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Chat log from R11 of 2018: West Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R11 of 2018

chinkas: eagles by 100 points
Stu7: Eagles by 200points
th3rio: Go savage yeo
Stu7: A lot of interest in this game…. not 😂
Ash777: mccartin finally decides to wear a helmet
hinsch: hopefully StKilda make a game of this alway slow start against WC
DrSeuss: Redden, Yeo and Austin – like this game wasn’t crap enough already
th3rio: He wore one last week too ash
PowerBug: Naitanui has two goals, surprised he hasn’t tonned in SC yet 😀
Ash777: he would if he spent more time on ground
Breezey: Remember when Newnes used to get decent scores.
Ash777: tombstone for darling
Burnsy03: at what price is billings worth bc hes 320k rn
Ash777: looks like he just rolled it
Breezey: What’s McCartin done
Ash777: didn’t newnes used to be a defender
Breezey: A good scoring defender too.
PowerBug: McCartin got sandwiched in a contest
Haydo: Whats he done @ash777
Ash777: darling rolled his ankle in a marking contest. made it look like he broke his leg.
Jukes82: Austin is beasting, looking good to bring him in SC next week
Ash777: do saints have the bye next week?
Breezey: Saints bye is in the 3rd week
MONEY TALK: glad i brought in darling two weeks ago
DrSeuss: Austin my rookie, out scoring Redden and a Yeo combined
th3rio: Did savage and yeo go for a beer together ffs
dipstick: @thrio yep, theyre joing gaff for one
MONEY TALK: billings went for a beer after round 1
th3rio: Darlings shout lol
MONEY TALK: red cross for darling on crutches, great for my supercoach
snake_p: I think it would have been a shandie Moneytal
MONEY TALK: its always great to see billings do something good early , and then d nothing at all
pharace: Billings playing so bruise free he must be going somewhere next year
Chelskiman: Took me three goes to find Billings. Of course he’s last on 16 points. This horror round just gets worse.
BigChief: This round needs to be called injury round. Too many already.
SilverLion: Austin looking good for D7
Breezey: I would rather have Billings right now than Newnes who I do have
MONEY TALK: so cripps , smith, darling and now rice for me went from finally getting form on supercoach to back to the usual
Ash777: billings to norf
PowerBug: aaaaaand another injury 🙁
dipstick: savage yeo gaff, doin nothing for my team
BigChief: Billings to Carlton.
TheOnyas: Onya Hurny
MONEY TALK: i used to love weller that spud
Jukes82: you brought in rocky but still have billings as well lmaooo
dipstick: rice is fried… soft
SilverLion: Gunna be good playing Austin on the ground and benching Billings for good
th3rio: Is yep really being tagged that hard ? Can’t believe it
BigChief: Hey Jukes you were right with Danger LOL.
MONEY TALK: thats the softest holding the ball
Jukes82: close enough
BigChief: you said 100+ and he got the ton 🙂
pcaman2003: Damn you Yeo. Get you this week and you spud it.
gers: As a WCE fan, we are definitely getting the rub of the whistle
pcaman2003: Fact is my whole team is spudding it this week. I’m cursed
MONEY TALK: same @pcman
pcaman2003: @Money. Glad I’m not alone then.It’s depressing watching my side disintigrate
bones351: @SL I believe Austin is a defender in fantasy so wouldn’t automatically send Billings to the bench.
Ash777: just trade him out. He’s hurting your team the longer he’s there.
StuL: Thanks Yeo you flog.
TheBoy89: Easy trade for me naughton out Austin in
Ash777: I need yeo to go big the 2nd half if I’m to win against my opp
TheBoy89: And if mirra doesn’t get named next week he’s getting upgraded to a simpson Hurley or a Lloyd depending on be
BigChief: Dear SC. Can I please have an extra 30 trades so I can dump all my duds
MONEY TALK: amen chief
Stu7: Bigchief, gold comment 😂
Ash777: for once I dont have duds in my sc side just a few rookies on field
TheBoy89: Give Nic Nat more tog ffs
MONEY TALK: membry starting to get his form
pcaman2003: @Chief. I’m with you.
TheBoy89: Guys how ad is darlings injury
MONEY TALK: austin looks real good
TheBoy89: Bad
MONEY TALK: look nasty @theboy but got up and looked a bit better
TheBoy89: Ok do u reckon he’ll be one to bring in the byes
TheBoy89: I’ve got one more premo spot it either darling or Hogan
MONEY TALK: probs hogan, i got darling two weeks ago doesnt look goosd
MONEY TALK: what was going through my mind when i changed my tip to saints last second for a laugh
BigChief: Were you drunk, high or both @Money?
BigChief: How about T-Mac @theboy?
MONEY TALK: nope just stupid, ‘felt a upset’
StuL: Yeo drunk too much of his own bath water I think.
Ash777: T-mac is doing about the same as hogan
SilverLion: Has this been a shower round of SC for everyone, or just me?
Burnsy03: mine is meh
original: rice still playing?
MONEY TALK: every game my projected goes down a good 60-90 points
Burnsy03: geary done for the day
bones351: What’s going on with Webster tonight guys? WC forward line just too good? Yeo not pleasing me too much either.
MONEY TALK: @bones He is our 2nd tallest in the back he isnt playing the same role
original: commentator “umpire winning the free kick count” think oh ill check it out..20-9 lol
StuL: What’s going on with the entire St Kilda team since 1973!?
pcaman2003: I have 30 spuds for sale. Anyone like some fresh spuds?
duckky: Sorry about Webster Bones – I brought him in this wek.
MONEY TALK: gone for a beer @stul
original: st kilda are in real trouble. billings and gresham are nothing players
Ash777: they all have slpinters from eating with wooden spoons 😛
MONEY TALK: jjk kills us every time, it hurts to watch
colin wood: Billing’s needs a new home completely wasted in this team
bones351: Cheers Money. Only started watching a while ago when i could watch any more from Essendon 🙁
StuL: Billings was what pick 2 or 4? He can’t be this bad. The loser culture drags them down.
Breezey: Patting myself on the back after bringing in JJK in my Draft League
bones351: All good duckky, I only brought him in today too!
original: quick quiz. if a ruckman takes it out of the ruck ad kicks it..does it count as a HO and a kick? or just a kick?
MONEY TALK: is it possible to pull nick Riewoldt and montagna back
Gotigres: What’s the symbol next to Lecras. I can’t see it anywhere on the icon list.
korza: Fitzroy at its worse, would beat this Saints team
StuL: Gresham was an U18 ball magnet. Throw him in the guts. They seem to be trying to make him into the next Milne.
Haydo: such a bad week for supercoach 🙁
teachrtony: Hey GoTiges, there was a symbol for Westhoff too, not listed.
Haydo: rapist?? @stul
original: @Gotigers. a shellfish cos he is selfish
colin wood: I was going good until tonight’s rubbish Haydo.
teachrtony: Guessing LeCras is a downhill skier and the Hoff was a spanner.
MONEY TALK: mccartin is starting to look better, just needs better delivery
Ash777: hoff seems to be doing what he always does and goes big early the fades away
StuL: There’s a family connection to Gresham so talking him up.
MONEY TALK: @stul they listened, gresh went mid and won the ball
original: nicnat gets away with murder in the ruck, cant walk over and block run at a centre bounce surely
korza: Anyone going sub 2000
Gotigres: I think the spanner for Hoff means utility.
MONEY TALK: @stul have mates that played with him
original: yeo to end up on 120 some how and me to lose sc
runt: I think Carlton may even beat this Saints team.
Gotigres: Yes, i think you’re right teachrtony about the downhill skier
teachrtony: Ha ha I think the spanner is cos he’s a spanner.
PowerBug: Yeah the icons list isn’t updated
StuL: Cool, MT. Yea we’re different generations then clearly.
korza: Guaranteed Billings will get dropped to the magoos
StuL: I played with someone that a few people would know.
pcaman2003: Webster and Yeo on the nose tonight
StuL: Come on Yeo. Just need a 100 this qtr and could be a chance.
Gotigres: Nicnat would be averaging similar to Grundy if he spent more time on the ground
colin wood: Seriously chuck billings into the guts ffs
pcaman2003: My projections were for 12 tons this round. May get 6 with some luck. Hell!
original: flower off yeo
MONEY TALK: nice billings, nice
BigChief: Billings will average 85+ next year, just not for St Kilda.
runt: Billings is probably traveler 3478, footy is just his cover while he saves the world
MONEY TALK: he just looks like he doesnt want to be hit
colin wood: If saints chuck coin at de Goey Id take billing’
SilverLion: Webster Pumpkin?
MONEY TALK: nice membry, happy for u, glad ur trying
frenzy: lol colin
pcaman2003: Billings has gone past Webster now. Flower off!
Ash777: if I were saints I’d trade out billings
Burnsy03: if i were the dogs i trade our whole list
BigChief: Here come the Saints.
circle52: At the risk of opening CD again look at Reddens stats and his DT SC Ratio
runt: Saints can win this
MONEY TALK: is there a sniff for us?
SilverLion: 1 more goal to the saints would make it interesting
Breezey: Have the Eagles gone home
MONEY TALK: it would be great if billings did something tho
circle52: 85% DE as well so can not use that one.
BigChief: 1 more goal quickly and there is for sure @Money
Breezey: @Circle52. Have a look at Seb Ross’s
BigChief: Surely they can’t win.
MONEY TALK: cmon membry, this will forgive all
Gotigres: Wow, saints still in it
Ash777: eagles must of decided they won at 3qtr time and are playing safe
SilverLion: Keep going Saints
DrSeuss: Redden, Yeo – maybe finish strong?
original: hitout sharked +1..okay
circle52: Yep more ammo Breezey 8 clangers for Ross
MONEY TALK: for once this season we have kicked straight
Breezey: I suppose
original: umpiring here is terrible
pcaman2003: Haven’t had a round this bad in doing 6 years of SC. Total rubbish!
BigChief: @circle don’t forget the 3 FA and 70 DE for Ross.
dipstick: how can ross have 8 clangers if he is 90%DE from 30 touches?
original: flower off yeo hehe
MONEY TALK: welp thats it, i got yeo on sc so meh good fight lads
Ash777: lol @ yeo’s face with that shot on goal
BigChief: @dipstick because it’s not 90%
dipstick: oh, is he going at 70% is he
BigChief: the 90 is TOG dipstick.
Ash777: I want jack lonie at the dogs
runt: Saints look slick and vibrant
frenzy: easy to see who CD rucks, Lol
MONEY TALK: can we bring this next week saints plz, ill be at the game
original: classic billings at the end lol
Stu7: Saints little too late yet again losers!
SilverLion: If the Saints played the whole match like that they woulda won easy
MONEY TALK: billings last touch give him the plus 50 plz
runt: Saints need to believe!!!
Breezey: Great last 3 qtrs Newnes
Schillaci: The Saints probably are a bit better than Fitzroy were at their worst…. who said that? Haha
MONEY TALK: if only we had carlise to stop jjk
arbel: Hard when lose darling early… just coast to line

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