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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2018

BigChief: What a surprise. Geelong made a late change.
Pokerface: save my week Sheldon
th3rio: VC danger, please don’t let me down. I have no one else LOL
th3rio: Also i’ll be over the moon if kelly goes large again. Whos copping the jacobs tag lads?
BigChief: VC Duncan and C Beams
th3rio: Good one in Beams this week BC
BigChief: Jacobs to Selwood I think.
BigChief: Nope Jacobs gone to Danger.
casey22: Sick of the red print on pink background. Swap with the blue
th3rio: spot on BC re jacobs
duckky: Sad … Somehow I got the C on Nank… Whoops
original: oh no ducky
duckky: I looped Lavander last week, and probably stuffed it up in a rush last nite
th3rio: sloppy kelly and danger πŸ™
original: gawn has a hit out sharked its like -1. goldy, nuthin
th3rio: had to bring in ahern this week to field 18. Looks decent
BigChief: Ahern was pick 7 a few years ago. Will be a great player.
original: yes does look good. waited an extra week for me to bring in
pcaman2003: Need a good score after last nights debacle. Have Duncan and Kelly
th3rio: Yeah Chief, glad hes finally getting a run after the two recos. He looks really good
oc16: does anyone think higgins is a chance of polling top 5 in the brownlow?
th3rio: Higgins is possibly the best value for money in SC at the moment.
Pusti: “Ben Jacobs: Doing jobs in the midfield”. I hope someone is cleaning up after him!
duckky: Phantom Brownlow only has him on 9 votes so far this year
Pusti: “Jack Henry: Has Wood”. Lucky he’s wearing baggy shorts!
th3rio: danger do somethinggg
SilverLion: Lift Patrick
original: higgins should get dragged for that wow
BigChief: @original it was very ordinary. Had both Brown and Zeibell free.
th3rio: dangers gone forward now. FML
StuL: Why did i vc Danger? Really is Clangerfield today
Lewysport: A couple of cape quarters and he’s back StuL.
korza: RDO for Danger
StuL: Theres a mini cape moment Lewy
BigChief: Go Mitch go.
SilverLion: Duncan>Selwood
Pokerface: oc16, i do, had a sneaky on him each way yesterday at 61
cusch1: How has there not been more media scrutiny about North’s goal accuracy?
Pokerface: don’t think the leader is that high with fyfe gone
original: opponent has goldy fml
SilverLion: Ahern’s TOG is extremely low.
BigChief: @cusch I think because they have been winning.
original: FA jselwood. please say it happened
original: yessss
oc16: thats a really good price Pokerface, definitely worth it
original: oc16 and poker, who you boys talking about?
StuL: Score is flattering us. North missing sitters.
oc16: were talking about Higgins original
Pokerface: higgins
original: ahk, interesting bet!
Pokerface: haha – ‘interesting’ πŸ™‚
original: if i could still get him at 61 like u did i might look into it but i cant lol
cusch1: What was the bet?
Pokerface: you probably can. it was unibet, they don’t tend to adjust prices quickly. check tonight when markets reopen
original: i got on macrae at $101
SilverLion: get Ahern on the ground Scotty ffs
korza: Gazza going towards another galaxy
Fatbar5tad: Good tackling in this game
Pokerface: very nice! yes his price held up for ages, nice get. kicking myself on not even taking 34
Jukes82: do north have a bye next week?
Fatbar5tad: Ah. That moment when you play a gun mid up front and he can’t kick straight.
SilverLion: Danger is a shocking shot for goal
original: fogarty FA whyyyyy lol
korza: Scott twins are in collusion.
original: wasnt fogarty supposedly yes
Fatbar5tad: Free kick North
original: not wrong fatbar
BigChief: Norf getting all the frees and still down by 25 points.
Fatbar5tad: Block…when you hear that you know it’s a Roo fee.
Fatbar5tad: Love Tom Stewart! All guts!
original: danger punished for good body work is ridiculous. dont have him in sc but was not a free
Fatbar5tad: You can’t tag em all Brad.
penguins00: I’ve got no idea how that was a free against Danger
AFL Blues: FatBar, you “love” Tom Stewart? The man has long hair and tattoos. He’s just offensive to look at, in general.
StuL: With Danger fwd Gaz could be back to his GOAT ways if he can stay fit.
Fatbar5tad: You’d love him too if he was Blue. 😉
BigChief: AFL Blues is just jealous.
StuL: Hard to love too many of your own players if you’re a Carlton fan, it must be sad.
Jukesy: Stewart is a genuine superstar don’t bag him
Roksta: Murphy p plate?
Lawls: After picking Port yesterday why the hell did I pick North today
BigChief: Shrug @Lawls πŸ˜›
original: ouch black
Lawls: I thought they would be to quick for the cats
pcaman2003: C’mon Duncan,only 2 touches this qtr.
original: are intercept possessions worth more sc?
DrSeuss: Ahern has slowed since the first – keep it up big fella
original: fogarty sc is a joke vs say a joel selwood
Fatbar5tad: North Melb need some luck. Fuck off Dwayne ya clown
original: suppose i should give selwood some credit for the tackles
BigChief: People still complaining about sc score is a joke.
Fatbar5tad: Great goal by Dumont
lukefield9: @original and maybe the 100% DE?
Fatbar5tad: Free kick Cunnington FFS
lukefield9: @BigChief agreed – complaining without looking into the stats whatsoever
korza: Look at this digraceful effort by MegaGola
carlton_99: These umpires are shocking today. Everything to North.
original: selwood to cop a fine for those knees surely
Fatbar5tad: LMFAO McDonald just drops it no free of course
BigChief: That is bullshit umpiring. Tarrant dropped the ball and then Macmillan did the same thing.
faisca7: free kick count though
Fatbar5tad: Brown grabs a bloke high…have a goal Roos.
original: cunico has been shocking to watch. shocked at his sc. geelong fans is he any good? i keep seeing him fumble or stuff up
carlton_99: Surely high by Brown
HawkTalker: christ, when is Danger gonna get going this year?
Strskes: Menegola -9 for the quarter. Doesn’t work hard enough…
korza: The past 15 yrs NMelb has had more frres than any other club, by a mile. Search it
Jukesy: North were second in that free tally
original: selwood +5 for a kick into 50 that is directly marked by opposition, still 100%DE cmon CD
Fatbar5tad: Love the analysis. North have been repeatedly marched inside 50 by the maggots and won the quarter by a goal.
korza: C/D has lost all credibilty. Especially from us
PowerBug: Only from you korza πŸ™‚
Fatbar5tad: Fucking oath crowd, give it to em. Cheating cunts.
pcaman2003: Quiet qtr Mitch. Pick it up in the last bud.
SilverLion: Ahern stopped that qtr
StuL: Stewart has to be premo soon.
original: all comes down to a handful of CD blokes and their judgement
pcaman2003: @Original. Wasting your time mate. CD often makes errors,they’re just not perfect.
circle52: blame me hawktalker I brought Danger in this week.
original: i know pcaman i know, sadly
pcaman2003: @Original. Caught them out a number of times. Frustrating!
original: gee north goal kicking is WOEFUL
original: lol umpire
penguins00: This is disgusting
pcaman2003: 50 for that! They must be kidding. Free goal Norf
StuL: Ridiculous. The “special area” iscanother stupud rule
original: umpires trying to keep norf in it but they keep missing gettable goals
HawkTalker: ahern, 5 points in 30 mins
Pokerface: how exactly have you ‘caught them out’ pcaman
PowerBug: hey look Goldy has tonned again!
BigChief: Been at least 2 mins without a free to Norf. Watch them get 4 or 5 quick 1’s.
pcaman2003: @poker. I’ve observed missed stats like definite tackles among other things. The system is driven by human input=errors
feralmong: danger you bin chicken. Tonne up.
Pokerface: yep, that part is subjective, although tackles are only counted under certain circumstances
Pokerface: free kick or ball up i think?
penguins00: They do review the decisions at the end of each qtr
original: yes but the circumstaces can always be subective (eg did tackle affect the disposal)
pcaman2003: @poker. Tackle to Ronk last week paid,but didn’t appear on stats.
Pokerface: but they do have multiple stat checkers around the ground and review any discrepancies each qtr
Raspel31: Feral- think prob is too much comp in midfield but yep-ton up Danger.
original: but there would be 100+ decisions every quarter so cant really say its all reviewed..
pcaman2003: He was paid tackle and free,that’s how I know tackle paid. Not subjective at all.
original: its never going to be perfect. too much chaos on the field!
penguins00: I agree with you though pcaman that the system is flawed with it’s bias to importance of stats
Fatbar5tad: The umps swelled the whistle. Bye bye Norfolk.
Pokerface: all discrepancies between different stat takers is reviewd
DrSeuss: Wow Ahern going backwards and TKelly killing it in the second half
Escapist: CD track the stats for the entire AFL, meaning AFL Fantasy and SC. It’s all reviewed – there is no bias at all with it.
carlton_99: Ben Brown loves looking for the frees!
Pokerface: @original true!
pcaman2003: Anyone thinking CD stats is infallible is naive I’m afraid.
Jukes82: hmmm might not bring Ahern in SC afterall
Pokerface: noone is saying they are infallible. But to think you saw a tackle and free that the 5 stat takers did not is naive
Escapist: @pcaman didn’t say it was infallible, mistakes happen even after review. Think it’s stupid to say there’s “bias” though
pcaman2003: @poker. What? The umpire paid it. CD didn’t. What don’t you understand about that? It’s simple!
Pokerface: from the comfort of a lounge chair while they are positioned all round the ground
Escapist: @poker but agreed, tackle and a free that 5 people missed? ok pcaman, whatever you say lol
PowerBug: Why is this always the conversation in every match chat… give it a break guys
Pokerface: because people think they know better than CD
StuL: Go cats!!! Great result
pcaman2003: Not sure about pokerface,but i know what sort of head it is.
BigChief: Spot on PowerBug. Sick and tired of the BS chat about sc scores.
Rilian: Heart symbol for Stewart?
frenzy: next time @ our home ground, Tassie lol
boo!: norf are putrid
jocka: 40 free kicks for NM? Average is 21.
Pokerface: wylie buzza did 6 of them by himself!
frenzy: fail math, did we?
Pokerface: lol frenzy
jocka: 96>59 Frenzy. That math work out OK?
jocka: You can check the stats online for average amount of frees given for the year.
Pokerface: free kick count was 15-32 jocka
frenzy: 15 to 32 i make it
HawkTalker: Ahern, basically didnt score after half time

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