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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R12 of 2018

Ash777: thanks to martin, fyfe n coniglio, also the bye I’m down to a midfield of 3 for this week ๐Ÿ™
BigChief: Port by 14 points.
th3rio: should be a great game. Go Gray!
th3rio: my oppt has the exact same outs as me so no biggie, unless he trades them all but that would be dumb.
frenzy: wish I could reverse last weeks trades
th3rio: did you get sucked into ridley frenzy?
frenzy: Kelly out, Boak in
JockMcPie: Supercoach has turned to crap ๐Ÿ™
Hannibal: someone sure made the SC gods angry Jock!
th3rio: brought in gray, heres hoping.
J.Worrall: Is it SC, or is it your team that has turned to shiite?
Raspel31: Take that Rance you diver!
JockMcPie: Everyone traded out Tim Kelly, this is our punishment
Gotigres: looking at a score of 1300sc this week. Fyfe, Dusty, Conigs, Laird and Smith out. Will need to make 3 trades to have 18
BigChief: You big sook Rance. You had hold of Dixon as well.
Gotigres: got 9 rookies plus the spud Rockliff
J.Worrall: Rocky VC – go you good thang!
Raspel31: Game looks messy but surprisingly everyone still 100% accurate.
Gotigres: True Jock haha
Ash777: I put the vc on the hoff ๐Ÿ™
hinsch: JW got to agree SC sucks at the moment
wadaramus: Me too Ash, but his DE is hurting already!
J.Worrall: The byes are the place to make up ranking!
th3rio: port look slow, gray didnt even attempt to catch grimes
BigChief: Shut up BT you wanker.
hinsch: Looking at 1700 SC points and will get flogged
J.Worrall: Rocky a free in his first Friday game!
th3rio: lol suck shit rance
cusch1: Rance already moved off Rance. What a dud
J.Worrall: Rance hassled the Hoff and paid!
JockMcPie: Nice to see Rance copping it, he had it coming
Breezey: Nearly brought in Miles after he had 43 possies in the VFL last week. Too much $$
obione05: Anyone know what’s happening with Westhoffs score?
Gotigres: have you been drinking cusch?
cusch1: two goals kicked tonight, both of them by Rance’s opponent #GOAT
Breezey: How would anyone know whatโ€™s happening with The Hoffs score
Ash777: kicking accuracy of 14%
BigChief: Before the goal Hoff had 0 DE
wadaramus: The Hoff needs to improve his disposal efficiency!
Raspel31: Breezey- is Hoff’s score accurate?
Breezey: I am not doing a GOD but I have the Hoff and Ellis in this game.
J.Worrall: what’s happening with Westhoffs score?
Gotigres: @cusch ‘Rance already moved off Rance.What a dud’
wadaramus: GOD only quotes who he has the C on!
Breezey: Is that a question or otherwise
J.Worrall: What a dud
cusch1: oops, Rance already moved off Dixon, what a dud
th3rio: fuck yea gray
Gotigres: haha ok cusch
th3rio: oppt has higgins of course hes carving up.
Raspel31: Yep, the much have trade Rocky proving very impactful.
BigChief: Port’s disposal has kept Richmond in this.
colin wood: Jake Neade too small and useless at AFL level
Gotigres: wow great start Higgins. keep it up. Rockliff playing the decoy midfielder again.
th3rio: port sloppy as
th3rio: put gray in the middle for rocky god sake
feralmong: Cusch has man love for rance. Get a room you two.
korza: Wingard in the middle. Gray in fwd line. Hinkley is a twit
J.Worrall: Rocky just preparing to explode!
Ash777: whos the eagleton look a-like?
DrSeuss: Yeah Rocky all around it but not getting a touch.
ReggieOz: I would tell oyu if I knew what eagleton looked like ๐Ÿ™‚
J.Worrall: ?iggledon?
BigChief: SPP is the bald guy
Torz: Loving the big Hoff’s work!
th3rio: gray over westy was a bad idea so far ๐Ÿ™
Haydo: 2 handballs and 1 tackle for 19sc for Robbie still, not complaining
Manowar: SC hate Boak
DrSeuss: Port dont look for Rocky like Brisbane would. But at least he isnt tagging!!
Seb78: Is Wines inj? Has been useless all year
Sloan4Pres: they’ve missed 2 handballs for Miles…
BigChief: 19 from Gray is good for a 1st 1/4. He gets better the longer the game goes.
feralmong: The Butler is serving donuts
C.Judd 3V: Monty PITTARD is playing but you havenโ€™t got him listed
th3rio: heres hoping Chief!
Manowar: Houston we have a problem!
wadaramus: Jack Watts living up to his reputation.
Haydo: So who’s not playing C.Judd?? Houston??
BigChief: Only 21 listed for both teams.
BigChief: Castagna missing for Tigers
C.Judd 3V: Not sure but Pittard is definitely out there
Ash777: even ff is having a bye
th3rio: yay gray in middle
C.Judd 3V: Yep Castagna and Pittard are having a bye
th3rio: gray started in middle now gone forward? what the?
lilboat: Dixon biggest flog in the league
BigChief: Nice candy from Dixon.
Ash777: if not for the numbers It’s hard to tell dixon and the hoff apart
kano: No mate. Sicily is the biggest flog in the league and it isnt close
Raspel31: For somebody not on the pitch Pittard getting a lot of touches.
BigChief: Hoff would have 100 if his DE was better.
Ash777: looks like the vc is paying off after all
BigChief: Pittard has 21 DT points and 8 disp.
Gotigres: What are you doing Rockliff? You’re actually getting points.
pcaman2003: Where the hell is Caddy?
th3rio: what do you mean tigres, hes already doubled his q1 score
J.Worrall: Go Rocky!! Gogogo!
BigChief: sarcasm @th3rio.
Raspel31: thought about caddy pcaman but he doesn’t get many possies and only goals heaps when Tiggers dominate
BigChief: Nice rubber chest Rance.
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out Nank.Only 1 pt this qtr
th3rio: oops didn’t see the second sentence my bad
wadaramus: This isn’t the week to go missing Caddy!
th3rio: come on robbie ๐Ÿ™
Gotigres: @th3rio Unusual for Rockliff to score so big, especially as i have him in my team. He disappoints me every year
pcaman2003: Not good ofr me.This qtr Nank,Robbie,Caddy and Higgins gone missing
th3rio: sorry tig i didnt read it properly, my bad.
Gotigres: no worries
BigChief: No free against Caddy for front on contact?
pcaman2003: 4 players for 16pts this qtr so far. Depressing!
Gotigres: The game goes for 4 quarters Higgins. Not 1 quarter. That’s why their called quarters.
BigChief: There he is Th3rio, just for you.
th3rio: probably kicking in danger but finally gray
pcaman2003: About time Gray!
Gotigres: Oh no! Astbury injured. One of my favs as he is very underrated.
frenzy: Astbury tombstone
BigChief: That looks like night over for Astbury. Bad rolled ankle at a guess.
pcaman2003: Hope his knee is okay.
Raspel31: One kick and 40 points R Gray- wow.
Ash777: another tigers interstate loss on the cards it seems
th3rio: gray warming up ๐Ÿ™‚
HawkTalker: ebert stinking it up again
Pokerface: that’d be his 4 1%ers raspel
BigChief: My 14 point margin might not be big enough at this rate.
Ash777: looks like rance is not going to get frees anymore
Tonche: No Pittard in the Port list?
feralmong: Carn tiges stop the rot
oh_lol: Cape for Rance lol
ReggieOz: Cape for Rance???
Burnsy03: anyone slesa ctual sc wrong, i have rance on the fiekd on team then on gameday it says hes on the bench
JockMcPie: Once again how is Miles not getting a consistent game…?
th3rio: higgins first touch for the qtr
Raspel31: Monty doesn’t like his hair bun Tonche.
HawkTalker: how is gray scoring so highly? 1 kick, 4hb, 0 tackles, 1 goal. pls explain
BigChief: @Tonche Pittard and Castagna missing from list.
Pokerface: burnsy im seeing it in a few teams. one opp has gray on bench with vc which is impossible
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank and Caddy, get moving FFS
Ash777: apparently miles is already looking to be traded out
Pokerface: i already did hawktalker
Hannibal: @burnsy same issue with me but with Higgins, I’ve sent SC an email
th3rio: love seeing caddy and butler down there. No gimme goals this week.
wadaramus: R.Gray done stuff all but half way to an SC ton.rubbish!
circle52: The 7 contested possessions is helping Grays SC score,
J.Worrall: gray on bench with vc ??? That’s impossible!’
korza: *wadaramus plus 1 C/Data is the joke.
Pokerface: thats my point J.Worrall. theres a bug with sc this round between gameday and team pages
Gotigres: Don’t know if Richmond can win this without Astbury. Rance will need to lock down more.
J.Worrall: is there a bug this round with sc this round between gameday and team pages?
Jackwatt$: The Hoff needs to cape up. Should already have some red Speedos from his Baywatch days
wadaramus: Polec 16 poss. 11 contested, 81% DE for 55 SC? I prefer SC but sometimes it makes no sense!
Searly34: Keep going hoff
Searly34: And stay down HIGGO
th3rio: rance loves to complain to umpies
wadaramus: Where are ya Humphrey?!
pcaman2003: Wish Bruce Mac would stop talking through his bung hole.
BigChief: Always has @th3rio.
DrSeuss: Get Rocky back on….
Ash777: 8mins without a score
pcaman2003: Caddy may as well go home.
Gotigres: Rockliff cannot be called Rocky anymore DrSeuss
Gotigres: Who was complaining about Wines before?
Gotigres: The quarter has started Rockliff and Higgins.
th3rio: rance would having the crappiest week.
Manowar: Boak is a joke
th3rio: gray <3
Ash777: rance has been exposed
Manowar: Wobbie Gray doing ok!
Hadouken: ffs rocky do somthing. dammit
Hadouken: wuv you guys
Breezey: Umps just guessing whoโ€™s holding who in most contests
kano: Manowar for the burger
Jackwatt$: He a gun wobbie gway
StuL: This is bs. Every Gray got is worth about 25 points.
StuL: goal
th3rio: contested possies Stul
carlton_99: HAHA agree breezy again with the sam gray one there just guessing
Manowar: I trade you!
Pokerface: one percenters stul
StuL: I’m not watching but a moment ago he was on 47. Kicks a goal and now he’s on 74
Pokerface: same reason howard, clurey are scoring well
carlton_99: Think he was on 57 not 47 b4goal
Pokerface: so you complain without seeing it?
StuL: And of course I’m just spewing cos my opp has him and I don’t
Pokerface: lol i see ๐Ÿ™‚
MONEY TALK: brought in westhoff this week and chucked the VC on him not bad bby my self traded billings for him
J.Worrall: is there a bug this round with sc this round between gameday and team pages?
Raspel31: How could you possibly let Billings go Money?
Pokerface: nice MT!
J.Worrall: Come on, Rocky, just do it!
pcaman2003: Higgins last 5 poss and a tackle have yielded just 13 pts. Crap!
StuL: Yea OK. Should have got Gray. Probably stuffed anyway.
Hadouken: of course opp has conca….
MONEY TALK: tactics raspel, bringing billings back after the bye
BigChief: Just realised I have R. Gray and Wines tonight.
th3rio: wow broad what a knob
Raspel31: Lol Money
poolboybob: Broad is a feral bogan
Breezey: Love to see Gray put one on Broads chin
MONEY TALK: i was thinking of getting miles too rip
BigChief: Look who he is learning from th3rio.
Gotigres: Good goal Richmond.
MONEY TALK: why does ling suck off tigers and most commentators too
th3rio: Rance? haha
Lewysport: How did you forget $1000000 in players bigchief?
StuL: Tigers have a charnce.
Lewysport: That was a $million
TheOnyas: onya shorty
pcaman2003: Well, Nank,Higgins and Cadyy have right royally stuffed my SC
frenzy: Lol, who’s Well?
J.Worrall: Nice one @frenzy!
Gotigres: Grimes lifting with injury to Astbury.
BigChief: Thought I traded Wines their bye week.
pcaman2003: @frenzy. Should’ve put exclamation mark before comma. lol!
m0nty: Richmond kicking to opposition all night, is it 2015 again.
BigChief: Great tackles SPP.
JockMcPie: Cmon Rocky, keep it up R Gray, Higgins meh
Breezey: Somehow I donโ€™t think Richmond are done yet
pcaman2003: Caddy absolutely pathetic tonight. Not sure why.
StuL: This is why you don’t get Caddy. Although I had thought about it.
BigChief: C’mon Port. You can win this.
Fatbar5tad: Port trying not to lose it rather than trying to win it. Soft.
pcaman2003: @stuhl. Averaging 100 though,but not tonight.
banners87: Westhoff 78 in the first half wasn’t it? Gone cold!
Raspel31: pcaman but as said earlier-not a ball winner-only scores when Tiggers thump opp.
Gotigres: Rockliff has trouble kicking the ball more than 20 metres
th3rio: robbie is a gun in the mid, just fucking leave him there.
poolboybob: Potato for Menapoo
th3rio: spudcliff
BigChief: Stop stuffing around Port. Attack and you will win.
Lewysport: Rockliff is gone, heโ€™s forgotten what to do.
Lewysport: He kicks this for the star wines
Lewysport: Posta!
TheOnyas: onya winesy
wadaramus: Not deliberate! Different rules every week!
Ash777: looks like tigers are starting to get found out
Gotigres: Richmond gone.
th3rio: damn it robbb
Lewysport: Has Sherrin changed the shape of the ball this year, kicking is atrocious!
frenzy: no Dusty, no tigers
wadaramus: Good first half, very average second half.
original: pls just no more points for boak
Lewysport: Did you have port by 13 chief?
BigChief: Good win Port, well done.
Pokerface: no mcg no tigers
MONEY TALK: dusty hasnt done much for them anyway
Ash777: rofl grigg
carlton_99: Honestly ray just has to stop talking during the game
SilverLion: Haha Razor
Raspel31: My golly- Rocky can no longer kick but actually going to ton up.
th3rio: gray poor last qtr but still happy with his SC
BigChief: Tipped Port by 14
Lewysport: Nice work bc
Haydo: whats up with ports song?
ScootD: No Vic ground, no Tigers
J.Worrall: Rocky tons up – its been a long wait!
snake_p: chinese Haydo
SilverLion: Wines only 65% TOG wow
tommy10: Fritsch to Gray almost locked for next week
McRooster: Dixon wonโ€™t need a shower post game, coz Rance already gave him a bath
Fatbar5tad: @Haydo Richmonds first loss in China.
BigChief: You are dreaming McRooster. Rance was crap.

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