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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Fremantle vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2018

frenzy: Go roos
SilverLion: Evening all
SilverLion: If Jacobs is on Fyfe I’d take a 90
BigChief: I think Jacobs will go with both Fyfe and Neale today.
Haydo: Arvo same silver
DrSeuss: Why the hell does Lachie Neale always start so slow?
Raspel31: Hmm-my mistake to take the c off fyfe-thought a tag would kill him.
SilverLion: Shouldn’t the Blowfly be replaced by a flame when a player is on track for a ton?
TheOnyas: Onya fyfey
Lewysport: Blowfly is Jacobs silver
SilverLion: Yeah ik Lewy, but when a player is on track for a ton the symbol usually goes away
Ash777: the blowfly must be special
JockMcPie: Maybe should have captained Fyfe after all…
Burnsy03: jacobs and fyfe!!!! my sc is saved
Wends: Arvo all, I thought that was a gnat?
korza: Jacobs getting schooled
Haydo: Fyfe 57 while being tagged by jacobs??!!
original: anyone seen a cape, sure it should be here somewhere
valkorum: I thought Jacobs was supposed to be a good tagger – Fyfe about to get superman cape
Ash777: super fyfe
DrSeuss: Is Neale upset because he isn’t getting tagged? Pick it up Lachie
BigChief: Jacobs not big enough for Fyfe.
Torz: Fyfe too good for Jacobs today.
valkorum: Superman Cape for FYFEY!
Raspel31: And I’m going to lose as I took the c off fyfe for fear of jacobs-groan.
korza: Nat Fyfe is my boyfriend
SilverLion: Fritsch to Walters looking good this week
BigChief: Fyfe to get 175+ today.
Wends: Not that there’s anything wrong with that Korza.
MontyJnr: FYI Jacobs isn’t doing a hard tag like he usually does
boofjb57: Just came in to check scores. Definitely not a ruckmams game by the looks of it
DrSeuss: I have Neale, opponent still has Brayshaw & Banfield – yet I am losing..
Gotigres: Wow Fyfe. Great start Walters.
boofjb57: Ruckmans
Wends: Just popped over to the Dees v Crows game. I think I’ll stay here.
Wends: Did anyone hold/pick up Walters?
th3rio: getting him next week wends, was hoping he’d have another huge drop :
Raspel31: Hello Wends- I took the cap off Fyfe so I am rather moody.
Ash777: I wish I held onto him
wadaramus: Had the C on Fyfe until this morning, changed to Gawn πŸ™
Lewysport: Lewy has the C on Fyfe, lol.
Wends: What’s his BE thrio? Evening Raspel… there’s no frustration like a last minute C change. I changed Gawn to Titch 😐
Gotigres: Yes Wends. So do 4.9% of teams.
Pinkman: Goldy goin well. Onya buddy
th3rio: 157 wends, projected to drop to about 390k
Wends: …even tho I was thinking “this never ends well, put it back on Gawn”…
Haydo: That 90 is getting close sl
original: cant wait to see this replay umpire
SilverLion: Ikr Haydo haha
TheMessiah: Who kicked the 1st goal?
Ash777: walters did
TheMessiah: Thanks mate! @ash777 πŸ™‚
obione05: How Mundy only on 31 I don’t know. Only had like 2 clangers and im watching live
Hawks_13: Bad quarter for Fyfe
Erich1036: @obione05 he’s had 4 clangers, 53% DE and only 1 contested possession lol
DrSeuss: Seedsman out and now Neale serving up this rubbish. FFS
TheMessiah: Had Walters 1st goal and Freo 1-24…. Come on Freo haha!!
CBeezDeez: Why does Fyfe has Lacrosse sticks?
SilverLion: Gotta get Walters this week.
Ash777: the rain has helped brayshaw out
ReggieOz: Because the French are angry with him ? πŸ™‚
The39Steps: You look at this North line-up at its frigging amazing they are where they are. Full credit to them.
CBeezDeez: Thought he might have been beating Jacobs away with them @Reg
The39Steps: look at them “on paper” I meant to say.
Torz: L Ryan has been oustanding the last three week.s
Wends: He has Torz, it was between him and Danger for me this week tho. Rd 14 bye a killer.
SilverLion: 3 tons for Freo midway through the third wow
Ash777: get gaff instead of danger
Apachecats: By some miracle bought LRyan this week.Toss up between him ,Lloyd and Yeo.Went Ryan yeah!!
SilverLion: If Fyfe goes 160+ I’ll break 2600 this week in SC
Haydo: 149 from fyfe and ill have 2 2400s in a row
feralmong: how does sandi have 100%DE and a clanger?
Erich1036: @feralmong he has a free against clearly… LOL
Apachecats: ood chance Silver Lion ,you’ll be in the Herald Sun list with that.
Haydo: Whats everyones supercoach names ill add u all as rivals
Gazza95: Walters doing better then fyfe.. what are the chances of that
feralmong: ahh gotcha. thx.
Apachecats: TerrysApacheCats
Erich1036: @feralmong for the record uncontested dropped marks can also count as clangers
DrSeuss: Neale killing me one slow handball at a time. Kick and tackle please
Raspel31: Phew -won my leagues and the main one by a mere 25 points-should have stuck with you as cap Fyfey.
feralmong: thx obviously i know little about that stat.
Raspel31: Ps carn Freo
cusch1: Keeping Walters through his injury has been the best decision in my Supercoach career
lukat: Should i be getting heeney or walters in sooner hmmm
cusch1: and as I say that he pulls up very sore.
Gotigres: Walters injured.
valkorum: Yep, that Neale tackle was a little bit of payback
Sloan4Pres: shocking game, abysmal skills
valkorum: @sloan its a wet weather game
valkorum: @slaon you tell me a game that was in wet weather and had perfect skills. Stop being silly
cusch1: Odds that Sloan has seen 13 behinds by North and judged it as a poor skill level based on that alone
valkorum: @cusch1 lol
valkorum: and it looks like the rain is gonna get harder
Gotigres: Anybody else having a good week in sc?
valkorum: Very happy with bringing in Angus Brayshaw for Fantasy this week
Cotts: how are people looking in SC this week? sitting 2244 with fyfe to go
Haydo: Yeah gotiges
Haydo: Ill add u when i get home apache
DrSeuss: Neale you need a cape this quarter.
cusch1: Dont jinx it tigres. just another half hour then we can start saying that
feralmong: average cotts. 2k with fyfe, mundy and goldy to go.
TheMessiah: People who are watching…. freo in with a shot?
Gotigres: ok cusch
Haydo: 2251 with fyfe to come cotts
SilverLion: What happened to walters @gotigeres?
Cotts: just piped me Haydo! 2.4k plus would be a very decent score this week I’d say
Gotigres: Opponents foot landed on his Achilles. Doesn’t seem to have affected him much though thankfully @SilverLion
cusch1: Rain has cleared up Messiah, but ground will be damp. North has been up all day, but freo still in with a chance
SilverLion: Cheers mate, missed the 3rd, was worried there
Bulky: Banfield was 77 halfway through the 3rd Quarter in SC and is now 63. Seriously WTF?!
SilverLion: 22 more Fyfey cmon mate
Breezey: Langdon going well again
Gotigres: Stop giving away free kicks Walters
batt: somebody got the word out to Banfield that he’s not allowed to score above 70
Apachecats: Freo will get up in this.
Gotigres: Sandy gone. Concussion.
Apachecats: Good effort to get Sandi high.
cusch1: will break 2500 if Walters and Fyfe hit 320 between them. Go you good things
Ash777: umps must of blinked there
feralmong: gotigred, Hypoxia?
Apachecats: I’ll back you in on that Cusch
carlton_99: Umps trying to get north the win
Cotts: very nice cusch!
TheMessiah: Come on Freo!!!
Raspel31: Come on Freo!!!
Snarfy: Cmon banfield. I was 20 points up, now I’m only 7!
batt: ooo, no strapping on Walter knee either, gonna be at 60% ownership by next week πŸ˜›
cusch1: The rain has started once again. Looks quite heavy on tv
BigChief: I can’t believe I am saying this but Freo being screwed by umps at home.
Jukes82: give fyfe the hulk
Gotigres: Probably hypoxia not helping Feralmong
BigChief: That was not high…
carlton_99: Thats a shocking call
SilverLion: Goldstein taking full advantage of Sandi being off
Breezey: Ben Jacobs having a night off tagging. Getting plenty of it.
lukat: The beautiful thing about this is that Walters won’t gain a dime
SilverLion: 5 more points Fyfe… this is going to be close
boofjb57: Woohoo finally going to get over 2400 after a few lean weeks
jfitty: Yin yang for Goldy for sure
cusch1: I dont think im going to get it
SwaggyP: Gee north have been gifted this one, umps have been awful
feralmong: vulture goldy
SilverLion: Onya Fyfe
SwaggyP: Also would like to alex pearce get the spud. What a grub.
cusch1: 8 more points please fyfe/Walters!!!
luke394: I’m looking forward to bringing in Walters next week
boofjb57: I’m glad I held Walters. Had to put up with a few crap weeks with him and Greene gone.
Ash777: going to be alot of angry freo fans
Apachecats: North under-rated by most people.
Snarfy: Fyfe shows how to beat the tag
cusch1: 2490 if these scores are correct. Happy with that
BigChief: Norf proving us couch potatos wrong for sure.
Burnsy03: if these scores dont change i win by 1 pt

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