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Chat log from R11 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Brisbane, R11 of 2018

frenzy: finally Ahern, bout time!!
frenzy: wakey wakey m0nty
ReggieOz: Waite is a late late out
ReggieOz: He got injured in the warm up
pcaman2003: Need massive score from Zorko today to have any chance in SC
MONEY TALK: ok ben brown and stef need huge from u boys
Haydo: Walters L murphy and j kelly vs taranto l ryan and 80 pts who wins?
korza: Lets go Stefany, hit out hit out hit out
Apachecats: Walters Murphy Kelly for me Haydo.
frenzy: Nice kick
Haydo: Yea hopefully apache
Roksta: Jacobs is on beams
StuL: Bye in the byes goldspud
th3rio: Is Christensen Injured
korza: Where is Rockliff. I need 120 from him.
frenzy: Ya getting screwed now Daw
pcaman2003: Score faster Zorko. 40 pts a qtr please. 🙂
DangerousD: Has Christo been back on the ground or is he dusted?
circle52: Christensen undergoing concussion test th3trio
circle52: We are disgusting today – skill errors shocking and can not kick a goal. 3.1 and we are in the game.
DangerousD: Thanks @circle52
th3rio: Thanks circle. Held him this week for league and money increaee
Apachecats: they just removed one of Witherden’s Muppet awards.
th3rio: Thanks circle. Held him this week for league and money increase that’d me fucked e
Apachecats: but they didn’t give him back the points they carved off him.
Chelskiman: I knew the Lions would get smashed, but I was expecting Martin to run rings around old man Goldy.
circle52: Bundy still not on ground so suspect he may be gone. There goes my SC score
circle52: Stef you now owe a goal.
Searly34: Bundy gonna cost me too
th3rio: So pissed. He was my win and plan for next couple weeks lol
th3rio: Is there any chance hell be back ?
DrSeuss: Pick it up Beamer & Steg
Searly34: Hasn’t been sighted, can’t have long left on that concussion test
Jukes82: once you get concussion tested rarely get back
DangerousD: Bundy is Christensen??
circle52: Mitch Robinson now down in the rooms as well,
Searly34: Yep Bundy Christensen Dangerous
A_Frame_: Al Bundy mate
th3rio: yes dangerous
MONEY TALK: keep going ben brown, i need a huge score to fix all my flops and injuries this week
A_Frame_: Jed Anderson hurt? What happened?!
luke394: Ahern going to be a prime rookie to get through the byes perfect timing!
lukefield9: A_Frame_ sore hip, Brad Scott said he should come back on as soon as he’s fully right
circle52: Bundy Done for the day oouch
Chelskiman: Bundy done for the day. What a horror round.
Apachecats: yeah Luke no wonder we’ve been hearing about him for 2 years.Looks a gun in the making.
A_Frame_: Thanks lukefield, this week is a bloody supercoach disaster!
Jukes82: hilarious
luke394: @Apachecats i suppose North going so well has kept him out of the team
luke394: is everyone really struggling in SC? I’m projected for about 2300
Apachecats: M0nty link to next game not working.
StuL: The reverse moz worked on Goldstein, so far. Still not expecting a ton.
StuL: 2300!? You would beat most of my league then.
Apachecats: Chat working??
boo!: minty, earth to minty
luke394: Yeah @StuL had Gawn C didn’t have Smith on field maybe that helped
Apachecats: some posts getting through some not.
Apachecats: link working ,thanks m0nty
thommoae: … while the Lions are simply not getting it through the posts.
feralmong: goldy whatcha doin. am i supposed to trade u or not.
wadaramus: I’d rather Goldy comes good and we save a trade!
feralmong: Goldy last 2 weeks 112, 102 now this.
ajconodie: Monty, the blowfly looks like maracas.
Haydo: I’ll get about 2200 with smith on field
wadaramus: I think they look like a pair of tennis racquets, like the Wimbledon logo or something?!
feralmong: Bout the same as Haydo. Might go 2250 if some players beath their projected
feralmong: which goldy on track to do
McSpud: is robinson OK or limping around?
StuL: Playing Smith and having to field Ridley with Mirra out means absolute rubbish score.
wadaramus: I should have taken the 63 on offer from E.Richards, but played Ridley.
JButcher: I looped McDonald out of my draft team to take Logan Austin’s score :/
duckky: Hi all – does Ahern look the goods?
circle52: Charlie Cameron also done for the game m0nty.
frenzy: Lol hasn’t been near it
wadaramus: Haven’t really been paying too much attention to the TV duckky, but his stats look OK so far.
duckky: Thanks – just keeping an eye out for future downgrades with JS
wadaramus: Hopefully he gets to string a few games together.
circle52: Ahern will be a nice downgrade after their bye.
circle52: McCluggage looks to be done for the day also so Brisbane down to 1 rotation.
BigChief: Keep going Beamer.
DrSeuss: Traded out Tim Kelly and Cam Rayner this week. Always the freaking way
Chelskiman: Haven’t checked the scores for a bit, how is Bundy on -3?
DrSeuss: Majak takes out Stef and it’s play on?? Ok – like Norf need more help
BigChief: @Chel he has not played since early 1st 1/4.
korza: 1200 more S/C points up for grabs. Someone gonna go huge
DrSeuss: How is that high? He fucking ducked and then 50! These are full are full of it
BigChief: #freekicknorf
Chelskiman: @BigChief, I know, but he was on 0 points and I came back to see him on -3.
DrSeuss: #freekicknorf+50
Apachecats: Minus 3 for f the stretcher chelks.
BigChief: Well he has no positive points and has a FA and a muppet, so always going to be a – score.
masterhc2: Umpires costing you the game dr suess
Apachecats: *falling off the stretcher.
Apachecats: Probably using the Richmond umps from last night.
BigChief: Put the star on Higgins now m0nty. BOG by a mile.
jfitty: Muppet for Witherspud
Chelskiman: @BigChief but I swear the -3 came AFTER he had been knocked out and off the ground for ages. That was my point.
Chelskiman: Unless I am remembering wrong, but I was sure he was knocked out on 0 points, not -3.
BigChief: 1/2 time scaling @Chel would be my guess.
korza: On track for 2,300 plus Fantasy. Top 10 ?
SilverLion: If Robbo got suspended for that it’ll get thrown out. Hartung should be playing soccer
circle52: Umps not costing us the game but a couple of 50/50 decions not going our way.
circle52: On the 50 metres agree for swearing but should not have been an initail free as player ducked and that is HTB under new
circle52: rules
masterhc2: @korza so am I mate, not even close I reckon unfortunately would be surprised if much more than top 1k
SilverLion: 1 on the pine though, can’t complain with the effort in the 3rd
Chelskiman: Big last quarter from Stef and Zorks would be nice.
BigChief: Cape this 1/4 please Beamer
BigChief: Nice start Dayne.
th3rio: heartbroken from bundy. Even a 30 from him wouldve got me over the line
DrSeuss: Come on Stef
BigChief: Great stuff Beamer. Keep going.
korza: Deledio debut, 30 poss record. Ahern, ontrack. Cmon mate
BigChief: Awesome quarter Dayne.

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