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Chat log from R14 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R14 of 2018

th3rio: m0nty with the early intel on miller tagging titch 😛 ?
BigChief: Holman may go to Mitchell at times.
th3rio: Going VC titch so hopefully he can break whoever tags.
m0nty: seems completely obvious to me
PowerBug: Gawn VCers will be hoping Titch stays around 100 today
th3rio: Can’t believe I didnt VC gawn. Paying for it
BigChief: I took Yeo as VC so Mitchell better go big as C
BigChief: Ainsworth looks terrible already. Should not have played.
th3rio: titch chilling alone to start, woo
Raspel31: Anyone stick with Titch who put the V on Gawn?
th3rio: I didnt think Gawn would go too crazy vs Ryder so I didnt, Going titch into Jelly
Sloan4Pres: spud Howe with the first goal
teachrtony: Hell no raspel, the byes have destroyed me, so taking Gawn’s 140 with gratitude.
SilverLion: C on Titch oh boy
pcaman2003: Have the C on Titch as well. Fingers crossed
DrSeuss: Had the VC on Yeo, kept the C on Titch against the Suns, not good so far
Raspel31: Stuck with big Max too teach
th3rio: just started lads have some faith he’ll come good
pcaman2003: Frustrated I can’t see the game.
Jukes82: thats your own fault.
duckky: Holman come on! Wakey wakey.
luke394: Is Gunston injured?
circle52: Looked sore before game as well. Luke
AFL Blues: I’m watching it on Cricfree, Pac-Man
StuL: Don’t listen to the Herald Sun. They troll you in to making stupid SC decisions. Sometimes.
luke394: Opponent has him so can only hope 😉
DrSeuss: Not looking good for the Hawks early. Also Titch, Miller isn’t stopping you from tackling??
circle52: Off again now talking to physios and doc.
StuL: Took Maxy over Titch
StuL: Go Sicily!
pcaman2003: @AFL blues. Thanks for that. I’ll check it out
SilverLion: I VCd Oliver instead of Gawn…
SilverLion: Lift Titch
BigChief: wake up Hawthorn.
StuL: Herald Sun said today Mitchell could break the posie record. Which kind of ensured that they’re dreaming.
pcaman2003: @AFL Blues. Got it going . Ta man!
Yelse: no titch no hawks
frenzy: hawks paying for the end of season
Raspel31: Same pcaman.
StuL: Peter Wright, Snake Bite! 180!
StuL: Numerlogy! Peter Wright the darts players, 180 is the top score. PW AFL is no.1 and on 80% target. 180!!
TheOnyas: onya wrighty
circle52: Suns will need to be in front by 50 at start of 3rd quarter if they are to win
frenzy: poowhopallow
circle52: maybe should have put the C on Sicily rather than Mitchell
pcaman2003: Does Holman know he’s playing today?
BigChief: Terrible game to watch.
circle52: Not wrong big chief, Shocking turovers both ways.
SilverLion: Titch warming into it
DrSeuss: Titch with 0 tackles?? What’s happening
aces-high: Is there a worse player in the afl then lemmens? He and parsons from cats are trash
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
Nuffman: So… Forgot to loop my C… Oops
Raspel31: Holman-you’re a very naughty boy. Kept you just for this bye. A very naughty boy.
gdshifty: moty!
AFL Blues: No worries, Pcaman. I have about 3 safe streaming sites that have never failed me for 8 years.
luke394: Sicily is now one of the elite defenders in the comp he’s great to watch
penguins00: Great Mark Duryea
Raspel31: Titch suddenly looks like going huge.
Jukes82: damn I want to bring sicily in next week, need him sub 130 sc or i can’t afford him.
Raspel31: And it’s Taylor Duryea-not Mark.
pcaman2003: Impey been a handy pick up for us this year
wolfheart: Sicily is such a cock I refuse to pick him on principle.
StuL: Intercept marks are $icily$ SC strength.
BigChief: more fool you then wolfheart. You obviously don’t want to win.
pharace: Sicdog avergaes at low 90’s – is that top 6 as a Fwd Chief?
pharace: Oh, and you told me so last week 🙂
TigersMan1: Who would I need to upgrade for Fritsch if he scores <50 next game? got Gray, McLean, Smith,Heeney and Walters
TigersMan1: With Sicily in backline that I can move to forward
pcaman2003: @pharace. Sicdog ave is 106,not low 90’s. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Raspel31: You on the money pcaman
pharace: Hover over his name here and it shows 93% – was what I used – could be wrong
pcaman2003: Holman you spud,get scoring dude.
BigChief: correct pcaman. pharace is wrong once again.
Pokerface: pharace is talking about that other game i think
teddyt: thats for DT @pharace. He’s 106 SC avg
pcaman2003: Titch coming good now. My C on him may pay off yet
BigChief: 93 is his AF and DT avg. 106 is SC avg. Learn to read mate.
pharace: Is a better SC player
pharace: Glasses on now – thanks Chief
Raspel31: Huge surge with that 1 touch Holman- you’re costing me my 50 point lead spud.
circle52: @pacman Just want Titchell to pass Yeos 113 Yeo was my vc
pcaman2003: @Circle. Same here. Had VC on Yeo. Opponent has C on Treloar
Lawls: Thoughts on Stef Martin as captain with Lobb out?
bongidongi: @lawls i did the same
circle52: Could be the go Lawls but Giantswith their mids may shank.
circle52: Ctach you later time to leave for the Gabba
Lawls: My opponent VC’d Merrett and has taken titch as C, I’ve got VC on titch so could just match him (I’m projected to win)
circle52: Shank his Hit Outs
Lawls: Or I can not take titch and pick Stef as C
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch! Minimum 90 before 3/4 time
bongidongi: my opp has titch cap, and i needed something to boost my score, so hoping titch does not much else and stef martin goes
frenzy: maybe shark them hitouts
bongidongi: goes ham*
Raspel31: I reckon worth a punt Lawls-risky but could go huge and hope he does.
Lawls: And I’ve got an extra player as well
Regis124: Why did they stop hard tagging Mitchell after quarter time?
TheOnyas: onya breusty
Lawls: Still got time to roughly see what titch finishes on
Lewysport: Cos Stewy Dew realised he still had the C on him Regis.
Raspel31: Need a huge last quarter Holman-at least 3 possies.
Regis124: Nice one @Lewy
SilverLion: Don’t expect 140 from Titch, but I’d be happy with 120+
DrSeuss: Titch and Sicily slowed in that 3rd.
Regis124: I took a punt and changed C from titch to Grundy. I am worried now as oponent has ticth
Regis124: Or should I put C on Kelly?
Raspel31: I’d stick with Grundy Regis- but who knows.
PowerBug: Kelly should be good today
frenzy: lift titch
PowerBug: Goal for the Suns! Finally!
luke394: Happy I traded Holman now
MONEY TALK: poor lynch needs a new club
m0nty: nominations for star please
pcaman2003: Get to 120 plus Titch.
Tonche: Breust star
Searly34: Shiels for star
bongidongi: shiels for sure
Jukes82: anyone know how much roughly sicily wil go up in value in SC?
Searly34: Probably around 30k Jukes
Yelse: cripps or j kelly for C
Jukes82: damn was hoping under 26, cheers
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
Costanza: mercy

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