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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs West Coast, R13 of 2018

hinsch: This game is a give me for the WCE
th3rio: scg horrible record at SCG so far
th3rio: meant swans lol
Ash777: expect ronke to go big
rtz23: chucking the C on Jake Lloyd a bad idea?
th3rio: maybe rtz, relatively tall wce forward line.
th3rio: I just assumed 99% of people would go fyfe into titch?
Ash777: I’m doing fyfe to titch
circle52: I am now Fyfe to Titch due to problems last night
rtz23: i went macrae to fyfe but just having a shocking start and was trying to go left field 😛
circle52: Also tossing up whether to go Titch into Danger
th3rio: i vced danger last week and he fucked me over circle, so going fyfe at optus
th3rio: fyfe and titch have a way higher ceiling than lloyd @rtz, apart from that week he went like 177 😛
Ash777: danger isn’t getting 120+ atm
BigChief: I have already looped my VC. Wines into Gawn.
ReggieOz: Welcome back Liam Ryan
th3rio: low stress weekend for you BC 😛
boo!: cmon flying’ ryan, ton up son
Ash777: I have a very cookie cutter team except for witts
th3rio: go heeney and buddy
valkorum: th3rio Freo are playing at Etihad
BigChief: Only tipping is my worry this weekend now.
Raspel31: So so tempted to trade Laird to Yeo but trades running out- go Heeney!
cusch1: Changing his name to Hill Wayward with accuracy like that
luke394: Ronke, Buddy & Ryan in this one
Manowar: Do something L. Ryan
th3rio: 4 umpires into 3 as buddy just took one out lmao
BigChief: With Smith on Ryan he won’t do much. Smith all class.
Ash777: got heeney, lloyd, yeo, kennedy
duckky: 4 tackles in 4 minutes? Heeney man
cusch1: Pathetic free kick against Buddy there
circle52: Only Heeney and Yeo for me
th3rio: i couldnt bring myself to pull the trigger on ryan 🙁
pcaman2003: Got Nic Nat,Heeney,Yeo and Ronke
pcaman2003: Hoping Nic Nat gets more TOG this week.
th3rio: this is going to be a lovely game
BigChief: Yeo Sinclair and Heeney for me tonight.
DrSeuss: Brander, Redden, Yeo, Ronke and Lloyd in this game
th3rio: Is it just me or does lloyd get a lot of easy ball?
Ash777: the SCG makes the game look very congested
pcaman2003: Natanui plenty of time on the pine already. Enough!
Ash777: lloyd is that link up player
hinsch: WCE and Swans going for draft picks here
boo!: traded in hurn and ryan…
hinsch: Franklin or Goodes who annoys you more
rtz23: @th3rio think with mcveigh out, lloyd gets more of the cheapies
Raspel31: Lloyd has great positioning sense- go lad.
hinsch: Shuey cheap in a few weeks might be a good pickup at $300k
original: shocking umpiring that
th3rio: omfg spuddy can you stop giving away frees.
BigChief: @hinsch no chance he drops to 300k
Haydo: Brought in Brander so i’ve got him, yeo, lloyd and Heeney
luke394: I don’t know why I do it to myself every year and bring buddy in
TheMessiah: @th3rio…. All soft frees, umps hate buddy
hinsch: bigchief he needs 150+ this week to BE
th3rio: the late push free seems to be pretty consistent so far this year
BigChief: hinsch he will not drop 165k though.
th3rio: i have a feeling mcgovern is gonna fuck buddy up tonight
original: with the way buddy gets treated im surprised he didnt get reported for that
Lewysport: Not watching but are Lloyd and Grundy kicking it to each other?
pcaman2003: Trust me to get in Nic Nat this week. Now he’ll spud it.
th3rio: basically Lewy
Sixty656: Gonna be one of those nights is it Parker…
cusch1: Aliir Aliir reminds me of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy
hinsch: anybody backing LIONS this week hahaha
original: what type of god is heeney
th3rio: lloyd you pig
th3rio: yea backing them in their bye hinsch
Stu7: I brought Ryan in this week 😩
TigersMan1: Love having Jake Lloyd since round 1
Torz: Sydney backs are racking them up.
Lewysport: Couple of capes already.
pcaman2003: What is wrong with Natanui that he only gets 49% game time? Is it knee management,or other?
Raspel31: Heeney, Lloyd and Kronk- so far so good.
Haydo: what type of god is lloyd original
BigChief: Well they won’t lose hinsch, so that’s a plus.
Haydo: Same tigerman
th3rio: hes had shit TOG since rd 1 pca, managing him
casey22: Huge game for possessions
th3rio: i wouldnt mind it if buddy did something tbh
original: @haydo i more meant in terms of actual ability and value on field, not sc point “value”
bongidongi: gaff and buddy need to really lift if i’m any chance this week
Stu7: I brought Ryan in this week oh the pain!!!
Yelse: Ball been in wc forward line all game pretty much
th3rio: didnt buddy kick 8 against wce in rd 1? goodness
hinsch: Stu all good Ryan only needs a minus score to BE
Ash777: should of bought in battle
CamT: I bought in Battle and Ryan :O
original: dunno about people trading ryan in with the plans to make cash and trade him again
luke394: Ryan!
th3rio: ryans quick what a lad
BigChief: Lloyd you muppet.
Sixty656: LLoyd u muppet
original: wow so much space lol sydney defene
luke394: His B/E is -87 Original hell prob make 150K in 2 weeks
th3rio: I think most would keep him as a f7 @original
Raspel31: Yup-resisted that temptation original-time to consolidate
luke394: And is also solid bench cover if you don’t trade him
original: LOL 150k. if he cores 80 each week he makes you 87k
CamT: Traded in Ryan to avoid a donut next week.
Roksta: Clear wc mark then
original: agree would surely be keeping him
BigChief: What a waste of time. Get rid of the damn review
CamT: Ryan won’t get dropped. If he’s fit he plays.
original: dw boys i’d rather have ryan than buddy on field right now lol
luke394: @original is Ryan scores 69 sc this week he goes up 70k dunno what you’re looking at
hinsch: Darling out Ryan is safe
th3rio: wow hannebery is really shit these days
original: th3rio shocking aint it. was a jettttt back in the day
Roksta: Nic nat to Grundy next week
cusch1: Is Heeney Sydneys best player?
th3rio: bad original. Almost as bad as buddy tonight
pcaman2003: @Rocksta. My fault got him in this week.
Ash777: Kjack used to be good too
original: th3rio dont remind me..every year i say “never again” but then he scores 75 in the last qtr to win the game etc etc
frenzy: Gary Ruin is not much
th3rio: same deal here. I was sick of oppts that had him pissing me off so I got him, lol
The39Steps: Eagles getting some of their own medicine. Other birds have double the amount of free kicks.
original: @luke394 hmm going off tooserious, but can see within sc its dif
Stu7: Come on Heeney 75 by half time please
original: gee what happened to the 50 rule
Yelse: Cmonn Franklin het the ball please
pcaman2003: Happy with Heeney ,Yeo and Ronke,but Nic going to kill me.
cusch1: 50 meters is only paid for impactless crimes Original, just like the protected area, and overstepping the mark by 0.3cms
Ash777: umps cant measure a 50 on this ground lol
th3rio: lol hanners
DrSeuss: Where has Lloyd gone??
pharace: NicNat onlt 47% TOG – hopefully managing him for big 2nd half
th3rio: id take aliir aliir over buddy anyday
original: cuscsh hehe
original: got wines right last night in perfect9, have buddy tonight..what are my odds lol
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Big comeback by alir alir .
original: LOL that being a free v jpk cmon umpire
th3rio: buddy a terrible contested mark
original: delivery to buddy has been woeful tho tbf
Raspel31: God Lloyd’s always in the right spot.
th3rio: theyre not even kicking to him hey @original
original: th3rio case in point. buddys man gets sucked up ground, do they try hit buddy up? na kick it to hurn lel
th3rio: have a shot buddddd
th3rio: hahaha so true.
Stu7: What’s Heeney doing
original: how is this not 50
DrSeuss: Brander has been rough this quarter
Raspel31: Atta boy Kronke- and well done Lloyd and wake up Heeney.
Ash777: BT needs to be dropped to the 2s
original: thr3io whats with them not giving it by hand to buddy outside 50!!!
cusch1: BT needs to be delisted
original: ash777 huge agree
rtz23: jjk you can turn this around… i believe in you
cusch1: Lads, what channel is the world cup on on foxtel?
wadaramus: WC is only on SBS isn’t it?
runt: Gee footy is crap to watch. Low scoring muddled bullshit
original: no idea
wadaramus: 104 on Foxtel.
wadaramus: I thought it has been a pretty good contest so far runt.
wadaramus: But you’re right, AFL is way too defensively lop sided, blame the coaches.
Raspel31: Agree wada- tight and contested. And the game good too.
cusch1: The Seven Ages of Elvis is on channel 104. Cant wait for that blockbuster, it’ll shape the rest of the comp
wadaramus: Watching the game, listening to tunes.
th3rio: lol original was thinking that too, swear they hate buddy
wadaramus: How good is Gang of Youths?!
Roksta: Nic nat centre tap straight to study 2 points
th3rio: dam that goal wouldve got buddy going
pharace: possibly best bands in the world atm Wada
hinsch: is it raining in Sydney what a s**t score at half time
pcaman2003: Thanks Ronke.Keep it going!
th3rio: no its just a tight game hinsch, awesome game to watch imo
Ash777: I might of jumped the gun from ronke to heeney 🙁
wadaramus: I can’t stop listening to them pharace, just sensational.
Pinkman: big fail never getting Ronke
pharace: Amazing album – also love Magnolia track last one
pcaman2003: Nic Nat getting splinters on his tush
casey22: Heeney gone home?
DrSeuss: Come on Brander, get a touch, a tackle, something
gingjok: Heeney and Lloyd .. where you boyz gone since qtr time ?
frenzy: Heeney the game goes 4 qtrs
cusch1: I’ve never seen the bench icon used….surely NicNat gets it??
Haydo: ikr @drseuss
wadaramus: Word up pharace 🙂
pcaman2003: Hitout to adv pays 5 pts,but Nic Nat gets 3.Lol!
th3rio: buddeth! 🙂
pcaman2003: Ronke past Heeney now after Heeney miles ahead earlier.
StuL: 3 quick posies for Ryan for 4 points. Any danger of hitting a target you dud?
Raspel31: Liking that at the mo-Lloyd, Heeney, Ronke-my 3 on ground.
wadaramus: The Ronksta, go you good thing!!
th3rio: StuL its his 4th afl game, after being out for like 7 weeks. Give him a break
cusch1: WCE shooting themselves in the foot with poor scoring accuracy
Stu7: StuL well said
DrSeuss: Haydo he was 16 after the 1st, I had hoped for 60 or so. Doesn’t look likely
StuL: Theres no mercy in sc. We need points!
Ash777: the umps are deplorable during the bye rounds
th3rio: shut up BT lol
wadaramus: Just the bye rounds Ash?!
pharace: And there is more of em Ash 🙂
Ash777: like more so than usual
StuL: Secind that th3rio. Please sack bt
pcaman2003: Give BT tool of the week award,.
cusch1: St Kilda selected the wrong McCartin
StuL: He’s our Ray Hadley and Hadley is a total flog.
wadaramus: Induct BT into the hall of fame for toolbags.
pharace: StKilda selected the wrong Richardson
DrSeuss: Come on Redden, you were doing so well. Running out of steam??
th3rio: buddy doing a rance lol
pcaman2003: Buddy been watching Rance.
th3rio: lol your boy ryan @stUl
cusch1: Suspend one and they all stop doing it.
th3rio: wtf buddy?
StuL: Soft ump.
Raspel31: Ump giving Budds kicking practice?
cusch1: #FreekickFranklin
pcaman2003: And here comes Buddy.
Stu7: Come on Heeney
DrSeuss: Umps got Buddy in their teams??
circle52: Yep soft but they have to justify there staying in forward 50. Lot of frees this round is it a result of this.
wadaramus: Well that free kick was ridiculous, AFL umps gone mad!
Ash777: wc getting buddy into the game. Also umps.
StuL: Come on Ronke
StuL: Come on Ronke
luke394: Go Bud need a tonne from you
th3rio: shit like that is why i had to trade buddy in this year.
StuL: 4 umps tonight..have to justify no.4
snake_p: Buddy getting a whole season of free kicks in 1 quarter
cusch1: Yeo Beuoty
mark621: loving these BS freekicks for buddy, helping my scores
pharace: Whoa Yeo – what a goal
pcaman2003: I always thought tap out to advantage was hitting it on the full to your own player.
bongidongi: more frees to buddy the better, only way he’s been into the game. gaff needs to get a few himself
frenzy: yin yang Heeney
God_: If umps paid those frees consistently, every forward in the game would be getting a kick at every contest. So soft.
StuL: Yeo yeo!!
th3rio: yeo gone under the radar this game. Brilliant.
Torz: Yeo is so good.
wadaramus: Yeeeeooooooo
cusch1: Yeo Beaoty x 2
Raspel31: And I took my finger off the button re trading Yeo this week-umm.
th3rio: wish buddy had heeneys hands
th3rio: Then he goes and does that. LOL
pharace: How Yeo can you go!
cusch1: Barrel Boy coming up
Haydo: Yeo has got 10 points for his last 2 spectacular goals??
th3rio: scary thought that if bud was on line tonight hed be on like 130 after a shit start
hinsch: Earth to Heeny come in Heeny where did you go
Haydo: Brander basically the same as a non playing player
wadaramus: Crapola Haydo.
Costanza: i guess Parker is consistent in getting a ton every 4 weeks – ffs
pcaman2003: C’mon Ronke,Heeney and Nic Nat. Take Yeo’s example and get going
wadaramus: Heeney & Ronke MIA second half!
Haydo: so annoying wada waste if a trade
th3rio: branders 19, first game against arguably the other best team in the comp what were you expecting haha?
cusch1: Only two players have not been involved in a free kick tonight.
StuL: Brandtner no touches since qt
Stu7: Rocket to Heeney!!!!
DrSeuss: Redden, Ronke and Brander have just stopped
gingjok: Atlas needs to be issued to Yeo
StuL: Just need 5 pts ronke ffs!
cusch1: “Waterman flies” but barely gets 15cms off the cround
wadaramus: Still plenty of time to ton up Ronkster!
pcaman2003: @Stul. Should get at least another 5pts,easy!
cusch1: Bit tough.on Brander there gingjok
frenzy: Elliott Gobblett
yeah_nah: Yep is everywhere
Haydo: Hehey Brander got a touch
th3rio: lycett looks like a taller version of yeo lol
mardyb: hurn intercept mark and kick. moves up 3 SC??
Stu7: Ffs Heeney -3
pcaman2003: WTF! Natanui gets 4 pts for contested mark and HB.That’s not right!
luke394: Stop whinging about points!
th3rio: buddy u beast u should be on 150
Nuffman: Is it just me or do people’s whinging about SC points get worse during bye rounds?
wadaramus: Arrghhh, fucking points!
m0nty: nominations for star please
pcaman2003: @Luke. Why? Those points are not right according to CD’s own website. 6pts for the mark alone
cusch1: Florent now the only player to not be involved in a FK tonight
BigChief: Oh no Nic Nat only has 77 sc points I better have a whinge.
twinpeaks: Yeo for star
wadaramus: Yeo, yeo, yeo, a starring we will go.
luke394: Because its all you do every match @pcaman you cant control it so wait until the end of the game
th3rio: yeo or grundy m0nty
Raspel31: Yeo for my money M0nty-and seen your photo on LinkedIn-aargh!
cusch1: Then go mention it to them, not us, who cant do anything about it
StuL: Brandtner cant function without his German Shepherd.
Ash777: grundy for me
pcaman2003: @Luke. You hypocrite! You’ve done it plenty of times,so don’t try to deny it.
circle52: Grundy or Yeo for star for mine.
BigChief: Grundy for star. Flogged Kennedy.
original: yeo to get his BE do it hehe
original: buddy 2.5 wowee what coulda been th3rio
th3rio: shouldve been 150 orig!
luke394: I definetley have @pcaman but I have learnt that no matter how much you whinge is doesn’t change
th3rio: ill take 90 though given he was a peice of shit 1st half
luke394: And you do it every single game all the time
Ash777: kennedy for the mare
wadaramus: Was hoping for a bit more from Ryan, oh well.
Ash777: actually nvm
original: heeney not getting 100 after his start is unreal
pcaman2003: @Luke. Oh! Boo hoo you poor thing.
wadaramus: 22 sccoring shots apiece, your fault west coast.
The39Steps: 22 scoring shots apiece. Lose by 25-ish. There’s a story.
Stu7: Heeney stuffed my loophole captain
jfitty: Leave that seagull on Lloyd til the end of the season
luke394: That’s the response I expect from you @pcaman
Haydo: Surely Yeo for atlas
wadaramus: Surely stary for Yeo?
Costanza: the time Buddy took a one grab mark
BigChief: @luke it is the same every game with pcaman.

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