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Chat log from R12 of 2018: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R12 of 2018

BigChief: Hey Korza. Billings in Navy Blue next year mate?
Ash777: nah he’s def going to be norfs big fish :p
Haydo: who couldn’t field 18 this week
BigChief: Franklin v Brown. Buddy will have a monster.
Stu7: 20 with a trade up my sleeve if I need to
Ash777: I have 2 players I couldn’t cover with the bye and 4 injuries ๐Ÿ™
circle52: 20 for me and also a trade uo my sleeve.
CBeezDeez: Looking ominous already
Raspel31: Where’s Billings when you need him?
Gotigres: Used 2 trades to field 17. Thinking about o’meara to Pendles in order to field 18. Many rookies playing for me.
Yelse: Austin ๐Ÿ™
Gotigres: Austin will have a quiet game as i traded him in.
Ash777: I only need to trade in 1 forward in to have my field full with premos
DrSeuss: Austin started like this last week, but might be a bit tougher against Sydney to dominate so much again
circle52: @gotigres think Austin was traded in by a lot this week.
DrSeuss: Lloyd and Ronke if you could kill it though, that would be great
Gotigres: true @circle52
Stu7: Whatโ€™s up with Kennedy anyone?
Ash777: just a slow start?
poolboybob: Starting to think the Saints will not win the premiership this year
BigChief: WTF? Steele in the ruck.
God_: Heโ€™s not getting disposals @Stu7
StuL: These could be a points feast for Swans. I hope.
Breezey: Umpire throwing the ball back. Shouldnโ€™t be happening I reckon
BigChief: Did I hear the fat lady warming up already?
gdshifty: Billings having his usual numbers again tonight
StuL: Damn. VC Heeney might have been nice.
Umpirespet: Witches hats time M0nty
Raspel31: Is it too late to cap Heeney, sigh.
DrSeuss: Not a good week to not have Buddy & Heeney it seems
StuL: Wow St Kilda are shower.
Breezey: Richos 100th game as coach of the Saints. Might not make 102
SilverLion: Does anyone actually call him Lance?
Jukes82: this is a 150 plus point loss
DrSeuss: And my only Sydney premium is a back….sigh
Stu7: @God_ thank you
Umpirespet: Only his mum Silver
BigChief: Might not make 101 Breezey.
Ash777: no billings no saints ๐Ÿ˜›
NoneyaB: sc trying to tell me that heeney is on my bench yeh he isnt lol sc stop giving me heart attacks
StuL: 16 Saints in single SC figures. Witches hats alright
Jukes82: no billings no st.kilda lol
Breezey: I will give him 101. Not sure about the week after
Haydo: damn should’ve been cap heeney
Raspel31: Sainters playing a clever tactical game.
GOD: see ya Richo! AFL 360’s gonna need a new coach next week!!
jocka: RAS? The old false sense of security trick?
SilverLion: No way that could be advantage
SilverLion: Hah yep sounds about right ump
BigChief: Start with a new coach after their rd 14 bye hey Breezey?
Hannibal: lol raspel. yep, rope-a-dope, syd will be all tuckered out after q1
Ash777: buddy sandwhich
Breezey: Yeah Breaking News during the Bye round. Asssuming they get towelled up here
Umpirespet: Sadly thinking Richo will be gone this is terrible
Blaircam: Why does Matchcentre show Ronke on the bench when he’s on the ground?
circle52: @haydo thought about with heart but head said go with gawn.
Blaircam: I put the VC on Parker – should have gone Heeney
Breezey: Saints play the Suns next week. That will be last chance saloon for Richo
Ash777: richo requested the end of qtr song lol
circle52: @blaircam been some glitches with match centre this round.
pcaman2003: @Blaircam. Nothing wrong with Parker’s score. Keeps that up.a good score will follow
korza: New team next year. St.Coasters
frenzy: merge all the shower teams and blues won’t get 1 win
NoneyaB: st fail v the fold coast suns game week should be a ripper!
Raspel31: What about The Bluesy Sainters Korza- has a musical ring?
korza: Let’s all be honst, footy is not in a good place.
Stu7: St Kildathemselves
Breezey: Must be the scoring end
Sixty656: Please Parker, don’t be an arse hat.
Stu7: Heeney frozen
StuL: Why the dribble there Newnes?
Breezey: McCartin of the StKilda variety is absent
SilverLion: Savage, Austin, Phillips, Ronke haha
pcaman2003: Expected Ronke to perform better after his first match heroics
Stu7: @SilverLion battle of the duds 😂
Raspel31: That’s a pretty impressive line up Silver- Austin captain?
Haydo: coffield phillips and austin + lloyd and heeney, hmmmm
StuL: Great pick Austin
Seb78: Is coffield on the ground? If so is he doing anything?
SilverLion: Nah Gawn @rasp ๐Ÿ˜› Got Heeney too but so does everyone
Breezey: Umps need a Ruler. 15 my rectum
circle52: Seems a lot have Austin, Coffield and Phillips. I will add Savage to that as well.
circle52: probably the same ump that couldn’t measure the 50 metres 2 weeks ago.
SilverLion: I expected Savage to have the year Webster has
Sixty656: Swans gassed already?
SilverLion: Brown is not AFL level
korza: That was terrible by Brown
Costanza: no tackles no Steele
TheLegend6: I’ve got 5 players under 22 + Heeney hahaha
Breezey: At least Brown will retire at some stage a Premiership player
Pokerface: m0nty with Austin standing McCartin then that explains the scoreline
poolboybob: Coffield will be back in the magoos next week
SilverLion: I understand the rookies, but flowering lift Savage
korza: Switching to Netflix. Gonna watch Grease. Sosa peeps
Hannibal: LOL Poker! nice pick up!
DrSeuss: Austin, Ronke and Lloyd – lucky the Wallabies game is on
SilverLion: Put Austin on Duddeee
pcaman2003: Jimmy went quiet that qtr. Not helping much.
Jukes82: you muppet
Pusti: @Pokerface – You do realise there’s a McCartin playing for Sydney, don’t you?
Hadouken: sorry guys that i broke Austin.
Raspel31: You’ve done this before Hadouken!
Hadouken: i know. many apologies
pcaman2003: C’mon Ronke. Through the goals preferably
circle52: I thought I was the one who broke Austin bringing him in
Raspel31: No circle-it’s all Hadouken’s fault
StuL: It have been me circle. Everyone I bring in this year turns to rubbish.
Haydo: austin and phillips getting a move on
Haydo: funny they’re in the saints top half sc wise but only tracking for a 60
Breezey: Remember when Hanners was good
Umpirespet: Remember when Ronke was good
Raspel31: Remember when Mav Weller was xxxx
SilverLion: Austin playing better with Brown off
Jackwatt$: It’s like only 1 St.Kilda player has come out to battle today and he’s a 1st-gamer!
BigChief: Which 1st gamer would that be @Jackwatt$?
SilverLion: Bloody Savage you are killing me
Umpirespet: More Chinese at a Sydney game than a Power one
Breezey: I reckon Ross and Webster have been good
Jackwatt$: Josh Battle, pardon the pun
Hadouken: @raspel it appears i didnt break austin majorly
SilverLion: That was clear htb
BigChief: So that would a 2nd gamer then.
Jackwatt$: Well you know what they say don’t let the truth get in the way of a good joke!
Raspel31: You can’t wriggle out that easily Hadouken- ok- maybe.
circle52: At least Austin and Phillips have passed B/e Coffield another 10 please.
Stu7: Heeney please remove finger!
Jackwatt$: Can you please give Rice a few more SC points to match his DT m0nty?
BigChief: You don’t want much @Stu? 107 with a 1/4 to go.
Haydo: have franklin in perfect 9 for this one
Gigantor: What happened to Brown?
BigChief: Haydo you had Cameron in perfect 9?
Haydo: yeah for the other game
Breezey: I took Sinclair @ Haydo
Haydo: the aim is to get the highest scoring player in each game
BigChief: Nice pick then ๐Ÿ™‚
Haydo: how many correct do u think will win this round breezey
SilverLion: Good to see Austin on the Dud
BigChief: I took Heeney to start with, then swapped to Franklin.
pcaman2003: Hell Ronke. Stop giving away frees
Breezey: Dunno but I only ever get 2 at most
pcaman2003: Savage just gets easy kicks.
Stu7: @BigChief yes I want much 160
SilverLion: So does Lloyd @pca. Most sides have a HB like that
BigChief: LMAO Stu. He just might yet.
Ash777: I need ronke to get to his be so I can trade him out
Haydo: yeah ah well annoyed cus i didn’t check it after wednesday and had dusty ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: I took Ryder, Duncan and Kelly 1st 3 games, so stuffed up.
SilverLion: Webster keeps burning Savage lol
Haydo: ah well big cheif i have dusty danger cameron franklin, heppel, ryan phillips so went a bit left of field
BigChief: I have Beams, Neale and Gawn left.
Torz: Austin has come back nicely. Going up huge.
Burnsy03: im on 559 from 5 ppl and still have cap, in this i have aust sav philips and ronke though
JRedden: give austin the ying yang, huge 2nd half
SilverLion: Coulda had a goal there Logan
Stu7: Austin Powers!!
rooboypete: Making nice $$$ from Austin & Phillips
Haydo: 2 sinclairs and 2 mcartins
pcaman2003: You’re killing me Ronke with your clangers.ffs!
Stu7: Austin Powers!!!
rooboypete: Whatโ€™s Battle JS like??
m0nty: nominations for star please
TheLegend6: Heeney
Stu7: Sinclair
TigersMan1: Has to be buddy
Ash777: ffs ronke
wadaramus: Budster.
Breezey: Heeney been the best
Costanza: Sinclair by stats
Ash777: sinclair
Hadouken: far out, another free against ronke
pcaman2003: Give the spud to Ronke. Shocking 2nd half.
Hadouken: must be that “bad boy” haircut lol
TigersMan1: do I take heeneys VC score or stick with gawn?
frenzy: Sinclair
StuL: Ronker
SilverLion: Just want you to get your BE Ronke… and Heeney for star
Ash777: ok ronke n sargo for battle and heeney
Haydo: carn franklin get there
Rebuild: honestly a fair effort from Savage after HT
pcaman2003: Rage trade Ronke after 2 crap weeks.
Stu7: Go Heeney no brainer
circle52: @TigersMan1 you have to take 131 unscaled.
th3rio: Savage rice Austin and Phillip’s good after ht thank fuck
circle52: agreeth3rio
pcaman2003: @Rebuild. Scored well from easy possies.
circle52: Coffield not so good though
th3rio: easy possies or not, ill take his score pca ๐Ÿ™‚

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