656: Playing someone without Heeney and he starts like this ffs.
Roksta: Looping dusty with rocky
th3rio: lloyds score is scary given his TOG. I need him
original: 1699 teams have vlastuin.. (1%)
original: that better not count as a tackle for lloyd lol
SilverLion: How many 50 SCs in the first quarter wtf
luke394: it did @original i think he brushed his arm lol
original: haha yeh it did. fuming
tommy10: CD that was a 3rd cont possie for Heeney wtf
original: how bout heeney boys..surely we all got him tho
th3rio: oppt has nank and VC parker. Wheres the scotch 🙁
luke394: they are having a mare tonight @tommy10
Ash777: I just heard dusty got a score assist
SilverLion: Was tempted to get Jroo as an f7 but decided against it. Oh well.
original: thats a caddy tackle yeh?> ill be quiet now
Breezey: Jack Jack too good for Allir Allir
Ash777: or was it just a block?
Umpirespet: Least Parker is going alright
Bart12: Martin is a flog
frenzy: wake the flower up Heeney
BigChief: How does Hannes get a game still?
Ash777: he looks to be just ball watching martin
StuL: Ronke will be back to 0 soon at this rate.
luke394: well see what Lloyd gets for that kick @original
Bart12: Dusty going in 2nd gear all year
tommy10: You’re not wrong @luke394
original: luke +11 surely fml
SilverLion: Everyone’s going backwards @StuL. Couldn’t have that man you players with massive scores early
Apachecats: Yeah Stul he was on 49 at one stage ,no clangers or f/a ,so figure that out.
original: SL is v wise
Sixty656: Put the VC on Heeney instead of Parker because Parker can yo yo… wow.
mookie: Cape for Nank and Parker
Raspel31: Come on Heeney- only 120 to your predicted score.
SilverLion: That many*** bloody autocorrect. And cheers original 😛
Pokerface: you can, there are alot of sub 10s balancing them SL
Ash777: ffs martin
Bart12: Is Dusty over footy??
original: sixty656 thats so rough
StuL: He did seem to be getting points for nothing SL, I just want to keep them.
th3rio: I swear nank never scores this good when im playing oppts that dont have him lol
original: jpk got what for his tackle and clearance and long kick into 50? seemed to all be undone by ONE holding the ball fml
Apachecats: Well he’s got a very nice contract Bart 12.Been rs since he signed.
TheOnyas: onya ronkey
Bart12: I’m at a loss what to do with Dusty
SilverLion: You are shit Martin
Ash777: time to trade martin after this week
pcaman2003: How many rage trades for dustbin this week? 🙂
original: dusty gotta trade him boys 5 game average less than 90
th3rio: martin to oliver I reckon lads
Breezey: Bruce ejaculating all over himself when Buddy dubbed that
Umpirespet: Keep Martin helps me climb the leaderboard
Breezey: Dobbed
SilverLion: Fair PF just seemed a lot of monster scores early
BigChief: As soon as you trade Martin he will go berserk.
TigersMan1: Tigers by 54 tonight
Raspel31: In your dreams TigersMan.
original: keep buddy as bench cover
th3rio: so true Chief, I feel like he will unleash soon
Bart12: BigChief, yes he will
StuL: Martin is beached as.
twinpeaks: “It stirs you when you see things like that” thanks Bruce, but no Cyril tonight
th3rio: Lloyd never gonna drop at this rate 🙁
original: looking forward to a – foor that lloyd clanger luke
Bart12: Do you boys reckon Dusty wears Bonds jocks while playing??
luke394: lol @original as expected
SilverLion: It definitely stirs him @twin
Breezey: Alan or James @ Bart12
original: cmon caddy n buddy
BigChief: He probably goes bareback @bart
Bart12: Alan @Breezy
original: lloyd foad
Bart12: Dusty has become insignificant at Richmond, he’s off to North next season
Stu7: Come on Heeney
pcaman2003: Work harder Caddy,stop hanging back for easy ones.
Breezey: Dusty is half a year into a new contract. Going no where
SilverLion: Heeney staying off contests ala billings tonight
gingjok: Heeney looks disinterested tonight !?
Ash777: buddy limping from that last contest
th3rio: Doesn’t need to prove his worth anymore, dusty aint dumb haha
original: another clanger from lloyd..wait for negative points right?
Raspel31: gingjok- agree-just hanging around the fringes.
Apachecats: Buddy limps off.
luke394: actually went up @original
Ash777: he could barely run
Apachecats: Heeney 5 touches at 20%
original: luke394 shock horror mate. shock horror lol
Bart12: @Breezy, he’ll be dropped soon
Breezey: Come on Lloydy. Do not listen to them. I love ya
Ash777: mark of the year right there
original: hahaha quiet breezey boo lol
Breezey: From your team. Not Richmond’s
th3rio: go away nank why couldnt ivan soldo rucked this week
pcaman2003: Caddy 1 touch this qtr. Fkn useless
th3rio: or ivan maric whatever
Raspel31: Haven’t seen Heeney for 10- get on the ground lad.
Fatbar5tad: Look at the salty non Lloyd owners
Apachecats: Carrying an injury PCA
SilverLion: Give Lloyd the seagull permanently
Breezey: On the one hand I have Lloyd. The other I have Dusty. Nothing’s perfect
original: yesss silverLion is v wise r
luke394: i have to get him @Fatbar5tad especially when he’s immune to negative points
th3rio: I aint salty, I want him lol
Bart12: 8 touches for the new Bonds model
Raspel31: Good quarter Heeney- went back a pont- now only 111 to predicted score
Fatbar5tad: That’s enough out of you Mr Kennedy!
original: yeh me too but i couldnt do it this week lol
original: and i agree completely with luke394 lol
Apachecats: They,ve just ordered an extra 5 physios to the Richmond rooms.
Fatbar5tad: Wonder if Heeney is crook. The guy is a terrier normally.
original: thing is jpk only being 9 points more than lloyd makes me sick in terms of impact
Fatbar5tad: What makes me sick is my opponent has jpk v my Parker
original: did scores just move or am i really off with my math LOL. whens purple name game back fellas
duckky: Well Lloyd has 17 possies at 82%. Just not contested.
original: yeh a good thing kick ins arent counted as counted as contested lol
Bart12: The description “Premium” can’t be used for Dusty
original: mooney -6 for popped jacket collar and the gloves lol
circle52: Evening all Only three tonight – Lloyd great Dusty and Heeny ouch.
Raspel31: Evening circle- Heeney not injured but not one touch 2nd term.
original: that play by jpk is +2 only? wow
Breezey: That’s it Dusty. Grab a few cheapies
original: oh it said 2 but was 5 i was in shock
Ash777: parker looks not good
original: wow what an elbow ouch looked so painful
Breezey: 4 blokes on top of Rance and 50mt to Swans. Wake up Ray and pay attention
pcaman2003: Lift this qtr Caddy. Keep going Nank.
NoneyaB: think parker just a horrible bump
NoneyaB: is ok*
NoneyaB: ive had a hit like that hurts at times when not expecting it
original: buddy to kick 3 goals in 10 mins and get to 100. dw boys
original: elbow looked yuck
original: ffs buddy
Breezey: Buddy gone. Striking
Ash777: goodbye buddy
Raspel31: Parker off and still no Heeney?
NoneyaB: rance seriously cut that crap out
TigersMan1: buddy you dirty dog
BigChief: And that is what Franklin does best.
Bart12: Rance must love FIFA
Breezey: No commentary from Bruce. Say it’s silly from Budster you pelican
TigersMan1: surely you;re kidding yourself NoneyaB
BigChief: Are you blind NoneyaB? Franklin hit Rance in the throat.
Lewysport: Ronke finally got his 50.
original: tbh need to see replay, looked like he hit shoulder tbh
th3rio: nank the tackling machine!
mookie: You idiot NoneyaB
NoneyaB: buddy hit rances colllar bone and rance over reacted
StuL: Go Dusty
NoneyaB: tbf i wasnt paying full attention…
jocka: Rance is a blight on the game
pcaman2003:! Bruce the goose!
Willymack1: Rance wow such a flog
NoneyaB: mookie grow up.. it was mistake build a bridge
BigChief: Rance must have his collar bone in a different place to everyone else.
Ash777: hit the collar bone. Any high strike is automatic gome
NoneyaB: btw parker is gone
original: “if he was a motor car you’d love to drive him” wow can we lock this guy up
jocka: 2 weeks min
NoneyaB: vlastin is gone….
pcaman2003: Holiday for Vlastin?
Breezey: Vlastuin gone striking too.
Jukes82: umps trying to get the swans over the line tonight
Willymack1: Dog by Vlastuin
Gotigres: Nasty by Vlaustin
NoneyaB: back*** ffs
Roksta: As usual range choking on a d
th3rio: vlastuin u knob
TigersMan1: Buddy and Vlastuin gone
frenzy: vlosty goneski
Lawls: Woof woof Vlastuin
original: woof
Gotigres: I just saw Heeney on the ground.
NoneyaB: vlastin will get a 1 week or 2
pcaman2003: Where are you Caddy you 1 trick pony?
Roksta: Rance*
original: 2 weeks
Raspel31: He’s there Gotigres- hasn’t touched the pill in an hour.
Roksta: No way buddy goes for a shoulder tap
pcaman2003: Oh McAvaney,please STFU.
mookie: You must be kidding, I have to grow up? ********
gingjok: Might wanna take the coffin off Conca .. a dislocated ankle is
BigChief: 1 week each for Franklin and Vlastuin.
TigersMan1: Someones salty
original: rance throwing his head back again smh
TigersMan1: Roksta*
Willymack1: Rance should get weeks for staging again
Stu7: So much for loophole for Heeney
Roksta: I have bothing to be salty over
Lewysport: No one mentioned Rances elbow on buddy’s throat first?
Ash777: heeney needs the icicle
tommy10: Wth Heeney
Breezey: Great tackle Dustman
NoneyaB: Im spewing stu7 i was thinking loopholing heeney had the vc on parkwer but changed it with 2 mins to go before lockout
mookie: origina, your players might actually get hurt if they ever got to a contest
Ash777: also dusty starting to get into the game now
Breezey: Jack Jack towelling up Allir Allir
original: agree lewy lol. no way buddy goes for his slap to rance’s shoulder
pcaman2003: Some more bargain priced players coming up.
TigersMan1: Everyone hates rance lol, but if he was on your teams you’d be all over him
luke394: Lucky Buddy and Heeney aren’t POD’s this week
Roksta: Rance and his acting is horrible for the game
original: mookie i dont know what youre talking about. my actual team or my fantasy team lol
Lewysport: Too true original, retaliator gets done.
Stu7: NoneysB I feel your pain
pcaman2003: Caddy alive and kicks a beautiful point.
Stu7: NoneyaB I feel your pain 😖
BigChief: Heeney in tracksuit.
Breezey: I’d say Heeney down too. Jacket on
Gotigres: Heeney on the bench.
Stu7: Someone got a defibrillator for heeeny, bring him Back to life please
original: jpk is a god. what an impact
Raspel31: Well there goes 100 points for those of us with Heeney.
Ash777: it doesn’t matter if shoulder. It’s a strike. If people go for a cheeky gut punch buddy is def going
Breezey: Jack BOG right now
Gotigres: Never seen Riewoldt kick the ball so long.
Lewysport: Was a palm my in collar bone Ash
Fatbar5tad: Tough game and a bit of niggle too
Stu7: Any idea what’s wrong with Heeney
luke394: I think its finally sunk in Buddy is on my never again list
NoneyaB: well heeney is gone opp has him too i guess thats something…
Breezey: I will go the standard Concussion for Heeney
Jukes82: lol buddys been destroyed as expected
Chelskiman: Delayed concussion is probably the cause, Stu.
Stu7: Go Nanny
mookie: Soft cock Stu
Gotigres: concussion Stu
NoneyaB: delayed concussion they are saying stu7
original: jpk better than jroo. but agree gee he is kicking it long and beautifully
Fatbar5tad: Loving Nanks work tonight. Resisted the urge to bring in Grundy.
Stu7: Chelskiman thank you
original: luke394 dont say things you can’t take back!! he will kick 2 and end up on 95 and you will be happy like us all lol
Breezey: I think Riewoldt impact on this game is far superior to JPK. Not all about possies
pcaman2003: Caddy too slow. Looking at 3 in a row under 70pts. Trade time!
BigChief: Jack easily BOG.
original: for who the pcaman?
Raspel31: I’d go JPK- singlehandedly kept his team in the game.
Gotigres: Buddy is on my never again list from last year along with Heath Shaw.
luke394: lol @original i hope so bud, i pick him every same and say the same thing 😉
Breezey: Hayward Kicks a goal and Bruce says well done Buddy. Fair off mate
pcaman2003: @original. Caddy. Last 2 scores 68 and 47.
th3rio: dang it parker had slowed down till dumb head vlastuin elbowed him
Breezey: Flower off mate
BigChief: WTF was that free for?
pcaman2003: @original.Probably Westhoff
Jukes82: lol that was shit
Apachecats: another soft one for Buddy
Ash777: that was a soft free as ever
th3rio: lol good call original
Willymack1: Good job “great defender”
StuL: Here we go a few softies late to bring Buddy up
original: pls tell me buddy gets points for that 50m lol
Sixty656: hahaha EAD rance
lukat: Goodbye from my team Dusty!
Ash777: what was the 50 for?
Chelskiman: Well that was a complete load of bullshit.
Breezey: Show us that 50 mt Ch7.
luke394: @original here he comes….
SilverLion: I reckon this game would be a lot better without the whol Rance/Franklin garbage tbh
TheOnyas: onya shorty
mookie: The tigers run to the end is good, I’m going to buy Dusty
SilverLion: Heeney looked ill the way he was loafing around out there. Interesting to see what the problem is
original: imo heeney playing so badly coach just told him not to bother. no injury to see here
original: lol rance throws head back at every opportunity doesnt he
Yelse: martin will be my bench cover for the finals
Ash777: oh boy that 50 was BS too
frenzy: Damn why did I not loop Dusty on the pine
Breezey: That was a soft free to Buddy. Heeney concussion is the official line
circle52: Heeney head hit ground in 2nd quarter and failed concussion test at Half time.
original: frenzy agree
m0nty: Parker painful elbow injury and a big whack to the eyesocket but 44 DT for the quarter.
original: …luke394 oh boi
Breezey: Time for Dusty to go bananas 🍌
luke394: i love you @original you just knew it
Pokerface: but nobody cares about DT points m0nty.
SilverLion: I swear I saw Heeney come on during the third for a couple of minutes tho. If he failed concussion test thats strange
Ash777: I think dusty needs a snickers
original: hewett is havin a great game
Breezey: Heeney couldn’t have failed the test at HT. He was out there for a part of the 3rd
cobrakai00: Rance overrated, leaks a heap of goals
Chelskiman: That would have been Rose, not Heeney.
SilverLion: Haha yep Breezey
original: but we are about you monty. gee poker be chill
Chelskiman: My bad, you guys said third. Thought you meant this quarter, lol.
original: odds of rose keeping his spot in the team: $7.45
Ash777: James Rose looks like he belongs in a band lol
original: caddy fml
pcaman2003: @original. He’s a lost cause I’m afraid.
SilverLion: Lloyd gets so much cheap crap its ridiculous
Pokerface: i am chill original. We care about m0nty, yes. Just not DT points.
mookie: JPK awesome
original: yeh and even the turnovrs are +3 #salty lol
Fatbar5tad: Pick him then
luke394: and scores ridiculously for all the cheap crap @Silverlion
original: waiting for another – for a turnover kick.
Fatbar5tad: Arsey goal that one
original: that turnover just -1 tho luke hmm
Ash777: could martin get something for letting it go through? :p
original: hahaha ash
cobrakai00: Riewoldt diving campaigner
luke394: turnovers don’t exist for him
Breezey: Tigers say Catch ya later Swans
pcaman2003: Keep going Nank. Need you to make up for dud Caddy.
original: rohan has been rattled since seeing that ankle injury. am i wrong?
BigChief: Hungry Martin. That was poor.
StuL: Tigers v? Gf.
Jukes82: lmao
Costanza: Rohan’s first tackle stat
luke394: Buddy losing points for doing nothing
SilverLion: Only had Martin and Heeney tonight. Good start to the round
original: luke394 but lloyd gets them for doing nothing. go figure hehe
Fatbar5tad: Absolute champion that Lloyd. Give im the star!
SilverLion: I’ve said it before, but Richmond plays the ugliest brand of footy. But it works
original: hahah
Ash777: Jroo star for this 1
Breezey: Give him the Gun @ Fatbar
original: incorrect spelling for seagull fatbar
Ash777: or that will do
BigChief: @SL Only ugly if you’re not a Tigers fan.
Fatbar5tad: Don’t agree SilverLion. Tigers execute skills.
TheLegend6: Cotchin is elite
Fatbar5tad: That’s it Breezy!
th3rio: cotchin is so underrated
SilverLion: They scrap and hack it off the ground and do anything but take it clean most of the time. Chaotic and pressure filled
Breezey: Riewoldt should be Star. Lambert X Factor
SilverLion: But it works
original: jpk robbed
pcaman2003: You’re fired Caddy you spud.
original: pcaman. caddy’s fate sealed
Jukes82: back 2 back, lock it in.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off mick Malloy
Breezey: No Roving Brian tonight. Maybe tomorrow
supastarr: Cape for JR surely! Unbelievable game
original: jake lloyd 9 turnovers.
pcaman2003: @original. And I had Higgins on bench and no E on him. Grrr!
BigChief: Thank fuck for that @Breezey.
th3rio: geez late boost for nank and parker

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