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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R12 of 2018

th3rio: stewy dew looks way too happy for a coach that just got smashed by 108 pts haha
Raspel31: 1000 on the bench in primos-opp only 300 but leading by 30. Bring it on and go Demons
cusch1: Up by 286 + Gawn + Grundy vs Oliver, Stephenson, and Gawn (C). Who wins
Pusti: @th3rio, that’s because he ate all the pies.
MONEY TALK: got the c on oliver, got gawn and spargo
Raspel31: You obviously cusch- need another scratch under your chin?
th3rio: yum pies
cusch1: I just have this feeling that something somehow will go wrong and ill lose!! hahah just need the reassurance
MONEY TALK: i actually love cox
cusch1: He actually looks like he could make it as a key forward Money
Haydo: Gawn (captain), petracca and Howe
Raspel31: Tried to lose Stephenson for yonks but come the byes-well done lad.
MONEY TALK: i accidentally got cox on fantasy lmao
th3rio: de goey looks fresh as a mid
Haydo: What score is everyone heading for this week
TigersMan1: @Haydo about 850 lol
cusch1: 1571 projected from 14 Haydo
Raspel31: Well the ruck comp pretty well sorted already.
Raspel31: 1791 Haydo from a lucky 18.
TigersMan1: Nah but for real, projected around the 1700 mark, on 1005 with Gawn (C), Oliver, Sidebottom, Grundy, Spargo and Fristch
cusch1: Gawn way on top of GRundy
wadaramus: 1361 proj from 15 🙁 Lost Laird, Cogs, Dusty, Fyfe, Billings, Ridley & Smith!
th3rio: i got lucky, all of my outs (not from byes) my oppt also had.
MONEY TALK: whats spargo on 4 for lmao, no stats i have him tho
DrSeuss: Come on Hogan – finish this crappy bye round strong for me
cusch1: Is Billings really a loss?
pcaman2003: C’mon Spargo,get moving son.
Raspel31: Lost all of those bar Cogs too wada
Haydo: Yeah im heading for about 1750
th3rio: would be if vfl had a supecoach cusch lol
Raspel31: Very good point cusch.
wadaramus: Covering a donut I would have gladly played Billings!
MONEY TALK: imagine billings got those vfl stats in afl what would his SC be
pcaman2003: Don’t kill me with your DE Treloar. Improve!
th3rio: was gonna go early on mihocek, glad i didnt. Also lets go Fritz and sauce!
DrSeuss: Melbourne getting killed early
SilverLion: Nice one handed handball mihocek
th3rio: lol one minute BT says the umps take too long to restart game, now hes saying they’re doing it too quick. Smfh
cusch1: Pies have had three throws not called this quarter Silver. From what ive noticed anyway
pcaman2003: Where is Spargo. Haven’t seen him back or fwd
Haydo: BT’s a flog
cusch1: That is why Oliver is one of the leading handballers in the comp
MONEY TALK: tipped the pies
SilverLion: Sounds about right cusch
cusch1: This has been a very good game so far
SilverLion: Smith looks good
Raspel31: Can Collingwood get a different hairdresser-keep confusing Stephenson and DeGoey
carlton_99: These ruck frees against gawn are a joke
th3rio: De Goey is like double stephensens size rasp lol
cusch1: Rapsel, Bombers have the same problem with about 4 of our players too
pcaman2003: Touch the ball Sargo FFS
BigChief: @Carlton there has been 1 and he did get Grundy high.
CBeezDeez: #FreeKickPies!
th3rio: Petracca back to his spud ways
carlton_99: @BigChief there has been two one they player advantgae and Grundy was holding Gawn just as much in that first one should
carlton_99: be play on
cusch1: Charlie playing more like Sparstop than Spargo
SilverLion: #FreeKickPies also, Sidebottom got tickets on himself
Jukes82: all the frees have been there though..
SilverLion: Another throw cusch
pcaman2003: Spargo must be injured. Only 49% TOG.
ajconodie: It’s a toss of the coin who holds who in a ruck contest.
CBeezDeez: And the missed ones the other way?!
carlton_99: The throws however haven’t been called @Jukes82. theres been about 3-4 already, one of which lead to a goal
Haydo: great start howey
Costanza: good footy
SilverLion: Don’t think so pca, Fritsch’s TOG is even lower
carlton_99: @ajconodie agree i just think call play on, in most cases they hold each other
th3rio: think he started on the pine pca, same as fritsch
circle52: It is the missed ones Jukes especially when an umpire standing 3 metres away and a one handed disposal.
Breezey: There’s one qtr of whinging down.
ajconodie: I’m basically Howe V Hibberd + 39. cut it back to 5 already.
pcaman2003: @Silver. Yep! See that. Just haven’t spotted Spargo that’s all.
frenzy: donut Spargo
CBeezDeez: Let’s see who whinges when the count is evened up?
Breezey: Exactly. Let’s see if the whingers keep going when it evens up
cusch1: Somehow, an Adelaide fan will start whinging about the VFL in this chat…probably
wadaramus: How canthe VFL let a spud like Billings get 50 possessions?
luke394: Grundy or Gawn to score more SC points?
SilverLion: Phillips not having a good day
cusch1: hahah Wada!!
Haydo: Gawn
Raspel31: As a neutral and completely unbiased I hope the best team wins- as long as it’s The Demons.
BigChief: Time for Phillips to start over.
SilverLion: Spargo has lifted
wadaramus: Gawn C is going well 🙁
pcaman2003: Woohoo Spargo. Flying now!
BigChief: Gawn dominating in the ruck, Grundy winning around the ground.
ajconodie: Pendles on the run – 95% chance. Pendles set shot – 5%
cusch1: Charlie Spargetgoing
pcaman2003: Wish Treloar had more TOG ,
MONEY TALK: how does pendels always have so much time
ajconodie: Charlie Spargoing
ajconodie: How was that not a free to Smith?
luke394: thank god Fritsch needed that
Raspel31: Indeed luke
oh_lol: Wow Fritsch went from 9 – 23 from the mark and goal. Thanks CD!
DrSeuss: Hogan. FFS – pick up your game.
pcaman2003: Treloar went from 33 to 33 with 2 possies. No thanks to CD
BigChief: Wells done for the day.
SilverLion: Spargo on track for a Cape
pcaman2003: Wells can’t take a trick Chief. Injuries plague him
BigChief: His career must be at the cross roads the poor bugger.
MONEY TALK: howd wells even get injured
Lawls: How do I still have Hibberd
Lawls: I should downgrade him
th3rio: lol wells biggest waste of cash ever
CBeezDeez: Thought I upgraded Stephenson to Treloar. No I’m not so sure?
Raspel31: Your guess as good as mine Lawls.
Nuffman: Melb mids need to up their game, Pies sharking Gawns HO’s and stealing points
BigChief: That didn’t look like a push on Gawn.
th3rio: if De Goey stays a perm mid, surely he’ll be a big one for next year SC
cusch1: Walters given 1 week suspension for striking. Hodge no suspension.
carlton_99: @BigChief dont understand how u can say that. Clear push!
ajconodie: Grundy had a hand in the back I think Chief.
cusch1: That was beautiful by De Goey
BigChief: I thought it was Grundy’s knee, not his hand.
BigChief: @carlton I don’t understand how you keep complaining about everything.
aces-high: Pendles getting stitched up I’m sick of it
pcaman2003: Would love to know what CD thinks a tackle is.
carlton_99: You were complaining not me mate
StuL: Go big Maxy!!
SilverLion: Get stuck into him Gawn
jocka: Can people stop complaining like a little bitch about Champion Data? It grows tiresome.
CBeezDeez: C’mon fellas. 1 more be4 the break pls.
Pokerface: their definition is wrong? perhaps you should tell them pcaman.
SilverLion: How much is a tackle worth in SC? Spargo has laid 2 for 2 SC.
wadaramus: Super game of footy 🙂
Pokerface: here here jocka
luke394: anyone go early on Mihocek?
CBeezDeez: Oops! Wrong way.
SilverLion: Not complaing fwiw, just thought they were worth like 4 not 1.
Raspel31: Agree wada
BigChief: Well said jocka.
aces-high: Bugger off jocka go elsewhere
PowerBug: Yeah agree wada, both these teams deserve to play on a big stage for once and been great so far 🙂
Pokerface: well something else may have happened that impacted his score SL. you don’t see all the stats here. yawn
Jukes82: I’d love to come in a FF game and just once not hear sooks about SC
wadaramus: Thought about it but went Austin knowing we had more time on Mihocek.
th3rio: mihocek will get dropped after bye surely.
luke394: love seeing the dees do well they’ve had a long time without success
wadaramus: Pies double the scoring shots, Dees lucky to be so close, they need a big third quarter.
Pokerface: they aren’t sooking – clearly they know more than CD knows about scoring a CD game
luke394: Yeah did most go Austin? he looks solid as for a d6 for a little while
Kicks: Who brought in Brayshaw this week?
PowerBug: @Jukes82 if it goes on much longer repeat offenders may be removed from chat 🙂 Depends how patient I’m feeling 😛
Brad_J: so apparently i put the C on TOM PHILLIPS
StuL: Went austin luckily. Thought he surely has better js
wadaramus: Yeah but how can Spargo only beon 31 SC?!
oh_lol: Game of the round so far.
PowerBug: How about JDG’s first half though!
Umpirespet: And bang on cue as soon as someone mentions Sc scores Pokerface logs in yawn
SilverLion: JDG on track for record I50s
wadaramus: That was a joke by the way.
Jukes82: That’s good to hear @PowerBug
Pokerface: as has been said UP, its tiresome every single game
faisca7: How can they tell us that a tackle or kick is worth a certain amount of points when they total each game up to 3300 or w
th3rio: wow Gawn outdoing grundy in possies too, didnt see that coming
circle52: For those complaining about CD they use 50 different stats so not all published.
StuL: Pokers, Mum, Dad or himself must be a CD data box ticker.
circle52: And not all kicks are rewarded as they only record kicks over 30 metres from memory.
PowerBug: Some think Fritsch could be F6. Thoughts on that 1st half from him?
luke394: stop complaining about people complaining haha
circle52: Tackles also have to be one on one and result in ball up.
cusch1: De Goey has had 10 inside 50s to half time. The most recorded in a match ever is 16 Clear bog atm
luke394: trading him next week I think @Powerbug hell be over 400k thats great for a rookie in SC
StuL: Fritsch seemed to be fwd more again.
circle52: Just a couple of examples but if you do not like CD then the solution is simple don’t play SC
wadaramus: Not sure he’s quite up to D6 keeper, but sometimes you get stuck with them when unable to finish team!
luke394: i don’t think thats true @circle52 what if a tackle is made and its play on?
wadaramus: Correction F6!
th3rio: Fritsch spent first 10 mins on the pine, so hard to gauge
StuL: Wishing i had followed thru on that brief moment of considering DeGoey
circle52: not alone ther Stu
PowerBug: oh yeah lowest TOG of all players. Hmmmm
Pokerface: its not counted as a tackle for stat purposes luke
Pokerface: unless the play on is advantage
TheOnyas: onya crispy
th3rio: Fritsch might be a handy f7 f8 though to loop? Personally probably upgrade soon though
TyCarlisle: De Goey just scored 2 60’s in a row… people saying they wish they had him off this performance lol
faisca7: hibberd can suck a chode
pcaman2003: @TyCarlisle. And with an Ave of just 82
th3rio: Hes playing mid though lads, from now on would be the time to gauge whether hes a good pick or not
Pokerface: Great points Ty/pca. I was having a moment of regret too.
luke394: so if someone lays a tackle and the player drops the ball and its play on thats not counted as a tackle on the stats?
Brad_J: i thought everyone got rid of hibberd like 10 weeks ago
Pokerface: nope
Pokerface: only free kick/stoppage
cusch1: Are we still going on about this?
BigChief: Wells will be back on. Changed from blue boots to yellow.
luke394: im not asking about SC @cusch Im interested just for stats so settle down
Pokerface: zombie for wells!
luke394: learn something new every day
Carnster: Whats going on with brayshaw?
cusch1: Well done piggy hibberd
frenzy: bit quick to right off Wellsy m0nt
SilverLion: I thought Stephenson was quick?
ajconodie: Carnster – Tagging Phillips
Pokerface: fantastic hibberd
cusch1: In m0nty’s defence, the commentary made it out as if Wells’ lower leg had completely fallen off
BigChief: BT is a wanker. Can someone please shut him up.
Pokerface: m0nty giving false information?
pcaman2003: Treloar TOG low,unfortunately for me.
RGriffen: Brayshaw is Tagging Phillips. They showed a bit on fox at half time
ScootD: Who is brayshaw tagging?
DrSeuss: What is Hogan doing? Getting beaten by Dunn?
th3rio: haha wells back from the dead!
Carnster: ohhh thanks boys
MONEY TALK: wait wells is back lmao
luke394: Oliver is such a beast love watching him play
MONEY TALK: happily have the c on oliver
TheBoy89: Oliver as c today but I brought hogan in and mihocek not as good as last week
ajconodie: Great goal Thomas
TheBoy89: Stephenson will win rising star
cusch1: I’m starting to think that Collingwood might actually be a good team
pcaman2003: Lift Treloar and Saprgo. Getting desperate.
MONEY TALK: stephenson taking jetta to the cleaners
BigChief: GOD would have the C on De Goey
CBeezDeez: Looks like I might be cooking the bbq early tonight!
ajconodie: Worst rule ever because of one incident.
cusch1: That is a fucking pathetic free kick for a fucking pathetic rule
PowerBug: As in the whole thing TB89? Cerra should get the nom this week
BigChief: Seriously AFL, get rid of that shit rule.
CBeezDeez: And skiing for the rest of the winter! LoL
MONEY TALK: god had the c on jezza
Breezey: Are you kidding. Diving team
pcaman2003: Great dive!
th3rio: gawn is already cooking a bbq too. 3 points so far
MONEY TALK: that was a pathetic free, fine him
SilverLion: Ooo pies fans didn’t like that. Funny how the whinging goes around
TheBoy89: Yeah In the whole thing but cerra for sure this week
Pokerface: wells may as well still be sitting on the bench with ice on his leg
Breezey: I think everyone didn’t like that
ajconodie: You think its a good rule SilverLion? You’re bias is showing.
MONEY TALK: whats to whinge about for melbourne, most free kicks have been fair, that one shit dive has shifted the game
TheBoy89: I should of went with Tom McDonald not hogan ffs
CBeezDeez: C’mon TMac. I woulda given you six years!
SilverLion: I’m not the one booing it. It’s the rule, correct call. Can’t blame the ump
Ash777: It’s a good rule. Very easy to get injured from that.
BigChief: The free to Smith for contact below the legs was correct, it is the rule which is crap.
Haydo: Come on Gawn Petracc and Howe 🙁
luke394: cmom Gawn
ajconodie: Who blamed the ump?
cusch1: WHE just doesnt miss does he?
frenzy: someone tell me where the point of the 50 is ?
SilverLion: What BC said
cusch1: Ash….one major injury in 150 years of playing football. Remind me again how easy it is
pcaman2003: Spargo died this qtr . At least he’s past last weeks 31pts.
ajconodie: Poor call from the boundary.
cusch1: Awesome work TMac
SilverLion: Could Grundy get mid-ruc dpp next year?
CBeezDeez: Shall I say 1 more again?
pcaman2003: Treloar stuck. Get the damn ball FFS
cusch1: That wasn’t in the back
SilverLion: Be nice if Melb could string 2 goals together
Ash777: the umpire is absolutely horrible both ways
Haydo: Howe has disappeared since mid 2nd qtr
ajconodie: The engine room is so intense the umpire bouncing the ball can’t get out of the way.
Pokerface: doubt it SL. he isn’t in the middle when someone else rucks
SilverLion: Buckley worried if Pendles is loose at HB
Raspel31: Mihocek you greedy thingy-that was for Stephenson.
BigChief: Game over. Pies are safe now.
ajconodie: Wtf is wrong with you SilverLion? Are you a closet Pies supporter?
SilverLion: Ah true PF
luke394: what SC score is everyone on track for? I’m about 1660 feel like its gonna be under par?
circle52: Come on Spargo Big last quarter need you to surpass Coffields 46
DrSeuss: Hogan for 4 goals in the 4th and Dees to win….wishful thinking?? 😂
cusch1: Id say 1600 is par Luke
pcaman2003: Lift last qtr Spargo and Treloar. 45pts needed.
ajconodie: I’m on 1542 with Howe, Fritsch, Gawn, Oliver (C). Pretty happy with the amount of outs.
circle52: Would say about 1650 I am on 1545 with a quarter from Gawn C, Treloar, Fritsch and what Spargo gets above 46 to come.
TheOnyas: onya coxy
cusch1: 2.25 million raised for MND so far
luke394: thats massive @ajconodie could win the weekly $$
BigChief: 1615 with Howe, Gawn, T-Mac and Mihocek.
pcaman2003: Thanks Spargo. Really needed that
Lewysport: Why isn’t that in the back to spargo.
pcaman2003: Lazy tackle in the back Treloar
ajconodie: Lol @Luke. Highly unlikely.
SilverLion: Does wells have another year on his contract?
Breezey: Mason baby
cusch1: Does Wells have another leg that he can use?
Pokerface: i want his manager if he does
frenzy: correct silver
pcaman2003: Cox proving his value today
SilverLion: Don’t get ahead of yourself Mason
Raspel31: Cox 20 centimetres taller than his opp-now that’s an advantage.
grossn: Cox has the brownlow in the bag
MONEY TALK: everyone laughed when i said cox will be good this year
Pokerface: he has an average of 53 MT
Lewysport: Did he nick Buckley’s grossn.
MONEY TALK: dw bout fantasy he changes the collingwoods team
TigersMan1: Looks like that C on gawn instead of Oliver is looking like the worst decision so far
th3rio: whats happened to gawn 🙁
Stu7: Gawn was never going to score big this round
Raspel31: Agreed tiger-only saved as my opp did too.
Raspel31: Not true Stu- Grundy has scored hugely but so have his opposing rucks 7 times. Just nit this time.
MONEY TALK: glad ive had cox all this year on AF lmao
Costanza: Crispy
SilverLion: Mare/Down Arrow for Hogan
BigLynchy: Did not tip this to happen – Lever is a big out for them.
cusch1: Mason Cox has scored more SC points today than what he has in the past 3 weeks
SilverLion: Treloar gets one like that every week
pcaman2003: Yo!Treloar. Another please!
Breezey: All Grundy now. 4 qtr player
ajconodie: WHE can’t miss.
colin wood: Dees too slow!! Hibberd and Lewis back in the magioos! Go the pies!!!
Jukes82: not really, gawn and the dees have put the cue in that racks thats all
cusch1: Maybe Melbourne just got their Bye weeks mixed up. They seem to have forgotten to show up today
Raspel31: What’s your team colin wood?
SilverLion: Smith’s first game for the year @m0nty. No $$$ yet
MONEY TALK: @silverLion this sites about fantasy, fantasy goes up on the first game
BigChief: @Raspel you can’t tell by his name who his team is?
RGriffen: Goodwin went down today as a downhill skier much like his team
mattmac24: T-Mac for the Coleman
pcaman2003: Looks like I squeeked in for a win and stay on top.
colin wood: 20 for the Pies and goodnight!!
RGriffen: how can Oliver have that, and McDonald have 6 goals haha
SilverLion: Ah fair
TheBoy89: Junk time for oli
th3rio: CP and tackles prob did that Griff
pcaman2003: Might have to bring Ollie in. He’s a gun
cusch1: The thing is, 91 is still a match winning score. Its just the Dee’s defence that has let them down
Raspel31: Thanks Oliver-that’s clinched things.
ajconodie: RGriffen – 10 tackles inflates his score.
TheLegend6: Big game from Ollie but probably won’t poll
ajconodie: Just noticed Hogan is playing.
pcaman2003: Surprised Treloar only 105
th3rio: fritz scores ridiculously well for a first year player with reduced TOG
Raspel31: Fritz gunna be a gun.
poolboybob: Fritsch has been a very good cow
frenzy: bye bye Fritsch, trading time
lukefield9: damn why didn’t i captain cox instead of gawn
Stu7: @frenzy how come me trading fritz

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