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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Brisbane vs Essendon

Chat log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R12 of 2018

BigChief: C’mon Brisbane.
2cabs: Go Zorks
hinsch: This should be a walk in the park for the LIONs today
hinsch: Christensen triple last weeks score already go son
Torz: Berry following around Zerrett. :-/
BigChief: That was a terrible free to Goddard.
th3rio: Lol should be a walk in the park good joke
Raspel31: Afternoon ladies.
korza: Zac Bailey machine in the making
MONEY TALK: glaqd i took the c off martin b4 the game
Raspel31: Yeah-I toyed with that till last minute Money.
Raspel31: Whoops.
Haydo: heppell in perfect 9
DrSeuss: Put the C on Zerrett just for some fun – obviously should have gone with Martin
th3rio: Captain hindsight is always a betch
oc16: me too haydo
korza: Onto 4th tinny. Incoming trash towards a couple of players
MONEY TALK: keep going stef make me cry for changing the c to oliver last second
DrSeuss: Beams – come on champ
Haydo: looking good at the moment oc16
PowerBug: good tackle there Guelfi πŸ˜›
TheBoy89: If Hurley keeps this up he’ll be cheap as chips next week
gdshifty: why no tackle recorded for Guelfi???
cusch1: this protected area is a pathetic rule
SilverLion: Umps flowering hate us
th3rio: He will either way boy, after their bye hell be most traded in surely
oc16: yeah Martin just needs to slow and i think its in the bag Haydo
PowerBug: And the handball missing too gds! Hopefully gets added at qtr time
korza: Hey you, yes you. Beams, wake up noob
pcaman2003: Guelfi tackles,gets the free kick,so where is his stat for the tackle?
PowerBug: Hurley puts a low score in today and I won’t be getting him. There’s underpriced then there’s underperforming
SilverLion: do something Merrett
circle52: Gee umpiring is relly favouring bombfe
DrSeuss: Merrett spending too much time on the pine
korza: The white maggotts looking after the junkies
jocka: Lions are getting a bigger beating (from umps) than Jeff Horn is from Crawford
cusch1: Apart from the 50, no decisions have been shockers???
circle52: What about the ones missed though. Martin thrown out of tuck no free.
PureSwag: Hurley role has changed even since Dee came in the team.
frenzy: nip and tuck, Lol
BigChief: Lions kicking themselves out of this.
Torpedo10: All the non-essendon supporters criticising the umps is funny
SilverLion: Umps are paying the 50/50s to Essendon, ours are play on. It’s like that most weeks.
gdshifty: must be champion data apprentices working this weekend. Missed stats all weekend.
RGriffen: I wanna actually see something from Hurley, agree
oc16: geez i would of thought Zorks, Beama, Zerrett and Smith would all be on at least 30 by now
jocka: @torp: You mean all the non-partisan observers can see the flaming obvious
PureSwag: Sometimes I feel Monkeys are working at Champions Data HZ.
Tonche: Yep it’s missed Zorko tackle
original: cmon stef keep going
original: was tackle effective though? lol we had this discussion yesty
pharace: The monkeys of this world are offended Swags
pcaman2003: Missed Guelfi tackle too which earned him his free kick. How can they miss the obvious?
th3rio: Fucking hell Bundy I just needed 1 qtr from you last week lol
Tonche: Yeah Heps has the ball got dispossessed and Brissy took possession
SilverLion: What’s all this talk of the crowd influencing the umps lol
gdshifty: wheww Guelfi +6 during the 1/4 time break πŸ™‚
pharace: Happy now Pca – Guelfi catch up by CD
DrSeuss: Big finish from Zerrett, Beams the game has begun
pcaman2003: Gee! Took 10 mins to give him his tackle.
circle52: Apparently dropping the ball is allowed if you are a bomber but not if a lion
PowerBug: See I said he’d get the tackle and HB given, they missed it and reviewed at QTR time. All is good again
Raspel31: Great- Beam’s one possession just went up a point.
frenzy: bundy’s got the minus two rolling through
BigChief: Stop your whinging pcaman. You know they review everything during the breaks.
PowerBug: And SL the first step of crowd influencing umps is you need to have a crowd πŸ˜‰
pcaman2003: @pharace. Yes thanks. They must of read this!
pharace: They aim to please
korza: Beams has me bent over.
spacko453: I hate seeing Merrett play well
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. I’ll remmber to remind you at your next whinge session
SilverLion: πŸ™ someday pb
circle52: @silverlion at ground and we are trying hard
cusch1: Look up the term list clogger on Google, and a picture of Mitch Brown will show up
BigChief: @pcamna all you EVER do is CD missed this, they missed that. Never do you actually comment positivly. Always negative.
original: can someone help me with redmon’s icon?
SilverLion: Good to hear circle, hopefully plenty to cheer about today πŸ˜›
original: i too enjoy a cheeky dig at CD but mainly over the definitions of effective etc (eg long kick marked by oppo counts)
th3rio: Ah fuck oppt has zorko vc
SilverLion: Beautiful Hodge
frenzy: spanner @ original
RGriffen: nice Hodgey
Breezey: Great stuff Hepp. Keep it up
luke394: get a touch Hurley
NoneyaB: Heppell wont come back no way he is also my opps captian i loopholed GAj so im laughing ( not at heppell)
Raspel31: Breezey-you missed Hodge’s hit on Heppell-off and prob not back on.
th3rio: Dev goes boom
luke394: *an effective touch would be better πŸ™‚
DrSeuss: Beams do something ffs
th3rio: Help coming back on
RGriffen: how good is Brown, 100x better than spudfrancis
korza: All good with Heppell. Just had some juice injected into his left arm
SilverLion: I repeat, all the 50/50s go against us.
PureSwag: Old Joke @korza
Torz: Zerrett just went on a tackling spree.
th3rio: Sounds like you’ve had too much juice korza
mattmac24: I need Zerrett and Hurley to both stay under 70! My only chance of winning my main league and taking top spot
oc16: beama is letting his owners down badly
cusch1: hows that for a 50/50 silver
SilverLion: The ruck one? Was a hold
original: lol goodluck mattmac24
oc16: i dont think Zerrett is staying under 70 mattmac, maybe hurley
th3rio: Lol cusch nice
PowerBug: CD gave the 50m penalty against Baguley not Guelfi. Don’t correct that one please πŸ˜›
cusch1: That was not play on
SilverLion: He didn’t call play on until after the tackle wtf
korza: If your C isnt in your best 18 score ???
LMartos: to be fair to Guelfi, Baguley took it off him so it wasn’t really his fault
circle52: Try that one cisch
PureSwag: SL he called play on but Zorko didn’t hear him
PowerBug: If the doubled score isn’t in your best 18 then it gets dropped
th3rio: Bundys score cost me top spot last week by 7 points and so I traded him out. Standard hes scoring well lol
PureSwag: Korza who’s your captain
RGriffen: lol bombers fans, the ump clearly called it as he was getting tackled
cusch1: Circle, I literally posted as it happened that it was not play on…
oc16: i dont think it will be included Korza, u have beama yeah?
SilverLion: Need to see that again to say, harsh call tho
circle52: Play on wad the call there but not paid
RGriffen: do you get the VC doubled in that case PB?
StuL: If Heppell is out then goodbye Hodge. Stupud as it is.
PowerBug: Captain has played, thus no VC double.
SilverLion: Aye a generous one πŸ˜›
BigChief: Wow deliberate? That is harsh.
MONEY TALK: wiah i left the c on stef rip, also thought of going zerret
korza: @Pureswag Beams, Fantasy
cusch1: How was that deliberate #5050s
PureSwag: Well, I guess he doesn’t get counted.
RGriffen: that was a shocking play
SilverLion: Not counting them all, but it’s a general trend.
pcaman2003: Don’t stop now Zorko. Get past 50 before 1/2 time.
cusch1: them 5050 decisions….
RGriffen: lol McCluggage
th3rio: Go guelf dog you good thing
RGriffen: shocking from Brisbane
PureSwag: Is anyone going to complain against that free to Green?
SilverLion: Hodge didn’t touch him there, deliberately coz he knew he was front on
pharace: Man, beams at 28% efficiency – he kicking with is wang?
Raspel31: So, will Hepp be back in 2nd? Hmm?
circle52: Would be great if umps paid pushes both ends
circle52: And another one to bombers
SilverLion: Concussion @rasp, will have to pass the test
BigChief: He actually did touch him @ SL
frenzy: Hepp ruled out
PureSwag: Heppell out
SilverLion: Looked like Green leant into him Bc. But can see why it was paid, didn’t watch the ball
Raspel31: Bummer.
gdshifty: They missed a Merrett tackle at the end there…
RGriffen: carn lions run over these spuds
TigersMan1: Surely brisbane win
BomberSam: @RGriffen Lions have been bottom dwelling spuds since they won their last flag
circle52: I am stll mad at where frees are paid one way not the other. Bombers have had 5 in forward 50 to brisbanes 1
cusch1: BomberSam….so have we…???
circle52: Not saying they were not there but you have to pay both ends
BigChief: Fox have said Heppell out of game
AFL Blues: I literally have not seen Devon Smith the entire time, & yet, when I’m watching St Kilda games, Billings is everywhere!
PureSwag: Smith does things with the Ball and is a tackling machine, Billings just butchers the ball
BigChief: @Pureswag Billings gets the ball? Not so sure about that πŸ˜›
Haydo: Thanks to all those who told me to take henry’s 70 over guelfi
Haydo: Kidding
PureSwag: BigCheif WHEN he gets the ball.
BigChief: With Heppell out of the game watch MRO suspend Hodge only to be overturned at tribunal.
MONEY TALK: billings and getting the ball don’t go in a sentence
cusch1: If Hodge gets suspended then there will be no return for the AFL> That will be the official death of the game
Breezey: Front on contact to the head. Lifted his arm and elbow. Gone
BigChief: Listen to those idiots booing Hodge.
NoneyaB: hodge has nothing to answer for….
cusch1: The other bunch of idiots are booing Green….for being delisted
MONEY TALK: cmon zach
DrSeuss: Beams playing lazy football
korza: Beams dont giva a fk
MONEY TALK: hmm redman
BigChief: Redman doing a great job on Beams.
cusch1: Redman isnt tagging Beams…playing off Half back
pcaman2003: C’mon Zorko,get moving
BigChief: He actually is playing on Beams when Beams is on the ground @cusch.
happytimes: Is beams on the ground
DrSeuss: Beams taking this game off.
MONEY TALK: what is merrets scaling gee
LMartos: Merrett robbed
DrSeuss: Devon Smith fallen asleep this qtr as well. Not even a freaking touch
luke394: this usually stops Dev Smith from going big he doesn’t dominate a game
RGriffen: umps are killing the lions
circle52: And another one to bombers
Raspel31: Who had cap on Beams? Big last quarter?
pharace: Lmao, one handball improved Beams DE from 28 to 37%
circle52: And umpscost a goal definite mark called play on bs
DrSeuss: Langford is the tosser tagging Beams
luke394: great quarter Hurley keep it going
BigChief: Hahahaha @ Devon Smith.
Jackwatt$: What does Redman symbol mean? Is he acting like a tool? And if so, why haven’t I ever seen this symbol on Sicily?
PureSwag: why are @ Devin Smth?
BigChief: You didn’t see his shot from 20m out PureSwag?
pcaman2003: Zorko like Smith. Have good qtrs then shut down in other qtrs.
PureSwag: yes but why are @ing him?
Breezey: When will Goddard actually get really involved
SilverLion: Gotta love the Bombers fans booing Hodge. Not his fault Heppell ran into him.
DrSeuss: I can’t wait for next weeks bus to finally trade out Zac Bailey
PureSwag: @Breezey can’t get in involved when the Ball is always forward and your a defender.
poolboybob: Cactus for Beams
spacko453: @silverlion 100% agree! Love it how they boo a fair hit
PureSwag: SL got to love lions fan booing Green. Not his fault they dislisted him and there not happy.
DrSeuss: Beams with a burst, then back to nothing. He needs a cape this quarter to lead Lions to a win
SilverLion: Ah well played PS. They’re just booing him because he’s a spud.
Raspel31: Perhaps if was anyone but Hodge it might be viewed as fair contact but he’s a renowned thug.
hinsch: Bombers have to be looking at final now after this win beating Brisbane at home is not easy
SilverLion: I also tend to hate when fans boo guys who they delisted, really isn’t right.
BigChief: Because I am laughing at him. @= at DUH
DrSeuss: Delisted Green cause he is rubbish and pretty much a non-factor.
PureSwag: @hinsch was that sarcasm? Couldn’t tell
PureSwag: DS surely you guys had worse guys then Green
PureSwag: We should smashing Lions, can’t kick, have 24 more I50.
cusch1: you saw that throw didnt you umpire….!! #5050s
korza: Permission to slag of a player, please Sir.
pcaman2003: Guelfi stuck. Only 7 pts since half time
BigChief: You have missed too many sitters PureSwag. Should be 8 goals up.
DrSeuss: Get involved beams FFS
circle52: Makes up for the 6 bomber ones missed
hinsch: pureswag you got it
th3rio: Got stefan gets a lot of the pill. If he had effective taps like gawn n gurndy had go 150 every week
korza: Beams, you prick. The games on the line. Lift you fucking cunt.
cusch1: He dropped that….#5050s
RGriffen: good call ump
PureSwag: Dropped It.
hinsch: was looking at loophole on Guelfi looks like is a no go
PowerBug: So Redman is a cheap option, what do we think?
Breezey: Luckily my opponents so bad that the Heppell injury won’t hurt me
PowerBug: justice, think he dropped that
RGriffen: damn 2 goal turn around game over
circle52: Umpires evening up after the 8 1 first quarter
BigChief: Muppet for McStay.
hinsch: How hard is the perfect 9 games are near impossible to predict
pcaman2003: C’mon Guelfi,please add some points this qtr,pretty please!
DrSeuss: Jesus Beams get off the bench, done nothing to deserve a rest
th3rio: Guelf 14 since half time fuck
Roksta: Hope goddard smashes the lolly pot after this performance
Lawls: Harris Andrews is looking a tasty option
korza: I just inserted my wifes meds up my jacksy. Thanks Beams.
cusch1: I have Andrews in draft. Very solid option
Breezey: One of ya better ones Korza
thommoae: Leave yer wife out of it, korza. Must be other items to hand?
pcaman2003: Good boy Guelfi,good boy!
PowerBug: I wanted to say to those annoyed at Guelfi watch him kick the sealer πŸ˜›
th3rio: Guelfdawgggg
MONEY TALK: i have zerret, stef and guelfi
DrSeuss: Umps back to BS frees for Essendon to finish it off
lilboat: Brisbane shafted by umps week in week out
SilverLion: Beams’ hand flung back. Conclusive point. But hey, why not.
PowerBug: What a disaster call
lilboat: That is absolute bullshit
carlton_99: What a shocking call
Raspel31: Are they diseases Money?
carlton_99: How can the review people not see that
hinsch: Good effort Brisbane hard game against the 2000 premiership winners
DrSeuss: Another BS review and more BS free kicks to finish off – feel sorry for the young Lions
PowerBug: Another 50/50 in Essendon’s favour am i right? πŸ˜›
luke394: that review was absolutely ridiculous
pcaman2003: Nice finish Zorko.
carlton_99: haha that wasnt 50/50 completely incorrect call
luke394: did Smith do a calf or just a cork?
Breezey: You’ll get a game in my side next week Goddard. During the Bye.
PureSwag: Smith and Belly with Calf iced. Got 2 week to recover.
korza: Diff between the 2 teams. Fuckface Beams
luke394: how can they call it a goal when it was clearly touched?
SilverLion: Mare for Beams
pcaman2003: Zorko goes from 105 to 110 with a mark and goal.
AFL Blues: I don’t know what the umpires are on about. I don’t care what’s said in the original call, all that matters is the truth
pharace: AFL Blues can’t handle the truth πŸ™‚

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