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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R13 of 2018

frenzy: ladies and gents
cusch1: Im anticipating a very quiet chat tonight as everyone will be watching the WC!
ademase: doing both cusch1
CBeezDeez: Nah we play too rough for the Frogs! Obviously trying mind games with the refs Frogs are
J.Worrall: Water Closet?
BigChief: Why watch that rubbish @cusch?
CBeezDeez: Patriotism Chief?
Stu7: 150 twitch
cusch1: Not sure on the hate for soccer, footy is and always will be better, but it isnt a bad sport
Stu7: Good start -3
DrSeuss: Gibbs running with Titch
cusch1: Although the host’s voice on SBS coverage is driving me insane
BigChief: Yeah not watching soccer. I see enough diving in AFL, don’t need to watch more.
ademase: Ade any chance of winning this?
wadaramus: Come on Australia!
wadaramus: Oh, and go the Crows.
StuL: Shut up richo.
CBeezDeez: True dat Chief!
DrSeuss: Sicily, Seedsman and Capt Titch – not the best start
Stu7: Come on seedyman
cusch1: Apparently the wallabies are playing Ireland too tonight. Massive night
StuL: I totally expect capt titch to burn me. Not tagging him tho
lukefield9: wow crouch 102% TOG. Impressive!
CBeezDeez: Let’s support all the codes heh Cusch
wadaramus: Hope not Stu, should have given the C to Fyfe earlier today!
StuL: Used to love union. Only so much care to go round tho
wadaramus: I went Macrae VC, should have gone Fyfe into Mitchell πŸ™
Stu7: Mitchell is due for a shocker, he will burn me too
StuL: I know. Researched too much. Fyfes history against carlton was rubbish.
StuL: Went vc macrae too. Messed up everything
BigChief: Don’t forget the cricket.
cusch1: Shame the third ODI is on Tuesday
Chelskiman: To be fair Macrae was a good VC option.
wadaramus: I only have so many TV’s in the house!
wadaramus: I kept going to the Macrae well, but it as been dry for the last couple of weeks.
cusch1: What number will be higher? Titch contested possessions on Kruse offsides?
original: Cmon titch
CBeezDeez: Hope the remote batteries are fully charged @Wada
cusch1: I think im going to get banned tonight for not talking about the game!!!
bongidongi: gotta be kruse @cusch1
wadaramus: Rack ’em up Mitchell.
cusch1: The host is rolling her tongue and pronouncing every second word wrong. This was a mistake, bring back Basil and BT
m0nty: I think under the circumstances, World Cup talk is officially allowed. πŸ™‚
wadaramus: Yay m0nty, we bow down toy our benevolence πŸ™‚
jocka: Go Aussies!!!
CBeezDeez: Nah Cusch. Think I’d still rather listen to her over those flogs!
CBeezDeez: Better than hearing “Llllllllllllloooiidd”
cusch1: She said “Caristiano grrrronaldo” though
DrSeuss: Seedsman get the ball
CBeezDeez: Maybe his middle name is Gerald?
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
cusch1: ok so i had about 4 more “r”s in gronaldo so apparently we cant repeat letters anymore?
CBeezDeez: Only if you stutter mate?
cusch1: On a side-ish note, Patrick Wilson worth keeping an eye on, or a KPP player that isnt fantasy relevant?
Ash777: anyone is better than BT or Ling
BigChief: Ummm everyone @Ash
CBeezDeez: Oh Gawd! We forgot him @Ash! Just another reason to NOT watch 7!
Ash777: HG n wells need to be footy commentators imo
CBeezDeez: I think Daisy knows more than those 3 combined!
carlton_99: Great song choice by Mitchell!!! πŸ™‚
cusch1: I just want commentators who are going to tell us whats going on during the game, player movements and
cusch1: things that we as viewers cant see on tv
CBeezDeez: Godd ole Roy and his battered Savs…
Stu7: 35 good start to titch
cusch1: I dont care about calder cannons footy factory
DrSeuss: Come on Seedy you lazy punk
original: Good boy titch. Keep going and please make up for my stupidity in forgetting to vc fyfe
pcaman2003: Gibbs 11 touches for a mere 20pts is underwhelming.Cmon Gibbo!
Haydo: same original
StuL: Ypull hear, a mighty roar. How shower dies Advance Australia Fair sound after la Marsellie?
StuL: Typos obvs
CBeezDeez: Hated it way back when it was voted in @StuL and still hate it even now…
wadaramus: Magnificent day in Kazan, give ’em a scare Aussies.
StuL: Frances bench looks strong.
cusch1: I thought our anthem was better. The aussies belting it out in the crowd was awesome Stul
pcaman2003: Hawks need a lot more goals for so many inside 50’s
wadaramus: Australia’s forward half looks super strong.
Stu7: Any intel on seeds pot effort
StuL: France and NZ are the tigerland of national anthems i think
CBeezDeez: Slightly different but I got goosebumps from the Tonga/Samoa haka during League WC
luke394: Need prob 180 from Titchell to have a chance with only 15 playing :/ go son!
StuL: Yea, hakas too
CBeezDeez: I think he’s smoking it @Stu7
DrSeuss: FFS – Just remembered I have Poholke and Wilson in this game as well. Damn Byes
StuL: The draw was $6.50. That was maybe worth a punt
CBeezDeez: Gave that a bit of consideration myself.
DrSeuss: Seems like Seedsman needs Laird to show him how to play
StuL: We’re pushed back a lot early.
pcaman2003: We’ll kick ourselves out of this. Kicking not too great
cusch1: Have hawks been under pressure or just missed easy shots?
BigChief: Silk is the best kick for Hawks and only 1 so far.
pcaman2003: @cusch. A bit of both.
cusch1: Can we just imagine if our umps used this magic spray every time a free kick was paid
cusch1: Or to show this mythological protected area they speak of
pcaman2003: Gibbs disappeared as usual. 1 touch so far this qtr.
wadaramus: Haha, a big 10 metre semi circle of foam!
DrSeuss: Hope Gunston isn’t going back for good – not great for Sicily
StuL: protected area is ridiculous. Just go back to crossing the mark free. Change for the sake of it
cusch1: Socceroos must have been watching Essendon play, passing backwards at every opportunity, then turning it over
original: titch -1 for long kick into 50 to a pack..?
StuL: So close to 1-0 us. Would have been own goal i think
DrSeuss: Pick it up Seedsman
cusch1: Came of Jedi Stul
StuL: Great save. Lloris will be hard to beat.
original: that free kick just then to france was bs
pcaman2003: Lazy kick from Sicily. Paid the price!
Jukes82: sicily muppet
StuL: This is good. We’re in this now.
Apachecats: Watching the French diving team in action.
original: titch +2 then +3 but actually went up 1sc
cusch1: hahahah F(Rance)
cusch1: Alex FRance
Apachecats: So pathetic really.
StuL: Dembele dive. Should have seen yellow
wadaramus: Their passing skills are good, their diving skills are exquisite.
original: alexFRance big fan
pcaman2003: More soccer comments than AFL.
cusch1: We’ve had some olympic diving, cricket, and league comments too Pcaman
cusch1: Good contested mark by Lloris there. Wonder how Champion Data will rob him of sc points
CBeezDeez: Jesus! How does Kane Richardson get a game for Oz?
cusch1: By trying his hardest CBeezDeez
original: jeeez
CBeezDeez: And now hAgar the orrible! 34 scored in 2 overs!
StuL: Go titch. You burned me enough early this year. This is only fair
frenzy: Burton got the 2nd year blues
wadaramus: Kruse and Rogic have to involved more, hardly seen Rogic?
Stu7: Someone put a rocket up seeds a55
cusch1: Agar still living off that 99* on debut all those years back
hinsch: this game is way closer than I though it would be
cusch1: Mooy oh Mooy wowee what defence
CBeezDeez: True Cusch. Give him a run in 20/20 but just gets found out in longer formats I think
wadaramus: Kick it to Mooy, kick it to Mooy.
Ash777: seedsman seems to have gone back to being poor
wadaramus: Need more balls into the box..
StuL: Get up.
cusch1: Not sure if Kath Day-Knight or a seagull from Finding Nemo Wada!!
wadaramus: Definitely Kath Day-Knight πŸ™‚
cusch1: Its good to know that aussies will boo anyone, regardless of the sport
Ash777: think aus have a chance?
cusch1: I think we will have to score to gain a point. I dont think Sainsbury can carry our defence much longer
TheOnyas: Onya Krusey
Ash777: atleast they’re doing better than last 2 world cups where there smashed by germany in the opening round
cusch1: Why does this ome have tanned arms, but a pale face???
Sixty656: Better make up for last qtr Gibbs
Ash777: if titch ends up scoring more than fyfe I’m going to be annoyed
Ash777: seedsman looks lost
original: ash777 no chance surely
Stu7: Ash777 doubt it mate
original: doedee sc inflated given clangers and efficiency…
Stu7: Seedsman should be charged with loitering
StuL: No chance titch beats fyfe
luke394: Helps when you get 7 points for an uncontested handball @origibal lol
Stu7: Come on Diearea
original: luke wish titch got x7 per handball lol
StuL: Does Gunston have Sicily’s old job?
luke394: Can only imagine @original wouldn’t it be nice
original: flower off burgoyne. let mitchell get those lol
frenzy: douglas mare if ever there was one
original: cmon titch 100 b4 3qt
BigChief: kick the damn ball silk ffs
original: world cup video penalty what bs
cusch1: i quit.
Ash777: wtf sicily…
Sixty656: Go Sicdog
StuL: Wtf is that? Run off to look at the tv?
BigChief: You don’t really expect Australia to win a game do you?
StuL: We were a genuine chance for 0-0
DrSeuss: BS Rule for the World Cup ignore the other BS frees and dives but review when near goal.
TheOnyas: onya hand bally
cusch1: Harris Andrews would be proud of that spoil by umtit tbh
StuL: Wish i had a flutter now
wadaramus: Come on australis!
Stu7: Titch 100:wpoom
original: park the bus
original: mithcell should be about 115 imo hehe
BigChief: who’s tits @cusch?
StuL: Goalden fist!
original: kruse lol
Ash777: I see we managed to score against them
original: ffffsssssssssss wow
Apachecats: Common Aus beat these French sooky babies.
grechy76: 1-1 aussies
CBeezDeez: C’mon Oi Oi Oi! I’ll take the draw!
Ash777: a draw will be a good start
luke394: Sicily cape?
cusch1: Joel Selwood making an appearance for France?
luke394: Draw would be a great result on our group
original: get titch on..
BigChief: I figured Rance must be playing in the WC
cusch1: pls take leckie off
CBeezDeez: I’m gettin RSI in my remote thumb with all this sport on!
luke394: Hernandez = Buddy & Rance combined
original: cbeezdeez agree
CBeezDeez: Send the frog bastard off!
Stu7: Has Seedsman been arrested for loitering yet?
Sixty656: Gibbs gotta ton or I’m finished… cmon
original: cmon mitch get to 125 plz
Stu7: And his accomplice Duryea?
Haydo: What’s happened with Dodee posi change
original: lol good luck sixty
pcaman2003: Crows being plucked. Go Hawks!
cusch1: matuidi rocking a similar do to Aliir…and we all know how aliir played last night #trouble
cusch1: jeez this game has blown out quickly….
Sixty656: yeah I know :/
pcaman2003: Be great to See Burgers get the last goal.
cusch1: would you like some salt with that chip Ryan
Sixty656: Siiilllkkkkyyyy
Haydo: flowering french
original: oh ffs eery time i change channel i miss a WC goal
hinsch: this french team don’t look very french
wadaramus: Another lucky goal for the French:(
CBeezDeez: Spew!
StuL: Precious little chances for us other than set pieces really
grechy76: looked like an own goal
original: #16 for aus is a woeful player. him trying to nutmeg people earlier awful
wadaramus: Behich’s toe could havebeen all that the ball needed to loop over Ryan.
hinsch: The Crows you could say are struggling a bit this year
BigChief: Runner up hangover @hinsch?
wadaramus: Carn T.Mitch, get the bin out.
hinsch: No depth in the club = failure
luke394: Hernandez is a massive flog
original: cmon titch 140 you can do it
Burnsy03: i hope he does i had the c on crippa not fyfe
Haydo: was just about to say that original
original: doedee on 55+ is a jooooooke
BigChief: agreed original, should be 30.
luke394: Good junk Titchell
CBeezDeez: The Unsporting cocks!
luke394: Hopefully he gets scaled down @originL
wadaramus: Well played Australia, French penalty was BS.
StuL: Very unlucky not to get a point
CBeezDeez: Is that Warner on ch9? Cheats Do prosper!
original: mitchell on bench pfft
wadaramus: Now I have to turn my attention back to the Crows πŸ™
original: no there he is! @Sixty gibbs almost got it for ya
cusch1: Surprised Warner is able to string enough sentences together to be a commentator
CBeezDeez: Yeah. Some limited intelligence there Cusch
StuL: Crows murdered
pcaman2003: Well done Hawks!
CBeezDeez: A Murder of Crows? StuL?
StuL: That works cbd
jocka: Remember when Walker was best Captain? Joke now.
Jukes82: that was a penalty you muppets, learn the rules or dont comment

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