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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Collingwood vs Fremantle

Chat log for Collingwood vs Fremantle, R11 of 2018

JockMcPie: A lot of no-names for Freo, they might get the leap early if we take them lightly
dipstick: in sam murray in?
JockMcPie: Nope
luke394: don’t think so @Dipstick
The39Steps: Pies go to the wrong ground?
dipstick: thanks. hes my captain today
lukat: lets go fyfe and walters
DrSeuss: Neale – going to do anything this week?
Stu7: No murray
original: Get duman back on ffs
JockMcPie: Wow Phillips
Apachecats: Murray named as emerg on Friday when final teams listed.
luke394: Walters bad DE? 9 touches for 21
TheBoy89: I’m the most clutch guy on sc
TheBoy89: So my defence is laird yeo and Sicily and then it’s mirra Murphy and Austin so mirra got drooped and Murphy was on exted
TheBoy89: Bench and I wasn’t confident he would go in and some how I had broody mihocek in the bench and got named same with murph
Stu7: What’s up with Mundy!!!
Breezey: Who you actually talking to
DrSeuss: Get Neale off the bench ffs
Apachecats: Walters winging it now!!
Jukes82: walters gone!
TheBoy89: Nice mihocek and Walters hurt
MONEY TALK: glad i got walters, somethinjg finally going right this week
pies13: Me myself Irene i rekn @Breezey
lukat: surely not… i brought walters back in this week
TheBoy89: you said that too early @money
MONEY TALK: wait is walters gone
MONEY TALK: brb going to die, wdarling went down for me too
TheBoy89: Walters should be good
Haydo: same @lukat
ajconodie: Wossywith the old bore the opposition into submission strategy.
MONEY TALK: walters on boiz
DragonLass: walters seems to be moving OK
Stu7: Walters not good
JockMcPie: Mihocek’s already a gun
BigChief: Mihocek is impressive.
Seb78: Fyfe what are you doing? MOVE!!
TheBoy89: I owe you Buckley
JockMcPie: Adams outstanding there, three efforts led to a goal
ajconodie: This is getting ugly.
korza: Fuck Buckley and Collingwood
spacko453: Phillips is unreal
luke394: Walters 1 point for that centre clearance right
duckky: Gee, apart from one match and a half, this is a boring one-sided round ths is a
Apachecats: I could field a good side from players I have culled ,Hogan TKelly ,Rayner, Adams.
ajconodie: Witche’s Hats for Freo
ajconodie: Random apostrophe for me.
ReggieOz: Your the GWS of SuperCoach lol
Stu7: Anyone got a spare 🚀 to shove up !
Stu7: Mundy
duckky: Apache – I culled Walters, Kelly and McDonald
DrSeuss: Apache – this week I traded out Kelly and Rayner – both went massive to thank me. Fortunately I traded in Austin
Searly34: Much better quarter captain Grundy
StuL: Fyfe been awesome at going where the ball isnt. Wtf??
pcaman2003: Have 5 players this rnd with lowest season scores. Say it all about my crap rnd.
Apachecats: Any radio/TV reports on Walters anyone?
Apachecats: Go Captain Grunderpants.
StuL: Fyfe youre s@@t!
lukat: come on fyfe captain!
Apachecats: Suppose while there’s no red cross on Walters theres hope.
ajconodie: @Apachecats – he is moving freely.
BigChief: Walters is on the ground still.
JRedden: i love you grundy
Breezey: Flower me Grundy going to go massive here
SilverLion: Time for the weekly: flower you grundy
jocka: Thanks to -3 from Bundy, I need a miracle
Apachecats: Thanks chief and AJ ,no readio today so playing blind.
Apachecats: *radio
JRedden: grundy is the best ruck in the game
BigChief: Blakely gone into rooms with shoulder
DrSeuss: Slow down Grundy –
BigChief: Gawn is best ruck by a country mile.
Chelskiman: @SilverLion I’m with you bro. One of my opps has him as captain. I had Macrae.
TheBoy89: I’m gonna have to upgrade Nic Nat to Grundy
Stu7: JRedden heard of Gawn??
Apachecats: Just buy him SilverLion and put yourself out of the misery.
frenzy: someone slap Fyfe and wake him the flower up
SilverLion: Walters lives!
JRedden: grundy wins more of the ball, gawn gets more hitouts
BigChief: Alex Pearce has ice on ankle. Looks done.
Breezey: Grundy better all round player.
Stu7: True
BigChief: So Grundy is more a ruck rover and Gawn is more a ruckman.
StuL: Fyfe making it look really, really hard.
BigChief: If I could pick any ruckman in the game it would be Grundy.
Stu7: Spot on Bigchief
BigChief: wouldn’t*
StuL: Worst capt ever Fyfe.
frenzy: Godstein, Lol
ajconodie: Have a rest Fyfe
JRedden: grundy>gawn, hes way too consistent
BigChief: Get the checkbook out Fyfe. No need to worry about suspension.
gdshifty: tv for fyfe
TheBoy89: So your saying Gawns not okeh mate
StuL: Gee its getting stupid
BigChief: Gawn, NicNat, Martin, Grundy and Jacobs in that order would be my top 5.
StuL: Matthews would have been reported every game if thats a week for Fyfe.
ajconodie: BT reckons we have a hairy box. Mo Hope has left mate.
Breezey: Grundy, Daylight, Gawn, Nic Nat, Jacobs, Martin. In that order
BigChief: You are just biased @Breezey
Breezey: No. Daylight has a bright future
Chelskiman: On current form Jacobs isn’t in the top five. I’d have McEvoy over him at this stage.
Apachecats: Was thinking of bringing Daylight in but can’t afford him.Got the 2 best in gawn and Grundy ,can’t split them really
SilverLion: Gawn >> Grundy >>> Martin >>>>> Daylight
TheBoy89: Nic Nat would be the best if he got more game time 100% man he’s averaging 100 just playing half a game
Burnsy03: Gawn, Grundy, Martin, Nic Nat, Jacobs
ReggieOz: lol your kidding right?
Apachecats: There goes the brownlow favourite.
BigChief: Daylight retired last year. Got homesick.
frenzy: Daylights JS any good
kano: Breezey for the burger
JRedden: kreuzer if fit is 4th, it goes grundy, gawn, martin, kreuzer, nic nat
Haydo: Agree silver
ReggieOz: Gawn is number one..what are you guys on!
Breezey: Daylight only good in day games
BigChief: Daylight’s daughter is 7ft tall @15. Will be best ever.
th3rio: whats up with fyfe? Not that i mind, oppt has his capt
ajconodie: How about you all wait until next week when they both square off?
Jukes82: so is walters a midlfielder now?
Apachecats: Thats right Big chief ,her name is Dawn.
Chelskiman: Apeness, Roughead, Stanley, Hickey, Sinclair in that order. 😛
ReggieOz: yes AJ..that is going to be a good battle
ajconodie: GF preview Reggie 🙂
Breezey: Grundy/Gawn vs Daylight
SilverLion: Duman is not AFL level
banners87: Mundy is having an absolute mare!
duckky: I though Phillips might be a tasty POD before this week.
original: Chances of Ryan getting 20 possessions..?
BigChief: That’s her @Apache.
BigChief: @Breezey Daylight beats them both.
Stu7: Mundy is a dudd
frenzy: Lol grand final preview
ajconodie: @frenzy – I wasn’t serious.
Jackwatt$: Grundy killing me again. Did anyone else picture Apeness bigger and stronger? Oh well, hopefully sits out 4qtr ready f
Apachecats: Sounds big and strong with a name like Apeness I must admit.@JackWatt
Gotigres: I really need you to keep going walters.
frenzy: lift Fyfe lift FFS
DrSeuss: Come on Lachie – don’t stop now
SilverLion: Grundy so confident, borderline arrogance
jfitty: Heart for Walters
The39Steps: Has there ever been a more lopsided round of footy? One close game and big blow outs in the other seven.
SilverLion: That marking attempt was completely realistic yep
hinsch: Ross Lyon will again tell us yes we looked a bit slow today, re-building but we can take some positives away
JockMcPie: @The39Steps top 9 played bottom 9 this round, no surprise
jfitty: Cherries Grundy, Magnet Treloar
The39Steps: Yeah realise that but the gap between the top and bottom sides is bigger than it has ever been.
The39Steps: And perhaps it shows that we have enough elite footballers in Oz for 12-14 teams not 18.
ReggieOz: Just read that Jake Level is out for the rest of the year with ACL
BigChief: And what 4-6 teams are you giving the arse @39steps?
ReggieOz: Lever … Devastated!
circle52: Maybe would have been closer but you 4th playing 18th and 6th playing 17 so to be expected.
hinsch: 39steps yes 6 from Victoria and six from the other states
circle52: So if they played teams 8 – 12 maybe closer,
the spud: Blakely heart considering his history with his shoulders?
The39Steps: Gold Ghost, $250m Giants are the obvious ones.
DragonLass: nice little flurry at the end her from walters
SilverLion: Cmon Walters, push to the ton
luke394: Happy with the Walters trade in he gets so much cheap ball perfect for SC
Stu7: Mundy wakes up at the end

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