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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R15 of 2018

jocka: This game will decide whether Geelong will have a shot at the title this year.
BigChief: Hi all Danger vc into Gawn c this round.
th3rio: hey fam. Waas going to do same BC. Is danger really starting at CHF?
Apachecats: swerved off Danger as V ,went Grundy into Fyfe.
th3rio: Gonna go Gawn into Fyfe. Danger hasnt been himself this season and Gawn is a freak
luke394: Danger plays more mid with Taylor back i reckon 150 coming
frenzy: late out Suckling, in Lin Jong
th3rio: Making it hard for me Luke haha
duckky: Lin Jong wearing wrong jumper
th3rio: had to finally ditch Kelly. Will be upset if he goes 100+
luke394: good to have Harry back
original: continue from last night. you know lloyd had 9 NINE turnovers??
original: i’m with th3rio. gawn to fyfe
BigChief: WB didn’t bring jumper 46 to the ground.
luke394: haha apologies @th3rio
luke394: haha i am resigned to the fact @original that he’s a bloody clanger kicking seagull who scores well :/
pcaman2003: Hi all! Have Duncan,Danger,and McLean.
Jukes82: McLean perfect to bring in next week for sure
TigersMan1: Cats by 131 tonight
pcaman2003: Danger to go big tonight. VC on him to loop with Titch or Gawn
Carnster: After heeney last night need mclean to not supd it up
original: stuff danger.
original: really weird, dahlhaus on double digits before 2nd qtr
BigChief: Is Williams following Danger?
Burnsy03: just on him for the time being i think chief
Gotigres: thrio i think you will only know Gawn’s 3qt score before you need to change.
anthsill03: Went for vc on danger something different
original: danger 2 handballs for 12 points. jpk at home choking
circle52: same antshill
Burnsy03: original then bont is 2 from 1 kick at 100%
original: burnsy youre looking at the game time column not efficiency
luke394: that would be 0% Burnsey
th3rio: 1 hour and 50 mins roughly tigres, should be around mid way through last..should know by then
Gotigres: Jong gone
BigChief: took less than 10 mins for the scoring complaints to start. SMH.
Seiya: no L plates for narkle monty?
luke394: i think his points for previous possess hasn’t registered yet @original
original: haha big chief im just taking the pi5s lol
original: gotta feel for jong
th3rio: took less than 10 for gaz to complain too haha
StuL: Gehen uns.
th3rio: Downgrade next week to Narkle if hes as good as theyre saying
Breezey: That didn’t take long for Jong the have something wrong.
Breezey: To have something wrong
th3rio: Ouch for danger Vcers with that TOG … why??
BigChief: Surprised it took that long @th3rio
ajconodie: @Breezey – Lin wrong??
th3rio: Yep narkle next week lol
Burnsy03: l plates for lynch and narkle
StuL: Nice Narkle. Go boy.
pcaman2003: Narkle looks classy.
cusch1: Meghan Markle looks so different in Geelong colours
faisca7: Sum ting Wong with Jong?
anthsill03: There are four (not three) things that are certain in life: death, taxes, complaing about umpiring and sc scoring
BigChief: Can the Dogs win this?
original: not cool
The39Steps: If Lin Jong went to Hong Kong to play Ping Pong and he died, what would they put on his coffin?
ajconodie: The39Steps – I would say dirt.
Burnsy03: not a chance chief
Burnsy03: i hope so though
faisca7: Dirt
th3rio: bless narkles family. So nice to see.
luke394: McLean back to beast mode
Apachecats: Bruce is delerious over Narkle
original: lynch having a shocker lol
th3rio: doggies finally playing with some heart.
Gotigres: Yes McLean
cusch1: Surprised there hasn’t been any more media attention on Cameron Ling playing against his old side for the first time
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. Bruce the goose is just delirious,period!
Burnsy03: i went fritsch and murray to hurley and mclean
BigChief: Gowers rolled ankle at a guess.
Breezey: I think Fritsch might be a permanent hold
The39Steps: @ajconodie…A lid.
Jukes82: yes i was thinking hurley and mclean too. Mclean next week and hurley the week after i say
luke394: i went Ryan to McLean too 450k a bargain for him hell prob hit his 130 b/e
TigersMan1: Is it to good to have a team full premo with 6 trades left at this stage of the year?
original: gowers looked like his foot bent into his shit, eg his toes nearly touched his shin ouchy
th3rio: definitely tigersman
circle52: 2 I’d give both for a full team and 6 trades Tigersman at the moment.
m0nty: Ran the tape back on that Parfitt goal, he ran into the goalpost with ball in hand, should have been a point.
Breezey: Good start from my 3 in this game McLean, Dahlhaus and Danger
original: agree monty i was rewinding. mrs original “this isnt even a blues game”
Burnsy03: thanks for the excuse for later monty
luke394: you can thank me Breezey cos i finally traded Dahlhaus out a couple of weeks ago
jocka: Only a point if he is in contact with the goal when kicks it
cusch1: Since when was that a rule m0nty?
original: wish dangers kicks werent worth 2-3 points more than they would be for others lol. kicks into ground but bounces to parf
gingjok: Lol … Tigerman! “Is it good” .. do you have this ?
circle52: Good start McLean and Danger but please lift Bont.
gingjok: Hey guys .. is it good to have a team in the top 10 . With all players with top 10 scores for pozzi .. and 10 trades
Jukes82: he’s playing dumb, he’s just looking for praise
Ladbrokes_: lol original, 10 touches including 5 cp at 90%, plus a goal assist and 2 i50. not being looked after at all
cusch1: Is it good to have a team full of premos, and 30 trades left?
BigChief: @m0nty did the ball hit the post? If not it is play on.
circle52: @m0nty – Just watched it again – his feet touches the behind post but not the ball so it is play on.
luke394: surely that was a joke from Monty?
anthsill03: Get a touch lachie. Dont cost me money plz
Breezey: Nice Dahl.
BigChief: Really BT?? Who gives a shit about your dribble.
Jukes82: no one laughed so no
cusch1: The AFL has the worst commentators in world sport: Fact
th3rio: where has this dollhouse been
Ash777: glad to see dahl playing well
runt: When a player hits the goal post with ball in hand it is “play on”
luke394: Dahlhaus can get fucked
cusch1: Dalhaus just auditioning for his future club tonight. Was always going to play well
circle52: Most have McLean but did any have the gumption to VC him.
Apachecats: Tipping 125 for Danger and a quandry for the VC holders.
th3rio: horror round for injuries so far
th3rio: gee, these guys look like the 2016 doggies. Scary given their outs at the moment too
circle52: I’ll take 125 for VC any day.
circle52: 120 is usually my quandry
Breezey: Is a Trengove OK. What’s his injury
pcaman2003: C’mon something!
BigChief: Danger no marks or tackles.
th3rio: hawkins pushed him into the pack, winded I think breezey
Breezey: Cheers. I hope he gets through
BigChief: Williams starting show something.
Breezey: Get through it Dahl. Shake it off buddy
Ash777: nooo dahl
original: bigchief is danger score inflated or na
luke394: Selwood duck into that one?
Seiya: Jesus Luke Beveridge must have drop punted a black cat into a ladder
BigChief: Looks about right to me. 15 disp with contested
luke394: If anyone’s scores inflated its Bont
BigChief: 8 contested*
circle52: Yep 8 contested possessions and 2 clearances make it about right.
Seiya: bont has 4 tackles and a goal not inflated
th3rio: remember when danger could go forward and kick 5
BigChief: @ behinds though Seiya and they are classed as clangers
anthsill03: Does gowes every look up when he kicks the footy.
luke394: 11 touches 3 contested going at 54% @Seiya
BigChief: 2 behinds*. My typing is crap tonight.
Seiya: except they’re not because he has 2 behinds and one clanger. behinds are classified as effective
anthsill03: Also i really rate dunkley. Might be sc relevant next year imo
Seiya: i agree that they shouldn’t be classified as effective though
luke394: no there not @Seiya
Burnsy03: idc really the more inflated the bont is the better for me
runt: very enjoyable game. Not the dross coaches normally serve up
Seiya: mclean kicked a behind earlier and went up 4-5 points
BigChief: Unless the Dogs get someone back on the bench they will struggle from here on.
duckky: Yeah runt – also last night. so lets change the rules
luke394: yeah if it was a hardball/looseball get thats 4 points right there @Seiya behinds are not counted as effective I’m 100%
Seiya: and ball gets are not listed here, bont always gets heaps which is why his score is always higher than it seems
cusch1: Does anyone in this chat actually truly believe that introducing zones is a good idea?
BigChief: Not sure how a behind is effective @Seiya. It is a poor kick that misses the target, so is a clanger.
Seiya: maybe not effective but its definitely not a clanger, you don’t lose points for behinds @bigchief
Apachecats: Probably need an additional 2-3 umpires to make sure everyone stays in their right place cusch.Netball bibs might help.S
Apachecats: o thats a no from me.
BigChief: @cusch I have not seen enough to decide yet. If it makes the game better then why not.
cusch1: All that is needed is the introduction of an umpiring academy IMO. Robert Shaw was right.
Breezey: Interviewing umpires. Please. Give me a break.
cusch1: Interviewing umpires? What
Breezey: Bruce “Gee you guys are getting into position quickly for the bounce”. Well done. Flower me Bruce
Ash777: wowee what a start
luke394: that was shocking from Kolo have some intensity
luke394: our record off the bye is shocking
runt: Tuohy lifting Gowers spirits
Jukes82: keep this up doggies, awesome!
BigChief: This is Dogs team we all love to watch.
original: cmon dahl liiiiift
runt: I feelthere is a lack of urgency from most Cats because in the back of their minds they think the supermen will do it
th3rio: what you up to danger
original: shhhh danger go away
runt: Parsons is having his usual laugh
pcaman2003: Don’t stop now McLean. You did that last week.
luke394: very true @Runt we actually miss Scott Selwood immensely in the mids the gun 3 and all too attacking
th3rio: dangerrrr 😀
luke394: anything 100+ is good @pcaman not gonna dominate every quarter
th3rio: narkle over dawson for mid downgrades lads!
BigChief: Is that Phil in the crowd with the beard?
pcaman2003: @Luke. He should’ve got 100+ last week and missed by a mile.
th3rio: straight into the gap motlop left
original: wbd bench is very much smh worthy. lingy actually right for once
th3rio: was johannisen just clapping for hawkins?
luke394: yeah i got him today @pcaman lol
pcaman2003: @Luke. You’ll know what I mean then. Frustrating after big first halves.
Nuffman: wait.. did Danger lose 1SC for his goal assist to Stanley?
original: clanger kick luke394 or wont it count hehe
luke394: Danger got 5 points for that goal assist to Stanley what a joke
th3rio: danger about to go bang
runt: Are the Cats teasing the Dogs?
pcaman2003: @Luke. That included the contested mark as well I believe. Crazy!
original: whats a free for worth points-wise these days boys
luke394: yeah i don’t get it @pcaman
luke394: lol @original needs to change his last name to Lloyd 😉
duckky: Cant wait for the World cup to finish – too many forwards staging
original: guys complaining about dangers points being too low, now ive heard it all hehe tongue in cheek fellas calm down
pcaman2003: Where are you Toby? I miss you.
original: harry taylor has always been a stager
th3rio: why did carlton get rid of gowers? Seems like a decent fwd
Ash777: SOS only cares about ex giants and own family
circle52: @original free kicks for are 4 and against -4
pcaman2003: That’s it Danger,keep ticking along.
original: thanks circle. whens purple name game opening again and how do you win every night
runt: Bevo going bunta in the box
original: dangr handball into space that bounces round in a circle 5 times until smith picks it up counts as effective
original: but kicks on the bounce sometimes arent effective …
th3rio: devastating if wbd lose by around 2 points again :
original: fml
luke394: thanks Paddy
faisca7: Is paddy back?
TigersMan1: fuck you mclean
Breezey: Danger the first to ton up
StuL: Go cats!! Come on us!
luke394: 20 points for that goal lol
TigersMan1: f.u.c.k*
pharace: Big 3 finallly make it to the top of the table
runt: You can see Ablett in 10 years being asked what it was like playing with Parsons and his answer being…Parsons? Oh yeah
original: hahaha runt
cusch1: Parsons is probably still better than 85% of his Gold Coast teammates in all fairness Runt
oc16: much easier being a shower player in a good team then a shower player in a shower team
duckky: Murdoch greedy greedy greedy
luke394: why didn’t Murdoch pass that to Parfitt?
runt: Historical football logic would say Cats should win by 5 goals over a tiring Dogs
Ash777: yep alot of sore dogs out there
original: cmon dahl keep going
th3rio: dogs have the numerical numbers? wtf BT?
luke394: BT “dogs got the numerical numbers here” :/
cusch1: Knowing which player is which surely cant be that hard? They get it wrong more times than they get it right
runt: However Cats are faffing about
original: wow great goal
luke394: fuck off Richards
pcaman2003: BT needs Specsavers badly.
original: cusch keep in mind theyre on hundreds of thouands of $ to get it right..
cusch1: Only two things that are ruining the current state of the game; umpires and commentators. Both should have no impact
MONEY TALK: heheh go danger, also finally mclean doing something since ive traded him in
cusch1: but do
duckky: Go Gazza
pcaman2003: C’mon Duncan. Where are you?
luke394: the umpires have put the whistle away
original: gee dahl mark effective kick effective kick 6 points
Breezey: This Ranga is a Star
TigersMan1: People were saying Richards was a terrible pick, look at him now
runt: Top game
Ash777: putting money on richards for RS
duckky: Has Richards had a Rising Star Nomination yet? If not…
Ash777: His name will help him
Burnsy03: yeah he has
runt: Ablett is a mere mortal tonight
Ash777: Yes he’s got a nomination a few weeks back
BigChief: @duckky round 10
Breezey: Rising Star between Richards, Stephenson and Fritsch I reckon
BigChief: Stephenson will win easily.
duckky: Thanks – the lad looks good though
TigersMan1: Don’t forget Doedee
original: witherden a RS chance
Ash777: Is’nt Fritsch a mature ager
cusch1: Where are the top 3 picks? Rayner DaviesUniacke and Dow all been pretty poor
luke394: this has been hard to watch as a cats supporter don’t think we are gonna do much in the finals
original: how much is gowers just a better version of stringer (lol) am i wrong?
Ash777: Makes Stringer look fat
anthsill03: Ollie florent goes alright for rs
th3rio: its by 11 points BT mate
MONEY TALK: jackie chan
TigersMan1: Bulldogs have just got there new Stringer in gowers you’re right @original
duckky: OK – lets see Gowers do that again
carlton_99: BT trying to blame the scoreboard on his poor maths even though the score was correct.
Ash777: lol fly kick goal
th3rio: given the circumstances, why isnt danger in the mids ffs
Breezey: Fritsch Pick 31 in the last Draft
StuL: We never win after the bye! Never,! Rubbish AFL!
pcaman2003: C’mon Danger,your score is going backwards man.
duckky: Come on McLean – ton up!
original: dahl gets no cd on the line. danger to kick a gol and score 160sc
BigChief: Fritsch is 21 and eligible, but no nomination yet.
anthsill03: If danger sneaks a couple of goals watch him go 140+
pcaman2003: @Luke. Toby got his ton this week. Yeah!
runt: Cats clearly dont know how to win this game. Dogs holding on
th3rio: haha danger goal surely
pcaman2003: Good onya Mitch,another ton.
BigChief: Heart for all Dogs @m0nty.
carlton_99: @cusch I think Dow has been great for us especially with all of our injuries and the fact that he is playing mostly mid.
carlton_99: Rayner showing lots of potential for lions as well
th3rio: that miss hurts danger score, glad i didnt VC
cusch1: Theyre both showing potential but not impacting games like Richards, Stephenson, McGrath, Burton
th3rio: oh god if they lose from here
luke394: holy shit
th3rio: omg
duckky: This will break doggies heart if t goes through
pcaman2003: Wowee! Unreal!
luke394: what a fucking terrible kick
BigChief: Very lucky Doggies.
Breezey: Well deserved Dogs.
runt: Dogs well and truly deserved that win. Cats? Pathetic misses
Jukes82: sucked in flogs! lol
faisca7: Kelly was unbelievable
carlton_99: Burton and Mcgrath arent first yr players
The39Steps: The reason why you dont have backs kicking goals.
anthsill03: Great friday night game
Ash777: there was a wall in front of taylor with beware the dogs
carlton_99: and rcihards and stephenson are surrounded by better players. Dow and Rayner in rebuilding teams surrounded by youth
original: Dahl deserves more
luke394: typical flog Richmond supporter @Jukes82
pharace: Agree Ants
pharace: Not typical – typical Jukes perhaps
circle52: We are pleased with Rayner but like most first year player stsrting to wilt a little.
Jukes82: hahaha, sook it up buddy lol
circle52: Great Friday game. as well
Jukes82: nothing personal just hate geelong more than anyone else, surely you have a most hated team
circle52: Welcome Ahern to the field to take Kellys 95.
BigChief: Fuck me. Eddie Maguire can’t help himself. He has to mention Collingwood at every opportunity.
luke394: like i said typical Richmond flog supporter kick a team when their down
pharace: Love a contest Jukes – that game was a ripper

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