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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Carlton vs Fremantle

Chat log for Carlton vs Fremantle, R13 of 2018

frenzy: chaps
duckky: Hi Frenzy
duckky: Lots in this game – Cripps, Kruz, Banfield, Fyfe (VC), Mundy
frenzy: simmo cripp fyfe ryan
circle52: Hi all – Need Fyfe to go 130+ to make VC decision easy for me.
bongidongi: need langdon and blakely to put up a decent fight against cripps and fyfe
circle52: Looks like he and Cripps are running together though.
th3rio: Who’s curnow tagging lads?
frenzy: bit early to tank Carltank
th3rio: ah wonderful, VC fyfe copping the tag and my unique cripps being tagged.
BigChief: Freo playing witches hats today.
m0nty: is it a Joe the Goose if you are both in the goalsquare?
circle52: @th3rio Still trying to owrk it out as Cripps and Fyfe lined up against each other at first bounce.
valkorum: technically apeness marked just outside the square ๐Ÿ™‚
circle52: They seem to be following each other but Curnow and Banfield are around them as well,
duckky: Is it just me, or are tackles only scoring 2 SC today?
circle52: I only have Fyfe this game.
th3rio: dang ๐Ÿ™
pcaman2003: Can’t see the game. Who’s tagging who guys?
gloryboy: Not sure Curnow is tagging Fyfe? Have only seen Cripps with him
th3rio: see below PCA
BigChief: At a guess no tags yet.
pcaman2003: Damn I hate not seeing the action. Feel blind.
th3rio: wheres wally walters? Oh yeah forgot hes a fuck head
valkorum: Definitely is Cripps trying to get to Fyfe
valkorum: th3rio watch your language
th3rio: ed curnow seems to be lingering around Nat
luke394: Donโ€™t remind me @th3rio! God damn Walters
th3rio: censored for a reason valko
circle52: and Banfield around Cripps so maybe the 4 will; cancel each other out.
BigChief: th3rio is right, Walters is a fuck head.
luke394: Lol @Bigchief thatโ€™s pretty generous I reckon
th3rio: If i lose league this week – its because of Walters. Our calls are valid. Cry valko ๐Ÿ™‚
pcaman2003: Lucky I ditched Walters when injured and didn’t bring him back.
luke394: Literally gonna happen to me @th3rio in both myFinance cash leagues :/
th3rio: Although last minute spargo to Giro seems to be going okay so far.
luke394: I need Fyfe to go low as opp has him C the Titchell to go massive as my C
th3rio: The worst thing is he was reported in the last 2 mins of the game. Please lol. Woes ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: Carlton should be wearing orange.
th3rio: Haha sorry Luke, I need fyfe to go huge ๐Ÿ˜› I vced oppt didnt
Jukes82: why can’t Cripper break a tag like Fyfe smh
luke394: Fair enough @th3rio I have him vc too ๐Ÿ™‚
luke394: Haha here goes Fyfe anyway lol
original: was looking forward to seeing fyfe vc today until i logged in and realised i left it on jpk (was trying to fool opponent
frenzy: first coach to get the kyber pass will be ?
original: oppo has fyfe vc..gr8
duckky: Kuez has been watching too much world cup. Watch him try to head it next time
BigChief: Why wasn’t that 50 against Freo?
luke394: Ouch @original youโ€™ve outsmarted yourself there thatโ€™s hard to do
Arch: cripps always plays for freekicks. umps on to him
original: luke394 HUGE facepalm when i logged in this morning to change it and to trade in giro
duckky: Thought Lyon was still under a cloud original
carlton_99: @arch u have no clue. Since when does cripps play for frees has deserved about 3 this qtr
MattyZ: Cripps has just played horrendously, not playing for frees
original: @arch, cripps has blokes hanging off him 24/7
MattyZ: He had no blokes hanging off him when he let Fyfe just stroll past for a centre clearance
Jukes82: lol savage
NewFreoFan: Really wish I could have gotten to this game
carlton_99: He set up Curnow at the end via the fend off which should have been 50. Will get better
StuL: Maclure must by crying on the radio by now
StuL: As bad as Carlton are, this is bad
Arch: carlton 99 stop looking mate. you sound like a 10 yr old. go back and watch the 1st qtr and see what cripps is doing. Du
BigChief: time for the witches hat icon @m0nty.
BigChief: This side would not win in the VFL.
Raspel31: Sadly I predicted this massacre.
NoneyaB: Geez Carlton Brisbane would run rings around you atm and they are 18th
duckky: Carlton not working hard enough – leadingbigely in each stat except clangers
valkorum: Fyfe! Enough said
original: fyfe punishing me for my error
Arch: worst team in AFL history
BigChief: @NoneyaB Carlton are 18th mate, not Brisbane.
The39Steps: This performance will only get the Filfth only nine Friday night games next year.
pharace: Nice one Monty
shaker: Bolton is gunna run out of excuses
kano: If you coach a team getting slaughtered by Freo in melbourne you should be in strife,
NoneyaB: well carlton deserve it more than the lions do atm same amount of wins though
SimCity: Think you are pretty unfair to the witches hat
original: prediction. cripps will get reported today
Raspel31: My grandmother’s cleaning lady played for Carlton when they were a force.
BigChief: Apart from Cripps and C. Curnow who would get a game at another club?
NewFreoFan: Loving this
frenzy: blues need to trade Cripps
cusch1: Petrevski Seton goes alright imo. Has talent
poolboybob: This is pathetic
Jukes82: hopefully the baggers have a goaless game
The39Steps: Do umps tend to forget you or give you less in Brownlow voting once you are ineligible?
BigChief: And what would that achieve @frenzy?
StuL: Would take both Curnows
original: gee lucky to not be 50
Jukes82: no they don’t, thats a myth
pharace: Agree cusch, will just get better too as he bodies up
circle52: Weitering is probably the only other worth considering
valkorum: Love how no-one messes with sandilands. Goes in to defend Balls and the carlton guys run away
frenzy: only player with any value
duckky: And this team pantsied the bombers
BigChief: What channel is the grass growing comp on?
NewFreoFan: valk you’d be as turgid as i am over this performance ๐Ÿ˜‰
cusch1: The Carlton players would run away from Caleb Daniel….
BigChief: As I said frenzy, what is the point in that? Carlton don’t need more draft picks, they need more talented players.
StuL: Damn
Raspel31: Still confident The Blues can turn this around- background noise of Nirvana.
original: fyfe plz stopp lol
circle52: Heavyweight clash 3 weeks time Lions v Blues.
duckky: Fyfe looks like being the first winner of the Chasseer ineliible since Grant
valkorum: Quietly smiling here newfreofan ๐Ÿ™‚
circle52: @original most will want him to keep going as they would have him VC
BigChief: I like Bolton as a coach, but surely he is in trouble.
pharace: Gee, imagine if Carlton kicked straig…. Oh hang on. My bad
Hoot: Still 2 more Qtrs to go!
Raspel31: What upsets me is that even the defenders can’t score when they’re being smashed.
kano: Ed Curnow getting smoked, surely move him to Neale
duckky: Come on Mundy – no need to take a holiday
valkorum: Kerr better kick this, Kreuzer was in the goal square for AGES
Wends: Arvo all. Of course I took the VC off Fyfe worried about a tag at 1.44 ๐Ÿ˜
duckky: Kerr what a selfish wally
MattyZ: I hope they donโ€™t sack bolts, heโ€™s got no control over idiots handing it to the oppositionโ€™s chest
circle52: Bolton will join the loser of the Suns/Saints clash in the media hot seat this week,
StuL: Rebuilding a big hole in the ground.
frenzy: Carltooon
Raspel31: No-good call Wends. Fyfe hardly touched the pill.
original: ads on screen covering bottom of carlton table
cusch1: Can you call it a rebuild, if nothing was ever built in the first place?
bones351: @duckky I was just about to say the same thing. Game didnt finish at qtr time Dave. Pull your finger out after half time
StuL: Same wends. Thought curnow might stop him
StuL: It was c though
original: wends..also planned on fyfe vc but accidentally left it on jpk..will cost me!
Raspel31: Portugal drew with Spain todat which was frankly a joke- hand in there Carlton. You never know.
StuL: The great school teacher coach ends here surely?
StuL: Ronaldo would cost too much in supercoach
frenzy: microwave sales going through the roof
AFL Blues: I sniff a chance here, boys.
StuL: Good Guys in the inner north and bayside are overwhelmed.
NoneyaB: geez triple m andthe fans calling in lmfao
Raspel31: Golly, in a bye Brayshaw scoring higher than Cripps. Small mercies.
original: also i traded in simpson this week – sorry owners
cusch1: Why did i think it was a good idea to have three carlton players in my team?
NoneyaB: my late nan would be so ropible right now if she was alive
Raspel31: How many times does the original curse last?
The39Steps: With your spelling?
shaker: What you can smell AFL Blues is a dead carcass
JButcher: How did Essendon let this team beat them?
AFL Blues: Yup! Them be my Blue Boys! ๐Ÿ˜€
BigChief: I sniff a goal less game here.
NoneyaB: oh noes not a spelling error………
NewFreoFan: Your late nan was always huge on spelling
Pusti: If the Dockers play their cards right, they could win this.
NoneyaB: actually she wouldnt be fussed….. it was a typo something we all do…
original: is there any way to remove the ad on screen (pc) so we can see bottom rows of carlton?
Pusti: NoneyaB: I’m sure you meant ‘gropable’.
BigChief: Why would you want to see anything Carlton are dishing up?
original: i knew i was opening myself up to comments like the bigchief lol i wanna focus my anger
NoneyaB: yes I meant ropeable
Raspel31: After 20 minutes of analysis have worked out how the Blues can win this. They need to play better.
NewFreoFan: All rows of Carlton are the bottom rows
cusch1: The only way Carlton win this is if Freo’s score is put back to 0 for having 19 on the field
StuL: Carlton can win it if aliens abduct the entire Freo team
NewFreoFan: Comeback is on
BigChief: Even then cusch it would be 13-0 and Freo would still win by 10 goals.
Raspel31: My team is on it StuL
frenzy: come back on the cards
original: would make for a great story
BigChief: Sorry @original, couldn’t help myself.
original: we’re winning the second half boys!!1
Hoot: Go Blues!
StuL: Simo lifting!
Wends: Thank god @StuL, my other brainwave this rd was to bring him in over Yeo…
BigChief: Shocking 50 there.
AFL Blues: I TOLD you I sniff a chance here, boys!
Hoot: come back
StuL: I love sumo in sc but its probably his last year in my team
StuL: Its on
StuL: Boltons warm, fuzzy chat worked did it?
MONEY TALK: nothing hurts me more than forgetting to change my captain and having mac as C
Wends: Freo in multi 21 mode… Carlton didn’t get the memo.
Pusti: The Blues could win if the Dockers all put Essendon jumpers on.
Raspel31: Hm, getting sexy. Go Blues.
Jukes82: simpson already scored 36 points this quarter
AFL Blues: Cometh the comeback…
Spiv: Disregarding the last 5 mins, how has carlton lost its way so badly in the last 5 years?
BigChief: And the comeback is dead.
NewFreoFan: Spiv you mean the last 17 years?
BigChief: And how many flags have Freo won since joining the AFL @NewFreoFan?
Raspel31: Disregarding is irrelevant and superfluos. Made bad choices.
Spiv: Ha, whilst they havent been successful for a long time, theyve been really bad the last 5 years
StuL: 3/4 time, roof opens, retractor beam on the freo huddle. Its not much hope but its some hope
NewFreoFan: We’ve won as many as quite a few clubs in the amount of years we’ve been around
Raspel31: Too late to put the VC on Fyfe? Sb, sob.
BigChief: You have played in the same amount of GF as Carlton so I wouldn’t be putting shit on other clubs mate.
luke394: Simpson going nuts here
Jukes82: simpson cape, 54pt quarter so far
LMartos: Kade Simpson is a god. Full stop.
poolboybob: Rubbish bin for Simpson
original: simpson what a come back
cusch1: Kape Simpson must be close
PowerBug: Simpson gets a cape now
original: hope fyfe doesnt score more than 155
NewFreoFan: I’ll put shower wherever I please mate, and I’ll like it
Spiv: 13 teams have won a flag since Freo joined
Raspel31: For pure heart Simmo is a god indeed.
PowerBug: All because his teams hasn’t done better doesn’t retract from the fact that Carlton have been poor
valkorum: keep the chat about the game please
mattmac24: Cripps, Curnow, Simpson, Fyfe(C) and Neale. Loving this game
BigChief: Carlton have been crap, but Freo also have been crap.
Raspel31: Breaking news-Brayshaw hits 61. His average. anthing from now is .00 interesting.
bongidongi: neeeeeeeeeed ed langdon to get some more of the pill
shaker: Stefan Giro the true god
frenzy: Simmo 18 possi qtr
NewFreoFan: So much salt BigChief from someone who doesn’t even fly the flag for their club with an icon next to their name
StuL: Nice qtr for points
Gotigres: Great quarter Simmo. Brayshaw, you might actually get over 75.
Wends: Simpson no bin, he’s valiantly tried to turn his team’s 1st 1/2 debacle around…
StuL: Brayshaw could finally start to make $
Jukes82: apeness looks alright, got him in AF not SC tho
BigChief: You moron NewFreoFan. There is no icon for my team because the AFL kicked them out. They never got the handouts most got
valkorum: Bigchief and newfreofan – cut it out
Raspel31: 3 players in this- Fyfe, Simmo and Cripps. Regardless, come on Crlton-kick some butt.
Searly34: Keep going Simmo you legend
MONEY TALK: who got thrown out big chief
Spiv: Ive got Fyfe, Neale, Mundy and Simpson. Very happy with the points scored
BigChief: Too young to remember @Money?
original: wouldnt be opposd to simmo having another 65point qtr
Spiv: Fitzroy
cusch1: Fyfe (C), Cripps, Simpson, and Curnow
MONEY TALK: coulda been university
PowerBug: Fitzroy went, my lot entered :O
lukefield9: @Bigchief Brisbane Bears?
BigChief: Correct @Spiv. Good old Roys.
cusch1: Traded in Curnow over wines, need a lift Ed
Raspel31: Hmm, MaCrae gone- Neale worth a punt? either 50 or 150?
NewFreoFan: So you can put shower when your club was bad enough to be merged?
Jukes82: obv fitzroy
BigChief: I am not that old Money ๐Ÿ˜›
BigChief: We didn’t merge, we were kicked out.
MONEY TALK: mah chief didnt realise this website was around for that
obione05: Did Banfield move off Cripps at HT?
Wends: What about JKelly Raspel?
shaker: Brisbane Lions ?
Raspel31: Wends- absolutely. My aim indeed.
carlton_99: Every time we mark the ball it gets called play on
NewFreoFan: Kerr is having an absolute mare
JButcher: Cmon Mundy and Kreuzer push 100 please
Burnsy03: i have 17 players this week and i am on 334 from 3 with simmo fyfe dow and cripps in this
Jukes82: banfield ying yang, only 7 points in second half
Raspel31: Have a strange feeling Carlton can win from here-a very strange feeling.
obione05: Mundy spent the game off the field after qtr time?
circle52: @carlton seems to be the rule of the last 2 weeks. Call play on even if you take a step of line.
bones351: Mundy being a lazy so and so after qtr time when the game was won. 41 at qtr time and wont ton up
TigersMan1: Im on 601 from 6 with 17 players and have Cripps, Simmo and Fyfe, feeling good also!
TigersMan1: Actually mke that 15 players…forgot Phillps and Laird weren’t playing ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: 863 from 7 for me, but my C has played.
Torz: Bin in harsh for Simmo. He’s been busting his ass back there.
circle52: I only have 17 and taking fyfe as VC 1040 from 8 atm
Wends: He’ll take my last SC mid spot Raspel – doing a Costanza opposite decision to trade him back in after trading out…
Wends: Agree Torz – that is way harsh minty.
StuL: Got 16 but opp only has 14.
Ash777: time to loophole fyfe
Raspel31: I might break 2000 which is amazing on a bye and losing Macrae- but next week……?
circle52: Yep bit harsh Monthy after Simmos third quarter
casey22: m0nty; error code on next game?!?!
carlton_99: Much better 2nd half. Should have played like this in the 1st
Wends: How much will Simmo’s SC price rise, anyone? Anyone?
lukefield9: @Wends Could be looking at 20-30k
BigChief: It will be ok by the time the game starts @casey
Searly34: Get that bin off Simmo
Wends: Thx Luke.

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