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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Fremantle vs Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Adelaide, R12 of 2018

SilverLion: Nyhuis in for Duman (back soreness)
th3rio: Lets go walters
BigChief: What odds Banfield 1st goal?
th3rio: Guys have your oppts trades shown up on your gameday? Playing top and seems hes made no changes its odd
PowerBug: Walters pulled up proppy
CBeezDeez: Thanks DuMan U no longer DaMan! Probably gonna cost me my H2H with him out. His 50 woulda made the diff.
Raspel31: Atta boy Brayshaw- 1st time ever off the bench for me so go lad.
SilverLion: Walters seems to be just a constant injury worry :/
DrSeuss: Lachie Neale – fantastic start as always…
SilverLion: CEY very underrated
ReggieOz: Dockers look on today
Gotigres: Duman injured while getting out of his car. Injury caused by door. lol
frenzy: lol see Billings is tearing the VFL up
BigChief: Great goal Sheridan.
MONEY TALK: billings 39 touches and a goal 3qt time, just needed confidence i guess or a push
PowerBug: Great goal Freo
CBeezDeez: Fallen out of mine a few times & survived. He must be a puss!
Lawls: What are his stats frenzy?
SilverLion: 53 disposals and 3 goals for Billings
DrSeuss: Wow Seedsman – time to find the footy again. Murphy, you could help this week as well
frenzy: 53 possi and 3 goals
Raspel31: Hmm-I made a bet with my ex wife Crows would win this. They’re welcome to her.
BigChief: Maybe if Richo actually played him in the midfield he might play better.
frenzy: Lol raspel
korza: Billings can go and fuck himself
BigChief: You won’t say that when he plays for Carlton next year Korza.
Lawls: He played midfield all game billings
DrSeuss: Good call Chief, if Billings played in the centre he would win a lot more ball and help St Kilda a lot more than forward
luke394: Murohy is such a shit dog
BigChief: Hamling been to Rance’s diving school.
Ash777: umps are poor so far
SilverLion: Walters 100% time on ground, wow
DrSeuss: Seedsman do something you knob
Haydo: if billings starts playing well again might think about him, hes so cheap
Burnsy03: ive been asking at what price is he wrth taking bc hes so cheap!
Jukes82: lol billing is a spud, his confidence is shot
LuvIt74: Why would you consider billings this late in the season? He is a spud
Breezey: Playing for StKilda doesn’t help your confidence at the moment
LuvIt74: Most rookies score better then billings…
Breezey: Billings needs to gain some confidence and move to the Suns
gdshifty: banfield 2 pts in 50 minutes now…
BigChief: Why would anyone want to go to the Suns? It would only be for the $$$.
DrSeuss: Murphy and Seedsman on field with Poholke on the bench – F Byes…
Breezey: Joke mate
Ash777: the gameday on sc is a mess
BigChief: Ahhh. My bad lol
Carnster: Jeez walters come on man lift your gaem
Breezey: Incidentally there’s three teams below the Suns on the ladder. He plays for one of them
BigChief: @Ash my gameday is fine. Not doing so well but it is right.
Ash777: my gameday has doedee on the bench but he’s on the field on my team page
Burnsy03: its stuffed up its happened ot most this weekend for some reason
BigChief: OMG what a kick from Blakely
pharace: @ Chief – GC not the arse end of the world – but you can see it from there
SilverLion: Giro shaping up as a solid downgrade option this week.
BigChief: LOL @pharace. It is a beautiful place, just a shit sporting area.
Haydo: freo turned from a good team in the 1st qtr to a shower team that qtr
Breezey: Metricon is a great ground for watching. Very nce
Ash777: the gc administration is what is letting them down
Ash777: shouldn’t of got rid of mckenna
Tonche: Anyone know why Blakelys TOG is so low today?
Breezey: Big stuff up that@Ash777
BigChief: Saving him for a huge 2nd half maybe? Or The Boss is a spud coach. @ Tonche
pharace: It’s hard to live and work in a holiday destination Chief, it’s why so many national teams have failed imo
Ash777: also clayton is a poor list manager
Tonche: @BigChief Frustrating as
BigChief: I believe you are spot on Pharace. Great place to visit, not so good a place to live. Too many distractions.
Ash777: cerra is going to a gun
SilverLion: Walters come out on fire this qtr
luke394: Murphy might be my worst super coach rookie ever
BigChief: Brilliant chance Doedee.
BigChief: chase*
runt: Play of the year by Doedee
Gotigres: Walters you muppett. Well done Doedee.
SilverLion: 15 points for that Doedee play wowee
runt: How far did Langdon run?
PowerBug: Brayshaw loving his handballs 🙂
BigChief: No push in the back? Hmmm.
Breezey: @Luke394. I see your Murphy and raise you a Fogarty
SilverLion: Flower off Doedee
Torz: L Ryan is a star.
Ash777: go ryan
PowerBug: Traded in L.Ryan 3 weeks ago at $450k. Loving it
frenzy: oh da doedee dee oh da dooda day
runt: Pearce gives the dont argue a new meaning. Punch a guy as hard as you can in the chest as he goes to tackle!
luke394: love that I culled Doedee early
Gotigres: Big scoring by Murphy in last few minutes.
TigersMan1: Crouch you flog
BigChief: @tonche better 1/4 from Blakely.
Torz: Terrible quarter by Mundy
PowerBug: don’t blame Crouch @TigersMan1, blame yourself for picking him!
Carnster: Come on walters push through to an 80-90 odd
DrSeuss: Nice choice PowerBug – definitely tempting after the last 5 weeks
TigersMan1: Lol I kept Crouch during his injury so I was banking on him getting consistent scores of 110+, ain’t got that yet lol
DrSeuss: If only Seedsman got tackles – needs some more marks today as well
runt: Hubert Greenwood unusually quiet
Breezey: Crouch zero tackles
Ash777: crouch doesn’t have the help he usually gets anymore from sloane n co
PowerBug: yeah he has been underwhelming like most of the Crows. He probably misses Rory in the mids helping him.
JockMcPie: Mundy scored 12 points in a minute, double what he scored last quarter
SilverLion: Breakout game Cerra
DrSeuss: Seedsman if you could do something that’d be great
Stu7: Cerra averaging 58.8 prior to this game
luke394: get a touch Walters
BigChief: Freo kids have played well today.
Ash777: best game of the round
Stu7: Come on M7ndy stop f around
BigChief: Friday’s was good too @Ash.
SilverLion: Bullseye Alert
PowerBug: I was bored by the end of Friday’s game even though we were winning haha. This is exciting stuff
Stu7: @DrSeuss he must of heard you 😂
korza: Who’s Cox
SilverLion: Anyone got Cox, Cerra or Hamling in Perfect 9?
BigChief: Mason’s brother.
DrSeuss: Haha Stu – should try the same for Neale. He has stopped
Stu7: Brennan Cox played 5 games averaging 55
Jukes82: give Cocks the bullseye
Breezey: @Silverlion. GOD has them all. Go figure
Stu7: Seedsman get off your a**
BigChief: Star for Cerra m0nty, x factor Cox.
StuL: Pearce off!
Ash777: adelaides tall forwards too slow for freo defends
frenzy: any chance doedee
Stu7: Dudee
BigChief: Walters reported, what a moron.
Ash777: walters gone!
StuL: Walters in the book.
frenzy: muppet Walters
PowerBug: Michael Walters muppet
Haydo: Come on walters and dodee
Lawls: How many weeks for Walters?
Jukes82: didn’t see it, how many is walters likely gone for?
frenzy: how long left
Ash777: 2 weeks most likely
BigChief: Great tackle Jones.
Gotigres: Did Walters just lose 11sc?
StuL: A fine, maybe 1
wadaramus: Gut punch, one week.
Pokerface: low impact, low contact, intentional whatever that equates to
PowerBug: was a gut punch to Kelly. 1 week probably
BigChief: 1-2 weeks for Walters.
BigChief: Reported for headbut.
DrSeuss: And Seedsman has stopped again
BigChief: Umpire said to Walters you’re reported for headbutt.
frenzy: Niiiiccceeeee
SilverLion: Idiot Walters
Stu7: Sudsman
wadaramus: Played one good qtr Crows, congrats Freo.
PowerBug: Oh it was a headbutt that gave away the 50? Yeah he’s definitely gone for a week haha
ReggieOz: Good to see Walker standing up when it counts
duckky: Don’t feel so bad for not trading Walters back in then… 🙂
pcaman2003: Gibbs still couldn’t ton up after being in the 80’s at 3/4 time. Spud!
wadaramus: Spudsman?
Jukes82: maybe so but the rest of your team is garbage duckky lmao
DrSeuss: Poholke outscoring Seedsman and Murphy as my only emergency this week. sigh
duckky: Walters could go for two charges. headbut and punch
Haydo: What score is everyonw heading for this week

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