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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R13 of 2018

th3rio: lads
frenzy: evening chaps
SimCity: evening
th3rio: don’t have any uniques tonight but looking forward to seeing how Gray goes
DrSeuss: Wingard, Westhoff and Rockliff – could be amazing or terrible
upweydons: not sure what mclean was supposed to do at the first contest with gray ??
SimCity: think it caught umps by surprise
MrGmax: Gray wipes out McLean in the opening minute. My team’s gonna do just awesome this round.
Raspel31: Evening Frenzy-late arrival.
th3rio: hes still playing @mrgmax
luke394: McLean is moving fine
cusch1: I think there are more people in this chat than at the game
Raspel31: Oh no- McLean-be well lad.
MrGmax: It’s too late, I already congratulated my head-to-head opponent.
LMartos: McLean winced when attempting to tackle, is now on the bench. Definitely not fine.
Jukes82: Marshall alrwady had a better career than Butcher..
Jukes82: already*
MrGmax: Hang on, he has McLean too. This is such a rollercoaster.
luke394: Robbie Gray started well having some midfield time too 🙂
th3rio: lol im in same boat gmax. Cancels it out
DrSeuss: Get a touch Westhoff
SimCity: The Bont might as well get the ride-on mower out. Might be all he gets to do tonight
rtz23: can’t watch the game, macrae being tagged or just struggling a bit early?
th3rio: feel like this game is gonna be boring as shit
th3rio: its a wet footy rtz23, so just sloppy. Don’t think he’s being tagged
cusch1: Had Wines all week, but reversed it for Curnow. On a scale of 1-10 how much will i regret that?
Haydo: With coffield and Phillips oit i had to reverse my trades and then was 0.3k short of guelfi to mclean didnt have time fo
Wends: McLean down the race, heard a crack in the collision with Gray.
Stu7: Whitney is play8ng well
Haydo: Another trade so ended up with 16 but no mclean
th3rio: Haydo that might be a blessing in disguise
Jukes82: Was wanting to bring in McLean in the coming weeks, he’ll be cheap af soon!
original: huge blessing
SimCity: @cusch 9 maybe 9.5
th3rio: mclean coming back
Wends: He’s back, shoulder strapped.
th3rio: what are the odds currently at on lindsay taking out someone tonight
original: can someone tell me whats on dixon’s shnoz?
SilverLion: I picked Hoff instead of Gray, hmmm
Breezey: This starting to look ominous for the Dogs
Raspel31: So, who’s going to win this one?
cusch1: Robbie Gray is so clean. A class above tonight
Raspel31: Same Silver-hmm.
cusch1: @Raspel, not the fans
Wends: Picked up the chad in RDT – couldn’t afford Westhoff… also picked up McLean 😐
TigersMan1: At at the end this week, thoughts on a Dom Barry to Ahern, DoeDee to Gray via Sicily trade??
Sixty656: Power to win by 15 goals, also 15 brawls to be had after the game.
pcaman2003: Bont kicks out of bounds,but still 100% DE.Yeah right!
Breezey: Cape for Wines I feel
pcaman2003: Is Mclean done for the night?
JButcher: Brough Ollie and Chad in this week with the Ollie loophole ready, I’m feeling pretty good
Wends: Wish I did it in SC @JButcher. @PCA McLean on ground and scoring.
Breezey: McLean is out there
Stu7: What’s the go with Westoff
Raspel31: Not all lost-Bulldog’s point was simply magnificent.
Seb78: Lucky I put the sneaky VC on Wines. Cape time orrr?
SimCity: Have we reached junk time yet?
Costanza: only 5 Dogs tackle for the qtr. G.O.
TheOnyas: onya winesy
stoo: Heart for McLean
hinsch: silverlion same took hoff then gray then hoff
pcaman2003: Thanks Wends,Breezey. I can see his TOG increased
DrSeuss: Put the VC on Westhoff I guess that isn’t happening…
original: 10 tackles by WBD what a joke
original: wait only 9! wow
Stu7: westhoff must have had a bad curry
Fatbar5tad: McLean the FA king. Fuck sake.
th3rio: wow wines you pig
Stu7: Westhoff is Southhoff tonight
Fatbar5tad: Biggs is the worst player in the league
TheOnyas: onya richy
cusch1: Biggs not even the worst player playing tonight. Lyndsay Thomas says hi
SilverLion: Lift ya game Hoff
oc16: nope Fatbar5tad, James Parsons is
Fatbar5tad: Thomas has a goal for a start
SilverLion: I swear Bruce asks a rhetorical question every second sentence, doesn’t he?
circle52: Hi All peeved with Telstra and NBN atm
DrSeuss: Hoff and Rockliff get around it
duckky: Lift Dougal
Fatbar5tad: Obsessed Hawk flog.
Ash777: least experienced and youngest side in the competition now the dogs are.
circle52: Went down as I was trying to set VC to Wines so now stuck with Fyfe to Titchell
circle52: Especially as I only have 16 players this week
th3rio: who made that comment about the bont? lol
Raspel31: Nothing wrong with Fyfe to Titch circle
luke394: I don’t miss Motlop one bit biggest downhill skier
oc16: lol good one Fatbar, its got nothing to do with the fact im a hawk or ur a cat, he is just that bad
cusch1: Robbie Gray is top 5 in the comp when he does things like that
BigChief: R. Gray = freak.
circle52: No just peeved that I could not get my left field vc
Fatbar5tad: Cats and Hawks not playing tonight mate.
hinsch: Witts might get his job back if Westhoff doesnt do something soon
Willymack1: Jeez the commentators love The Bont
luke394: Be honest how many traded Westhoff in?
pcaman2003: Bont in for a huge night.
th3rio: i went gray over westhoff even after everyone said to go hoff 🙂
luke394: Me 2 @th3rio
th3rio: feels good luke, for now
SimCity: You would think Daniel would relish these conditions
batt: anyone who wants to sober up should play a drinking game for every effective Boak kick
StuL: Lots traded in McLean even though he will drop more $.
luke394: Haha yeah @th3rio don’t worry about tha fact I have 14 playing lol
Ash777: richards making a case for RS
cusch1: We all know Caleb Daniel does his best work at Half Time with the auskickers
SilverLion: Gray more possies this half than last 2 matches
th3rio: lol yeah im down to 16 after ed phillips got dropped and walters acted like a fuck
luke394: My plan was to get him next week @StuL but will have to wait and see
frenzy: nooo Hoff in the ruck
wadaramus: Westhoff two HOTA’s, reward him CD!
StuL: Macrae rubbish since i got him. Figures.
cusch1: How is Bont on more points than Gray?
th3rio: macrae will be down to 550k in about 3 weeks.
StuL: Yea. McL gone cold like MacR
Breezey: Have no fear Hoff owners. He will ton up
pcaman2003: @cusch.Good question. Makes you wonder.
duckky: 4 tackles to nil Cusch
luke394: Probably cos Gray has had a few clangers
original: cusch1 cmon dont go doubting bont’s score..they love him
SilverLion: Was going to bring in Macrae after this week. But his BE might still be 200+…
cusch1: Gray been close to BOG imo.
th3rio: it already is 200+ SL
cusch1: Boyd took 6 contested marks in the GF, andhas taken 11 since. Thats brilliant
luke394: Wingard getting some good mid minutes could be an option with Port’s soft draw
original: can someone tell me hats got into dahlhaus tonight? normally at about this point in the 4th qtr
BigChief: Wood done hammy. He is goneski.
Fatbar5tad: Wood is gone
Breezey: Looks bad for Easton Wood
Ash777: another injury 🙁
pcaman2003: Woods done for night,hammy!
luke394: @Original its because I traded him last week
JButcher: For one game this season I wish we could put together a 4 quarter performance
th3rio: i love that WBD trainer that looks like Dipper
Stu7: Dahlhaus was seen leaving Essendon club rooms on his way to game!
SilverLion: Yeah ik th3rio. Am thinking it might stay there tho
luke394: Grau 4 clangers this quarter killing him
Stu7: Come on Hunter
Yelse: Where is McLean playing I just picked him up fml
cusch1: What does that even mean Stu…?
SilverLion: Gray in the guts.
luke394: @cusch1 injection I reckon
BigChief: I think that’s the club doctor @th3rio.
Torz: Richards with the cape
Jukes82: McLean went off the ground again for the last 6-7 minutes
luke394: Ed Richards the swingman
original: bont about to turn in a 70 point qtr
Stu7: Westtakingoff 🚀
bongidongi: thank god for richards – somwhat making up for macrae and mclean
th3rio: he got a kick 2 mins ago jukes lol
BigChief: Stu7 just like Carlisle nose where the line line is.
pcaman2003: BS! Opponent has Richards and Bont. I’m getting screwed
Gotigres: Anyone still got Richards?
colin wood: That’s a cape for the most unlikeliest bloke on the field well done Richards
Stu7: Jukes82 what injury?
LMartos: yup
BigChief: white line*
JButcher: Boaky is having a shocker and a half
Stu7: BigChief ha ha
Jukes82: it’s still the shoulder problem
Stu7: What injury does McLean have?
SilverLion: Flower off Robbie, why’d you have to play mid again this week
BigChief: McLean under a cloud over the hit he got in the 1st min of the game.
wadaramus: Shoulder Stu 🙁
Stu7: Jukes82 thanks
th3rio: lol umpire blew the whistle just as he was about to kick it
Jukes82: i wouldnt be surprised if he doesn’t play the 2nd half at all.
wadaramus: AFL umpiring is just deplorable.
Stu7: Wadaramus thanks
Stu7: BigChief thanks
frenzy: Bonner hasn’t missed a game yet, yeah?
SilverLion: Wines TOG is low, interesting. Pretty sure it was low last week too.
BigChief: @frenzy that is correct. Played all 12 games this year.
th3rio: gray hasnt been off, what a beast
bricci: can anyone explain what the Dixon free kick was for – looked like a typical mystical interstate free!
Ash777: just umps paying soft frees
bricci: its not soft if there actually no hold, no high contact!
Breezey: These umps got no feel for the sliding rule
frenzy: natives getting restless, Lol
wadaramus: Dead set, nearly every free kick makes me scratch my head..
cusch1: Yeah Frenzy, all 17 of them #Tarps
SilverLion: 2 BS frees against the Hoff
wadaramus: No-one has a fucking clue what is going on, well played AFL.
DrSeuss: Great start Hoff ffs
BigChief: @SL and 2 BS free to Dixon. Go figure.
DrSeuss: Westhoff having a Mare – terrible hands tonight
SilverLion: He was 48 2 min before half time, 36 now.
MattyZ: Macrae has a bad case of Tradus Innus sorry guys
pcaman2003: Brought McLean in this week. Good move!
th3rio: macrae done! cheap as chips soon!
Jukes82: maccrae gone!!!
DrSeuss: There you go Hoff
cusch1: Macrae done for the night. Going to drop 100k in one week!
Gotigres: macrae finished for the day
BigChief: Macrae in tracksuit now.
SilverLion: Macrae tracksuited!
pcaman2003: Macrae finished for night. Price drop coming!
Raspel31: Whoops McRae gone. Bummer. Bummer.
circle52: Macrae with track top one probably gone for day as well
Breezey: Bye bye Jack
wadaramus: Ahhh, get fucked, Macrae gone..
Raspel31: So, should I keep the cap on MacRae or shift to Titch. Tough one.
Gotigres: Well done Rockliff
frenzy: left hammy macrae
luke394: I thought not having Macrae and McLean would kill me tonight. Luckily not now
Ash777: dogs no luck 🙁
pharace: looks a hammie perhaps for Mcrae
tommy10: Wow Macrae gonna be cheap as chips in a few weeks
cusch1: Soooo…is Macrae done for the night orrr?
Breezey: Done@ Cusch
original: has he really done a hammy? i bet brownlow on him at $101 and can cash out for 10x investment right now..
MattyZ: Yay thank god i traded Macrae in that totally hasn’t screwed my chances at winning RDT
pcaman2003: R Gray only 5 pts so far this qtr.
BigChief: @cusch he is in tracksuit, so yes.
th3rio: think he was being sarcastic BC lol
Torz: Got in Macrae and McLean this week. Solid trades.
GOD: GOD has the C on O. Wines tonight!
SilverLion: The Hoff has lifted again
DrSeuss: Hoff with a big 3rd – coming along nicely
JButcher: Looks like Westy answered the call this term
cusch1: I was more mocking the 10 comments (including my own) about Macrae haha
Raspel31: Did you really Torz- had them forever but that’s terrible luck.
Torz: Yup. Made sense on paper. You can’t foresee this happening.
th3rio: wake up robbieeeeeee
Raspel31: Made absolute sense Torz-have them both but worse for you as trdes Torz
Torz: Rocky starting to remember how to get the ball.
God_: God actually has the C on Titch
DrSeuss: Kick the Goal Hoff – stop passing it off
SilverLion: Cape for Hoff
Stu7: Dahlhaus ran out of the white stuff!
JRedden: westhoff is a star
Raspel31: The Hoff instead of R Gray suddenly not so bad but MacRae-sob,sob.
Fatbar5tad: Lol. No Talls for the Dogs.
tommy10: If Hoff kicked for goal more he would have tonned by now
tommy10: Cmon Robbie
BigChief: If I had last Sat lotto number I would have been rich.
pcaman2003: Need Robbie to catch Bont. Don’t like my chances much
valkorum: gotta get a bit closer please dogs – tipped port by 20
th3rio: robbie went next door to the cas
cusch1: Rocky cape? Has had 11 touches and 2 goals this quarter
SilverLion: Hmmm maybe shoulda grabbed Rockliff
tommy10: Another bs free against Hoff
Gotigres: Two capes
Haydo: I said port by 38 but i’m always 2 off @valk so whoever wins this qtr it will be by 2
Raspel31: Well, the Maccas been a big disappointment tonight. But the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.
Haydo: haha raspel
cusch1: How good is that Grande Big Mac promo they have at the moment though
circle52: Bont being helped off the field.
jocka: Bruce said Halep had paid the ultimate sacrifice. He was talking about her breast surgery.
StuL: Whats wrong with Macrae?
jocka: So now we know Bruce isn’t a leg man.
BigChief: @cusch Rocky Cape is a nice spot in Tassie.
shrtlg: hammy
circle52: Hamstring Stu
StuL: Thks
th3rio: were they booing dougal or saying doug?
pcaman2003: C’mon Gray,hurry and ton up.
TigersMan1: really mclean? backwards??
cusch1: They were saying Boogal?
MattyZ: I was saying Boogal
Raspel31: Groan- next week a nightmare and no MaCrae and maybe Mclean?
JButcher: Dooooooooooooooggggs is the chant
th3rio: cheers butch
pcaman2003: Thanks Robbie,but 2 more thanks.
cusch1: It’s been a McDirty night for Toby tonight
BigChief: C’mon Doggies. I tipped Port by only 20.
McSpud: mcdirty, hmmm
J_Herer: yay go the vultures!!!
Costanza: Dalhaus’ 5th sub 70 RDT score for the year. A 3 year slide continues
Wends: Sorry missed a chunk of the game – how bad is Macrae?
pcaman2003: Bont attracts the softest of frees
Raspel31: It’s a hammy Wends-not looking good.
luke394: Pcaman we get it your opponent has Bont
circle52: Really hurting with my internet down now with Wines score.
BigChief: Time to loop Gray?
cusch1: Curnow better score 200 now. I reversed bringing in Hoff and Wines
pcaman2003: @Luke. My point still stands.
Fatbar5tad: Nice hanger that
SilverLion: I don’t understand Progressive scaling, why has Macrae gained 7 points? Anyone got some insight?
Wends: Thx Raspel, changes a few plans… Lucky to dodge that bullet but not so McLean.
PureSwag: @SL maybe the dogs playing so bad, they have to give points to someone on the team and they chose Macrae,
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake McLean pass McRae
Stu7: Kicking from the stretcher
Haydo: Gray for cherries
SilverLion: Hah fair assessment PS
Raspel31: Got em both Wends and McLean scared to touch the pill with dodgy shoulder
Stu7: Fun for Gray
Stu7: Gun
TyCarlisle: @SL. A certain amount of points need to distributed. It is based on impact. Macrae technically cant have a negative impa
Haydo: There we are, thats 5 points the score wont change
pcaman2003: Wines only 1 clanger from 33 touches,fair going.
SilverLion: @Ty Can’t have an impact of any kind though. Woulda thought his score wouldn’t go up or down. But I guess I can see why
Fatbar5tad: SPP Don’t argues need some work
Wends: Yep, painful… Why do we do this to ourselves?? Wingard in RDT making up for it, wondering whether to take his VC score
cusch1: Remember when the Bulldogs beat Essendon, and then the week after, the Bombers beat Port? Funny game this one
PureSwag: @Ty I was joking first of all, 2nd of all when ever a player gets injured they always lose points.
PureSwag: @cusch Essendon are so inconsistent and Power struggle in Melbourne.
frenzy: what is Boak thinking
colin wood: How does Mccraes score go up by 11 since he got injured? Sc scoring has gone to shit..
Gotigres: Port are vultures
StuL: What a disaster dogs. Next 2078.
Raspel31: Rocky-you in some way atone for the big Maccas.
luke394: Is this officially the return of Rocky?
SilverLion: Yep been discussing it @colin. Can’t work it out
Gotigres: I remember about 5 years ago Pendlebury got injured when on 67 points about half time. He scaled up to 90sc
Breezey: If Boak wasn’t captain he would battle to hold his spot I reckon
Costanza: SPP 24 disposals, 19 contested. Bont 23 with 16 contested. Bit ruff Doggies

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