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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, R11 of 2018

Apachecats: Well ,just let Canger go as captain ,went for Grundy.
jaypeee: C’mon Danger I just got you in
Apachecats: *Danger
Apachecats: T Kelly will go beserk now that I’ve traded him out.
circle52: Hope so as I gambled on keeping him due to his Rd 14 bye.
Wends: Pretty sure there must be some kind of quantam theory at work with mass trades like Kelly out, Rockliff in etc.
Wends: If mass of expectation = x and points scored next round = y….
Wends: Actually it’d be more like mass of expection x no. of trades = points scored next rd
original: i traded kelly out as tooserious said his BE was like 140
feralmong: feel free to do something Danger
frenzy: i could be toast this week with Danger C
circle52: But the bad part is Kelly on bench and not even e so will go.
feralmong: ditto frenzy
Apachecats: Story of my weekend ,at last minute put fritsch on the pine and T Smith on the ground.
Apachecats: Ominous for Danger 1 touch in 18 minutes.
pcaman2003: Kelly to hit 100+ this week. Stupid SC.
duckky: Kelly has a BE of 136 this week. Will lose money again.
SilverLion: Jones could be a handy downgrade option this week.
pcaman2003: Danger will be under 600k very soon.
luke394: Tim Kelly to hit his breakeven lol
Fatbar5tad: Facepaom. Kelly out for Rockliff!
StuL: Danger robbed of a good contested mark
pcaman2003: Kelly is killing me. Opponent has him and Fritsch. Naturally I ditched both
DrSeuss: Of course Kelly goes big after I traded him. Also chickened out on bringing in Hall. Coniglio better go big.
DrSeuss: I am the same pcaman – Fritsch has averaged like 90 since I traded. Hate this game sometimes.
StuL: Liking GC players for the bye over just about anyone from Port
colin wood: Lol how does Kelly not have a clanger he kicked the ball straight to Holman?
Stu7: Great seeing Dangerfield struggling 😊
StuL: Just happy Kelly is back for us but yea, traded him. 😠
Apachecats: Exactly same here Seuss ,went Walters over AHall on all the “experts ‘ advice.
SilverLion: On ya bike Patrick
Jukes82: lol danger will still ton up easily
luke394: why is everyone on Aaron Hall he won’t average 90 for the rest if the year
StuL: For those of us with rubbish hth win loss if he gets us 3 wins in the byes, job done luke.
BigChief: May mouthing off at Lynch. What a moron.
StuL: Not sure im getting him yet
lilboat: About time GC got a free kick, getting shafted
Stu7: Jukes83 I’ll write that down 😃
StuL: Oh well, forget fragile Hall. Shoulder problem.
Apachecats: Doing a Goddard is he Big Chief.?
BigChief: It looked like it Apache 🙂
SilverLion: Duncan is so underrated.
JockMcPie: Go Danger! Cmon Henry knock out a 70
Jukes82: do that buddy, I love being right 🙂
BigChief: I would have Duncan in my team before Ablett and Selwood.
SilverLion: Ronke/Langdon to Jones this week going to be mighty tempting.
TheOnyas: Onya Timmy
BigChief: Only way Danger doesn’t get 100+ is if he sits on the bench too long.
pcaman2003: Kelly is making my weekend looking grim.
lukefield9: anyone know what’s wrong with aaron hall?
Breezey: Am I glad I reversed trade on Kelly. Hell yeah.
Stu7: Bruised testicle I hear
Apachecats: underneath the bandaid symbol it says shoulder soreness luke field
frenzy: Hall cooked
Stu7: And shoulder soreness
penguins00: Hall in a sling now
fonzie: cape for duncan
Apachecats: Halelujah Brother!Dodged a bullet giving Hall a miss.
Apachecats: Which part of him is in the sling penguin?
DrSeuss: Haha so – good move not getting Hall it seems, still trading Kelly this week is hurting
Stu7: Hall shoulder
Breezey: Is Kelly still hanging around anywhere near the ball
stuballs: I’d say only Cats fans even know who he is but damn it’s good to see Linc back!
luke394: Holman tackle FF and a handball for 6 points
The39Steps: Question please – once you name your final team and interchange players do they have to start the game on the pine?
TheBoy89: Danger as c not looking like much of a difference of macrae’s 107
Stu7: Yes both dissapointing this week
Stu7: Kelly is stuck in neutral
stuballs: Only Stanley could be bunged that precision pass inside 50
teachrtony: Henry lives
BigChief: @39Steps only time it can change is if there is a very very late change.
frenzy: Young cooked now
wadaramus: Keep going Kelly, give that BE a nudge!
The39Steps: Thanks @BigChief.
Raspel31: Evening lads. Well, the Kelly move to Rockliff was a winner-so not.
BigChief: Gday Raspel.
wadaramus: His BE of 136 was cause to trade, but it just didn’t help my byes so I held him.
jaypeee: kelly to Danger for me…..what a waste of a trade this week
Apachecats: Hi Raspel ,suffering death by a 1000 cuts with TKelly now not in my team.
TheOnyas: onya timmy
Raspel31: Tell me Apache- slow and painful.
Apachecats: Yeah at least I got walters in for him ,looked at Rocky and A Hall so could have been worse I suppose.
pcaman2003: Kelly stitched a few of us up this week.
Raspel31: Walters was my other call- miss you T Kelly.
J.Worrall: Lill master
jaypeee: i traded fisher out walters in this week. Good move so far
Gotigres: I fell for Kelly to Rockliff as well.
Jukes82: wow can’t believe how many fell for rocky lol
circle52: Glad I decided not to do a second trade this week as Kelly to Danger probably would have been the second.
DragonLass: I went Kelly to Walters so it remains to be seen how that works out
fonzie: star for duncan
jaypeee: I still have Holman as well. ARGGGHHH
jocka: Gary again!
pcaman2003: Gary 30 touches 3 goals and still not tonned up.
Raspel31: Wish I had Holman on the pitch rather than Rocky jaypeee
Stu7: pcaman2003 that’s harsh
frenzy: cmon Danger flower
jaypeee: yikes Raspel. One of my rules to not get a player who has burnt you in the past……
Breezey: Love ya work Timothy
frenzy: zero advantage having Danger in my team
boofjb57: Monumental stuff up by me. Forgot to put Kelly back on field this morning before work.
Apachecats: Kelly good chance to beat his BE of 136.
korza: Kelly and Fritsch have hammered me
boofjb57: And welcome back McCarthy, enjoy watching that little tough nut, hopefully his injuries are behind him
Apachecats: AHall must be getting a couple of touches in casualty.
Raspel31: Kept Fritz thank god korza-he’s looking good-but think most of us lost Kelly, sigh.
Sixty656: Menagoalaaaaa
pcaman2003: Opponent has Kelly Fritsch and Holman.Can it get worse?
SilverLion: Cmon Patrick, join the rest of the midfield on 100
Jackwatt$: Apparently Hall just tackled one of the nurses
Breezey: I kept a Fritsch and Kelly for this week. Paying off now
colin wood: Good boy mengola!
boofjb57: Isn’t it sad when you can’t classify any player in afl team as SC premo
Stu7: Is May play8ng with a broken heart?top scoring!
BigChief: He is out of game Stu7
The39Steps: Well, if Lynch was thinking of staying this flowering performance would have changed his mind.
Stu7: Bigchief – cheers for that
Breezey: Dangers TOG not overly high
thommoae: Cats have Joel, Jack, Jake, Jamaine & Jordan x 2. St Kilda have J-rivals?
Apachecats: Red Cross calling.
SilverLion: Not even Witts @boof?
the spud: stewart junk?
Apachecats: Saints have the Jacks.
frenzy: dollars 4 Holman, thanks bud
boofjb57: Nah silver. He will be next year though I reckon. His consistency is nearly there

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