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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide, R11 of 2018

Wends: Just did a last minute trade of Billings to Boak 😮 So help me, hung on to Billings stubbornly all season.
pcaman2003: At least Boak should give better value Wends.
Chelskiman: Sorry, guys, I brought Rocky in this week.
pcaman2003: That’s fine,I don’t have Rocky,but many brought him in this week
Torz: So did everyone. Robbed of a tackle before.
Pokerface: dimma might have something on match day reports here. that shouldnt even be free
lukefield9: @chelskiman bit hard to contribute when you’ve got 26% TOG so far
SilverLion: How does Frawley get a game? Such a dud.
frenzy: lift horfawn
original: SilverLion Melbourne got pick 3 as compensation for losing him. ridiculous!
ReggieOz: I know Lion, glad he left the Dees
lukefield9: gray’s an absolute star… give it to him already
SilverLion: Melbourne did extremely well there @original
pcaman2003: Go Titch!
JockMcPie: Go Rocky, Titch and Sicily, 400 at least between you
JButcher: Since when have we been a fantasy-friendly team?
PowerBug: Tell me about it JButch. It’s a weird feeling but I’m filling my side with our players now!
pcaman2003: Hawks look ordinary again this week. Could be a long season me thinks
JButcher: Never would have imagined DBJ as a viable Defensive option but he’s tearing up
BigChief: How did this side beat Melbourne?
Hawks_13: Port always jump hawthorn at the start. I’m not too worried yet.
Torz: Would be nice if Rocky was allowed on the ground at some point.
Tonche: What is up with Rocky’s TOG ffs
SilverLion: Rockliff 50% TOG. Still not fit?
TheOnyas: onya byrney-jonesy
korza: Get Rockliffe on the ground you git
Seb78: Is Wines inj?
Chelskiman: Come on, Rocky!
Chelskiman: Haha, 100m for Titch.
SilverLion: Well that was a hard goal Titch
Tree Fiddy: Lets go Titch!
TheOnyas: onya mitchy
pcaman2003: The 50’s are flowing well today
Pokerface: noone to blame but yourselves port
pcaman2003: Breust,nice stats man. Back to the magoos for you
SilverLion: Cape for Titch
LMartos: McEvoy shits himself whenever he gets the ball in open play
korza: Titch could get 60 touches, Port dont give a fuck about him
Jukes82: I’m salty Mirra isn’t playing
pcaman2003: Someone go wake up R Gray.
Pokerface: Robbie decided to play the first 10 minutes then went home
SilverLion: Tom Clockliff
Preston007: Robbie is Port’s best player.. and they leave him inside 50, even when the opposition get a run on. Quite extraordinary.
cobrakai00: Rocky 2 kicks LOL.. own up who took the bait?
FordyHawks: Pcaman, I’d prefer him not to wake up, lol
BigChief: SPP could be SC viable without the FA total.
Pokerface: lol SL
Number 8: Spot on, Preston. Just bizarre.
Torz: Rocky tagging Titch. Disaster.
pcaman2003: Leaving Robbie forward should be made a criminal offence.
Pokerface: rocky moving to tag titch
m0nty: I need a plus-two icon for days like today
korza: Only 1 player without a mark stat. Yep i have him
JButcher: We haven’t just shot ourselves in the foot, we’ve bloody shot our heads off
SilverLion: Titch cape?
Strskes: Just how unfit is Rockliff? 62% TOG?
OllieC: gotta love titch vc
MONEY TALK: when i look at it it was either smith and rocky or smith and walters imagine i went with rocky
Chelskiman: I have him too, korza. 🙁
cusch1: Why is Sicily’s SC so much higher than DT? Any guesses?
lukefield9: @cush 4 inside 50s, 81% efficiency, probably a few spoils
korza: Rockliff in this week, out next. Fuck him
Jukes82: lol bad decision to get him, played 2 good games all year. that out he avg 55 lmao
pcaman2003: Thanks goodness Gray got another goal. Been quiet since the dummy put him fwd
korza: @Jukes you genius
OllieC: rockliff putting work into mitchell
Jukes82: cheers champ
JButcher: We are the kings of wasted opportunities
lilboat: Not sure why people went Rockliff over Walters?
korza: Hinkley needs to take a good look at himself. Been very poor
Tonche: lilboat he was playing his old role and racking up tackles. Unlike today
pcaman2003: FFS coach,take Gray out of the fwd line. Plonker!
Jukes82: R.Gray price dropping nicely, not sure I want to bring him in though, being forward ruins his scoring
korza: @lilboat, the bye rds may of played a hand in it. Plus Rocky’s last 2 were good.
PowerBug: Hinkley done well tbh
JButcher: We’ll get blown out by 6 goals in the last quarter against the wind
lilboat: Fair enough, I just thought the scoring potential on Walters was higher
Woosha 73: Well Rocky is one less tagger to fear
a1trader: you dont see Rocky have a whole quarter without a touch too often
teachrtony: Port are a strong last quarter team this year.
JockMcPie: This is why Rocky is m9, for the loop
korza: Troll alert. We have one, and he is in the building. The toss knows who he is
Wends: Just got back to see Boak’s score 😮 Now watch Billings get 120…
Chelskiman: Rocky has had 7 points since quarter time. Jesus.
luke394: glad i looped Dahlhaus now god he sucks
FordyHawks: Is silk the best 35 year old to play afl?
Gelly: gary ablet senior
Gelly: kevin bartlet
JockMcPie: Yeah good stuff Rocky only expected 80 but this is ridiculous…
Gelly: boomer harvey probs more recent id rate more
SwaggyP: lift hoff
JButcher: Did you know Hinkley told us that we improved our kicking over the off-season? Disgraceful stuff today
Strskes: 4 Free Kicks against. Good Work Rockliff you flog.
korza: Hinkley has had a bad day in the box.
FordyHawks: Ablett snr retired at 34 I think
FordyHawks: Lol @ boomer
korza: Massive S/C pts up for grabs.
SilverLion: Too close to goal to call htb
Arch: Free kick hawthorn is back
FordyHawks: Not what the commentators and anyone watching reckons Arch…
JButcher: Nah you’re wrong there Arch we’ve just been undisciplined
Strskes: What happened to Mitchell? 30 Points since half time?
TheBoy89: Guys I need answers danger or Fyfe c
Hadouken: so glad everyone got rocky this week.
FordyHawks: Not only is rocky not scoring but he’s stopping Mitch from scoring -.-
teachrtony: Am going Fyfe, so I advise danger!!!
a1trader: Rocky should have to walk home
frenzy: pies don’t tag Boy, go Flyfe
Hadouken: rocky does too good a job itll be his only job for the rest of the season…
LeFtBehinD: Is Rockliff actually dead? Asking for a friend
duckky: Dougal, you beauty!
Wends: What’s your gut say TheBoy?
ReggieOz: I’d go Danger Fyfe will get Levi you would think
BigChief: That was not Gray’s 1st touch.
SilverLion: I hate when two players clearly touch it but it’s paid a mark
JButcher: Danger’s got the chance to kick a bag I’d go him TheBoy
FordyHawks: Nice ‘mark’ to gray
SilverLion: Gray got 24 SC for his mark and goal. Wow.
Apachecats: Hawks slaughtering them in total SC but not on the scoreboard where it matters.
FordyHawks: Definite deliberate
Apachecats: Any one tumble for buying Rocky ,narrow escape for me.
pcaman2003: We have little composure in the fwd line.
Pokerface: so he should, its clutch time SL
a1trader: worst deliberate free kick i’ve ever seen
Arch: free kick hawthorn is definitely back
korza: Hinkley it’s your fault, no ifs or buts. Clown
JButcher: Atrocious kicking skills for professionals
FordyHawks: Nope
SilverLion: Why not kick it to Sicily to waste time Impey?
pcaman2003: @Arch. Don’t worry,we’ll kick ourselves out of it as usual
duckky: How can Monty type and chew his fingernails at the same time?
FordyHawks: Sweeeet
Wends: Can anyone tell me wth happened with Boak this game?
SilverLion: The 3 point Hawks are back!
kano: Matt nicholls bog ?
pcaman2003: I stand corrected. Hawks by a bees scrotum again
God_: That coffee date paid off for Clarko. Umps got them over the line.
korza: Ken you fucking idiot
DrSeuss: Just checked in and nice work Hinkley changing Rockliffs role again…FFS
Arch: Matt Nichols well known dark lover

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