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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R11 of 2018

Apachecats: GWS missing a player m0nty
pcaman2003: Give me a decent score for a change GIbbs
jocka: Thanks to -3 from Bundy, I need 150 from Shaw.
pcaman2003: Good luck with that jocka. What are the odds?
DrSeuss: Seedy…come on mate get a touch or 20
pcaman2003: Gibbs having his usual sleep between points
Stu7: What’s up with Ward?
SilverLion: Why did I trade Doedee…
BigChief: Drunk when you did it @SL?
luke394: Traded Giles Langdon for Walters this week lol
DrSeuss: Dont stop now Taranto
luke394: I traded Doedee instead of Finlayson weeks ago fair to say wrong choice
SilverLion: Traded him and Finlayson 2 week ago to Yeo and Simpson just to get my backs done
pcaman2003: Gibbs dropped from 32 to 26 now. WTF?
BigChief: GWS having crack today? Not been watching.
pcaman2003: FO Langdon.That’s all I need
DrSeuss: Taranto on field, Langdon on my bench. Pick it up TT
luke394: ZGL done stuff all then trade him and he’ll tonne up
TheOnyas: Onya Lairdy
SilverLion: ZGL making some cash now. Got him on the pine tho, T. Smith on the ground of course
pcaman2003: @Luke This is my week from hell. Nothing gone much right.
DrSeuss: Yep Langdon on bench with Ronke, Taranto, Smith and Rockliff on field
pcaman2003: I have Gibbs,opponent has Langdon. I f I lose I’ll be really pissed off
luke394: @pcaman gotta love it!
luke394: I had to field Murphy with Mirra getting dropped too hoping for a 60
luke394: Heath Shaw back to normal after 150 last week
pcaman2003: @Luke. I couldn’t even dream up this nightmare of a week
pcaman2003: FFS! Who the hell is on Langdon? Get him off!
pcaman2003: Gibbs not hard at the ball. Soft sometimes.
circle52: @luke feel your pain traded ZGL and he does this and had to field Murphy as well.
hinsch: At this rate I could end up with three players for a total of 20 SC points, Christensen, Murphy and Fogarty 🙁
spacko453: Sam Gibson is quite possibly the worst Free Agent of the year for me
Apachecats: ZGL best on ground at the moment.
pcaman2003: Not sure why Langdon goes from 62 to 67 for a tackle.
luke394: Thanks @circle52 haha the ups and downs of SuperCoach on display
kano: Crows getting an absolute ride and still behind
SilverLion: Tackles are worth 4 IIRC. 1 probably the usual inconsistent “progressive scaling”
BigChief: cmon cows you better not cost me 9/9 in tipping with exact margin.
pcaman2003: I’m 34 ahead. He has Langdon,I have Gibbs. Who wins?
th3rio: definitely you PCA
Haydo: u pca
pcaman2003: Hope so guys. Will keep me on yop in my league if correct. THANKS!
DrSeuss: Might need to keep Langdon and trade Taranto 😳
Apachecats: Same here Seuss ,sick of tatanto ,very disappointing.
Haydo: My game will be very close, L Murphy and J kelly vs Taranto and not sure yet how many points
Haydo: Will be about 50
DrSeuss: Yep Taranto going average since Kelly’s return
DrSeuss: Seedsman not helping much today either.
Haydo: Damn its 81 gonna be tough, go kelly and murphy
hinsch: How mant supposed fowards don’t kick goals anymore
luke394: Cmon Murphy get to 50
pcaman2003: Go Gibbsy! You were due for a good game. Keep going!
DrSeuss: Seedy and Taranto doing nothing this quarter
korza: On 2232 with Crouch Laird Whitfield and Taranto, pleaseeeeeee, $$$
korza: **Fantasy live
SilverLion: Need Cogs to outscore Doedee by around 60 to win. I’m a chance, not likely though I think.
ajconodie: I have Whitfield, Murphy and Doedee v Conigs and Crouch and I’m gonna lose.
runt: Eddie makes it look easy
Apachecats: Much better 1/4 from
luke394: please Murphy
hinsch: I should win my SC was in forth spot have slid to seventh SC sucks
Stu7: Murphy hamstring
DrSeuss: Kelly comes back and Taranto forgets how to kick??
SilverLion: Yep need Cogs to outscore Doedee by 59+. Can’t see it happening
Apachecats: Hard but not impossible SL
ajconodie: Do something Murphy ffs
Haydo: Wow Murphy im gonna lose now unless you somehow get to 60
pcaman2003: Murphy will get dropped again
pcaman2003: Good onya Gibbsy. You’ve won my round by a miracle
DrSeuss: Gibbs is going to outscore my 4 players in this quarter FFS
luke394: fuck off Murphy you fucking spud
pcaman2003: Had Murph on bench,but he won’t make me any money the useless sod.
korza: Taranto you fuck. Cmon 5 10 anything. Animal
SilverLion: Be nice if Cogs got a touch at least hah
Apachecats: Cogs has rigor mortis
DrSeuss: Laird, Cogs and Seedsman asleep in the 4th? Haven’t moved since 3 qtr time
BigChief: Move your arses Crows.
Gotigres: Opponent took Gawns vc loophole with Murphy as emergency cover. Hope Murphy doesn’t kick the winning goal and score 30sc
SilverLion: Get on the ground cogs ffs
LMartos: Coniglio has been off the whole quarter, wat
Manowar: Get the job done GWS
korza: F me, 112th, and piss of Cogs
pcaman2003: Langdon only a mere 7 pts this half.
ReggieOz: cogs copped a big hit just before 3/4 time
SilverLion: Cogs must be injured. I’m cooked.
DrSeuss: Is he in concussion protocol?
ReggieOz: I saw it..but it has not been mentioned
luke394: Murphy got a touch woo hoo
ajconodie: Murphy gets a touch……kicks it out on the full.
DrSeuss: Where the Fk is Seedsman?
original: NEED Shaw to overtake cogs
Stu7: What’s happened to Seedyman
pcaman2003: @Luke. Nice sarcasm luke. 🙂
m0nty: Richard Douglas looks like he got punched by Buster Douglas.
SilverLion: Flowering bias commentary, no insight on Cogs injury. All over the 2 Adelaide ones tho
luke394: is Cogs gone?
korza: Taranto i’m begging you.
Stu7: I hope so
Stu7: I hope so Luke 394
ReggieOz: Piss poor from Foxtel not to update us on cogs
shaker: umps trying to keep the crows in this
ajconodie: You can’t accuse Murphy of not trying.
LMartos: no one has mentioned Coniglio, not even GWS’ twitter
pcaman2003: Gibbs score falling like a rock.
SilverLion: You’d think they’d notice the best player for the first 3 quarters hasn’t been on the ground :/
Apachecats: Taranto ,all is forgiven ,just ton up now would be good.
Stu7: Murphy’s not trying 😂
BigChief: Screw you Adelaide.
runt: Seedsman is there but waiting for easy ball which isn’t coming his way
Gotigres: Well done Doedee, you’ve caught Seedsman
ajconodie: Whitfield waking up has won it for me.
Stu7: Go TT you good thing
pcaman2003: Game over!
NoneyaB: cogs is gone
ReggieOz: Juat saw GWS cogs he must be in the rooms
Stu7: Thanks Runt
original: Shaw has done a lot for just 3 points
PowerBug: one more touch for Murphy and I win a league matchup cmonnnnnn Lachie
SilverLion: Thanks reggie. Your commentary is better than Foxtel’s.
original: And then kicks it out ffs
frenzy: how long left
runt: 30 seconds
frenzy: blow the flowering siren
runt: ciniiglio doesn’t seem to have a serious injury
pcaman2003: LOL. Langdon on bench and 3 pts just goes on.
frenzy: Crouch best not scale up
Haydo: How long will cogs be out for

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