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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R13 of 2018

frenzy: chaps Lol
Wends: and ladies of course 🙂
Wends: I’m not sure I really want to listen to this game…. hopefully it’s a draw.
frenzy: yep ladies aswell of course
Ash777: got battle, austin and witts for this game
Wends: Gracias 🙂
poolboybob: Gonna be plenty of good seats available for this one
Wends: Does Ed Phillips get another game, post bye?
BigChief: Who is this Billings? 3 touches already.
pharace: No good seats at this game is there pbb?
BigChief: Carlisle jumper punch to Lynch’s jaw. Has to be looked at.
pharace: Billings at 33% – was he kicking for goal?
JButcher: I don’t understand how he was dropped Big Chief not their worst by a long way
JButcher: Sorry I mean @Wends
Pokerface: to teach him a lesson not to be so lazy
StuL: Billings needs 80 posies to ton up
BigChief: Webster into rooms with groin sore.
Wends: Webster down into the rooms 😮
CBeezDeez: Need Holeman & Austin to go large please
Wends: Hard to fathom JButcher… poor first 1/2 but as you say, surely not their worst player.
leorosman_: news on webster?
BigChief: Battle looks promising.
Torz: Warming up in the rooms
BigChief: Still in the rooms doing tests @leo
frenzy: still in the rooms
PowerBug: so where’s Billings playing? Mids?
Ladbrokes_: What’s going on with Savage
leorosman_: cheers
feralmong: does your E count in best 18 if there score replaces a player out?
Torz: Seems like Powerbug.
oc16: im so glad i have savage
BigChief: Looks to be midfield @PowerBug.
BigChief: Yes Feral
LMartos: wow, look what happens when Billings is allowed to cover the ground!
feralmong: excellent thanks chief.
feralmong: did my teams thursday and now just seen i had fyfe C. happy days.
BigChief: Webster done. In a tracksuit.
Chelskiman: @LMartos, more like look what happens when I finally trade him out. *rolleyes*
poolboybob: Finally traded Billings out last week so not surprised to see this
circle52: Four umpires and they could not see Schoenfeldt being held. Must want saints to win
Jukes82: who cares, you couldve saved 200k when you traded him out 6 weeks ago
pharace: Not a full game yet boys and girls
circle52: an a goal up the other end
StuL: Billings will no doubt kill it but can he score more than 60 consistently after today?
DrSeuss: Let’s go Austin – not the week for a quiet one
BigChief: But his finally being played in the correct position @pharace. Plays well when given the mid mins.
boo!: cmon josh, jack, jade and jake
HawkTalker: man, I’m praying billings is back. Need a break.
Ash777: jack macrae’s injury is 3-4 weeks
pharace: Tell me you told me so at the end of the game Chief 😉
CBeezDeez: Which Jack?
BigChief: That was tough on Brown. Not his fault he is so slow.
Pokerface: billings doesn’t get to play gold coast every week
Wends: Poolboy/Chelski – this needs a name – The Billings Oscillation? Phenomenon of players flying post trade out is very real
DrSeuss: Might look at Billings again if he does this against someone that isn’t Gold Coast
boo!: jack B
BigChief: LOL ok pharace 😛
Ash777: saints need more players named jack 😛
poolboybob: Piss off, Holman
CBeezDeez: Way to go Holeman!
cusch1: ofc my opponent has Billings and Amritage, while I have Webster
Ash777: also there is 8 Jacks playing 😮
CBeezDeez: More Jack here than a cheap brothel. Sorry Folks…
pharace: nailed it Cusch
stuballs: Traded Holman and couldn’t reverse coz of the Thursday fixture. Knew he’d go big..
Raspel31: Um, stumbled onto this by mistake until I remembered I had Holman-hm.i
Ash777: holman is very up and down so dont worry about trading him out
pharace: Like it Wends – the BO – plays like he has BO sometimes
cusch1: How serious is Webster injury?
Wends: Team lineups read like a bad early 90s hip house tune @ ash
circle52: Looked very proppy in rooms Cusch Problematic whether he comes back after bye.
pharace: Agree Cusch -he can still handball!!!!
Wends: Lol, today he does pharace – no-one going near him?
Jukes82: ppl with maccrae who you trading him for? I’m thinking J.Kelly. Save a heap of cash that way
cusch1: Any chance they can pop him in the goal square and he kicks a bag?
TheMessiah: First Goal?
CBeezDeez: Coach Killer if Saints lose?
pcaman2003: Damn! Just came in here to find my VC webster gonskie. Oh well,at least Holman doing well.
pharace: Not unless a tracksuit is the official away strip Cusch
Wends: Hans Moleman making up for Phillips out, so far.
pharace: Lethlean gave him unqualified support CBDeez – but did start the message with “at this stage”
CBeezDeez: How far do you have to go before you fall off a stage?
spudaroos: Ainsworth could be a sneaky pick next year.
pharace: first Stagecoach outa town
CBeezDeez: LoL @pharace
Wends: Webster out early de cruelled their chances though…
frenzy: blackbook spud
Wends: *def
pharace: Big fan of 101 DalSanto’s are you Wends?
Ash777: chances of richo being coach after the saints bye?
DrSeuss: Come on Austin, need some of your magic
cusch1: More chance that Webster makes a tonne through scaling alone Ash
BigChief: @ Messiah I believe it was Ainsworth for 1st goal.
poolboybob: Jack Martin should request a trade to an AFL side
luke394: Billing’s trade in option?
circle52: Yep Ainsworth first goal
Jukes82: lol no , stk have bye next week but they play hawks after that. if billings backs it up then consider it
BigChief: Holman has vanished.
poolboybob: Wake up, Austin
cusch1: The only factor that could save Richardson is that this is an away game
pharace: Austin lost his powers pbb
TheOnyas: onya rossy
BigChief: That can’t be the 1st centre clearance for Suns?
Wends: C’mon Austin, find your Q3 mojo….
CBeezDeez: Webster going down change Austin’s role in any way?
frenzy: suns have had shocking 2nd halves lately
DrSeuss: Not much kick to kick down back for the Saints and Austin I am guessing??
luke394: Cmon Austin get going lad
colin wood: its ok luke hes a popular pick so his score goes up even when hes not doing anything.
frenzy: lift ya game Holman
TheLegend6: Not watching, Saints any chance of making a comeback?
luke394: Haha I hope so @colinwood
BigChief: Wouldn’t think so Legend. 2 players down.
Raspel31: Haven’t had Lynch since round 3 good to see the lad having fun.
CBeezDeez: C’mon Holman! Tackles not handballs please.
BigChief: That works Holman.
SilverLion: Flower you Billings
frenzy: thats it
Raspel31: Luvs you Holman- bench good so far.
Gotigres: What about goals CBeezDeez?
CBeezDeez: Didn’t wanna jinx him completely Tig
Raspel31: Guess we’re all thinking about how we can all get Billings next week.
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
boges11: Me: Macrae is my lowest score Austin: hold my beer
Wends: Webster BE 140-ish, wonder how serious the injury is?
BigChief: You can have him @Raspel. Guaranteed to score 0
StuL: Saints bye next week. Was a reason not to consider Billings. that and i don’t trust him to do this again.
Jukes82: he’s only had 7 possies since 1/4 time, not convinced at all.
colin wood: some more of the pill would be nice Savage.
circle52: lets see if Suns can score some points in this quarter oly score 2 points in last quarters last 3
boges11: Bowes done for the night with a quad
SilverLion: Glad I got Battle in this week 🙂
BigChief: Here come the Saints.
Seiya: Go to hell billings fuck me
circle52: 10 minutes in Saints 2.1 to 0 for Suns 4th quarter woes Saints a chance.
SilverLion: Austin going to be the last defender standing at this rate
BigChief: muppet for Thompson.
circle52: Nice dive by Membrey to exagerate the touch
poolboybob: Is someone taking the piss with Savage’s SC score?
frenzy: power off savage, ya done nothing
McSpud: saints for the win. stewey sacked in a month
Gotigres: Good game now
CamT: The guy leading the SC comp has 16 players out next week. Can anyone beat that ? I’m assuming McLean will be a non-start
Ash777: didn’t he only became coach last year?
Gotigres: Holman going backwards quickly
Jukes82: savage had a bunch of scoring involvments.
luke394: Thanks Austin you absolute muppet
pcaman2003: Back from dinner. What happened? Saints were being flogged.
tommy10: Got Battle in too SL
DrSeuss: Maybe Billings stole Austin’s Mojo?
Ash777: players move to save the coach
Gotigres: Oh wow, Saints!
Jukes82: Richo will get an extention after this effort
poolboybob: Just do away with the Suns. What a useless franchise.
cusch1: This is really disappointing
frenzy: steelers
luke394: That’s disgraceful for Gold Coast to lose that
colin wood: how did ballard go from 59 to 50 with a contested kick out on the full 5 minutes ago? LOL
casey22: Its only Gold Coast!!!!!
SilverLion: Since I said i was happy I got battle, he said gone -4 haha
Jukes82: at least i got my tip right in the end
poolboybob: Heartbreaking loss for the dozens of Gold Coast supporters out there
CBeezDeez: Well flower me!
Jukes82: you puppet colin wood, you realize spoils get points? he had those
shaker: To many SC points everybody got scaled down
DrSeuss: How is it defined as a ‘great win’ – you were behind a rabble of a Suns team for 99% of the game. Celebrating like a GF
StuL: Did the whole GC team lose points for choking?

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