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Chat log from R14 of 2018: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, R14 of 2018

frenzy: ladies and gents
PowerBug: afternoon
bongidongi: need stef martin, andrews, coniglio and langdon to go big
Stu7: Martin go
BigChief: Have a holiday Jeremy Cameron.
Gotigres: Cameron gone for several weeks.
frenzy: weeks dogs act
PowerBug: that is a biiiig hit and Andrews is done 😐
SilverLion: Have a holiday jezza you thug
casey22: 4 weeks for that one!!!!! Deserves more
Gotigres: Hope that spurs Brisbane to win.
weca: 3 weeks without trbunal but I doubt it. Intentional (fyfe rule, raised forearm equal intentional), high impact, head
SilverLion: We need you be able to bring on a player in cases like this, down 1 all day
DrSeuss: 6 weeks for that. Eyes off the ball, led with the elbow, Andrews out for weeks.
Stuart88: Good hit nothing in it
BigChief: Hope you are at the game Circle and boo Cameron every time.
circle52: And no 50 meres either. Cameron being booed
Willymack1: Bloody good hit
Gotigres: Agreed Silverlion. There should be 4 interchange and 1 sub.
SilverLion: System is flawed that GWS benefits from that dog act
kano: stuart88 for the burger
casey22: Who will try for the even up hit?
bongidongi: cameron surely gonna get weeks
DrSeuss: @Stuart – So you can lead with your elbow and take your eyes off the ball and it’s a good hit? Pull your heads in
Willymack1: Go Jezza
circle52: Casey my money on hodge
StuL: No boo-urns. Just boo!
BigChief: @casey I am thinking Robertson.
Raspel31: Hodge a pretty safe bet.
Stuart88: I’m at the game right in front of me. Went up and try brace for impact
Lawls: Low effort troll that was Stuart
circle52: And gardiner now done as well
BigChief: @Stuart might have braced but his elbow was away from the body by a long way. 4-6 weeks imo
Willymack1: All you blokes saying weeks are soft as sh!t
luke394: Anyone trade Andrews in?
bones351: If you add more players to the bench where do you stop? What if a second player gets concussed?
circle52: Luke i did as a pod
Stuart88: Shouldn’t get weeks imo
Lawls: He’s getting at least 3-4
JockMcPie: 4 weeks
Stu7: Rayner is a dud
Lawls: Raised elbow straight to the face is a dog act
DrSeuss: Fortunately @Stuart your opinion is wrong!
Willymack1: Shouldn’t but will considering how soft the afl has got
luke394: Shocking luck @Circle52 he’s been dominating
teddyt: lmao willy you wouldn’t wake up from that hit. You are from perth settle down big boy
SilverLion: He’s got a bad record too. Gotta be at least 4. Intentional, high blah blah
BigChief: Can we have some of what you are smoking @Willy?
bongidongi: didn’t even go for the ball in the end, membrey last year against tigers as precdent
PowerBug: Cameron has form too, I don’t think he will get away with this
DrSeuss: @Willymack you must be a troll. He was concussed and possible broken jaw. Don’t feed the troll.
Stuart88: I agree must be good stuff 4-6 weeks stuff to get more than 1
teddyt: its called meth @BigChief perth is full of skinny hard c*nts
Willymack1: Braced for impact, just so happened that Andrews head was in the way
poolboybob: The AFL is soft, what fun is a sport if players aren’t allowed to concuss each other with forearms to the face
Seiya: have had andrews for about 6 weeks now, he has been fantastic. SC annoyance aside, its terrible to see stuff like this
SilverLion: How is that not play on? Flower this turd
pcaman2003: Who has the C on Kelly? (Apart from GOD)
DrSeuss: Agreed @Silver – how the F@@@ is that not play on. Giants don’t need this favouritism
BigChief: Unfortunately SL the umpire had blown time off.
luke394: Traded in Treloar instead of Kelly :/
Lawls: Elbow up = bracing for impact. Give me some of the stuff your smoking!
Lawls: Kelly please slow down
Willymack1: Props to Jezza for bagging a couple of snags after an unfortunate incident
DrSeuss: FFS Taranto stop giving away frees
boofjb57: I’ve got Kelly also as C pcaman
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
Trindacut: Cameron: Careless, High Contact, Severe Impact
Trindacut: Straight to tribunal, 3-4 weeks
BigChief: That act is 1 reason the send off rule needs to be brought in.
SilverLion: @Willy it’s not that hard when we don’t have a matchup for him
cobrakai00: we playing 40 min qtrs now or what?
SilverLion: 2 main backs both off, wtf are we supposed to do?
StuL: Elbows Diper wouldn’t even get 4-6 for deliberately hitting someones head. 1-2 probably for careless etc…
Trindacut: Clock runs when they are stretchering off players.
circle52: Injuru to Andrews reason for long quarter
Willymack1: Cry me a river silverlion
The39Steps: Anyone know the extent of Redman’s injury the other night please?
DrSeuss: @Willymack – Obvious Troll is Obvious.
BigChief: @39 reports saying 1 week at most for ankle injury.
The39Steps: Thanks @BigChief.
CBeezDeez: I don’t have him but good to see the real Beams turn up this week.
Willymack1: Nah I just love a good hit
MONEY TALK: i was close to trading andrews
BigChief: Beams has been good apart from last week since giving up the C
SilverLion: Put someone on Kelly ffs
CBeezDeez: Still talk of him going back to Melb? @BC
BigChief: Rayner you muppet.
Seiya: Andrews up and walking around apparently, stitches to face
DrSeuss: @Willy – seems like you have probably taken a few too many 😉
BigChief: Yeah CBD. Back to Pies I believe.
CBeezDeez: Reckon if it happened to Fyfe it would be a different story.
Stu7: Dud = Rayner
CBeezDeez: Be worth the Roos or others to chaseg him I would have thought @BC
BigChief: Dees or Hawks would be silly not to go after him.
DrSeuss: Come on Stef & Conigs
Stu7: Come on Martin
CBeezDeez: Yeah I know I would like him with us! Seems to have been around a good while but only 28yo…
Stu7: Rayner should be play8ng for Kooweerup
pcaman2003: Get moving Dorko. I need 100+ from you
colin wood: heath shaw kicks it and hodge marks and still gets a +2… wow.. does this game even have a scoring method anymore?
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Why insult Kooweerup?
StuL: Not having Kelly is hurting but he won’t play the bearlions every week.
circle52: The number of throws being missed this round is incredible
DrSeuss: Stef had a rough game last time against GWS, they pretty much tagged him – is that happening this game?
Stu7: No insult to Kooweerup just stating he shouldn’t be play8ng at this level
circle52: Rotation down will hurt us.
pcaman2003: @circle52. It’s been getting worse each season. Now it’s everything goes.
TheOnyas: onya hodgey
circle52: Dr gws are shanking his taps. Getting held a lot as well
werdna007: The only trophy for Bisbane is called Wooden Spoon
Costanza: merge with Suns now and save 10-15 years of endless pain
werdna007: or amalgamation with Kooweerup B team
DrSeuss: Cheers Circle, isn’t getting his normal marks and tackles it seems!
DrSeuss: So Brisbane have won more Flags in the last 20 years than most of your teams, but they should be culled?? Ok then
Costanza: contrived and souless
BigChief: Brisbane are on the improve and are a young club. They will be back up again if the players stay there.
frenzy: big out for norf, no jacobs
DrSeuss: Exactly BC, very difficult when we develop talent then they want to return home interstate.
Hadouken: wow saw camerons elbow. 6 weeks i reckon, that was a dog act.
BigChief: Source @frenzy?
BigChief: Andrews looks ok on the bench.
frenzy: norf tweet, replaced by Hartung
werdna007: if you want people at the gabba,build a residential development and delist Brisbane and Suns as a bad joke
Breezey: Bris have been a young list for ages. They just keep up n leaving
StuL: CD has the C on Kelly. Do I dare open the can of worms?
Breezey: I have the C on Kelly. Got one right for a change
StuL: Trying to work out where is points are coming from. His numbers are strikingly similar to TT. But total, way off.
StuL: And I just should have got him.
werdna007: the number of people at the ground is impessive. Should pay the power bill. maybe.
Costanza: Crows have same problem, driven by the same lack of any real soul.
poolboybob: Taranto’s efficiency is garbage
th3rio: Thank you Capt Kelly
BigChief: @StuL Taranto 2 FA and 4 clangers conpared to Kelly 0 FA and 1 clanger.
wadaramus: Traded Macrae to Kelly 5 before lockout to get rid of Ryan’s 30
StuL: 4 kermits to 1, but still. CD has the C on Kelly I tells ya!
DrSeuss: Still more teeth in the Brissy crowd than when Collingwood fans fill the MCG
TheOnyas: onya richy
DrSeuss: Beams has slowed this quarter
th3rio: Martin not convincing for me. One of my last trades will be to grundy if I can.
werdna007: Hey Seuss.Collingwood fans do fill the MCG and pay the bills.teeth or no teeth
poolboybob: Hey what they lack in teeth they make up for in sleeve tattoos and passion
Costanza: good goal
DrSeuss: Not the dental bills 😉
Pusti: I just watched the Cameron-Andrews hit. That will go straight to the tribunal.
BigChief: Taranto and Beams vanished this 1/4
pcaman2003: Hodgey turning back the clock. Good to see.
MONEY TALK: just give kelly the star
a1trader: Just got on, notice Andrews was out cold, didn’t see vision but will Cameron get done?
Stu7: Come on Martin
StuL: Cameron is goneski. Weeks!
werdna007: on a brighter note.the contest between Carlton and Brisbane for the Spoon, is sensational
DrSeuss: Stef struggles against GWS. But Grundy would be a nice luxury trade
BigChief: That would be a yes a1trader. Long holiday at that.
BigChief: Onya Beamer.
a1trader: wow, I’ve got Andrews and Cameron in my team 🙁
th3rio: Which is weird dr, do gws even have a solid rock:(
Pusti: a1trader: Intentional, high contact, high impact, player KOed. He’ll go for weeks.
Raspel31: Well, I publicly announce my first league loss in 12 weeks-and that comes down to you Holman and Martin. Harrumph.
MONEY TALK: i am going to win by 1000 points bloke has 5 players and captain on dusty
a1trader: thanks, Looks like I’ll be trading Cameron
TheOnyas: onya joshy
BigChief: @a1trader check the AFL website or Facebook. Both have the footage.
Breezey: Sick of Dwayne saying Brisbane are not in it but they’re
pcaman2003: Zorko Definition= Dog with fleas. Hopeless
Breezey: Part 2 But not out of it
th3rio: Holman sucked today. Stef should finish okay
DrSeuss: @therio – last game Tomlinson ran with him to limit his possessions, not so sure today though
Stu7: Why is Martin scoring low?
werdna007: When rockliff left, Zorko became nothing and rockliff became nothing as well
frenzy: carn brissy
Lawls: Took Stef as captain, opponent had titch
Lawls: After I VC’d titch
pcaman2003: Hodgey going huge. Bravo!
Raspel31: Treloar better go huge as it was him or Kelly for MacRae.
luke394: Thanks Heater copped some garbage from you this year nice to get a couple of big scores recently
luke394: i got him in instead of Kelly as well @Raspel 31
Haydo: Same as my oppo Lawls
banta: stef with no tackles or marks. so soft. what a hack
Raspel31: We await with bated breath luke.
StuL: Bugger off Kelly, I didn’t get you. 170 coming up.
wadaramus: Carn Kelly, put some cherries on top of your star.
StuL: COGs now in the back seat with Kelly back.
Fletch91: Kelly VC for me, happy!
Haydo: was gonna go gawn into him fletch
Raspel31: Stef should have smashed this- and after the pitiful Holman- quel desastre!
colin wood: steph sums up my round really. opp has shaw enough said.
BigChief: Simpson is 210cm and 110kgs so Stef against a genuine ruck.
Stu7: Martin not only not scoring giving away frees too
TheOnyas: Onya Hodgey
Raspel31: Ditto colin wood
th3rio: After seeing that stef chase he doesn’t look fit
BigChief: Taranto 1 disp in 2nd half. Thanks for nothing.
Stu7: Took Martin ove rOliver for C 😫
DrSeuss: Steph doesn’t normally score huge with hit outs, more with marks and tackles – that is where he has been off today
poolboybob: Nice last quarter Taranto you bum
DrSeuss: That’s another terrible decision!!
th3rio: Griffen you tool
th3rio: Clearly God captained hodge not kelly
penguins00: That was a horrible free to Griffen. He’s been watching the world cup
BigChief: You flog Cameron.
Manowar: total accident J. Cameron, no case to answer!

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