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Chat log from R14 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Melbourne, R14 of 2018

Ash777: vc gawn n c titch.
Apachecats: vc titch ,got the c on Grundy
Ash777: I dont think BT knows if he’s meant to be commentator or a comedian
Ash777: also would like bartel as a permanent feature
hinsch: Should I be bringing in J. Smith into SC team or Micochek from Collingwood
Apachecats: buy Smith @hinsch.Sure thing
wadaramus: Almost too late to bringin J.Smith!
Ash777: I think port have a new club song :p
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
thommoae: “Pole-driving tackle” Good one, BT. Pfft.
ReggieOz: We all know BT is a flog
Apachecats: Bonner hurt 3AW
Breezey: BT- Meant to be a commentator. BT – Tries to be a comedian
cusch1: Melbourne traded pick 2 and Pick 20 for Dom Tyson and Pick 9. Tyson right now is worth a half eaten bag of corn flakes
Willymack1: Sure are a lot of bt haters here, bristle is the best thing to happen to afl
DrSeuss: Joel Smith – time to get involved young fella
poolboybob: Hey Robbie, match has started
Costanza: is it actually unusual for Tom Jones to be leading the scores?
cusch1: Disgusting decision. The physicality of football is dead
thommoae: Maybe BT got “pile-driving” confused with “pole-dancing” …
Jukes82: Lol Thomas what the fuck you gonna do you muppet lol
DrSeuss: They have missed a couple of Rockliff possessions and a tackle or two it seems
luke394: Cmon Robbie get involved
Apachecats: 20 metre penalty there
wadaramus: Can’t even go for the ball anymore, AFL is losing the plot.
pcaman2003: Will Gray get a touch this qtr? Stuck up fwd again no doubt away from the action.
DrSeuss: Where is Joel Smith? 100% TOG but haven’t sighted him
twinpeaks: Gray started in centre square that bounce
thommoae: Not on the green, green grass of Adelaide Oval, Costanza.
bones351: Geez they dont call holding the ball consistently anymore. Play on everytime they lose the ball in a tackle. No diposal.
JockMcPie: Cmon Wobbie Gway
DrSeuss: Get Rocky off the bench
wadaramus: Wobbie be eating downuts soon.
pcaman2003: Gray doing his best to go minus. Bloody heck!
cusch1: Port are crumbling
Apachecats: Port completly rattled here
Costanza: ha it is good to touch the green @thommoae
cusch1: Wobbie no longer eating donuts, but rather chilling with the penguins
twinpeaks: Looks like Viney going with Gray around the ground
thommoae: “The mark will count – it’s gone far enough!” Yep. About 38 metres, BT. Pfft.
pharace: RGray trying to be protagonist but looks a bit weird really
Apachecats: yeah twin and Viney leads 53 to 1.
Torz: Do you mean antagonist pharace?
pcaman2003: What’s the go with Fritsch TOG?
Torz: Decent score for Rocky given he has splinters.
twinpeaks: Got Fritsch, Smith and Gray, and after Ryan, can only afford to leave one score out…
pharace: That too Torz 🙂
pharace: Grub Thomas outscoring RGray – who would have thunk
TheOnyas: Onya Westhoffy
wadaramus: Joel Smith not filling me with confidence for next weeks trade.
original: traded tim smith when he got inj (dumb i know) 1 kick 2 tackles and a HO = 20 wow
wadaramus: SPP you are so tuff mate.
Jukes82: does fritsch normally have this much bench time this point in the game?
Ash777: I dont think so
original: normally on much more..output normally the same though until after HT lol
th3rio: evening gents 🙂
Raspel31: Just home- glad I didn’t jump on R Gray or Wines but Fritz?
original: seriously who doesnt have rgray in their team
anthsill03: Gray is a freak watch him kick 3 in a qtr
wadaramus: Perfect conditions, how good is AFL?!
luke394: Timmy Smith going well glad he came back in handy in the byes
pharace: agree ant
cusch1: Westhoff is much more reliable
Sixty656: he better kick 6 in 2 qtrs
luke394: Unreal handball there from Gray with 4 blokes hanging off him lol
poolboybob: I’m always impressed with Hinckley’s ability to position Gray where he will have as little impact as possible
original: gee ebert looks lean is he well?
Apachecats: need everthing to go right tonight and I’ve got Gray ,2 Smiths ,Fritsch and Wines .Gawn my only good one.
Manowar: First West Coast now Port when will the umpire cheating stop?
wadaramus: WHy is Gawn getting no reward for HOTA’s?
cusch1: Nothing wrong with umps tonight manowar?
Manowar: A is the key – there not
anthsill03: What u talking about? Melb is winning the free kick count lol
Raspel31: I’ve been here 2 minutes manowar- umps very balanced.
th3rio: brought in josh kelly over oliver this week hope I made the right decision lol
Apachecats: Umpirs better than last night ,but never seen so many throws missed.
circle52: I have Hoff, Wines, Gawn, Fritsch and Tim Smith – Gambled VC on Wines.
original: hibberd back on kick outs. OOTF lol
Ash777: only bad call was the 50 in the first qtr
anthsill03: Vc on gawn come on buddy
Apachecats: Petracca limping 3AW
ReggieOz: That was not a mark!
th3rio: fritsch usually spends a lot of time on the pine first half then goes nuts second half.
circle52: @apachecats They are being missed every week lately.
duckky: Wingard on fire last few games
original: now i see tim smti hgets all his points when he is in the ruck
ReggieOz: Experts agree!
circle52: Hope Wingard does not go to beserk as thinking of Kelly to Wingard next week with DDP.
anthsill03: I agree reggie but ur being too nice to lingy
th3rio: Not jumping on the wingard wagon. Been great but doubt it’ll hold up.
Raspel31: Jumping on Wingard- really?
ReggieOz: and duck lol
duckky: Wingard cheap though Circle
StuL: Wingard always flakey
circle52: Blue moon for Jonas
circle52: Wingard will float and will be M9
th3rio: wines a bit flaky too after half of SC probably traded him in 😛
pcaman2003: Gray not being tagged,100% TOG and still as lousy 12 pts.
ReggieOz: Ok the umpires don’t even know the rules this is a joke
Raspel31: Buying Wingard is like having a $200 dinner voucher and eating at Maccas.
Apachecats: any one fathom that one against Melksham?
ReggieOz: How is that a feee please explain!
duckky: Dang – VC’d Gawn not Oliver
Breezey: How is it HTB when your over the boundary line
jocka: Are you allowed to block/shepard a ball going for a score?
th3rio: Looks like fritsch is going next week, any good fwd rooks coming thru?
wadaramus: Deadset losing the plot with the umpiring, nothing makes sense.
Pusti: FACT: More umpires = more umpiring mistakes.
duckky: They paid a number of them last night Breezy (though from memory it was only against Ess)
luke394: Will Gray get the points for that free even though it’s advantage?
kano: How are you still fucking moaning reggie? Your team is getting more frees, please stfu
cusch1: Redman Th3rio, but that is dependant on how he pulls up from an ankle injury
Apachecats: Spot on pusti
StuL: Beating your opponentnis a free kick? (Hannan)
th3rio: should get 1 for FF but not the posession lukey
ReggieOz: it;s like the slide rule knee jerk reaction rule change
Costanza: 53 clangers in around 60 mins of footy
wadaramus: WHistle blows. Everyone pauses. Player with ball keeps running. Umps call play on. How is that fair?
Apachecats: isthat the umpires @costanza
J.Worrall: Move your freaking rear end, Gray!
th3rio: thats all Fritsch just get your BE my man
Umpirespet: Robbie u star
Breezey: Magic from Robbie
th3rio: surely gray gets 10 pts for those taps 😛
th3rio: 7, close enough
ReggieOz: Lmao Rocky trying tough stuff on Viney!
pharace: Gray is trying to be sublime tonight – can someone like him try too hard?
NoneyaB: meh thought viney and wines were besties lol although that wsnt really anything the hit i mean
TheOnyas: onya eberty
pcaman2003: Hope Gray pulls his finger out 2nd half.
Breezey: Vineys a turd. Rocky will hold his own
NoneyaB: viney does look like a thug guy though always looks so angry
cusch1: Demons have more inside 50s than points scored
pharace: Wrong way around I think Breezey
Umpirespet: Viney just likes fondling other men
Hadouken: is byrne jones injured or something? game time has gone down a fair bit
NoneyaB: rockys abit of a try hard though all mouth no action
th3rio: Are you saying that because he left the lions Noneya 😛
NoneyaB: nah was the same back then too always has been
th3rio: Just kidding lad. I don’t think he was ever the same since the shoulder problems? Used to seem more ballsy
NoneyaB: he was gone 2 years ago forme never really liked him very mouthy bitchy almost for a bloke
cusch1: Viney is one of my favourite players to watch. Absolute hard nut who loves his footy
th3rio: jetta sticking pretty close to gray
twinpeaks: cusch hard as a cat’s head
NoneyaB: Sam Gray apparently having issues
th3rio: robbbiee <3
duckky: Robbie – at last
pharace: @ cusch, yep, Viney would eat footy for breakfast
J.Worrall: Pull the digit out, Gray!
cusch1: Robbie gray has kicked 10 of his 20 goals in the third quarter.
th3rio: tim smith killing it from 4 possies
wadaramus: Come on big Maxy!
cusch1: Has had the 6 tackles th3rio
th3rio: yeah saw that, cruising nicely
Ash777: need hogan to do more
th3rio: demons all the time in the world. Wheres the pressure port :
Migz: just realised i could swap mclean to mids and i had tim smith as an emergency. Woo! get rid of that ryan score
th3rio: Robbie into the mids finally. Lets go son
cusch1: Oscar McDonald’s improvement has been incredible
J.Worrall: Digit extracted, thx Robbie!
luke394: Tim SMith as a POD could win me my cash league match go son!
th3rio: is this everyone elses first time in 12 weeks without the VC or C on Gawn or just me?
luke394: I went Titchell VC into Treloar
Ash777: I have gawn vc
Stu7: Last week against Grundy
th3rio: Treloar is killing it and a POD at this stage hey?. Im gonna go titch in kelly
luke394: Yeah wanted a POD with their easy run home seemed like a good one @th3rio, I like Kelly too
DrSeuss: Wingard has stopped, moved back forward FFS
th3rio: thats harsh on gray
Costanza: Lindsay does ok considering he’s actually only 7 year old
cusch1: Come on Wines get a move on
pcaman2003: Double free to Gray not paid. Umpires keep blinking
twinpeaks: Cracking game
Ash777: the 2nd the player was pushed into gray
StuL: Go Tim Sims
Raspel31: He looks like a powder puff but gee Oliver is a hard worker.
Costanza: got Olivera few weeks back. Slow starter it seems but clocks up a score quickly @Rasp
ReggieOz: Great game so far…
MONEY TALK: should of chucked the c on oliver and not wines
luke394: Cmon Smith out score Rocky
Haydo: good to see tom clurey ahead of robbie gray… not
ReggieOz: Titch V Gold Coast is going to be the go this week so vc not too important
Raspel31: That’s the hope Reggie
Yelse: where is J smith playing? whyyyy so low
Ash777: tim smith off the ground
th3rio: robbie gonna have a blinder of a last qtr
ReggieOz: Tmac down
Raspel31: Was Smith or Redman Yelse- Redman great but injured.
luke394: Stop going backwards Smith 60 to 56
luke394: Injured @Ash777?
Ash777: went off the ground with a cut above the eye
luke394: Cheers mate hopefully comes back on
The39Steps: If you were given an AFL franchise and given free reign to pick 22 current players, Oliver 4me, top five.
th3rio: bernie is a bit of a tosspot, tbh.
pcaman2003: T Smith going further backwards. Is he still playing?
cusch1: Soft as butter free kick
Haydo: agree 39
Raspel31: That’s a bummer- there go points to el Rocko
wadaramus: Incidental free kick, just stop it umpires.
duckky: Why cant a mark outrank a free if its the same team? Just bottles the game up.
pcaman2003: Someone tell Bruce McAvaney to quit dribbling
Stu7: Is he still alive
Costanza: yep retire Bruce please- not a horse race
poolboybob: Jesus get Jetta off the ground
BigChief: BT dribbles a lot more.
Umpirespet: BT can retire to
jwill55aus: Would love to see more games at neutral venues. Umpiring at some of these smaller grounds just too big of a factor.
Raspel31: No Bruce died years ago- just a million sentences floating maniacally around in the ether.
SilverLion: Bruce gets midway through sentences and doesn’t know how to finish them
Breezey: Jetta going off might free up Gray or Wingard now.
th3rio: gray might ton up after that horrible start
cusch1: Im surprised Bruce can even string enough coherent words together to get halfway through a sentence.
Migz: got Gawn as VC.. still 400 points to go. wonder whats worth keeping his score at
anthsill03: I think we should ban talking about umpires
poolboybob: Enough with the Bruce bashing, let’s focus our rage on Basil Zempilas
duckky: Frees are starting to come thick and fast
cusch1: Lets start bashing Wines for sucking half of us in and then putting up this stink
th3rio: anything over 130 is a keep migz. Even 125 thru byes
Apachecats: but what would we talk about anthill
luke394: Smithy you’re alive son well done
Ash777: the more bruce talk the less BT talks
duckky: Robbie about to tom up? Gotta be a cape and ying/yang
wadaramus: Thanks Maxy, locking VC in now 🙂
Raspel31: Was being patched up for 30 luke
duckky: Ton (blush)
th3rio: looking likely duckky
The39Steps: Don’t knock Bruce – was the only overseas sports caller in a US poll of top 50 all-time.
luke394: Any less than 140 and I’d be taking Titch against GC Wanda
BigChief: Dees have a new player according to Bruce. Noel Smith.
Ash777: melksham been watching too much WC lol
anthsill03: Maybe ask me why i picked up rockliff and ruined my season
pcaman2003: Good to see Gray get into the 2nd half. A ton would be great.
frenzy: Hoff muppet
Costanza: fomo pure and simple
Raspel31: Rocky was choofing along nicely but disappeared to blood bin 10 mins ago
th3rio: fritsch making it hard to trade him next week. Always finishes well!
cusch1: Yin Yang Gray already
cusch1: Rocky on the bench for the past 7 minutes
SilverLion: They’ve missed 2 throws by R Gray in the last couple of mins
Breezey: Robbie trying to get Power home on his own here.
anthsill03: I shouldnt be so dramatic. He will be my m9 so its not that bad. Bring him back onto the field plz
MONEY TALK: 17 tackles geez
Ash777: seems late spoils on ball are instant 50 now
Raspel31: Feel the pain- have him too anth
th3rio: yes you shouldnt ant, he’s tonned up the last 2 weeks in a row from memory
original: wowee try to put the baby to sleep for last 30 min and come back to this wow
Apachecats: yeah MT thats all he’s done all night -tackle and fight.
Raspel31: Hmm- now the choice Gawn or Titch.
anthsill03: Has pretracca touched it since qtr time.
ReggieOz: easy to get tackles when you are 2nd to the ball
Haydo: time to cash in vc gawn
Apachecats: always bank 130+ Raspel
original: agree haydo
wadaramus: Choice Raspel? 130 not enough!
Ash777: if gawn gets to 140 I’ll cash him in
original: sgree reggieoz
luke394: I took the VC off Gawn last second 🙁
Torz: Rocky has spent a year on the bench.
original: love how umpires put the whistle away fro stuff they would call earlier eg that block
Ash777: titch should go big against gc tho
Raspel31: Gawn officially capped.
luke394: Cmon Smith get to 80
Costanza: kick after siren to win – cmon Dees
original: shower off hibberd after weeks of trash when i had you
SilverLion: How was that not a mark to brayshaw?
th3rio: argh now i know why i VC/C gawn for 12 weeks in a row. Lol
poolboybob: Gray x-factor
Apachecats: a few sore players out of this
original: wow rgray
Burnsy03: r gray yin yang aswell?
cusch1: Ollie Ollie Oxemberg
The39Steps: This is the AFL version of Upstairs Downstairs
Breezey: Off ya go Dees
Raspel31: Hmm- looking at the fans- very glad I don’t live in Adelaide or Collingwood
Jukes82: glad i dont thave rocky
original: pea heart icons for all melbourne please
duckky: Collingwood fans cant afford to live in Collingwood. More like Doreen and Roxy Park
duckky: Westhoff BOG?
original: still dunno if petracca is good or just hype
bones351: As Apache said, a lot of sore players from this battle. 40 HO for Ryder 53 for Gawn wow

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