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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Adelaide, R10 of 2018

Costanza: need a big one Oliver
Gazza95: lets go gawn
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
original: gawn hitout to jones yet -2..
Erich1036: @original jones didn’t get a disposal away so it’s not counted as a HOTA
th3rio: wooo go tim smith
MONEY TALK: traded out hbb this week …
original: @erich, why -2, cant say its to disadvantage..
Breezey: Dees running them ragged early on
boo!: cmon Gawn, beat the bluey
Erich1036: @original because a couple of his other hitouts when to opposition, not that one hitout you’re mentioning
Erich1036: *went
th3rio: timmmyyyy
original: @erich when he was -2 that was his only stat, i dunno. im just praying hibberd doesnt stop lol still holding
RGriffen: Get out the spuds
Sloaneyyyy: just switched on the game, crows getting smashed
JockMcPie: Did Adelaide show up at the MCG instead?
circle52: Is their any wind at all at Alice today.
ReggieOz: Wheres ump when you need him?? lol
RGriffen: Ayers Rock Icon for all demons players until they concede please be fitting due to where the game is
Raspel31: Groan- predicted to win by 300 but going to lose. Cmon Oliver you spud.
luke394: cmon Oliver get going
Sloaneyyyy: finally, nice goal Eddie
RGriffen: Scratch that haha
TheLegend6: Need Oliver and Spargo to go big today
ReggieOz: it’s only the first quarter….
Haydo: Lets go capt gawn
Sloaneyyyy: why would the umps pick a strip the same colour as the ground… so dumb, just wear the normal fluoro
Breezey: This looks like a fast track with lots of goals going to be scored
luke394: fair to say it was the wrong call upgrading Doedee 2 weeks ago
AFL Blues: Hey, that tap at the end by Gawn was effective. Where’s the 3 points?
feralmong: when u get rid of murray, finlay and mirra but keep doedee. happy days.
Jukesy: My backline is so ravaged by injury/selection that I had to keep Hibberd and Doedee, lucky me
Lewysport: Depends who you upgraded to Luke
MONEY TALK: glad i still have doedee
korza: Would 2350pts be a top 10 weekly finish RDT ?
teddyt: He got 2 for it some how.. Grundy would of got 8
SilverLion: Kinda annoyed I traded Doedee last week. 91 and looks like another good score today.
The39Steps: Can anyone please tell me why Seedsman a very late withdrawal?
original: @luke394 agree. did the same but kept murray and finlay..ooooft
th3rio: adductor soreness 39steps
Costanza: 5 in my league proj for around that @korza so prob not
th3rio: i feel you lads, i traded henry out this week and he carved up
The39Steps: Many thanks @th3rio.
feralmong: went T kelly to Macrae. still happy with that.
th3rio: henry to tim smith might have not been a bad choice, JS was the main worry but decent signs so far
feralmong: My mids now, macrae,fyfe,danger,titch,dusty,conigs,gibbs and a rookie.
feralmong: one more to go.
korza: @Costanzo Thx mate
BigChief: Lever showing the mouthy Crows players what they don’t have now.
th3rio: As is his replacement Doedee, Chief.
Costanza: ya right there Oliver?
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly costanza
original: hibberds stats deserve a better sc. come on who else is holding
feralmong: $ for spargo
Fatbar5tad: @original. Yep. I’ve got the Pig man.
ReggieOz: Thought Max was Ko’d
a1trader: I can’t believe Melksham is only in 0.3% of teams, he’s killing it lately
rtz23: hibberd like the old ex gf…
duckky: a1 – he has kicked a few against Carlton and Gold Coast.
Ash777: jake lever cutting them up with a sprained ankle
th3rio: petracca is so shit. Glad i traded him out weeks ago
original: th3rio i was just thinking how overrated he is
TheLegend6: Glad I stayed on Doedee when most offloaded
ReggieOz: Great half by the Dees…Lets hope we can finish them off
th3rio: no idea why he was labelled a must have this year original, wish i went walters instead
Raspel31: I’m forgiving you for being a ranger in the sun Oliver- put on more sun screen 2nd half.
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Piggerd. Ton up for a change.
ReggieOz: I have both..Walter go injured and trac has been shyt
Costanza: oliverPlease
Costanza: oliver: “Please Sir, I want some more”
lukat: i started walters, billings, petracca and greene. i have none of them now
lukat: went with the strat of loading the forward line- clearly didnt work
Ash777: I accidentally traded out walters too
th3rio: similar boat lukat, replace walters and greene with ryder and armitage. So many wasted trades
duckky: Rasp – Oliver has a broken finger. Wish I had known before I brought him in last week
Breezey: Jacobs getting into Rage Trade territory
Pokerface: he should be called Whiter
luke394: Me 2 @Duckky thought he’d be top 8
Raspel31: Ah-news to me duckky
DrSeuss: Damn just realised Seedsman is out – there goes all my leagues. Why is he out??
th3rio: adductor soreness DrSuess
DrSeuss: Cheers th3rio – had to be the one week I don’t have an emergency in defense
korza: *Darius the GumTree add is doing my head in
JButcher: Daisy Pearce is one of the best commentators going around at the moment
Nuffman: I feel like Oliver is being slightly hard done by by CD.. but not watching game lol
TheLegend6: Oliver doing well but lots of handballs
th3rio: come on spargo, im pushing 2500
korza: The Spargo kid is gonna be a beast
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Hoges
ReggieOz: level has been a star against his old club!!
ReggieOz: Please give him an icon!! lol maybe the gun!
ReggieOz: or the rock!
teddyt: how the FUCK is Doedee on more than Hibberd??
anthsill03: I am not watching the game but what role is smith playing
ReggieOz: Holy hell..this is going to be a flogging
th3rio: forward and limited time covering for gawns rests anthill
Costanza: Deelightful result – waiting for the ump blaming
jwill55aus: @anthsill03 – Smith is playing third tall fwd/ruck relief. Spot is prob between him Weidemann/Pedersen.
Junktimer: I’ve never seen a gun awarded to somebody with a season average of 78.
anthsill03: Thanks th3rio and jwill.. his jb might steer me away.
th3rio: i hope he keeps it jwill55
Renegades: Viney addition having a negative influence on Oilver, plus the broken finger
ReggieOz: Thats it..Bin it up trac!
BigChief: Is this result better than last weeks win for Melb?
ReggieOz: For sure..This is the best win we have had in over 10 years
jwill55aus: Interesting one with Smith. They need to get games into Weid, but smith gives them 4 mids at clearances + better fwd atm
anthsill03: Go dees great to see them smash other teams beside my team lol
Stu7: Why didn’t Seedyman play
th3rio: yeah, only risk with bringing him in early is his JS. Heres hoping.
Costanza: scratched knees
Jukes82: you’re on crack if you don’t give Oliver the bin
BigChief: Didn’t want to be part of this flogging 😛
feralmong: at this rate if roos win crows drop out of out on %, amazing.
Nuffman: @Stu7: he saw the future and didn’t want a bar of it
Raspel31: But Norff won’t win.
ReggieOz: Umpirespet unseen today!!! Give me my love if you see him!
cusch1: When was the last time a team won by 100 points twice in a row?
Stu7: Ha ha thanks for being so helpful clowns. I know not who to ask in the future 🤡
pharace: You are the one on crack iof you give the bin before the 4th qtr
BigChief: @Reggie he might have gawn to the MCG to watch it.
korza: The Camry Crows are pathetic
Jukes82: lol muppets, who cares?? don’t by 10 goals and the game was over 20 minutes ago lol
BigChief: That is the pot calling the kettle black korza.
Lewysport: Only 2500 sc points allocated
DrSeuss: Finish strong Mr Hogan
ReggieOz: Carlton didn’t make the grand final last year
th3rio: bit wordy from a blues supporter korza :
DrSeuss: @stu7 – I was told earlier – adductor soreness.
Lewysport: SOrry said full time when l flicked on
Nuffman: @Stu7: Haha, nah, ab/dductor strain in warm up.. late late withdrawel
Ash777: trash can oliver
Stu7: Nuffman thanks bro
BigChief: OMG I just saw Nathan Jones’ sc score.
pharace: Contested possessions are never trash
Breezey: Who’s Adelaide’s next ruckman. Whoever he is should be getting a run next week. Jacobs has to he injured
DrSeuss: Hogan, Smith & Laird – stopped in the 4th…
BeastMode: wheres umpirespet, he was loud earlier in the week..
korza: Daisey pointing to Vince for the 3 votes. She must be in bed with him
ReggieOz: Been looking for him all day Beast
Breezey: @ Beastmode. Hewas loud when we were down early Friday night.
th3rio: fuck, thought angus brayshaw was andrew brayshaw 🙁
BigChief: Same family th3rio 🙂
Costanza: Dees highest team score for the weekend
th3rio: yeah, wanted angus’ SC score though LOL
cusch1: Going to be some serious scaling in this game surely?
BigChief: Andrew will need to get a move on to get near Angus LOL
th3rio: fuaa, glad i brought in tim smith now!
SilverLion: Smith most traded in player this week 100%
th3rio: went smith early so i could get ridley too if named
BigChief: Crap I have the wrong Smith. I have Joel.
Costanza: Cows
Pinkman: Melbourne yeah. Bit ridiculous huh. Good on em
SilverLion: Fritsch making it hard to trade him.
ReggieOz: It’s a Grand Old Flag!
feralmong: crows almost dropped out the 8 with that performance.
pharace: Good bench player Silver!
Stu7: Yeah I traded him for that dudd kershaw
korza: Daisy and Vince, booked into a local hotel. She will give the 3 votes to him
Pokerface: not cool korza

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