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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R11 of 2018

koolkatt: centre circle is a pokeball yeh?
th3rio: lets go bombers and smith
Ash777: I need ridley to do well
SilverLion: Cheap shot dusteeeeee
DrSeuss: Dusty please do something this game
frenzy: muppets worth -8 haha
pcaman2003: Thanks Caddy.-7 forv 50 mtrs. Harsh!
BigChief: Why is it a cheap shot SL? Baguley had the ball.
Gotigres: Shuey out for wce
SilverLion: He was wide open, he just charged at him to try and hurting him. No interest in the ball or tackling.
hinsch: Dusty needs a big game this week
BigChief: Not a cheap shot then, just a normal shirtfront.
frenzy: gee Rancid gets looked after by CD
danmaio: Maybe Lions should play with Dusty intent, might win a couple
BigChief: Muppet for Hurley.
SilverLion: Why ask for it Hurley if you got nothing to kick to
coldog: Caddy!!
Apachecats: Zaha collarbone.
pcaman2003: From minus7 to 30 in a matter of minutes. Unreal!
Gelly: broken collar bone for sure
Apachecats: alll forgiven I presume pacman
pcaman2003: Zaha cooked for night for sure.
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Smith touch the freaking ball
pcaman2003: I think so Apachecats.
BigChief: This will be ugly for Ess.
original: much longer can we hold..
Apachecats: Fantasia sore now
luke394: obviously missed the Hurley FA there
BigChief: Zaha in tracksuit. He’s done.
DrSeuss: That’s a BS free. On Ridley too FFS
Jukes82: boy oh boy, dropping like flys
pcaman2003: Guelfi on my bench,Smith on field,having a stinker today.
BigChief: I think the ump said he handballed it @luke
Apachecats: Can’t buy a goal at the moment.
Gelly: everyone gets injurred against richmond
Raspel31: Still confident we’ve got this in the bag.
Jukes82: zaka iced up, he’s done for the game
Apachecats: I’ll have what you’re having Raspel.
pcaman2003: FFS Smith you pillock
Apachecats: Actually make it a double.
BigChief: Here they come Apache.
Raspel31: Ha ha Apache-long lunch.
Jukes82: At least Merret will gwt good TOG this week
Raspel31: You drop Kelly for Rocky and then Martin disappears. What’s going on, groan?
SilverLion: I was thinking the same @Jukes haha
DrSeuss: Remember when Dusty would tackle…those were the days
pcaman2003: @Raspel Frustrating I know. I’m getting beaten by opponents rookie list. Double groan
mardyb: orazio back
frenzy: wheres the tomb stone gone?
pcaman2003: Hopefully Martin stays down. Opponent has the C on him
Gotigres: After my best ever ranking last week, this week looks very ordinary for me.
Raspel31: Brave call to cap Martin in current form pcaman-who’d you go?
TheOnyas: onya shorty
DrSeuss: Put Devon in the middle Worsfold – at least he tackles
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Have Gawn as my VC loopholed.
SilverLion: Umps missed 2 dropping the balls in that play
circle52: Should have been a free to Bombers there – Incorrect disposal
Raspel31: Didn’t trust Macrae against Melb so Titch poss looped to Fyfe.
circle52: Come on Dusty – You have kept Kelly on the bench so lift
DrSeuss: Dusty is so frustrating to watch just stands around pointing to where people should kick. Get the ball FFS
Raspel31: We missed you Hurley- though strangely wewon-but welcome back.
pcaman2003: C’mon Caddy and Smith.
th3rio: Devon is literally fucking me
Apachecats: Guelfi mark will lift the whole side ,guts effort that one.
Stu7: Zerret is on fire!!!
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Don’t encourage him
Chelskiman: They’re all over us at the moment. Need a goal or two here.
original: glad i held zerrett hehe i take it all back
pcaman2003: Where in hell is that lazy Smith?
th3rio: Zahatakis been off for half hour and still outscoring smith lovely
luke394: Devon Smith you star
Stu7: Zaharakis outscoring Smith!
mardyb: rance doesnt have to watch the ball does he?
pcaman2003: Caddy and Smith have earnt me 4 pts this qtr. I’m done and dusted.
Chelskiman: We needed that.
DrSeuss: I spend on Zerrett and Smith, my opponent has Guelfi
Stu7: Come on Ridley you lemon
original: lol mckenna
Ash777: whelp I’m not going to win this round
SilverLion: They were holding each other…
valkorum: That should have been play on
circle52: Dusty with a lucky free just a good one on one.
duckky: Umpiring inconsistent and dumb
DrSeuss: Zerrett back to doing nothing
pcaman2003: #freekickrichmond
Stu7: Zaharakis will be outscoring Ridley soon
Apachecats: Thats 3 soft frees in front of goal for the night
mardyb: hard to be competitive against umpires who are guessing…
pcaman2003: About time Caddy. Been quiet all qtr
Apachecats: Was a good game ,now ruined by bad umpiring.
original: surely that passage worth more than 9 for caddy? clearance, gather goal
original: its alright think he went from 33 to 46 just took a while. apologies for my impatience
Chelskiman: Not a great week for my rookies. Ridley, Smith and Spargo. Ouch!
SilverLion: Merrett’s SC didn’t move from his last 3 possies.
Jackwatt$: I swear Zaha just had a piss at the Epworth and went up 3 points
circle52: not alone there chelkisman
Jukes82: that’s because merrett had a clanger
Jackwatt$: I think Langford is.playing.more inside than McGrath. Symbols should be reversed
original: @chelskiman an @circle..same here! guelfi on pine no e.. ooft
benzammit: First 12 mins determined the result here
benzammit: Tigers were hungry
benzammit: We are no good with Hurley trying to control the back half that structure was our problem gotta change it.
circle52: and to make matters worse my 2 emergencies were Spargo and Smith with Guelfi, Kelly and Phillips also on pine with no e
BigChief: Ess should push Hurley forward.
benzammit: The just messed with it to get to Hurley, bomb down the line, back in goal!
benzammit: Hurley bomb down the line again
Apachecats: Its all over for tonight.
Chelskiman: Shane Edwards should get the 3 votes in this game by default. Always turns up for it.
Chelskiman: Caddy is in ripping form.
pcaman2003: Go Caddy! Catch up Smith you knob.
StuL: Smith youre killing mei
benzammit: Smashed in all areas, agree Edwards has been great.
Stu7: Come on Zerret
BigChief: Martin will get the medal because he is Dusty.
StuL: McAdam must be contracted for one comment per quarter
Breezey: Tigers have flicked the Go switch
StuL: Its go time. Mantelbaum, Mantelbaum!
Breezey: Seagull Goddard must be about to turn up shortly
duckky: How many arcane laws can these umpires enforce?
pcaman2003: No kicking in danger?
thommoae: “Arcane’; best word of the night so far, duckky!
circle52: Gee Bombers hard done by with incorrect disposals 2 in that last passage.
duckky: Bombers have brought their Anzac day playbook
BigChief: That was soft Ess.
Chelskiman: @StuL and what brilliant comments they are.
Breezey: I thought that Thommoae. I know what he meant though
thommoae: … although ‘Mantelbaum’ gets an honourable mention.
pcaman2003: Going well tonight Nank
SilverLion: Nice mayo Rance
th3rio: Horrible fucking umpiring
original: shocking call umpire
MONEY TALK: rance having a nice dive
BigChief: Nice dive Rancid.
Jukes82: Rancey with the extra mayo
colin wood: What’s the go with Dev Smiths score folks? Haven’t seen much of the game tonfor got?
BigChief: He better be fined for that flop.
Raspel31: If this was the World Cup you would be red carded for diving Rance.
th3rio: Rance should be in the world cup what a knob
circle52: Wonder whether Rance will get a fine for diving. Precedent set.
StuL: I havent seen many Smith clangers. Just ineffective
original: hand wasnt even in the back. was side/arm
th3rio: Bad enough he dived but even worse it was paid.
duckky: Rance has form for milking frees from dives … youtube is instructive
th3rio: I liked rance till tonight. Absolute flog
StuL: I think CD stats mans opp has Smith
th3rio: Riewoldt has been irrelevant tonight
original: lol hurley fwd just then
colin wood: I’ve seen Smith get 3 contested possys this quarter.. for 3 pts. If was mccrae he would be +20
original: colin wood dont be ridiculus. macrae doesnt get contested ball
pcaman2003: Unfortunately clangers and DE have hurt Smith’s score
th3rio: Yep colin. True
Jukes82: give guelfi the yingyang, done fuck all this half!
SilverLion: Hurley looks out of sorts up forward
duckky: Trouble is Jukes – he has still done more than his team mates
th3rio: 2 Mark’s 2 kicks and a goal and devs score went up fuck all lol
Jukes82: agree with that
Stu7: Come on Ridley break 40
StuL: 3 contested posies to Smith early, 3 points. Prob two wete clangers which are so subjective
frenzy: Higgins needs to get on the scoreboard
Raspel31: Hmm- so pushing Hurley forward means he has yet to touch the pill, sigh.
BigChief: @Raspel no defenders to get the ball off at that end.
Raspel31: Oh I know Big Chief.
kano: Did dev Smith do one of the champion data boys’ sister in the shitter ?
StuL: I think so Kano
circle52: Could be some hefty scaling here 3 mins to go and still 200 points to allocate
StuL: Ridley was a good selection. How did he get 20 on debut? He looks like he’s drowning.
PowerBug: I think Smith just needed to do more in the first half when the game was close instead of junk stats
pcaman2003: Crap Nank. Stop giving away dumb frees
StuL: Mirra not playing meant I had to play Ridley. Thanks Clarko for probably killing my game!
original: i know he is irish but mckenna has shocking decision making
colin wood: Smith 89 Dr since halftime for 45 Sc… disgusting
Stu7: Mira wouldn’t have scored much more than Ridley anyway
BigChief: @colin 6 clangers and 53% DE which DT don’t use.
luke394: Dusty now fantasy irrelevant it seems
StuL: Mirra has got 80s in his last two games. Not hard to beat 36
MONEY TALK: gyelifi is going to outscore most my players
luke394: @Bigchief don’t bother explaining they whinge all the time anyway
StuL: Yea but my team is rubbish anyway.
Jukes82: shedddaaa
StuL: My projected always starts 23 something and my actual usually is much less. I blame the players.
duckky: Oh well – just another 12 weeks to go

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